Us Pastors Join 'Spiritual Warefare' Conference In Nassau


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A team of ‘Kingdom Ambassadors’ from the United States is expected to travel to Nassau next week to join their counterparts here in the Bahamas for a conference “to fight Satan”.

The special conference, which promises to deliver a “spiritual warfare breakthrough”, is scheduled for June 1-6 at the Hillside Restoration Centre.

Coordinated by Stacy-Ann Schooler Ministries International, the event will focus on the ability of prayer to change and impact the lives of believers.

The purpose of the event is to raise up agents of change through prayer and work that will ultimately usher in a breakthrough in the lives of those in attendance.

Event organiser and Kingdom Ambassador Stacy-Ann said Satan’s job is to deceive, distract, kill, steal and destroy the world, including the Bahamas and as many people in it.

She said a wealth of information, instructions and principles from the word of God will be given at the conference, and if principles are applied from the Word of God it will equip people for victory over the enemy in every area of their lives.

“This conference will also focus on learning to pray effectively to change and impact the lives of people, the Bahamas, the nations of the world and the next generation; even the third and fourth generations will be impacted, because when you understand the purpose and power of prayer it moves mountains and every crooked path is made straight,” said Stacy-Ann.

She said the prayer and spiritual warfare work shops are designed for lessons to be taught on prayer and other subject areas that include: breaking generational curses, time released curses, anti-marriage spirits and recognising different spirits and their sub-ordinate spirits.

Stacy-Ann said it is their mandate from God to equip and educate the nations of the world, including the Bahamas, in this area of Kingdom work.

“I am a living testimony and I overcame Satan and the enemy by the words of my testimony. So I have walked through the test and now I’m unstoppable waging war against the kingdom of darkness as I join forces with these kingdom ambassadors to bring change in the life of the Bahamian people and the nations of the world,” said Stacy-Ann.

The workshops, she said, will leave persons empowered, being able to recognise evil spirits and their manifestations. She said attendees will be taught how the presence of God, praise and worship affects prayer and living a lifestyle of worship through righteousness.
“It will teach you how to preserve the nation of the Bahamas, your marriage, your finances, and your health from demonic sabotage. As a result, this will be done through the word of God and the authority of God through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. We will exercise our dominion rights to break curses, yokes bondage, demonic cycles and addictions. We are expecting a kingdom governmental impact. God’s kingdom must come and his will must be done in this region and the world at large,” said Stacy-Ann.

Stating that “prayer changes things,” Stacy-Ann said God is calling on the nation of the Bahamas, the US and the nations of the world back to prayer.

“Prayer is associated with God, and it is a birthing provision. If we are going to birth a righteous people in the Bahamas and the world it will come through the womb of prayer. God is going to speak to the womb that the enemy has closed up which is prayer. This event will be addressing also the spiritual realm that will usher an entire nation into a realm that is unprecedented. People’s eyes will be opened to deep truths in scripture, which will completely transform lives, the nation of the Bahamas and the international forefront as they will begin to understand the purpose and power of prayer. If you know the truth, the truth will set you free, which is like a hidden treasure tucked away in scriptures therefore we will examine some of the deepest scriptures found in the word of God,” said Stacy-Ann.

The Prayer and Spiritual Warfare Breakthrough Conference will begin at 7.30pm on June 1.

Host pastors at the conference will be Glen and Yvette Rolle, while guest speakers include Dr Carol Sherman from Chicago, Illinois; Apostle Thomas Maxwell from Jacksonville, Florida; Prophetess Dr Olivia Wheaton from Illinois; Prophetess Monette Bain; Apostle Victoria Russell and Pastor Maydon Poitier.

Quoting Dr Myles Munroe, Stacy-Ann said: “Prayer is one of the most misunderstood arts of the human experience, yet it is meant to be one of the most exciting aspects of life of faith. Everyone must be there so the nation can be preserved and the next generation.”


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