A Brighter Future For Skin


APPEARING on her vacation yacht in the 1920s looking bronzed and no doubt fashionable, Coco Chanel set forth a movement that made the darkening – or tanning – of skin a sign of health and affluence. From that moment on, women of the 20s had to add tanning to their demanding “beautification” regimens that already included the bobbing of hair, binding of breasts and slimming of the waistline.

Thanks in part to awareness that UV light leads to advanced aging and skin cancer, tanning is falling out of favour as a sign of health. Consumers worldwide are more and more interested in obtaining lighter, brighter skin. The main reason why may stem from market research studies that indicate an uneven skin tone is perceived as aging while a more even skin colouration is judged to be healthier and younger-looking.

As populations mature globally, pigmentation issues become more prevalent, and the demand for skin brightening products has surged. Unfortunately, those looking to brighten skin often run into two different and disappointing scenarios: the products don’t deliver results as promised or even worse, skin health suffers at the hand of brightening ingredients. Treating hyperpigmentation without regard for skin health can lead to sensitivity, irritation, photodamage, exposure to potentially dangerous agents and premature aging.

This leads our research and development team at the International Dermal Institute to develop an ingredient complex that could both balance the skin’s tone and maintain its utmost health. The result is ChromaWhite TRx, a new era in brightening. See your Dermalogica professional skin therapist for your Face Mapping skin analysis and customised product consultation.

• This information was taken from www.dermalogicacaribbean.com. Sarah Beek is a professional skin therapist at the Dermalogica Skin Centre in the Old Fort Town Centre. For

more information or to make an appointment call 377-SKIN (7546), e-mail appointments@dermalogicaskincentre.com, or visit www.dermalogicaskincentre.com.


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