Gray Warns Of Ingraham Return


Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham


Tribune Staff Reporter


V ALFRED Gray, Marine Resources and Agriculture Minister, predicts the return of former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham as leader of the FNM in a plot to oust current party head Dr Hubert Minnis.

Mr Gray, who has previously said he warned Dr Minnis that colleagues within his party were coming for his post, has taken things a step further saying the FNM leader is headed “for a political death”.

“The member for Killarney,” he said, “I love the brother.

“He is a good Bahamian, but he has got some knives at his back in his party and if he don’t watch out they are going to back stab him to political death.”

Mr Gray was speaking in Parliament last week. During that address, Mr Gray said that if Mr Ingraham, who is also the former North Abaco MP, were to return to frontline politics, then he would offer himself for another election run in the MICAL constituency.

“I make another prediction,” Mr Gray said. “The former member for North Abaco is going to set up the Deputy Leader to take the seat in Long Island from her (and) return to the FNM and oust him (Dr Minnis) too.

“I said before if Hubert Alexander Ingraham returns to politics that is the only reason why I would not go.

“I want him to come back you know. We beat him three times on a stretch, we beat him before, we will beat him again. If he comes back, I will stay as a condition.

“I will face him whatever side of this political divide, more preferably in here.”

Last week, FNM Deputy leader Loretta Butler-Turner told The Tribune that she was deliberating on whether she would run for the FNM’s top post when conventions are called.

She said she had not made any decisions regarding the matter.

“A lot of people have asked me about it so in that regard I would certainly give it consideration,” Mrs Butler-Turner said.

“Like anybody else, I think we all evaluate if we can do more and if we can do something different and I think the only other post for me would then be a consideration of if I would challenge for leader.

“While I haven’t made that decision, certainly I would not rule it out at this time.”

The party’s Deputy Chairman, Dr Duane Sands, earlier this year said that he was also considering contesting the position.


sheeprunner12 4 years ago

Smoke and mirrors........... red herrings.............. fun and jokes ....... LOL


Well_mudda_take_sic 4 years ago

The legacy of Hubiggity, like Vomit, is a Bahamas in a shambles with no hope whatsoever for the poor because of the corruptness these two greedy baffoons have inbred into their failed policies and politics generally. Only a suicidal fool would vote for either of these two imbeciles, both of whom now show classic symptoms of the onslaught of early stage dementia.


jlcandu 4 years ago

Who cares what MP Gray "tow the party line" thinks? Nor does anyone give a damn if he runs again ...

Don't these idiots have anything better to do? Like fix the long list of problems in this country instead of speculating on idiocy???

God help us!!


sheeprunner12 4 years ago

Our Constitution should have stated: MP should serve no more than four terms, PM no more than two terms and all politicians should retire at 65. Then we would have eliminated most of these imbeciles and idiots!!!! Too bad the "founding fathers" were career politicians NOT nation-builders ...... and the LEGACY continues


proudloudandfnm 4 years ago

Why are the PLP so obsessed with HAI?

Mussee like man hey?


B_I_D___ 4 years ago

LOL...just can't seem to let him go...HAI is not returning to the FNM, just Gray stirring up the pot and wanting to see himself in the news.


Cobalt 4 years ago

Hubert Ingraham??? I certainly hope that the Bahamian electorate aren't foolish enough to go that route again. Over a five year course this man broke the backs of Bahamians already struggling to survive! The only good deed HAI did for the average Bahamian was allowing National Insurance to issue cheques to those that were unemployed at the time. Aside from that, he, Tommy Turnquest, and Shavargo Lang, made it abundantly clear that they couldn't care less about the plight of Bahamian people. It would be down right foolish to vote for Hubert again!

PS. Alfred Gray, please shut your mouth. You and your party are no better.


TheMadHatter 4 years ago

In 40 years of "Independence" this nation has only had 3 Prime Ministers. That speaks volumes about the ignorance of the people in general. We could have had 8 PMs if we changed every 5 years. But, oh no, we gatta support our Papa !!!

The result is clear.

The people have exactly what they asked for. It is simply IMPOSSIBLE to believe that the DNA did not win EVEN ONE seat in the last election. I am no supporter of the DNA one way or the other - but I mean the fact that voters were not upset enough at both the FNM and PLP to give another party JUST ONE SEAT - proves that people just love things the way they are. That why the wholesalers dem is never run outta Vaseline, cause day know it ga sell.



Sickened 4 years ago

Free yourself from mental slavery Generally Crazy! You are destroying the meaning of the word slave!


John 4 years ago

THREE YEARS is a long time to predict who will be in front line politics and who will return to lead which party. Yet it is almost time to bring out the election machinery and get the troops rolling. What we do know is that this present government has a whole lot of work to do to gain the trust and confidence and get the vote of some of its most loyal supporters. And a PLP party without Perry Christie will be much more untrustworthy and more scandal ridden than it is now at least in the minds of most of the electorate. The difference between the FNM's term in office is the FNM came in at the beginning of the recession and their entire term saw a downward spiral of the economy. The PLP on the other hand came in when the economy was at rock bottom, or close to it, but they seem to have a hard time getting the economy to grow out of the recession. Incidently or coincidently the proposed opening of Bah Mar (December 2014) marks the mid term point of the present government. The success or failure of Bah Mar, (which some are saying will not open until April) and its ability to jumpstart the economy, at least in New Providence, will also determine how successful the PLP will be in the second half of its governance. If Hubert Ingraham returns and the next three years are dismal for the PLP, then it will be a shoe in for the FNM and even the DNA may pull more votes than the PLP. If, on the other hand, the economy rebounds and money starts to flow again, this will spell a sure victory for the PLP. Once people are happy and making money they will not want to change governments. And once businesses are seeing good profits they will also not want to change governments. So they will throw their support behind the PLP and hence the FNM and DNA will have a difficult time getting funds, regardless of who their leader is. Alfred Gray may be predicting his own political demise!


TalRussell 4 years ago

Many Comrades think V Alfred's political time had long expired and PM Christie could have done better at picking a 2012 General Elections candidate. Let's fast forward to just a day or two ago and you must at least try not to laugh. Comrade V. Alfred Minister of Agriculture was asked by a reporter why "His" ministry went ahead with the hiring hire a Jamaican whose questionable qualifications cost him his job with the Jamaican government? V. Alfred looked the reporter straight in the face and said; the Jamaican has a degree in "plant pathology or smoothing. Something do with plants?" Comrades I couldn't make this up, if I tried.


SP 4 years ago

The country has long gone to hell, 1000's of Bahamians have been blasted back to the stone ages with no jobs, power, running water or phones, Haitians are displacing Bahamians everywhere and V Alfred jackass could find time to talk bullshyt about Hubert Ingraham?

Alfred and Perry are totally out of touch with Bahamians. NO ONE GIVES A DAM about Hubert Ingraham. The people already decidedly buried Ingraham. If he's stupid enough to return, let him!

Bahamians are concerned about feeding & taking care of themselves and their families not flippin Hubert Ingraham.


TheMadHatter 4 years ago

It might help if the identification numbers are taken off of the voting ballots. That way people can vote without victimization.

Stone McEwan tried hard to get it done, fighting all the way up to Canada, and then over to the Privy Council (you know those people who control our Independent Bahamas? LOL). They declined to hear the case because that same ID system is used in England and so they would be making the Bahamas more democratic than they are - and, well, that just can't be allowed. Black people are not allowed to be more independent than white people. That's just a rule.

A rule that apparently everyone is prepared to live with.



stillwaters 4 years ago

It's really time to put these two 70 year old hardback, encrusted, outdated dinosaurs ( HI and PC) out to pasture.


sheeprunner12 4 years ago

I was wrong.......... I apologize to the people of Fox Hill.......... MICAL has the dumbest voters in The Bahamas. The voted for jackass V.Alfred Gray .......... four times


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