The costs of NHI

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Retired Archbishop Drexel Gomez I suggest should speak to a few, note few, of his inner circle and associates and canvass them to see how many owe thousands in back real property taxes and utility bills before advocating further tax burdens.

In 2011 the Auditor General advised that 70% of the civil service had salary deductions of an average of 80% - in dollar and cents this means a salary of $20,000.00 that person might have $4,200.00 left to meet their bills.

Global examples of NHl’s frightens me to even suggest The Bahamas should have one when we can’t investigate and find the lost $12m at PMH drug programme.

Catastrophic cover is imperative but can someone with authority confirm precisely what is the Catastrophic health costs per year?

We were forced by the IMF to introduce VAT because government simply failed to collect taxes - doesn’t that tell the good Bishop something?

That programme success has a hell of a lot to do with the input of the business sector because the PLP nor the FNM could collect.

It is said people owe real property taxes to the tune of $400m... shame and collect, it worked on that person who owed $300,000.00 in days fully paid, so we were told... do it on the rest.



June 8, 2015.


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