What Was I Thinking? Counting Down To The Half Marathon

Do you hear that - the boisterous sound of feet hitting pavement, running in tune to the melody of purpose? Kendrick “Big Guy” Williams is 11 days away from the Bahamas half marathon, feeling better and more confident with every run. Tribune readers and Cool 96FM listeners have been following his progress as he closes in on his big charity challenge.

Wow! This weekend I had a real wake up call. I heard that Kevin Hart voice in the back of my mind - “he wasn’t ready”. In fact I can still hear it, but I pushed through.

This process has taught me about growth. In recent weeks I have developed my ways of training, my techniques, the way I approach every aspect of running. I truly surprised myself. I stayed disciplined.

Yes, if truth be told, I would say I can’t wait for the 18th to get this run over and done with. However, it has nothing to do with being tired or scared; I am just so determined to compete after all this time dedicated to training. I am ready to get it done.

I took the initiative to run the actual route of the half marathon race … well the actual route minus the bridge section. It was brutal, extremely difficult but it will pay off in the end. I was able to identify some aspects of the route that might work against me and some that will certainly aid me.

I can now say that the finish line portion of the race will be tough, but for all the reasons you aren’t thinking of. In the Susan G Komen 5k race you literally have to run by the finish line to come back to it. That can be a serious mental hurdle to cross. Seeing the finish line and convincing yourself that you still have more miles to go will be tough.

But one thing I have learned during the past couple of months is that running is all about the mind. You have to convince yourself when you are tired that you have to continue, you have to tell yourself when you want to give up that you can’t. All of that is a mind thing.

That is something that I had to learn over time. Now I am ready.

Take that, Kevin Hart!

Again, what was I thinking?

After weeks of adjustments, I think I have finally found the right system for me. Once again I will be racking up the road miles this week, but I will incorporate a lot of sand. Yes, sand. I will be running the beach to ease the tension on my joints and allow my body to relax to some extent. I will be running up until the 15th, including the Majority Rule Day holiday.

There isn’t going to be any large mileage logged but I will be pushing the “Big Guy” regimen up a notch.

Bring on the sand. I will be at Montagu - you should come out a see if you can keep up.

There you have it! That’s the Big Guy challenge of the week.

To anyone out there with thoughts of reaching your fitness goals, come join me and take your first step to that goal with the Big Guy regimen.

• “Big Guy” hosts the afternoon show from 2-6pm Monday to Friday on Cool 96FM. Sunshine Insurance Marathon Bahamas race weekend is January 17-18, with the Susan G Komen 5k Race for the Cure on the Saturday and the marathon, half-marathon and marathon relay on the Sunday, starting from Junkanoo beach and finishing in Arawak Cay.


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