Landfill Officials Say Smoke Is Nothing To Do With The Site


Tribune Staff Reporter


OFFICIALS from Renew Bahamas yesterday suggested that smoky conditions in the area of the Harrold Road landfill are not the result of recent fires at the site.

Andrew Knowles, head of communications at Renew Bahamas, explained that 95 per cent of the 17-acre site has already been covered with fill. He added that Renew Bahamas officials believe that the entire matter will be resolved by the end of the week.

Mr Knowles said: “Renew Bahamas is continuing to soak and cover the final pocket of the burned area from the massive fire that occurred on January 17.

“The rain has also helped tremendously and there has been a significant reduction in the amount of smoke emanating from the area.”

In recent days, The Tribune has received a number of calls from angry residents in western New Providence, suggesting that the smoke covering their area was coming from the dump site.

On Monday a Delaporte resident complained that the smoke was so thick in the area that it filled his home because he forgot to close his kitchen windows.

He said his fire alarm went off. He blamed this on the smoke.

However, Mr Knowles said: “The company also wishes to advise that the smoke observed in the Gladstone Road and JFK areas yesterday, is not related to the recent fires at Harrold Road landfill site. Renew is satisfied that the smoke was not emanating from anywhere on the site, but from fires on other properties.”

In January, fire chief Superintendent Walter Evans urged people living near the landfill, such as residents of Gladstone Road and Victoria Gardens, to “seek medical attention” if experiencing ill effects from smoke from the site.

Last week, Renew Bahamas said its team of officials was working to combat the blaze that started on January 17.

“Work crews are still working on the final pocket of the burned area of the massive fire on the other part of the site that occurred January 17,” the company said last week. “About 85 per cent of the 17 acres of the area burned by this fire has already been covered with fill.”

Fires at the New Providence landfill have been a persistent problem for years. Last March, a fire burned at the dump for several weeks, causing school closures and discomfort for nearby residents.


John 4 years, 4 months ago

This man is dangerous. To deny that the smoke that has been covering the Western part of the island for the past several weeks is not coming from his dump is a pile of garbage. One can stand in the early morning or evening and see the fire on the dump. The smoke gets caught up in the damp night air and settles over the island like a wet smoky blanket nd now this clown gonna lie and say it ain't his smoke.


asiseeit 4 years, 4 months ago

Yes, yes, and there is no corruption in The Bahamas. Pigs fly as well.


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