Miller Blasted Over Carnival


Tribune Staff Reporter


PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday passionately defended the inaugural Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival from detractors and hit out at the “intrusiveness” of Progressive Liberal Party MP Leslie Miller who this week called the planned festival “garbage.”

Mr Miller has also suggested Carnival could have a negative impact on youth by being sexually suggestive and said he had “no appetite” for the festival’s sexually charged nature.

Speaking on the issue of Junkanoo Carnival at the Bahamas Business Outlook yesterday morning, Mr Christie said Mr Miller’s own daughters are actively involved with Carnival group, Enigma.

“The first people who spoke to me when I walked into this room with hundreds of people gathered together for Junkanoo Carnival was Leslie Miller’s two daughters,” the prime minister told the crowd.

Pushing back at critics who have denounced the skimpy women’s costumes associated with Junkanoo Carnival, Mr Christie suggested that Junkanoo regularly has vulgar acts on display and questioned if critics of the new festival have attended the annual Bay Street parades.

“When I go to Bay Street now and I looked at the girls last Christmas and this Christmas, I said ‘Lord, they got Carnival costumes on,’” he said. “I don’t know if you people go to Junkanoo, I don’t even know if Leslie Miller goes to Junkanoo.”

Further defending the festival, Mr Christie said it will boost the economy, create employment and turn Bahamians into “superstars.”

And while Mr Christie yesterday said he “welcomed” Mr Miller’s “grave reservations” about Carnival, he said the MP could have simply talked to him personally about his views.

Mr Christie said: “I welcome his (Miller’s) intrusiveness.”

“I don’t frown about that. I mean, he could have talked to me about it and I could have explained my views. It’s the same with any colleague that I have, because somehow people in public life believe that the people who are in the Cabinet don’t have those views.”


Meanwhile, organisers of the controversial event have spent less than $2 million of the $9 million budget so far.

“To date we have spent $1.5 million, with a total of 214 small and medium-sized local entities for an estimate GDP impact of about $7 million,” Paul Major, chairman of the Carnival Commission, said.

He spoke of the expected economic benefits of the new festival in an attempt to silence the naysayers who have said they want the event to fail.

He added that he did not understand why people are accusing the commission and the government of “forsaking Junkanoo.”

He said the aim is to create a sound that is marketable internationally, such as Jamaica’s reggae or the Caribbean’s Soca music.

On Wednesday, Mr Miller told The Nassau Guardian the government should not “import any garbage” into the country to further destroy young people that are already “totally out of line morally.”

He said the government should be spending money “branding what we have” instead of “imitating or transplanting other people’s culture and call it something original.”

Tourism Minister Obie Wilchcombe also responded to Mr Miller’s comments, and said yesterday that while Mr Miller had “a right to speak,” he felt it was “unfortunate” that the backbencher did not address the prime minister directly on the matter.

Mr Miller was asked his views on Junkanoo Carnival days after the Bahamas Christian Council released a statement chastising the “immodest” costumes for the planned event, saying the scant attire could lead to “fornication, promiscuity, rape incest” and other “sins of the flesh.”

In response, Mr Miller reportedly said he had his own “grave reservations” on whether it would benefit the country, raising issue about the negative affects the festival and its costumes may have on young people that are “totally out of line morally” in the country.

“ . . .If you want to import garbage into my country, I take exception to it, to be honest with you, as a member of parliament and as a Bahamian,” Mr Miller said. “I say garbage because I was there one time as the minister of trade and industry, in Trinidad where they had the thing (Carnival), and it didn’t impress me. I saw a lot of vulgarity, people were, I don’t want to say hitting on each other, but almost a sexual situation in broad daylight. So I have no appetite for it.”

Last month, Bahamas Public Services Union President John Pinder accused the government of copying “the rest of the Caribbean” for planning to spend $9m on the event.

Mr Pinder said he was willing to “bet his bottom dollar” that the government would not break even for the event.

Junkanoo Carnival will span a five-week period, beginning on April 6 and ending May 9.


realfreethinker 3 years, 4 months ago

Who the F perry think he is. Every time some one speak out about the shit he is doing ,he say they should have come to him. Does he realize these are grown men and women,with minds of their own. They are just tired of putting up with his bullshit. I wish he would just fade away. Enough already Geezzzzzz


Publius 3 years, 4 months ago

Bringing up people's children is tantamount to fighting words. It is beyond stunning to me what Bahamians take and submit to at the hands of these useless, morally and ethically bankrupt politicians.


ohdrap4 3 years, 4 months ago

First Leslie Miller is entitled to his opinion.

Second, I presume his daughters are of age, and they might have their own opinions too. I doubt they will parade themselves in skimpy costumes, but are rather trying to make money off fools.

The climate in this country is sad indeed under Perriculous Maximus.


ThisIsOurs 3 years, 4 months ago

Perriculous Maximus...LOL

He certainly looked like a strongman shouting down the Taxi Union rep. What was much more distressing was how he smirked to one of his colleagues when he sat down. That smirk said everything any citizen needed to know about what he thinks about us. Everything is ok because my calls aren't dropping when I'm chauffeured around the island with a Bahamian CEO in charge of BTC. What are "you people" complaining about. I'm doing fine .


PKMShack 3 years, 4 months ago

Perry you think everyone dumb, Perry f you with the Bahamas first, you show us different


ThisIsOurs 3 years, 4 months ago

Agree. People should be able to have their own opinions. Whether Leslie Miller's daughters are in carnival is irrelevant. His opinion doesn't change, in deference to his daughters he may choose to reserve his words but he still has his opinion, he just keeps it private. You can be a part of an organization and still have issues with the steps the organization takes to reach a common goal. Rather than listening it appears they are digging in their heels...sad


TalRussell 3 years, 4 months ago

Prime Minister tis time leave your MP's alone and spend it on firing whoever hired that 12-year old carnival website designer that must have been hired. PM lucky for PLP cabinet, the Tribune ain't yet gotten wind about the 'specially designed outside toilets' included in 9 million? Comrades I swear Jesus, tis true - the 'outside toilets' were specially all designed.

Comrades I could not be more convinced Carnival is all about a PLP cabinet willing to appoint anyone willing to begin the foreign-ism of the natives long cherished Junkanoo Parades. This has be much troubling thought for any native walk around with in they's head.
But in the darkness I see signs of hope of Carnival being no more than a flash in-da-pan PLP cabinet's, ill-conceived and badly managed idea. Unfortunately, it will be left struggling taxpayers pick up the 9 million Bahamian dollars price tag.
Do yourself a favor with lots patience in-hand, and take 20 minutes attempting to navigate your way around government's own carnival website where it makes any sense, much less appeals to the many millions of savvy website users we will need to convert over to paying tourists to make the use of the name carnival by spending the 9 million Bahamian Dollars just pay costs hold carnival.
Just 76 days countdown carnival and the PLP Cabinet's hiring of what must have been a 12 year-old web designer is still evident?
While visiting website, do try solving the mystery of ticket costs to various events and how in hell you can purchase event tickets online?
Good Luck Comrades you will need it.



banker 3 years, 4 months ago

Hey, they spent a whole $12.99 for that website. That's what was left over after everyone got their grubby hands on the $9 million. You can find out that this is true by clicking on the "Powered by web base store". It is so Mickey Mouse, automatically playing the music when you go to the site.


TalRussell 3 years, 4 months ago

Comrade Banker it tis pretty sad considering ministers Obediah and Danny and carnival committee members and even the PM , keep referring people to visit the carnival's official website. Out chief communication vehicle aimed to reach millions potential carnival tourists.Tell me Comrade Banker, how do you feel about "designer outside toilets, or as da minister does likes proudly describe them, he memory old fashioned designed 'potty' toilets? I couldn't possible make this sh%t up. But not so damn funny when taxpayers are pushing their more empty than full grocery buggies up Super Value's cash registers. Tell me Comrade Banker, did you use da 'potty' growing up or when visiting family out islands? Could it be this PLP cabinet does they think we are all still in diapers. VAT levied against poor equates paying designer potties.


ohdrap4 3 years, 4 months ago

they were thinking outside the toilet, i mean box...

urban renewal will recycle the designer toilets and install them in the centreville constituency.


duppyVAT 3 years, 4 months ago

Those PLP backbenchers have to stand up or else they will be swept away like the Cabinet in 2017 ........... regardless of who is the Opposition.


TalRussell 3 years, 4 months ago

Comrades you might want take Pot cake at his word that he is not supportive of Carnival but I will wait 72 hours for him change his mind. The big mouthed talk show hosts have now answered the Cabinet's carnival call. Change his mind just like the others have for whatever reason have likewise done when the PM and his cabinet comes a begging. .Maybe some you need need more convincing that the only reason they now want to involve Bahamalanders, is because carnival is in deep trouble. They never wanted Comrade Ronnie Butler and all other brothers. They just don't fit into their theme play, sing and dance Jamaican.


TheMadHatter 3 years, 4 months ago

The article says in part "...and said he had “no appetite” for the festival’s sexually charged nature"

Why don't all of these super-Christian types get together and file a class-action lawsuit against God for creating genitals and sex in the first place? I mean, attack crime at the root.



ThisIsOurs 3 years, 4 months ago

I agree with him. You don't have to be super christian to have concerns about the direction this is going. get wet fetes now seem to be the trend for the warmup to carnival. When did men pouring water on women become the thing in the Bahamas? And I support Carnival, I hope it does have a positive economic impact, but I have concerns. I want it to succeed just don't want it to be sleazy like parties thrown by a certain Lyford cay resident


afficianado 3 years, 4 months ago

hmmm... they won't make a profit on this.. Sorry Perry..it was a good attempt though


ThisIsOurs 3 years, 4 months ago

It would be interesting if it rained the whole week...May, the "rainy season" for a street parade...we did have really nice weather for the IAAF relays...but then again the closing ceremonies were rained out..who knows.


TheMadHatter 3 years, 4 months ago

Above, you say you want it to succeed. Now here you are saying (in an indirect way) that you hope it would rain the whole week (using the word "interesting" to cover your true intent).

Above you also make comment about a resident of Lyford Cay that we all know is alleged to have wild parties at his home.

While I can stretch my mind to understand someone's concern with some scantily clothed people at a Carnival celebration in public on Bay Street (even though they are home in their own bed in Carmichael Road), it is not possible for me to stretch it far enough to understand yours (and others') concern with private parties taking place at a private residence in a private gated community. Those parties may as well be in Australia as far as 99.8% of Bahamians are concerned, because they are nowhere near the place.

Christians seems to have a VERY big problem with the human body, its design and function, any thought of physical pleasure, and the activities of people that have nothing to do with them. It is almost an Islamic point of view, except that I must give the Muslims credit for far exceeding your collective insantity levels.

Like I said above, God is the creator of the human body. He is the manufacturer. Blame him for inventing the genitals. Blame him for inventing the orgasm. What must he have been thinking? Pleasure and enjoyment for his creatures? God forbid :-)

I sometimes think Christians would have been happier if God had only created Hell (which I do not believe there is any such thing) - and just put us all in Hell in the first place and let us suffer for eternity. I think you guys would be much happier suffering all the time, because it seems to be your true hidden goal.

Now you wish failure on our little Bahamas too. Failure is an easy thing to achieve, and we have been doing it quite well for nearly 42 years now. Success is hard to achieve.

However, you keep striving for failure - and I will bet that you will be "successful" in achieving it.



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