Sandals Graduates 20 From Training Plan

Sandals Royal Bahamian has prepared 20 persons to enter the industry after they completed the resort’s Hospitality Training Programme (HTP). It subsequently hired 65 per cent of the graduates who were eligible to work, following the six week exercise.

This summer’s HTP included summer students due to start their final year of high school. The HTP is a chance for individuals to receive hospitality training throughout the various departments at Sandals’ Royal Bahamian resort property, an exercise that is extended to Sandals Emerald Bay.

“Sandals Royal Bahamian has opened up a door, and it is for you to cross through the threshold and build your lives within the hospitality industry,” Sandals Royal Bahamian’s hotel manager, Charles Blacher, told the HTP graduates.

“This industry is not for the light-hearted. You need to understand the industry – there are no short cuts.”

The opportunity for the graduates comes at a time when the Bahamian tourism industry is readying for significant growth, and the Government and private sector have begun one of the largest training initiatives ever undertaken in the country.

“You just graduate this HTP class. Today you know a little bit, but this profession is not for the light hearted, ” said Mr Blacher.

“Take full advantage of what you have been given and do not tell anyone you cannot. When they close the front door, come through the back. When they close the back, come in through the window. Do not let anyone hold you back because your potential is what you take with you.”

HTP graduate Branishka Bullard said she arrived at the job clueless, but quickly found a mentor to guide and coach her.

“I obtained better communication skills working alongside other team members and guests,” said Ms Bullard. “Working here widened my understanding on tourism. There were days that were challenging, but it was all a part of the experience… one I would not change for the world.”


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