Two Die In Traffic Accidents

THE COUNTRY recorded its first two traffic fatalities for 2014 after two men died in separate traffic accidents in the capital.

The first incident happened around 6:30am Wednesday.

Police say the victim was travelling east on the highway when he was struck by a vehicle travelling in the same direction.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Craig Stubbs said officers are still unsure of exactly what happened.

“Police received reports of a traffic accident in the vicinity of Elizabeth Estates Police Station. When we arrived on the scene we met an adult male lying on the northern side of the Prince Charles corridor. Initial reports indicate that he was stuck by a vehicle travelling east,” he said.

ASP Stubbs said police are still in the initial stages of the investigation and cannot confirm if speed was a factor in the fatality.

About 12 hours later, police were called to the scene of another traffic accident this time on John F Kennedy Drive.

Police say around 7pm, two vehicles, a Mercedes Benz and a Nissan Lorel were travelling east on JFK Drive when they collided. The impact caused both vehicles to crash into nearby bushes.

The driver of the Nissan died on the scene, his two female passengers were taken to hospital by ambulance. At present their condition is unknown.

The driver of the Mercedes received minor injuries and was treated and discharged.

Police Superintendent Stephen Dean said it is too early to determine exactly what happened. He urged members of the public to exercise care and caution when using highways.

Investigations into both incidents continue.


John 5 years, 7 months ago

I saw the accident on JFK.. it was so uneal..like a movie or a xbox game. All you see is this grey or sliver or Lt. blue car come flying down the highway. Then you hear this crash and see bright orange sparks coming up of the highway. The "mercedes' car is actually pushing a white car down the highway and the sparks are coming from it. Bright, orange, firey sparks Then there was this big ball of fire and both cars are in the bushes. One lady got out and they pulled the other one from the white vehicle. They didn't bother with the male because they say he looked deceased. The male and female in the Mercedes seem to be ok. But everyone at the scene say the Mercedes passed them coming from out west 'flying". And some expected them to crash by the way they were driving. May the soul of the man who lost his life needlessly R.I.P.


cybercheeze 5 years, 7 months ago

Has anymore information come out about this accident? Have anyone been charged?


sjohnson 5 years, 6 months ago

Hi John,

Can you please give me a call on 328-7111. My name is Sindear Johnson. I work for Technical Adjusters. We've been instructed to investigate the above-mentioned matter on behalf of the Insurers. Can we please get your vision of event what happened concerning the traffic accidents. My email address is sjohnson@techadjust.com

i look foward to hearing from you.

S Johnson


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