Summer Date For $50m Family Islands Road And Airport Work


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BAHAMAS Striping hopes to be “up and running” by August or September with its airport and road maintenance project scheduled for 10 islands as outlined in two proposals before the Government.

The company’s president, Atario Mitchell, told Tribune Business yesterday: “Right now the company is in a little slow period. This is normally the slow period for us but we are still making it through. We are still holding on our PPPs.

“We understand that it is up for Cabinet approval. We’re looking to hear back from them by May and we anticipate a favourable response. Once we hear back from them we want to announce a start date in May whereby we would be able to have the project up and running by August or September.”

Mr Mitchell added: “We have two PPPs, one for the airports and one for the roads. With the airport side of it alone we are looking at 750 short term to medium term jobs, over the course of three to four months. Some may last up to six months depending on the island. For the road work we are looking at an additional 200-250 persons. Each island would be employing a different group of people.”

In January the Bahamas Striping Group of Companies executives announced that $50m worth of proposals had been put to the Government for airport and road maintenance on 10 islands.

Executives said that the company had approached the Government more than a year ago on the two proposals, which would see airports on 10 Family Islands brought up to International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards.

The firm said it would also improve the road signage and markings on the islands.


GrassRoot 4 years, 7 months ago

don't we love how our government awards contracts?


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