Man In Hospital After Being Shot By Police


Tribune Staff Reporter


A 22-year-old man was shot by police in a club on Sunday morning after he pointed his firearm at the officers, police reports say.

As a result, the officers shot the unidentified man in his right leg. The man was then rushed to hospital by ambulance where he is listed in stable condition.

Reports say that police were acting on intelligence when they went to a local nightclub on Nassau Street and saw a group of men leaving the club around 3:30am. On seeing the officers, one of the men ran into the club. When police pursued him, he took a handgun from his waist and threw it to another man. The man with the firearm pointed the weapon at the police, prompting officers to shoot him.

Over the weekend, police also confiscated five guns and arrested five men for being in possession of a firearm.

In other crime news, shortly after 10am Friday, while on routine patrol on Rupert Dean Lane, officers saw a man acting suspiciously. Reports say when the man saw the police, he dropped an object to the ground and fled on foot. Officers chased him, but did not catch him. Police subsequently retrieved a handgun containing a quantity of ammunition from the scene.

In the second incident, officers uncovered a handgun while searching an abandoned building at Parkgate Road shortly before 2pm on Friday.

In the third incident, officers executed a search warrant at a Dignity Gardens home shortly after 4am on Saturday. While there, they uncovered a shotgun and a quantity of marijuana. A 31-year old man was taken into custody and is expected to appear in court early this week to be formally charged.

In the fourth incident, officers patrolling Baillou Hill Road and Poinciana Drive shortly before 4am on Sunday saw a man acting suspiciously. They searched the man and found a handgun and ammunition in his possession. The 17-year-old suspect was taken into custody and is expected to appear in court early this week.

And in the fifth incident, shortly before 4am on Sunday, officers arrested three men ages 29, 24 and 21 in the Carmichael Road area after finding them with a handgun. The men are expected to appear in court early this week to be formally charged.


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