Gunmen shoot woman and her son and daughter

A woman and her teenage son and daughter are in hospital after being shot on Friday night.

According to police, around 7.00pm, the woman and her children were standing in front of their home located at Kim’s Crescent off Baillou Road, when the occupants of a black Nissan Maxima vehicle and a Silver Nissan Teana vehicle armed with a shotgun, pulled up and fired several shots before speeding off. The woman was shot in the lower back, her son was shot in his ankle and her daughter was shot in the upper back area. The victims were rushed to hospital where they are detained in stable condition.


SP 9 years ago

................................................PM PGC New Initiatives My ASS! ..........................................

Enough PLP & FNM stupidity already!

Rescind the bail Act that Hubert Dumbass Ingraham changed to facilitate the release of a wealthy Lyford Cay Bahamian for murder, and incarcerate everybody now out on bail for serious crimes.

These jackass politicians were compensated well to change the bail act but can't find the common sense to reverse a stupid policy decision.


Clamshell 9 years ago

Ah, Nassau ... where women and children are gunned down in the streets, but the government doesn't care so long as dey all "gettin' dere slice."


John 9 years ago

The income of lawyers (politicians) is directly related to the increase in crime.


duppyVAT 9 years ago

John ........................Thats a loaded statement. I suppose the accountants will get theirs off gambling and VAT????????


ohdrap4 9 years ago

Rumpole of the Bailey used to say "Crine does pay"


countryfirst 9 years ago

Most M.P.'s are lawyers and if their clients are in jail they make no money so they rig the system to help themselves and F--- the rest of us they go and hide in their gated communities while we must live in constant fear.When the police find the culprits who did this they probably out on bail for murder.


duppyVAT 9 years ago

The politician serves the country, not a profession .................. countryfirst. AHHHHH but you will say!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, they tend to serve themselves.


MaLambee 9 years ago

Seriously. Stop and think..'what kind of animal we live with who will intentionally do this?" Think of a copy cat mentality. This is scary.


Alex_Charles 9 years ago

The Government of this country cant get a grip on crime or refuse to. The criminal justice system is horrible, when cheap bail can be given to even mass murderers. Vigilante justice is the only justice you're likely to get so go buy a gun off the streets and get your revenge. it's them or you and no one is going to help you


DEDDIE 9 years ago

We are a sick country. Well no. Nassau is a sick place. You'll Nassuans will be doing us a great service by staying where you are. LOL. I just remember, I am from Nassau.


Emac 9 years ago

Since you are questioning my use of proper grammar, let me school you a bit-If you're gonna use colloquialism, do it correctly! You wrote, "You'll Nassuan's", which means, 'You will Nassuan's'. By the way, it should be Nassauvians not 'Nassuan's'. http://www.seadict.com/en/en/nassauvian">http://www.seadict.com/en/en/nassauvian So what you are probably trying to say is, Y'all Nassauvians will be doing a great service by staying where you are. Would you like for me to scrutinize all of your comments, DEDDIE? Do not forget the saying," Don't start no shit won't be no shit!"


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