Man Who Killed Long Island Lover Faces Wait For Appeal


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A MAN convicted of the manslaughter of his 66-year-old Long Island lover must wait another two months before his appeal can be heard by the Court of Appeal.

Adrian Robinson, 47, of Long Island, appeared in the appelate court yesterday after telling presiding judges in March that he was prepared to represent himself as he challenges his punishment for the July 12, 2010, death of taxi driver Veronica Knowles.

Crown prosecutor Neil Braithwaite informed the court that the full trial transcripts were not available and Robinson said neither was he in possession of the trial transcripts.

The court said it would adjourn the substantive hearing to July 15, which it deemed would be enough time for Robinson to prepare for his appeal when he receives the transcripts that they would order to be made available to him.

Robinson stood trial last February, initially facing three charges – murder, armed robbery and stealing.

The jury returned a unanimous not guilty verdict with respect to those, but found him guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter. During the trial, Robinson denied the confession statement that the Crown produced, but did admit that he choked Ms Knowles.

He said Ms Knowles, with whom he had sexual relations and for whom he worked, died suddenly when they were together at The Crossing.

He said he put her body about 11 feet off the road in bushes before driving her taxi back to her home. He denied taking money from a compartment in the vehicle. His sentencing was deferred to March 4, 2013.

On the adjourned date, Justice Bernard Turner sentenced Robinson to 21 years at Her Majesty’s Prison, although he faced up to 35 years in prison on the charge.

Robinson had asked the judge for leniency in sentencing him, stating that although he was charged with murder, the jury had convicted him of manslaughter only because he had not taken Ms Knowles to a physician.

However, Justice Turner said his actions - leaving Ms Knowles exposed on a dirt road, taking her car away and not notifying anyone of her whereabouts - could not be ignored.


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