Changes To Junkanoo Results - But Valley Stays Top


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE official Boxing Day and New Years Day Junkanoo results reveal differences in the placement of the Saxons Superstars and One Family compared to the unofficial results announced hours after both parades had ended.

The Valley Boys remain the victor of both parades.

But according to Douglas Hanna, chairman of the Parade Management Committee, the Saxons and One Family switched positions in both parades.

The Saxon Superstars placed fourth in the Boxing Day parade, he said, noting that unofficial results had it in second place.

The group also placed second in the New Year’s Day parade, although unofficial results had it in fourth.

Unofficial results of the Boxing and New Year’s Day parades had One Family had placed fourth and second respectively. The official results have reversed that order, placing the group in second for the Boxing Day parade and fourth place for the New Year’s Day parade.

Asked why it took so long for the official results to be released, Silbert Ferguson, chairman of Junkanoo Corporation New Providence Limited (JNCP), told The Tribune that, as a tribute to Winston “Gus” Cooper, those who must finalise the scores took 11 days off. In addition, he said 12 protests were launched by Junkanoo groups, each of which required time in order to be addressed before the scores could be finalised.

He said organisers are already looking to introduce changes that will ensure that official results are released in a more timely manner.


ThisIsOurs 5 years, 4 months ago

Every year is the same ting. I tired of these we're gonna review the judging system next year comments. I been hearing it for 20 years!!!! I think the whole idea of judging is silly. By the time they get to Rawson square parts of costumes are falling off, costumes are limp etc. if you gonna have a parade, have a parade. If you want a competition, create a NEW competition event. Hold that at the stadium. Dancers on a center stage and they compete, costumes on a center stage and they are judged. Yeah it sounds like Trini carnival...but it makes sense


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