Insider: Rivalry in FNM leadership is hurting the party


Loretta Butler-Turner in the House of Assembly.

AN INSIDER in the Free National Movement has charged that rivalry between the leaders of the party is hurting the political organisation.

The well-placed source, who did not want to be named, said despite public utterances by Deputy Leader Loretta Butler-Turner that there is no rift between her and party Leader Dr Hubert Minnis over her political ambitions, it is clear the two are at odds.

“It’s time for Loretta Butler-Turner to step down as deputy leader because she is allowing her political ambitions to destroy the party,” the FNM said. “Lorry deserves some credit for down-playing the North Abaco confrontation but nobody believes her.”


FNM leader Hubert Minnis

The insider was referring to a party that took place in North Abaco earlier this month where some claimed the Long Island MP “snubbed” Dr Minnis. Mrs Butler-Turner has maintained that the gathering was a private event held by her supporters as she canvasses the country to see how much support she has for a leadership run.

She has said that Dr Minnis arrived at the party uninvited and two hours late with his wife, but insists she greeted him warmly and he enjoyed hospitality at the event. However, she said she did not allow Dr Minnis to speak at the party because she did not think it was appropriate.

However, some have said the party was an FNM event that Dr Minnis was invited to attend.

“Of course when she says Hubert Minnis has nothing to worry about, he knows this very well because he knows she intends to run against him,” the FNM added. “She simply needs to stop that charade, it is highly inappropriate for a sitting deputy leader to be so openly running against the leader, the very act of going throughout the country canvassing views is an expression of lack of confidence in the leader and frankly the only honourable course of action to her is to step down as deputy until convention, because the only harmful discord that exists is between her and Minnis.

“It is clear that the leadership circle is not big enough for the two of them and everybody knows that.”

Mrs Butler-Turner addressed reports of growing tension between herself and Dr Minnis last Wednesday, while on the radio talk show “Let’s Talk Live”.

“I am not going to try and take the leader out,” Mrs Butler-Turner told talk show host Carlton Smith. “That is not my position. But there will come a time when a convention is expected to be held when people need to know is this a viable option for me.”

She added: “When you look at my character and when you look at how I have conducted myself, always I think that people don’t have to second guess what I am going to do. I was often told by my grandmother that politics is a dirty game; I believe that politics is what people make it. Maybe because people do tend to do things behind closed doors – they use cloaks and daggers and everything – I have been a very up-front person. I try to be very open with who I am and what I am going to do.

“I have had this conversation with my leader on more than one occasion and I have always said to him, ‘You know, you don’t have to worry about where I am coming from. If I am going to do something you will be the first to know’ and I think in that vein a lot of people don’t understand me.”

In June, Mrs Butler-Turner told The Tribune that she was weighing her options and considering running for party leader at the FNM’s next convention. At the time, she said, she was inundated with support from FNMs asking her to consider the party’s top post.

The FNM is expected to hold a convention next year.


SP 8 years, 5 months ago

How can they "hurt the political organization" that was already thoroughly destroyed by the "Little Emperor" Hubert Ingraham?


duppyVAT 8 years, 5 months ago

So wats going on in the PLP? Cart driving da horse? And in the DNA? One man band? All of the political parties are in need of a serious makeover before they set out to ask us for our vote in 2017. One thing for sure, this VAT thing is going to destroy this country before January 2015.


mostsickandtired 8 years, 5 months ago

Yes VAT will destroy this country. Why aren't there more conversations about the devastating impact of VAT? We don't have to wait until it comes to realize what will happen. When you have to pay VAT on medical services, medicines, insurance, food, services, gas, BEC, phone bill etc etc we will be RUINED! Just read the VAT guides. A tidal wave is coming and everyone going about their normal business. We need to agitate the government to revise, make changes, make concessions NOW!


GQ 8 years, 5 months ago

Loretta Butler is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR! Take this from one who attended the North Abaco FNM association get together, it was not HER function but ours. I understand "The Good Rev" who is a sidekick of hers is now communicating with leading party officials trying to win their support because he said our PM would not make him a senator and give him a cabinet post and now it is time to shed "The Two Huberts" out of the party. Mrs. Butler Turner sees herself as the first female Prime Minister because her grandfather was the first Bahamian Governor. To try accomplish this she is willing to see this country face another 5 years of PLP mismanagement.


pablojay 8 years, 5 months ago

Never in Bahamian political history has a deputy leader of a party gone around canvassing potential support in this manner. Maybe Loretta wants to have her cakes and cups of ice cream and eat them too. It is almost impossible for the two leaders to have a normal relationship under these circumstances.The thing for her to do is step down as deputy and spend all the time she wants gauging her support . As for Rev Fred,everybody knows he has loyalty only to himself and he has no respect in Grand Bahama, where everybody knows him for what he is. Just for the record,he ran for the PLP and lost, when he was not renominated ,he ran as an independent and lost then somehow joined the FNM . Watch for him switching to DNA .


reverendrichlive 8 years, 5 months ago

Herbert Minnis...should read Herbert Minus. He needs to leave politics and return to being a doctor, he would be more helpful there. Miss Butler must be the leader... she has what it takes...courage, character and content. As for my party, I do like Ms. Hanna. It would be wonderful to have each of these ladies heading up their prospective parties, let me be the first to say, " Hail to the first female PRIME MINISTER of THE BAHAMAS ! "


Reality_Check 8 years, 5 months ago

These two (Minnis and LBT) pretty well sum up the legacy of one Hubert Alexander Ingraham. After the next general election we will be able to say the same about Davis, Wilchcombe, Maynard-Gibson and Nottage when it comes to the legacy of one Perry Gladstone Christie. The non-DNA, non-PLP and non-FNM associated independents are going to have a field day come the next general election and they need not rear their heads until the very last moment.


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