Are You Mastering The Power Of Responsibility?


The word ‘responsibility’ has always been one of my favourite words. Mostly because it was the first ‘big’ words my mother taught me at the early age of eight.

Like many of you, being responsible for household chores and looking after younger siblings was a natural part of growing up.

While doing chores at the time seemed like a drag that took away from playtime, it was a valuable early lesson in responsibility.

Over the years, this amazing foundation has enabled my capacity to master the power of responsibility.

Many say that with great power comes great responsibility. However, I believe the reverse is also true and even more potent - with great responsibility comes great power.

Let’s consider the word itself, responsibility, in a sense embodies two words – response and ability.

From this vantage point, when you accept responsibility, you strengthen your ability to respond appropriately to life challenges. By leaning in to this basic definition, you being to realise that at the centre of your ability to respond lies unlimited power. This potent power is freely available.

Having developed a great relationship with responsibility over the years, I know all too well its life-changing power. If you desire to really live the life that you love, the best that you can do is to build a better relationship with responsibility. This begins by taking personal responsibility for your whole life.

The key to taking such a step is mustering the courage to leave ‘victim valley’ and elevating your life to the high towers of responsibility. You see, you cannot live in such a high rise if you are emotionally imprisoned to the ‘victim’ complainer status.

Whatever happened, no matter what, has already happened.

Yes, such issues may bring undue sense of loss, pain, resentment, hurt and maybe horrible feelings of unworthiness. I know this terrain very well and it’s not a happy place. For this reason, taking responsibility becomes a vehicle through which you can transition to an improved state of mind.

I know it sounds easy but it takes work. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is be willing to do the work. Seeking the helpful support of a life coach is a strong option that should be considered. Nothing will change until you change. You must decide that you are tired of being sick and tired.

Taking responsibility is the first step to master its power.

You cannot master that which you do not understand or have not experienced. Your life is all ways in your hands. You can keep looking back for yesterday or you can look forward towards the future you desire. Such a future is not predestined; it must be created and developed by you. You are responsible for your life, whether you choose to accept it or not.

When you find the courage to take responsibility for your life, you are better able to develop the ability to create the life you love.

Responsibility is an incredible and potent source of power. Master such power demands courage, control and a commitment self-development. You can only get better at life when you get better at being you.

Now is the time to vacate victim valley, to get off that old wall of playing small and build a life worth celebrating.

Mastering the power of responsibility means letting go of old crutches of excuses. It means that you must stop hobbling through life fearfully and instead use your power to hopscotch fearlessly.

Responsibility is the only true way out of any challenge. Ultimately, you are the steward of your life; you alone have power and authority over your life.

Leader to leader, make today the day that you master your power of responsibility to sculpt the life that you love. What do you think?

• Michelle M Miller is a certified life coach and leadership expert. Questions or comments can be sent to coaching242@yahoo.com or to PO Box CB-13060; you can also telephone 429-6770 or visit www.michellemmiller.com


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