A Very Bad Deal Over Btc

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The deal our PM made with BTC reminds me of this Long Island fellow who walks into a bar with his hand cupped full of dog poo and said to his friends sitting at a table drinking, “Hey, fellas, look what I almost walked in”. Only in our MP’s case, he did walk in it.

The Bahamian people are used to paying a higher price for our politicians’ mistakes. So I’m not surprised the high price we paid to try to get back 2 per cent of BTC. “The Bahamian people” ended up giving BTC everything. Every time our government speaks to white foreigners they give away the kitchen sink.

Remember the deal with Baha Mar? They gave away the whole of the Western Bay Street area. Remember South West Bay deal? They gave away that whole area, from Adelaide to Clifton Point.

I still cannot see how we are profiting from that arrangement. Only God and a few old Andros women know what was given away in the latest BTC sexual encounter, because as far as I can see, no protection was used to protect ”the Bahamian people”.

Have you noticed that every time the government uses the term “The Bahamian People”, that we always get sexually molested? We the Bahamian people have heard a lot of that over the last few weeks. The White man got everything they bargained for and then some. Not to mention our boys “gave it up” for ZNS, CCTV, the airport, BEC Water and Sewage, the bridge, the prison, police force, defence force, the docks and a few Cays off Eleuthera. Just to name a few.

It didn’t cost them anything. As a matter of fact, it went down as a “win-win”, for “the Bahamian people”. Everybody is talking about the win-win for the Bahamian people, but nobody mentions who lose. Somebody has to lose for some one to win.

When I heard they are flying in the T.O. from England, I knew that we were finished. Our guys are no match for this guy. They were thrown to the slaughter and end up giving away things they aren’t supposed to. I understand that the BTC boys had to stop them from giving away the “Bahamian people things”.

So please, Editor, do whatever you and your newspaper can to prevent this crew from ever negotiating for the Bahamian people again! We were better off before they had started. But one group of greedy Bahamians that try to get in a category that they have no idea as to how things are run, cost us, the Bahamian people, to be looked upon as jackasses.
May they rest in peace.



January, 2014.


birdiestrachan 4 years, 7 months ago

BOBNEVIL the bad deal was made when the former PM gave away BTC. do you remember he said no Bahamians need apply. In his view the English were better. the same thing happened with cable Bahamas. it is too late and to sad the damage has been done.


proudloudandfnm 4 years, 7 months ago

Weird that the Trib would publish this letter. Not a fact, not a reference to anything. All opinions....

I am curious though. When will the BTC deal be tabled? Dying to see how ZNS fits into this...


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