PLP Chairman backs Pinder over row with Rollins

Bradley Roberts

Bradley Roberts


Tribune Staff Reporter


PROGRESSIVE LIberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts sided with Elizabeth MP Ryan Pinder yesterday following a heated argument Mr Pinder had in the House of Assembly on Thursday night with Fort Charlotte MP Dr Andre Rollins.

Dr Rollins accused Mr Pinder of considering himself to be the only person in the country with financial services knowledge despite overseeing an industry that shrunk under his watch.

The PLP, following an intervention by Prime Minister Perry Christie, decided last month not to suspend Dr Rollins for the outbursts he made against the Christie Administration last year.

However, observers have wondered how the party would deal with Dr Rollins if he were to go against the interests of the party in the future.

Following the latest confrontation involving Dr Rollins, Mr Roberts said yesterday that "further disciplinary action (him)" is not necessary, adding that PLP MPs will likely express views about Dr Rollins' ideas that are similar to the ones expressed by Mr Pinder when the House resumes next week.

"I think Ryan Pinder handled himself very well," he said. "He spoke for me in what he said and I fully support him."

The argument between the two "next generation" MPs stemmed from comments Dr Rollins made in the House on Wednesday, when he said National Health Insurance (NHI) should not be implemented at this time.

Mr Pinder responded, saying people should be careful of the "mistruths" expressed by members with "some intelligence and access to Google."

"Certainly, I found it shocking that the member would question the need for National Health Insurance when he claims to be a representative who is looking out for those who cannot provide and help themselves," he said. "That is the fundamental basis of why the PLP is advocating for NHI. He spoke to this elaborate three-part economic model (Wednesday night). But in doing so I think he might have confused himself."

Dr Rollins, however, said he took offence to Mr Pinder's "personal insults".

"He will always complain and criticise the former administration about how poorly they managed financial services, yet under his tenure as Financial Services minister, the industry has shrunk," he said. "He has done nothing to demonstrate any growth to financial services, yet he carries himself to be a financial services genius."

At one point, House Deputy Speaker Dion Smith requested that the two, seated next to each other, be separated.


Observer 8 years, 7 months ago

Rollins, MP, is just disrespectful of others. The slap did nothing to rehabilitate him.


Islandgirl 8 years, 7 months ago

Please help me understand why this new tax is needed when we already have a PHA in place to take care of the medical needs of those who cannot take of themselves? Can the finance expert please further shed light on why the duties on healthy foods are not eliminated in order to make them affordable for all, and by doing so, improve the health outlook of all Bahamians? Can we also expound upon the control of cost of services in the legal profession, where fees are absolutely outrageous for often poor services? Please see, Mr. finance guru, the warning put out by your US government about the pitfalls of purchasing property in this country and the scummy activity, economic loss to clientele and astronomical fees incurred through the use of "lawyers" here; embarrassing ad shameful. You people need to leave my money and my health care alone. I should not have to be forced, yet again, to pay for something you all have no business being involved in and especially with your very poor management skills and inability to account for public funds under your control.


ThisIsOurs 8 years, 7 months ago

It's a ill planned disaster waiting to happen. They can't even fund the National Drug Plan according to Shane Gibson. They will continue to suck National Insurance like some ponzu scheme until the bottom falls out.


SP 8 years, 7 months ago

...................... Two lifetimes In Front line Politics & Nothing Of Note To Show ....................

Bradley Roberts has been involved in front line politics all of his adult life and cannot point to one meaning accomplishment or contribution to this country.

Big mouth Brad is good at bulldogging and hiding in shadow deals along with the rest of the good old boys dinosaur team, but has NEVER objected to anything of merit put forth by the PLP.

How is it conceivably possible in a country best known for political corruption and unabbreviated, asinine stupidity an MP supposedly looking out for the electorates interest NEVER had a disagreement of PLP policy and NEVER went to bat on the electorates behalf in 40+ years........And the country has failed in every sphere of governance and fiscal management!

.................................................. STFU Big Mouth Brad .................................................

You and your good old boys dinosaur team is everything personified that's wrong in our country!

Big mouth Brad = Useless, good for nothing Brad to the electorate!


Honestman 8 years, 7 months ago

How can a "supposedly" intelligent 'financial" man like Ryan Pinder honestly come out with the nonsense that this country can afford a National Health Scheme at this time??? Has he completely lost the plot? NHI is something The Bahamas should aspire to in a form and at a time that makes sense for the country. It would be the death knell for the economy if the PLP were to tax the working class on top of VAT in order to fund an NHI scheme in 2016. I agree with Rollins that NHI should be funded by a National Lottery. The PLP will of course continue to dangle the NHI carrot right up to election time in a pathetic effort to persuade the gullible that this is something they can deliver on.


themessenger 8 years, 7 months ago

Strangely enough Mr. Pinder, while singing the praises of the government for having the foresite and wisdom to implement the VAT tax and waxing eloquent on the proposed NHI, made no mention during his contribution as to what the governments plans were, none judging by the midterm budget, for reining in their spendthrift ways, the real reason for the country's current state of penury. As a financial guru I suppose he's used to spending other peoples money, even after its run out.


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