Power out again as BEC fights shortfall


Tribune Staff Reporter


SEVERAL areas in eastern and western New Providence experienced power outages yesterday as the Bahamas Electricity Corporation battled a power generation shortfall, officials said yesterday.

BEC Public Relations Manager Arnette Wilson-Ingraham explained that electricity was restored about 15 minutes after the disruptions.

She said there was a possibility of further shortfalls with power creation last night, but it was not expected to affect residential areas.

However, sources at BEC blamed the power failure in the western part of the island on a traffic accident in which a driver ran into a utility pole at Harrold Road.

The accident caused an engine to trip at the Baillou Hills power plant. 

Mrs Ingraham said: “Earlier in the day, several areas throughout New Providence were disrupted because of a generation short fall. Another generator tripped for about five minutes and that caused problems in the west. There might be a generation shortfall tonight, but we don’t expect that residential areas will be affected.”

Despite that reassurance, a number of areas reported power outages last night after a heavy thunderstorm crossed New Providence.

On Friday, a BEC official said massive load shedding was to take place over the weekend and would continue until technicians could repair three engines at the Clifton Pier power plant.

However, corporation officials only confirmed problems with two engines that they said would result in periods of supply interruption to residents on the island.

Power disruptions have been frequent this summer as BEC continuously struggles with electricity generation.

In July, thousands of BEC customers were without power due to BEC’s “generator challenges” at the Baillou Hills plant that interrupted service to more than 50 per cent of New Providence.

The month before, five of BEC’s engines were struck by lightning which caused a widespread loss of power that lasted nearly 12 hours.


asiseeit 8 years, 5 months ago

It almost seems as the Bahamian people are being forced into a corner. This country is being held hostage by insidious forces. Nobody is going to "win" in this fight but the country as a whole will lose, we already have actually! The Politicians and Management of BEC have failed the Bahamian people. The employes of BEC have failed their own. The Bahamas in itself is made to look a fool because of the lack of a basic but essential service. Electricity is a fundamental need for a country to survive if not move forward, yet due to political stupidity and a core of greed in this country we barley have a functioning electric plant. Now if that does not make ALL politicians ashamed and wake Bahamians up, well, you draw your own conclusions.


ThisIsOurs 8 years, 5 months ago

Shame on everyone, PM, DPM, Cabinet, BEC workers, BEC union and US for accepting it....


Well_mudda_take_sic 8 years, 5 months ago

You forgot to mention Franky Wilson aka Snake who's been profiteering off of the fuel he sells to BEC and to businesses and home owners who find they must use their own expensive to maintain generators as a result of Perry Christie's failure to keep our lights on.


asiseeit 8 years, 5 months ago

FNM & PLP! Both have failed as it relates to BEC and the Bahamian people including the members of both those party's are the ones that lose. JUST STUPID!


ChaosObserver 8 years, 5 months ago

Its definitely an issue of "stupidity", "ignorance", "lack of concern", "distain" and "corruption" of the politicians in the Bahamas! These fools treat their own people like slaves.....


The_Messenger 8 years, 5 months ago

One would think with the crazy high prices BEC and GBPC charge Bahamians the country would have the best power grid on the planet by now. Not so, the same junk service, ever increasing cost for their junk service and more empty promises.


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