Another Delay In Sentencing For Men Who Tried To Kill Senior Policeman


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THERE was another delay in the sentencing of Excel Josey and Maurice Armbrister in the case of attempted armed robbery and attempted murder of Police Superintendent Clayton Fernander.

The matter, now adjourned to June 10, was scheduled for yesterday afternoon, but was again delayed because of a number of legal matters before Justice Carolita Bethell.

On Monday, Justice Bethell had given defence and Crown counsel 24 hours to submit available case authorities relating to the consideration of prison conditions while dealing with sentencing for serious offences. It arose due to a letter from prison authorities describing the conditions the two men had to endure while on remand.

This is the third delay in sentencing since the pair were convicted in February of the late-night attack on Supt Fernander.

Supt Fernander was shot multiple times in the arm and upper body when two masked, armed men confronted him shortly after he pulled up at his home in the St Vincent Road area on April 10, 2013.

Last month, in the initial sentencing hearing, Supt Fernander urged the court to sentence the two men to life in prison. However, the lawyers for Josey and Armbrister asked the court to exercise mercy.

Jiaram Mangra represents Josey while Wayne Munroe is counsel for Armbrister.

Neil Braithwaite appears for the Crown.


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