What Was I Thinking?

Christmas has not stopped Kendrick “Big Guy” Williams in his training for the Bahamas half marathon in three weeks - in fact quite the opposite. Feeling better and more confident with every run he says he is full of New Year resolve. Tribune readers and Cool 96FM listeners have been following his progress - successes and slip-ups – as he gears up for the charity challenge.

Wow! I am feeling really good this week. I got through Christmas without binge eating to report. I truly surprised myself, I stayed disciplined.

My energy level is up because I got a lot of running in this week - in fact I got my support group, “the Hot 40 Crew”, to come out and motivate me through my Saturday run. We took Arawak Cay to Goodman’s Bay and back by storm. The Crew are a group from my gym - completely devoted to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. They have really kept me focused during this process.

My body is starting to feel better than I could have ever imagined. It is amazing what you can do with the right people in your corner, cheering you on as you attempt to reach your goals. It keeps you ready, it keeps your mind on what you are trying to achieve.

I had some people tell me that I need to slow it down, that I need to ease up heading into the race. I shrug them off. I intend to go into the race strong, pushing until I reach the starting line.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, at times my body talks to me. I feel the pain in the mornings when I get up, but after moving around for a short time my body feels super. I feel ready.

Not ready enough to win! But ready none the less.

I mean I can really see myself finishing this thing. Yes, I am going to be all the way at the back, in the final group, with everyone who has been running for more than five hours. But, the point is I will finish the race.

There is no plan of winning the race, only plans of finishing the race.

Again, what was I thinking?

I am racking up the road miles this week, continuing the pace I started over the weekend. I think its really a now-or-never thing when it comes to running the bridge. So, in short, here goes nothing! I will go from Montagu to the Paradise Island Bridge, over the bridge and back, then off to Junkanoo Beach and then back to Montagu.

There you have it! That’s the Big Guy challenge of the week. To anyone out there with thoughts of reaching your fitness goals come join me and take your first step towards that goal with the Big Guy regimen.


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