Davis Says Progress On Bec Partnership Rests With Pm

Philip 'Brave' Davis

Philip 'Brave' Davis


Tribune Staff Reporter


AN announcement on the strategic partner picked to manage the Bahamas Electricity Corporation rests with Prime Minister Perry Christie, Minister of Works Philip “Brave” Davis said yesterday.

“As I have indicated before, the BEC matter is with the prime minister and any questions about timing issues will have to be put directly to him,” Mr Davis said when asked when the government’s decision on BEC will be announced.

He added: “Everything that we were tasked to do to date on the BEC matter has been completed. We are just waiting for him to review the matter and make his announcement.”

Last week, Mr Christie said an announcement on the strategic partner for BEC will come “shortly”.

That came just days after Mr Davis said the government had decided to defer any announcement until Mr Christie had returned from an energy security summit held in Washington, DC, late last month.

“The prime minister has indicated that he’s having a meeting next week with the vice president of the United States of America where energy will be discussed as the topic and he thought before they make the announcement perhaps he should hear what they are saying about this aspect of energy in the whole Caribbean.

So we think we are where we want to be and it’s only a question as to those things happening,” Mr Davis said last month.

Free National Movement Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest has called the decision to delay announcing the strategic partner a “smoke screen”.

In a previous interview, he said he couldn’t identify a reason for the delays, adding that the Christie administration, as usual, was trying to buy time.

The government announced initial plans to reform BEC in August 2013.

Mr Christie said at the time that two separate companies would take over the management and power generation at BEC. He indicated that contracts would be signed at the end of 2013.

However, last December, 16 months after reform plans for BEC were first announced, Mr Davis added further confusion and speculation over the matter when he confirmed a Tribune Business report that the government had abandoned its earlier plans for a split. It is now expected that one company will be selected to manage BEC.

The PM returned from his Washington, DC, trip late last month.


GrassRoot 5 years, 3 months ago

great, we are back to the one-man-government. anyone turning off the lights at government buildings, when PGC is not in town?


GrassRoot 5 years, 3 months ago

speaking of which when you look up PowerSecure in the Internet, the first thing you see is the company being the defendant in securities fraud law suits. not sure the high paid government consultants forgoet to consult with the www. Last year in Q1 and Q2. so much for the integrity of the company and its endorsements by the U.S. embassy.


John 5 years, 3 months ago

Looks like government is forgoing a real opportunity to jumpstart this economy and get it going. If BEC reduces its electricity bills by 60 percent to what it should be that will pump at least $20 million into the economy monthly. Consumer purchasing power will increase their confidence will increase and they will spend more. Not only that but with lower electricity costs businesses will be able to reduce their prices and this will result in even more economic activity. Government will realize more revenue and the cash shortages they are experiencing now will disappear.


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