Man in hospital after shooting outside the Mall at Marathon


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POLICE are investigating a shooting incident that took place outside the Mall at Marathon yesterday morning which has left a man in hospital with injuries to his back.

The shooting incident sparked widespread concern, with reports of an alleged hostage situation spreading on social media and suggestions it had been caused by a dispute over expensive sports shoes.

Chief Police Superintendent Clayton Fernander told reporters: “Shortly before 11am this morning, two young men were entering the mall at the eastern parking lot, when a grey Honda vehicle pulled up. An individual exited and fired a number of shots at both young men. One of the young men was hit to the back area.

He was taken to hospital where he is presently being treated at this time. We don’t know the motive at this time.”

Police Senior Assistant Commissioner Anthony Ferguson emphasised that no hostage situation had taken place, adding that the shooting occurred in the parking lot and not within the Mall, the biggest and most popular shopping centre in New Providence.

Reports also spread claiming the shooting incident was a consequence of a fight over expensive Air Jordans, and that one man was shot and robbed of his shoes and cash while a woman was kicked and pummelled for the pair of shoes she was carrying.

Police also denied these reports, with Supt Fernander noting that no argument had taken place between the suspect and victim in the shooting.

He also denied that students from the nearby CH Reeves Junior High School were in the area at the time, as some reports had claimed.

“It was in the morning at a quiet time,” Supt Fernander said of the incident. “Hardly no one was around then.”      

When contacted, the manager of The Sports Centre in the mall noted that his store sold Air Jordans yesterday but confirmed that the suspect in the shooting incident was not carrying a pair of the shoes.

He suspected that the shooting was gang related. “One of the guys who was shot didn’t have any Jordans on him,” he said. “I think it’s coincidental that we were selling Jordans at the time.”


GrassRoot 8 years, 6 months ago

would not be surprised if someone got shot over a pair of Air Jordan's. nothing surprises me any more.


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