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Wendy Lewis

Wendy Lewis


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BAHAMIAN singer Wendi Lewis is gearing up to reintroduce herself during an artist showcase event to be held at the Volume Music Bar (formerly Crazy Johnny’s) this Friday.

During the ‘Eclipse of the Heart: The Lunar Showcase’ Wendi will show her artistry and perform her original music.

“This event marks a pivotal moment in my music career; a reintroduction of sorts,” she told Tribune Arts and Entertainment.

“I feel like I have been preparing for it my whole life. The artist showcase is a forum for me to display my artistry and music to industry persons, music lovers, my supporters and also brand new people who may not have even heard my music before; think about it as an art exhibition for the music world. I am going to be performing all of my original music from my recently released EP, ‘Lunar’, as well as one or two covers,” she said.

As an up-and-coming artist Wendi has one goal: global domination. To reach that point, she said she works diligently to get in the face of music lovers and command their attention every time the microphone is in her hands.
Wendi regularly had exposure for her music during The Jam Sessions, an open mic music event.

The event was a place for underground artists who did not have a platform to show off their talent. However, Jam Sessions has since been discontinued.
“What you are going to experience on that night is raw, unfiltered emotions through music. I am very blessed to be able to use music to communicate my passions and joy and sadness to so many people, and that is precisely what I am going to give on that night. I will not hold anything back. I will leave it all on the stage,” Wendy told In Ya Ear.

Ever since the release of her EP back in November, she has been promoting her music and developing her brand. She has also released two singles, “I Lost You” and “Gone Bad”, both of which are currently on rotation on local radio stations.

Wendi also released a video for “I Lost You”. The ballad explores the emotions a person goes through after losing someone they love.

“The inspiration behind the video for ‘I Lost You’ came directly from my experience; a quiet sombreness and hidden tears. The video is very simple and beautiful. It is in black and white, and I am simply in an undergarment, drenched in my tears and haunted by my thoughts of what was lost. The director did such a good job at capturing my sadness in a beautiful way. I was very excited to do the video and I even got to flex my acting skills,” she said.


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