Woman Charged With Killing Boy She Said Was Robbing Her

Donniesha Burrows

Donniesha Burrows


Tribune Staff Reporter


A WOMAN is on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison after being arraigned in Magistrates Court yesterday in connection with the country’s 56th murder for 2014.

Donniesha Burrows, 28, appeared before Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt facing a charge of murder in the fatal stabbing of Franklyn Stubbs, an 18-year-old boy whose death she is alleged to have caused intentionally and by means of unlawful harm on May 27.

The charge of murder in Chapter 84 of the Penal Code, under section 291 (1)(b) for which the accused is charged, does not attract the death penalty.

Police found the boy lying on the ground with a stab wound in his chest when they responded to claims made by a woman that she had stabbed a teenager who had tried to rob her while she was walking on Miami Street.

Stubbs was pronounced dead at the scene.

Burrows, at this stage of the case, was not required to enter a plea to the charge.

She will be allowed to do so when formally arraigned in the Supreme Court later in the year. That will occur after the matter is fast-tracked to that court by way of a Voluntary Bill of Indictment scheduled to be served to her on August 20 in her next Magistrate’s Court appearance.

“You’re charged with an offence for which the court cannot grant you bail. Therefore, you will be remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison,” the chief magistrate told the accused.

The court no.9 magistrate further informed the accused of her right to seek bail in Supreme Court.

Burrows has retained Romona Farquharson-Seymour to defend her against the charge.


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