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Tuesday, March 31

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Branville McCartney formally accepts PM's debate offer

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney has formally accepted Prime Minister Perry Christie’s call for a public debate between the country’s three political leaders to determine who is best suited to run the country.

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Grand Bahama education official dies suddenly

SENIOR government officials paid tribute yesterday to Sandra Edgecombe, the Deputy Director of Education for Grand Bahama, who has died suddenly.

Cancer Centre hosts free lecture event to promote colon cancer awareness

WITH this month dedicated to raising awareness of colorectal (colon) cancer, the Cancer Centre in Nassau will host a lecture series that is expected to help Bahamians gain much needed knowledge of disease.

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A healthy turnout for Hilton staff

WITH its annual fair for employees, the managing staff of the British Colonial Hilton set out to prove that living healthy in the Bahamas does not have to be a challenge.

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Brinique Gibson says it with a cupcake

SHE is only 19 years old, but already Brinique Gibson is the proud owner of her own makeup company, and most recently, a successful cupcake bakery.

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The beauty standard

WITH the numerous medical advancements available today, women have almost endless ways of manufacturing beauty.

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POLITICOLE: What’s wrong with Christie’s comments?

It’s interesting to analyse the words and language (body included) of political leaders.

New FNM leader is essential

Dr Hubert Minnis is a good man. A political leader he is not. Dr Minnis is trying his best to keep at the PLP but I fear the capacity is just not there with him to be a capable Prime Minister.

PLP is out of control

The Progressive Liberal Party is like a runaway train with no engineer in the caboose, or an airplane out of control without a pilot in the cockpit. The Bahamas is plunging down the mountainside with the precipice in plain sight but there is no one in place who is able to apply the brakes.

Alfred Gray and responsibility

On May 12, 2012, Rt Hon Perry Christie announced his Cabinet and the matter was gazetted officially. It is interesting to read carefully the wording of that announcement, as it directly affects the correct decision, which if not the Prime Minister should have taken, certainly Mr Gray should have.

Public contracts should go to the most qualified bidder

ON June 13, 1925, the late Sir Etienne Dupuch, the second publisher of this newspaper, entered the House of Assembly for the first time at the age of 26 to represent the Bahamas’ two most southerly islands — Inagua and Mayaguana. He won his seat by two votes.

Businessman’s son dies more than a year after being shot

BRIAN “Keith” Aranha, son of prominent businessman Keith Aranha, died in Princess Margaret Hospital on Sunday night, family members confirmed yesterday.

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American arrested after $436,000 of marijuana found

AN American man in his early 50s was yesterday arrested in connection with the discovery of nearly half a million dollars worth of marijuana in Bimini, according to local police.

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Scotiabank confirms branch changes and job losses

SCOTIABANK (Bahamas) yesterday confirmed that four of its branches will be consolidated into other locations while two Family Island offices will be closed over the next six months.

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Accused: Wife faces court for Old Fort Bay murder

THE wife of murdered Australian podiatrist Phillip Vasyli blew kisses at relatives seated in court yesterday as she was led away by police following her arraignment for his killing.

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Minnis says FNM will not relent in calling for Gray to quit

FREE National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday insisted that his party will be unrelenting in its calls for the full resignation of MICAL MP V Alfred Gray from the Cabinet post of minister of agriculture and marine resources over his alleged interference in the court case of a resident from his Mayaguana constituency.

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Soca star to be paid $100k for Carnival

TRINIDADIAN Soca singer Machel Montano will reportedly be paid $100,000 to close out the Music Masters Concert for the upcoming Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival, according to a source on the National Festival Commission.

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A LIFE OF CRIME: Fixing fractured families

The family structure is universally blamed for much of the mayhem. So when and how did it fall apart in the Bahamas?

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Unanimous verdict as man cleared of murder

A MAN was cleared of murder in the Supreme Court yesterday when a jury returned a 12-0 not guilty verdict.

Replaying the same old tune

HOW many young boys are locked away because they had what may have looked like a piece of a joint on them?

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SPORTING MISCHIEF & MAYHEM: Perseverance and persistence pays off

THIS week’s column is dedicated to 13 tough-as-nails baseball players in the coach pitch division of JBLN (the Junior Baseball League of Nassau) - the Bahamas Wi Max Cubs. The 0-9 Cubs ... pardon me, now the 1-9 Cubs!

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Buddy Hield named third-team All-American

HIS star-studded junior season came to an end prematurely in the East Regional Semi-finals, but despite his reputation as one of the top players in the NCAA, Buddy Hield has no immediate plans to enter the NBA Draft.

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Stingers top Regulators in NPBA championship series opener

THE PJ’s Stingers blew an engine, but they had enough reserve in the tank as they held off the Patron Regulators to take game one of the New Providence Basketball Association’s best-of-seven championship series at the AF Adderley Gymnasium last night.

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$3m goal in the fight against cancer

THE Cancer Society of The Bahamas yesterday launched its $3m building fund campaign with hopes of constructing the country’s first hospice care facility to assist cancer patients.

PM tells United Nations of need to develop skills and generate jobs

PRIME Minister Christie addressed the United Nation’s 2015 Integrated Segment Economic and Social Council in New York yesterday.

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Bahamas through to CONCACAF quarters

OUR men’s national beach soccer team yesterday got a 4-3 victory over Antigua and Barbuda to advance to the quarter-finals of the CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championships 2015, also known as the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2015.

Broker denies Commission’s ‘deliberate stalling’ claim

A Bahamian broker/dealer has vehemently denied it is “intentionally stalling” its legal action against the Securities Commission, while effectively accusing its US counterpart of ‘ambushing’ it in New York court proceedings.

Scotiabank confirms 50 possible job cuts

Scotiabank (Bahamas) yesterday confirmed that around 50 staff may lose their jobs as a result of its restructuring exercise, which will result in six branch closures and the downsizing of two others.

Gated community faces resident owner revolt

A well-known western New Providence community is facing a revolt by resident homeowners, who are promising to employ “very stringent measures” to overturn a $660,000 ‘special assessment fee’ levied on them by an absentee Board.

Bahamas caught ‘in the anchor property paradox’

The Bahamas is suffering from “the paradox of the anchor property”, a well-known doctor believes, with tourism and foreign direct investment (FDI) failing to generate the necessary foreign currency earnings.

Cable targeting 20% revenue rise via US

Cable Bahamas believes its newly-acquired US business will generate greater than “20 per cent aggregate” revenue growth for it over the next five years, having won contracts to provide services to 16,600 Florida residential units since the purchases closed.

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Attempted murder case fast-tracked

A MAN whose attempted murder case was fast-tracked to the Supreme Court told a magistrate yesterday that he was with his girlfriend at the time of the alleged incident.

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Man in tears as jury finds him guilty of aiding in the fatal stabbing of drug traffickers’ son

A MAN was brought to tears yesterday when a Supreme Court jury found him guilty of aiding the fatal stabbing of the teenage son of convicted drug traffickers Dwight and Keva Major.

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Alternative accommodation offered to Baha Mar guests

GUESTS affected by Baha Mar’s delayed opening have been offered stays at “alternative, comparative hotels,” Robert Sands, Baha Mar’s senior vice-president of government and external affairs, said yesterday.

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Van donated to youth soccer organisation

LAST week, US Chargé d’Affaires Lisa Johnson visited Gambier Village in New Providence to mark the delivery of a 15-passenger van to Youth Empowerment through Soccer International (YESI) in the Bahamas.

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PM ‘in a fantasy land’ over legacy, says FNM leader

FREE National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis said Prime Minister Perry Christie “is living in a fantasy land” over his government’s legacy, adding that Mr Christie will etch his place in the history books as the worst prime minister to ever lead the Bahamian people.

Solar farm plan aims to eliminate electric subsidies

The Government is teaming with the Carbon War Room (CWR) to invite Bahamian and international companies to submit proposals for a collective 20 Mega Watts (MW) worth of solar farms on several Family Island, in a bid to eliminate exorbitant energy subsidies.

Scotia closure concern for out island business

The Government was yesterday urged to implement initiatives to encourage Bahamian as well as foreign investment in the Family Islands, with private sector representative telling Tribune Business that Scotiabank’s decision to close branches on Eleuthera and Long Island “definitely does not help”.

Renewable energy registration set for mid-April start

The Government is aiming to begin registration for its residential energy self-generation (RESG) program me by mid-April, a Cabinet minister said yesterday, in a bid to understand the extent to which renewable energy is currently deployed in the Bahamas.

Asthma and childhood tooth decay

ASTHMA is the most common chronic childhood disease and is a major public health issue throughout the world.

Monday, March 30

“Gender discrimination is a serious defect in our Constitution”

Sir Arthur Foulkes, the former Governor General, addressed the launch of Citizens for Constitutional Equality on Thursday night at Holy Cross Parish Hall, and urged the government to right a wrong.

Sir Arthur: We must vote in favour of gender equality

FORMER Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes said if Bahamians vote against gender equality in the forthcoming constitutional referendum “the Bahamas would be listed among those backward peoples of the world who still believe that accidents of birth like colour and sex should forever assign some people to inferiority status”.

IMF’s no rate change stance ‘unbelievable’

The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) assertion that Bahamian monetary policy should remain unchanged has been slammed as “unbelievable”, a well-known doctor asserting: “Interest rates must come down.”

Davis should not represent anyone

Although, for the present, he may continue to sit in the House of Assembly, in my opinion Philip Davis does not deserve to be called honourable.

Yellow Elder blunder

I was reading through today’s Weekend section of the Tribune (March 27) and began to read page 22, attracted by the photos.

Dispute makes PM ‘uncomfortable’

Imagine that. Prime Minister Perry Christie is “very uncomfortable” with the dispute between the Melia Resort and the Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union.

NHI plan will harm pharmacies

National Health Insurance will put pharmacies out of business!

PM Christie’s ‘to hell with them’ remark

“To look at the paper is to raise a seashell to one’s ear and to be overwhelmed by the roar of humanity,” wrote Alain de Botton, a Swiss writer, philosopher, and television presenter.

Tom Brady and Michael Jordan play basketball in the Abacos

SOCIAL media has been abuzz for the past two days after footage of two sporting legends - Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady and six-times NBA champion Michael Jordan - circulated showing them enjoying a pickup game of basketball in the Abacos.

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Wife of Philip Vasyli charged with his murder (with video)

THE 54-year-old wife of Australian podiatrist Phillip Vasyli appeared in Magistrates Court this morning to be arraigned in connection with her husband’s murder in Old Fort Bay.

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‘We must co-exist with global views on homosexuality’

PRIME Minister Perry Christie said leaders of conservative countries must consider how their nations could “co-exist in a world” where global attitudes towards social issues like homosexuality are shifting.

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Scotiabank to close branches, 50 jobs to go

SCOTIABANK (Bahamas) will soon close seven branches throughout the country, a move that will affect approximately 50 employees, a source within the Christie administration confirmed yesterday.

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Former Attorney General says Gray incident ‘unseemly’

THE fact that embattled MICAL MP V Alfred Gray spoke to a magistrate about a case outside of formal court proceedings is “unseemly”, a former attorney general told The Tribune yesterday.

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Prime Minister hints at cost of NHI premium

BAHAMIANS will likely have to pay a premium of two or three dollars to help fund the government’s proposed National Health Insurance scheme, Prime Minister Perry Christie said last week.

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VIDEO: ‘Tum Tum’ and Spartans in Final Four

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK — When he got near the pinnacle of the NCAA basketball world with a trip to the Final Four, Lourawls “Tum Tum” Nairn Jr did what any Bahamian would do under the spotlight on national television - he called his mom.

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Ex-boyfriend in custody after woman shot dead in front of son

THE former boyfriend of a mother who was shot dead last Thursday in front of her four-year-old son was taken into custody over the weekend for questioning in connection with the recent murder.

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Old Fort Bay murder victim’s wife to face court

POLICE expect to arraign the 54-year-old wife of Australian podiatrist, Phillip Vasyli, in Magistrates Court today in connection with his murder.

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PM: My govt will not be matched

PRIME Minister Perry Christie said despite the “naysayers”, his government’s performance will not be matched “in the history of this country”, citing his administration’s legislative agenda and reform of the tax system and gaming sector as achievements.

Woman fired by airport authority launches lawsuit

A WOMAN fired from the Airport Authority within days of filing a complaint against one of its executive officials is taking civil action against the entity and the official, The Tribune has learned.

Activist tells of concerns with police attitude

A FORMER gang leader-turned community activist is deeply concerned by the attitudes of some policemen toward citizens when questioned on the execution of their duties.

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Bermuda tops Bahamas 3-0 in 2nd leg of FIFA World Cup qualifier

DESPITE a battling performance a much-changed Bahamas exited the 2018 Fifa World Cup at the first qualifying stage yesterday when they went down 3-0 in Bermuda in the second leg of their CONCACAF preliminary round tie.

Stingers dethrone Giants, 95-94

KEMSEY Sylvetre may have saved his best game in the postseason for the last as he helped the PJ’s Stingers dethrone the defending champions Commonwealth Bank Giants.

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‘I’m just a kid from the Bahamas and I made it here’

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK — From humble beginnings to the apex of NCAA Basketball, Buddy Hield and Lourawls Nairn Jr recognise the impact they have had and continue to have on Bahamian basketball.

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Bahamas routs Aruba 15-2 to take softball crown

LYLE Sawyer made up for a sluggish start and Eric ‘Papi’ Johnson took advantage of batting behind clutch hitter Sherman Ferguson as the Bahamas routed Aruba for the fourth time to take the crown in the English Caribbean Amateur Softball Confederation’s first men’s softball championship.

‘Is the government responsible for laying off BTC workers?’

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney on Friday chastised Prime Minister Perry Christie over his comments about journalists, when he said of the media “to hell with them”. DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney has questioned whether the government was responsible for the potential layoffs of over 100 employees at the Bahamas Telecommunications Company.

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Jitney passengers robbed at gunpoint

THREE gunmen robbed bus passengers of cash on Saturday before jumping off the jitney and fleeing on foot, police reported.

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Dominican visitor sues after being detained

A WOMAN from the Dominican Republic has filed a civil suit against senior government officials for wrongful detention and violation of her constitutional rights.

Middle class ‘open to exploitation’ via redundancy law

A trade union leader believes the Bahamas’ redundancy laws leave the middle class “open to exploitation”, as she called for the Employment Act to be “revamped”.

Rate cut ‘no benefit’ to Bahamian debtors

Bahamian borrowers have seen no benefits from June 2011’s Prime rate cut, a leading accountant believes, because the average weighted interest rate on loans has subsequently increased by 2.5 percentage points.

Cable targets largest ‘new money’ raise

The $60 million Bahamian dollar component of Cable Bahamas’ latest preference share issue will be the largest ‘new money’ placement by a private company if fully subscribed, its financial advisor saying there had been “a very positive response” by investors.

Commission fears ‘powerless and ineffective’ US stigma

The Securities Commission fears the US government will treat it as “powerless and ineffective” because a broker/dealer’s legal “stalling” tactics are preventing it from assisting its foreign counterparts.

Scotiabank to undertake more downsize briefings

Scotiabank (Bahamas) executives will meet this week with the Ministry of Labour to formally present details of its restructuring plan, which will result in branch closures and lay-offs.

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On track: Quarter-miler slowly making a name for herself

THERE aren’t too many second generation athletes who have gone on to excel at the international level. Quarter-miler Lanece Clarke is one of them.

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Bahamas blasts Barbados, 10-4

UNLIKE the men’s national soccer team that was outclassed at home in the FIFA World Cup Qualifier on Wednesday, the men’s national beach soccer team made an impressive debut in the CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championships 2015.

Cybot Queens roll over Lady Truckers to even series 1-1

THE Super Value Cybot Queens blew out the Johnson Lady Truckers to even the New Providence Women’s Basketball Association best-of-3 series at 1-1.

Baha Mar construction hits ‘stretching point’

Construction work on the $3.5 billion Baha Mar project has reached “the stretching point”, an outspoken businessman saying the main Chinese contractor simply “has to deliver” a completed development as rapidly as possible.

Saturday, March 28

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Spartans advance after Bahamas' NBA prospects go head-to-head

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK - Buddy Hield had the better individual performance, but the game will always be remembered for Lourawls "Tum Tum" Nairn Jr.

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May opening for Baha Mar 'ambitious' says DNA leader

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance leader Branville McCartney yesterday suggested that Baha Mar may not open in May as suggested this week by officials, adding that it would be wiser for the $3.5 billion mega resort at Cable Beach to schedule its opening for "later on during the year".

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Union alarm as Envoy Air lay off 47 employees

MEMBERS of the Airport Airline Allied Workers Union (AAAWU) raised alarms yesterday about an imminent layoff exercise that will leave 47 employees of Envoy Air without a job.

Friday, March 27

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Bahamas open ECASC softball championship with two big wins

THE Bahamas pulled off their second consecutive victory in the English Caribbean Amateur Softball Confederation men’s championships on Friday at the Banker’s Field at the Balliou Hills Sporting Complex.

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McCartney: PM's legacy will be the death of democracy in the Bahamas

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney on Friday chastised Prime Minister Perry Christie over his comments telling journalists to go "to hell".

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No Charge yet in Old Fort Bay murder probe

THREE days after the murder of wealthy Australian podiatrist Phillip Vasyli at his Old Fort Bay luxury home, police have still not formally charged a suspect.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Electricity charges and a not-so-hidden tax

THE Jamaica Public Service Co, the country’s electricity utility, does not have the most efficient power generating plant. It is majority-owned by foreign investors and is regulated under law by the Office of Utilities Regulation.

Constitutional equality group calls on PM to educate and act on referendum

CITIZENS for Constitutional Equality (CCE) is demanding that the government not only pass the gender equality referendum bills through Parliament but also set a date before the end of the year and allow at least six months before the vote for "intense preparation."

IAN FERGUSON: Lessons provided by domestic engineers

Today, I lay my paternal grandmother to rest. This season has given me reason, and opportunity, to reflect on the life of this incredible woman, who was able to accomplish so much with scare resources.

Vox populi

Why not get the Public’s opinion on National Health Insurance?

Dithering over our future

BEC is a living example of how not to run a business.

Department not above the law

As an organisation, BATCU is mandated to pursue and defend the fundamental rights and freedoms of its members within the confines of the law. It is my anticipation, that my subsequent contribution brings equity to the discussion pertaining to workers rights and current employment law.

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Former Governor General calls for gender equality

FORMER Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes said if Bahamians vote against gender equality in the forthcoming Constitutional referendum “the Bahamas would be listed among those backward peoples of the world who still believe that accidents of birth like colour and sex should forever assign some people to inferiority status”.

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Valentino 'Scrooge' Brown charged after incident with police

A FORMER gang leader-turned community activist appeared in Magistrates Court on Friday in connection with an alleged altercation with police at his home earlier in the week.

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UPDATED: Mother shot dead while holding her young son

A WOMAN was shot dead last night in the area of Fort Fincastle, police reported. POLICE are on the hunt for a man who shot a young mother in the head while she was holding her four-year-old son on Thursday night off Prison Lane, Fort Fincastle.

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Four armed robberies on Thursday

POLICE are seeking the public’s help in solving four armed robberies on Thursday.

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Compensation for guests hit by Baha Mar delay

ALL guests affected by Baha Mar’s delayed opening will be compensated and considered VIPs, Robert Sands, Baha Mar’s senior vice-president of government and external affairs said yesterday as executives of the $3.5 billion property ran damage control.

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ASSISTANT Commissioner of Police Stephen Dean confirmed yesterday that 36-year-old Shemicka McKinney visited a police station days before her death to ask for assistance.

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PRIME Minister Perry Christie hinted at the imminent possibility of layoffs at a local “major” bank during a speech to College of the Bahamas journalism students yesterday.

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Fear of international repercussions over Gray allegations

THERE are far reaching international repercussions to be considered if justice is not done in the alleged judicial interference case involving MICAL MP V Alfred Gray, Bahamas Bar Association President Elsworth Johnson said yesterday.

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PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday said he was “stupefied” by the “arrogance” of some journalists who “presume” to make decisions for people, adding that those in the media who criticise his leadership capability can go “to hell”.

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Speaker: I do not fear political fallout

SPEAKER of the House Dr Kendal Major said he does not fear any political fallout after he clashed with senior members of the PLP for allowing Opposition Leader Dr Hubert Minnis to make a communication about embattled MICAL MP V Alfred Gray.

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THE FINISH LINE: Did BAAA really stick to its guns in selection of CARIFTA track team?

IT’S not how you start, nor how you get there. Most importantly, it’s how you finish.

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Dogs the centre of attention at show

POTCAKES and pedigrees shared centre stage on Saturday and Sunday as the Bahamas Kennel Club staged its 34th Annual International Dog Show.

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BTC joins World Relays sponsor family with $250,000

WITH a title sponsor now on board for the country’s biggest sporting event, the second edition of a “Bahamazing” athletics experience is now in its final stages of preparation.

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Buddy vs ‘Tum Tum’

Bahamian basketball earns top billing tonight when two of the country’s top NCAA prospects square off in the “Sweet 16” round of March Madness.

$3.1m scheme unveiled to improve Potter’s Cay

TRANSPORT and Aviation Minister Glenys Hanna Martin yesterday announced the government’s multi-million dollar plan to redevelop the Potter’s Cay Dock, which includes increased security and the revitalisation of an historic landmark in the area.

Prosecution closes case against suspect accused of killing drug traffickers’ son

THE prosecution yesterday closed its case in an abetment to murder trial concerning the fatal stabbing of the teenage son of convicted drug traffickers Dwight and Keva Major.

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Man must pay up $4,000 or serve 4 more years in jail

A MAN who “hacked” his ex-girlfriend with a knife when she forbade him from visiting her could serve 14 years in prison if he does not pay $4,000 in damages to the woman by the end of 2015.

DNA calls for Gray to be sacked

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney yesterday called for Prime Minister Perry Christie to fire MICAL MP V Alfred Gray as a Cabinet minister in view of the judicial interference allegations against him and an ongoing police probe.

Woman sues for wrongful detention and assault

A HAITIAN-Bahamian woman who accused Department of Immigration officers of assault and wrongful detention in December yesterday filed a civil writ against senior government officials in the Supreme Court over the matter.

Attorney General urges parliamentarians to be cautious in comments on Gray

ATTORNEY General Allyson Maynard Gibson said yesterday that statements by parliamentarians about whether MICAL MP V Alfred Gray allegedly interfered in a court matter could affect the ongoing police investigation, adding that such public statements are highly improper.

Superwash: VAT payment down 35% for February

Superwash’s president yesterday said its Value-Added Tax (VAT) payment for February was down 35 per cent month-over-month, as the burden shifts to utilities and others who billed for January a month later.

IMF implies Bahamas growth peak at 2.8%

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) last night implied that the Bahamas will not achieve the short-term GDP growth rates needed to make a significant dent in its 15.7 per cent unemployment rate, warning that this nation “faces several challenges” to boosting its economy.

IMF ‘stresses’ need for foreign reserves boost

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) last night “stressed” to the Bahamas the need to increase its foreign exchange reserves, while effectively calling for no change in interest rates.

Quarterly VAT filers: 75% compliance target

A Value-Added Tax (VAT) Task Force co-chair yesterday expressed hope that “at least 75 per cent” of quarterly filers would achieve first time compliance, as it targets “a level playing field” among all taxpayers.

Bidder ‘outside’ BEC process submits offer

A bidder from ‘outside’ the formal Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) reform process yesterday confirmed it had submitted a formal offer to take over and restructure the energy monopoly, although it remains “in limbo” on the outcome.

Prison Officer Association seeks to meet Bell

OFFICIALS from the Bahamas Correctional Officers Association (BCOA) held a press conference yesterday to address the “threatening remarks” made by State Minister of National Security Keith Bell.

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Aruba pulls off 8-5 win over BVI

KELVIN Silvania, making the adjustment from playing baseball, cracked a pair of home runs to help Aruba pull off a 8-5 victory over the British Virgin Islands in the English Caribbean Amateur Softball Confederation’s first Men’s Softball Championship.

Gov’t in talks over ‘interim’ jitney code

The Government yesterday said it was in discussions with jitney operators over a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide an “interim code of operation” for the industry, until the public bus system’s unification is complete.

Potter’s Cay in $3.1m upgrades

Potter’s Cay Dock is set to undergo a $3.1 million upgrade it was announced yesterday, with the project to be carried out over the next 16 months.

IMF: VAT ‘on target’ to hit projections

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) last praised the Government’s Value-Added Tax (VAT) reform as “on course” to hit revenue targets, while urging it to implement “far-reaching reforms” at state-owned corporations.

Giants stop the Stingers

WHILE the Patron Regulators have booked their ticket into the New Providence Basketball Association championship series, they have to wait on the outcome of the Commonwealth Bank Giants and PJ Stingers to determine who their opponents will be.

Thursday, March 26

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Power disruptions 'hopefully fixed on Friday'

RESIDENTS across New Providence suffered through disruptions in power supply Thursday as the Bahamas Electricity Corporation continued load shedding.

Rejuvaseal cancer fear

I write with reference to an article in The Eleutheran on March 10 entitled ‘Eleuthera Residents Appeal To Gov’t To Rejuvaseal Roads’ that could lead to disastrous consequences for the Caribbean islands.

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Police ‘have weapon used in Old Fort Bay murder’

POLICE yesterday confirmed that they have located what they believe is the weapon used in the murder of the wealthy Australian podiatrist Phillip Vasyli at one of his Old Fort Bay luxury homes.

Anglican Church Women leaders meet as conference approaches

LEADERS of the Anglican Church Women (ACW) of the Diocese of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands met recently to discuss ways women are strengthening individuals, families, churches and communities by learning, living and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Youngsters march in celebration of Mothering Sunday

Scores of young church-goers from as far as Orange Creek in the north to Port Howe in South Cat Island gathered at the entrance of Old Bight Primary School in celebration of Mothering Sunday on March 14.

Ebenezer Union Baptist’s Students of Excellence

PROVERBS 16:16 states, “How much better to get wisdom than gold! To get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver.” 

Holy Week – Part V

THE last week of Lent and the week before Easter is the time in which the events in the last week of Jesus’ earthly ministry are remembered.

Meditation: The Lessons of Lent - Discipleship

A DISCIPLE is someone who is a follower of one considered the master. In our case, Jesus Christ is our Lord and Master who sets a perfect example for us.

Religious notes

Throughout the ages, the great hyms of the church have been a source of encouragement, expression, inspiration and testimony to Christians’ faith all over the world. These hymns have formed the foundation for worship in every sect of Christendom.

Special meeting for Christian youth leaders at Mount Tabor

For the purpose of strengthening the Body of Christ and sharing ideas among other believers, Christian youth leaders are encouraged to attend a special meeting tomorrow at the Mount Tabor Church.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Questions for Gray that must be answered

DAILY, I’m becoming more and more convinced that we live in a banana republic or are fast descending into becoming one.

Celebrate our entertainment icons

Please allow me to address an open letter to the Minister of Tourism and the Minister of Sports & Culture in your columns.

VAT charged on top of duty

I recently flew from Ft Lauderdale to Nassau. I brought with me merchandise which cost $110 in Florida.

Ingraham was different

I’m sick of these excuses from Prime Minister Perry Christie and the PLP whenever they are caught doing the wrong thing. They always say that the FNM did it too. Well, even if that were true, it is no excuse for them. But it is not true.

Attempt to make Mayaguana administrator the ‘fall guy’

“SHUT mouth catch no flies,” the old folks used to advise. However, on Tuesday after much pressure from the press, Mayaguana Administrator Zephabia Newbold, ignored the advice and opened his mouth in his own defence. In doing so, he caught more than a fly. It would seem he has unwittingly jeopardised his job.

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Munroe says administrator must be removed from his role

ATTORNEY Wayne Munroe yesterday called for the removal of Mayaguana administrator Zephania Newbold because he publicly revealed what allegedly took place regarding the release of a man he had earlier convicted.

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Man accused of robbing Deputy Prime Minister is denied bail

A MAN accused of playing a role in the armed robbery of Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis was denied bail yesterday.

Eight armed robberies in a single night

POLICE are on the hunt for 15 men they believe to be responsible for eight separate armed robberies throughout the capital on Tuesday night.

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Brewery opens new retail store

COMMONWEALTH Brewery has continued its move to modernise its retail business with the opening of a new store on Shirley Street.

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Deputy PM: BEC will remain fully owned by Bahamians

MINISTER of Works Philip “Brave” Davis yesterday said the Bahamas Electricity Corporation will remain fully owned by the Bahamian people when the government concludes a deal to restructure the electricity provider.

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Miller warns BEC troubles will bring a long hot summer

CHAIRMAN Leslie Miller said Bahamians are in for a “long, hot, rough” summer as the Bahamas Electricity Corporation continues to experience challenges with generators at its two power plants.

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Bus donated to help disability group’s work

THE Bahamas Association for the Physically Disabled (BAPD) yesterday celebrated the arrival of a new bus, which will enable children to be taken to and from the organisation’s Dolphin Drive centre daily.

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Guests vent frustration at delayed opening of Baha Mar

GUESTS eagerly anticipating the grand opening of Baha Mar yesterday expressed frustration that it has been delayed by more than a month and blamed the resort for waiting until the last minute to inform them of its plans.

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Mother ‘reached out’ to MP for help

THE mother of the teenaged accused at the centre of the V Alfred Gray judicial interference allegations has revealed that she reached out to the embattled MICAL MP for assistance because her son was denied medical attention for an injury he allegedly received at the hands of police.

Convictions upheld for man guilty of robbery and threats

THE Court of Appeal has upheld the armed robbery and death threats convictions of a man found guilty at trial despite his gunpoint-carjacking victim’s change of heart mid-testimony.

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Investigator tells of questioning of murder suspect

THE lead investigator into the fatal stabbing of the teenage son of convicted drug traffickers Dwight and Keva Major testified yesterday about his questioning of a man arrested in connection with the incident.

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Speaker breaks ranks to allow FNM comments in the House

TENSIONS mounted in the House of Assembly yesterday after the Speaker, Dr Kendal Major, went against senior Progressive Liberal Party members and allowed an “intervention” by opposition leader Hubert Minnis into the “judicial interference” matter surrounding embattled Cabinet minister V Alfred Gray.

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Mother Pratt recovering after hospital treatment

CYNTHIA “Mother” Pratt, the co-chair of Urban Renewal, is recovering at home this week after being rushed to hospital suffering from internal bleeding.

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US ambassador nominee seeks to encourage ‘humane’ approach to immigration

CASSANDRA Butts, the United States nominee for ambassador to The Bahamas, said yesterday that if she is confirmed in the post she will “encourage Bahamian officials to adopt fair, humane, and transparent practices” related to immigration.

The 'Forgotten Island' of Grand Bahama

TERRENCE Gape, a leading commercial lawyer, yesterday called Grand Bahama “the Forgotten Island” and said the present ownership families of the Grand Bahama Port Authority “need to go in order for there to be effective change in the direction of Freeport”.

Murders and suicides ‘show Bahamians’ hurt and anger’

A local psychiatrist yesterday attributed the recent homicides and suicides in the country to “seething, repressed, hurt and anger” experienced by Bahamians.

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Jasmin's success celebrated by her schoolmates

A SPECIAL assembly was held at the Stephen Dillett Primary School to celebrate the achievement of pupil Jasmin Adamson in finishing second in the National Spelling Bee Finals.

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Police called in as Gray relieved of post

STATE Legal Affairs Minister Damian Gomez has said someone will likely be prosecuted when the Royal Bahamas Police Force completes its probe into allegations that MICAL MP V Alfred Gray used his position of power to judicially interfere in a court matter on behalf of a Mayaguana resident.

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Bermuda strikes early to defeat Bahamas 5-0 in first leg of World Cup qualifier

THE visiting BFA emerged as winners once again as the Bahamas hosted Bermuda in international competition.

Local dive operators reject foreign ‘double tax’ offer

A foreign dive operator’s offer to pay double the legal charter fee has been rejected by his top Bahamian counterparts, who argue that this sum pales against the “30 per cent or more of revenue” that they pay in taxes.

Litigation concern on Baha Mar delays

Fears were mounting yesterday that the continued delays to Baha Mar’s opening could spark litigation between the parties involved, a Caribbean tourism expert warning they had “better get their act together” to avoid lasting damage to the project and the Bahamas.

BTC slammed with $1.581m fine over network outage

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) was last night hit with a $1.581 million fine for last March’s network outage, the sector regulator finding it did not take action to maintain a “functioning” communications system.

Bahamas faces Antigua and Barbuda in CONCACAF Championship

WHILE the senior men’s national soccer team is tackling Bermuda over two legs of a FIFA World Cup qualifying tie on grass, the beach soccer side is set to begin their foray into international competition. The Bahamas departs for competition today in the CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship, scheduled for March 28 to April 4 in El Salvador.

FNM deputy queries quality of Baha Mar building materials

The Opposition’s deputy leader yesterday expressed concern over Baha Mar slamming China State Construction, the lead contractor for its $3.5 billion development, and questioned whether there were material quality issues as well.

Nassau/PI urged to tackle tourism risks

New product development, climate change and the creation of a cultural and natural heritage mapping data base have been identified as priority risk areas that will be addressed over the next 12-months by the Nassau/Paradise Island tourism industry, in response to a sustainable destination assessment.

Long Island is ‘like nation’s step child’

Long Island feels “like the step child of the Bahamas”, its Chamber of Commerce president yesterday warning an absence of growth and infrastructure is forcing businesses to close down.

Attorney demands promotional body for Grand Bahama

A leading Freeport attorney yesterday demanded that the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) and Hutchison Whampoa be required to finance a Professional Marketing Organisation (PMO) to internationally promote what he described as “the forgotten island”.

WTO benefits: ‘Better appreciation’ needed

The Bahamas needs to better understand the costs and benefits associated with becoming a full World Trade Organisation (WTO) member, the Chamber of Commerce’s chairman yesterday warning it could not compromise its $8 billion economy to protect one industry.

‘Lessons must be learnt’ from Baha Mar’s chinese woe

Lessons must be learned from Baha Mar’s construction woes to ensure other Chinese-led investment projects avoid similar delays, a leading contractor yesterday noting the same company is poised to begin the British Colonial Hilton’s $200 million redevelopment.

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Knowles and Wood-Knowles inducted into ISF Hall of Fame

AN emotional Oria Wood-Knowles, who holds the distinction of being the first Bahamian female manager, and an overjoyed Rommel ‘Fish’ Knowles, who had a tremendous transformation from the playing field to the administration office, became the 15th and 16th Bahamians inducted into the International Softball Federation’s Hall of Fame.

Postseason run for Tavario Miller and Aggies ends in the quarter-final

THE postseason run for Tavario Miller and the Texas A & M Aggies came to an end in the National Invitational Tournament quarter-final on Monday night.

Cybot Queens edge the Operators to clinch title berth

ON a night when both teams struggled shooting from the field, the Super Value Cybot Queens did enough to edge the Bommer G Operators and clinch a berth in the championship series.

US Embassy issues new crime warning

THE United States’ Embassy in Nassau released another crime warning for American citizens living or travelling to this country in the wake of two violent incidents in New Providence at areas frequented by visitors.

Wednesday, March 25

Companies 'U-turn' over tracking device's benefits

A Bahamas-based vehicle tracking start-up yesterday that apart from the security benefits of its product, it has helped local businesses increase efficiency and significantly reduce fuel costs.

Baha Mar's contractor relations hit new low

Relations between Baha Mar and its Chinese partners hit a new low last night, after it blamed the lead contractor for forcing it to abandon plans to open the $3.5 billion development this Friday.

Slimming the fat linked with FATCA

We are living in a time where the tax landscape facing the Bahamian financial services industry is changing and evolving rapidly. On November 3, 2014, the Government executed a Model 1 Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the US government to implement the latter’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

Financial provider eyes private bank for next purchase

A Bahamas-based financial services provider yesterday said its next target is adding a private bank to its growing family, following the successful completion of two Cayman acquisitions.

'Further concerns' on Scotiabank downsizing

Scotiabank (Bahamas) imminent restructuring was yesterday causing “further concerns” for unemployment and the commercial banking industry, amid suggestions the institution was reviewing the future of up to eight branches.

Bimini Big Game 'going great guns' on $4.4m upgrades

The Bimini Big Game Club is poised for a $4.4 million “complete” renovation, its general manager yesterday telling Tribune Business: “We’re going great guns”.

Middle class facing 'consistent assault'

The FNM’s deputy leader yesterday warned that the Bahamian middle class was under “consistent assault” from job losses and increased taxes, with this country fast becoming “a nation of haves and have nots”.

Bahamas 6.7% tourism growth to lead region

The Bahamian tourism industry will generate the greatest GDP and employment growth of all Caribbean destinations in 2015, a global travel body has forecast, despite Baha Mar’s decision to postpone Friday’s planned opening until May.

First of four pennants decided in AID Basketball Classic

THE first of four pennants were decided on Saturday as the Baptist Sports Council’s 2015 AID Basketball Classic starts to wind down.

Cybots and Giants trail 2-1 in NBPA semi-finals

DESPITE going in opposite directions at the AF Adderley Gymnasium on Monday night, Mail Boat Cybots and Commonwealth Bank Giants find themselves in the same position in the New Providence Basketball Association men’s semi-final playoff series.

NEMA conducts tsunami warning test today

THE National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) is participating in a Caribbean tsunami warning exercise today from 8.30 am to 5pm.

Bahamazing: Atlantic Medical, Coca-Cola national partners

WITH just about 38 days to go before the start of the International Amateur Athletic Federation’s 2015 World Relays, scheduled for May 2-3, the Local Organising Committee has identified its two national partners and the first three of nine national products and suppliers.

Coach Dion Godet: "We have to win this first leg"

WHILE the Bahamas will be laden with collegiate players, Bermuda will be showcasing a team that is centred around four professional players, including Nahki Wells out of the English club Huddersfield Town, when the two square off in the first leg of their FIFA World Cup Qualifier tonight.

Trust in govt with our health?

THE TUC reportedly believes “every Bahamian should have equal access to quality health care”. Surely, no one would wish otherwise.

Fox Hill police station

I recently called on the Fox Hill Police to help me with a life threatening psychiatric issue at home.

The people deserve better

Recently, high ranking members of the PLP government and party sought to deflect and point fingers at the FNM to justify callous abuses of authority and mediocrity in delivering on campaign promises. No less than the Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture and PLP Chairman seem to have forgotten that as of May 7, 2012, the PLP secured the mandate to govern for five years.

The PLP try to turn off the faucet opened in the Sixties

IT WAS interesting to hear State Minister for National Security Keith Bell blame the country’s crime challenges on a growing gang culture left unchecked by the Ingraham administration.

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Cashing in on culture

Culture makes money. That sounds like a damnably crass and materialistic way to justify culture, by which I mean the visual arts in all their diversity – painting and sculpture plus music, dance, theatre, film, and literature.

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$5,000 donation to youth choir

THE Bahamas National Youth Choir is singing a different tune following a donation from a local law firm.

Accused 'did not know interview was recorded'

A MAN questioned in police custody concerning the fatal stabbing of a teenager was not made aware his interview was being video-recorded, a jury heard yesterday.

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Demolition begins at Port Lucaya resort ahead of development

DEMOLITION of the Port Lucaya Resort started yesterday, clearing the way for a major real estate development.

Men being sought after armed robberies

POLICE are seeking the public’s help in solving two separate armed robberies that occurred on Monday.

Union chief: Customs and Immigration staff not being recompensed for holiday pay

THE government is not compensating officers from the Departments of Customs and Immigration for working on holidays, Trade Union Congress President Obie Ferguson said yesterday.

Union raises concern over COB plans

THE draft version of the University of the Bahamas Bill is a “slap in the face” to the three unions represented at the College of The Bahamas and leaves too much at the discretion of the institution’s President Dr Rodney Smith, according to Union of Tertiary Educators of the Bahamas (UTEB) President Mark Humes yesterday.

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Family grateful - but still in need of more help for boy's hereditary condition

THE mother of a six-year-old boy diagnosed with a rare hereditary case of angioedema says her family is “truly grateful” for all the help they have received in recent months, but say they still cannot afford medicine needed when the condition flares up.

DNA accuses Keith Bell of bullying after PSA threat

THE Democratic National Alliance (DNA) yesterday accused State National Security Minister Keith Bell of “bullying and victimisation” after he threatened that the government would “deal with” the officers who participated in a march orchestrated by the Police Staff Association several weeks ago.

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Fire started by candle destroys home with no electricity

A FAMILY of seven is now homeless after a fire gutted their home Monday morning destroying everything they owned.

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Griffin 'hopeful' of June referendum

SOCIAL Services Minister Melanie Griffin is “hopeful” the referendum on gender equality will be held in June, adding that efforts are underway to ensure the public is educated before the proposed vote.

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Doctor found guilty of indecent assault

AN emergency room doctor who denied touching a colleague’s breasts was found guilty of indecent assault by a magistrate yesterday.

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Autopsy results due for mother and daughters

THE autopsy results of the woman and two children who were pulled from the sea off the Montagu ramp on Sunday night are expected to be released today, according to officer-in-charge of the Central Detective Unit Chief Superintendent Paul Rolle.

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Murder at Old Fort Bay

THE lifeless body of a wealthy Australian podiatrist was discovered with a stab wound in his chest inside one of his multi-million dollar homes in the exclusive gated community of Old Fort Bay.

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V Alfred Gray relieved of post and to be investigated by police

EMBATTLED Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) MP for MICAL V Alfred Gray has been relieved of his Cabinet post as minister responsible for local government amid a police investigation into allegations that he used his power to interfere with the judicial process.

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Baha Mar opening is delayed to May

THE opening of Baha Mar has been delayed from this Friday to “early May” due to ongoing construction work at the $3.5 billion property, officials from the mega-resort confirmed in a statement last night.

Tuesday, March 24

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Drugs and ammunition found in apartment

POLICE in Bimini discovered drugs and ammunition inside an apartment in the Alice Town settlement.

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Doctor found guilty of indecent assault

AN emergency room doctor who denied touching a colleague’s breasts was found guilty of indecent assault by a magistrate yesterday.

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Dr Alia Campbell’s ‘Basic Glitz’ takeover

DURING the day she wears the traditional lab coat of a dentist, but after work hours Dr Alia Campbell goes all out with glitz and glamour.

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Dynamite Daisy says goodbye with gala ball

THE Bahamas’ most famous female comedic character will be “dressed to kill” when she bids her final farewell during a special red carpet event this Friday.

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POLITICOLE: Poetry is a tool, not merely a pastime

There was a time when everything I wrote came out as a poem. The words didn’t always rhyme. Everyone wasn’t meant to understand them – just the few who needed or wanted to identify.

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Compass Point manager hurt in shooting

POLICE are investigating two shooting incidents, one of which left a manager at the Compass Point Beach Resort in hospital.

Is Miller doing something right?

Re: BEC union call to fire Miller.

Comments by PM are brazen

Please allow me to share my views on a comment by the Prime Minister appearing in The Tribune on March 19, 2015, under the captioned PM “All BAMSI contracts insured”.

National health

The debate on national health insurance has most certainly polarised the Bahamian population. Whether we can afford this, whether we can afford not to do this. The arguments on both sides seem to forget one thing: the Bahamian government is asking to take over the responsibility for providing for our healthcare.

FNM not ‘worthy of comment’ says Gray

QUESTIONED by the FNM about what part he might or might not have played in influencing the decision of Mayaguana’s administrator, acting in his capacity as island magistrate in the case of one of MICAL MP Alfred Grey’s constituents, Mr Gray virtually told FNM chairman Michael Pintard to “go take a hike!”

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Gray rejects calls for resignation over claims of judicial interference

LOCAL Government Minister V Alfred Gray yesterday dismissed recent demands made by the Free National Movement for him to resign or be fired over alleged judicial interference, insisting that the official opposition was using him to stay “relevant” in national news.

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Bell claims police group is political tool

STATE National Security Minister Keith Bell yesterday criticised the Police Staff Association alleging that the organisation is a “political tool” as he questioned how its chairman Dwight Smith could remain at the helm of the PSA amid an ongoing indecent assault case.

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Phillip Vasyli stabbed to death at Old Fort Bay

POLICE were called to the scene of a homicide shortly after 8am this morning at the exclusive gated community of Old Fort Bay.

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Two men held over fatal stabbing

POLICE have two men in custody in connection with the stabbing death of a 21- year-old man Sunday night on Arawak Cay.

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Minister: Sixfold rise in cases of incest last year

ALTHOUGH there was a reduction in the number of reported cases of child abuse in the country last year compared to 2013, the number of reported cases of incest increased six-fold in New Providence last year, according to data provided by Social Services Minister Melanie Griffin.

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Despair at death of family

THE family of 36-year-old Shemicka McKinney yesterday described the mother of two as a beautiful, intelligent woman who became depressed and “lost her way”.

Violence is greater than one woman being hit by one man

VIOLENCE depends on so many things to thrive.

Are you embracing responsibility?

FOR quite a number of folks the very idea of having any kind of responsibility makes them uneasy. 

Man accused of murder

A MAN appeared in Magistrate’s Court yesterday accused of being involved in shooting that left one man dead and two others in hospital earlier this month.

Testimony is delayed in murder trial

AN ongoing trial yesterday delayed the testimony of an investigator in another case in which a man is accused of aiding the fatal stabbing of the teenage son of convicted drug traffickers Dwight and Keva Major.

Unrest over unpaid holiday pay for air traffic controllers

THE Department of Civil Aviation has urged air traffic controllers not to stage industrial action over outstanding holiday pay.

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Senior athletes hit the track, field in Florida and Jamaica

WHILE the focus here was on the junior athletes in the final CARIFTA trials at the Thomas A Robinson Track and Field Stadium, a number of senior athletes were competing in meets in Florida and Jamaica.

Bahamas fund is entitled to $191m recovery

The Privy Council yesterday ruled that a Bahamian mutual fund was entitled to recover $191 million from companies associated with one of Ecuador’s wealthiest families, following an asset-stripping exercise that saddled it with all their liabilities.

Follow NIB: Haul property tax delinquents to court

The Bahamas will enjoy a far higher real property tax compliance rate if the Government were to follow the National Insurance Board’s (NIB) lead and prosecute delinquent payers through the courts, a top private sector executive said yesterday.

Web shop attorney slams banks’ casino ‘double standards’

Attorneys for the domestic gaming industry yesterday questioned why the Canadian-owned commercial banks would happily accept casino-related deposits while rejecting those of web shops, even though the latter faced “more restrictions”.

Bay Street’s revival key ‘under contract’

A key waterfront property vital to Bay Street’s revitalisation is now “under contract”, Tribune Business was told yesterday, amid expectations that its purchase will conclude “sooner rather than later”.

Properties taxed on just 40% of value

The average Bahamian property is being taxed on just 40 per cent of its market value, a report warning that this is creating “efficiency and equity distortions” that undermine revenue yields and compliance.

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Bell: Gang culture to blame for crime

STATE National Security Minister Keith Bell yesterday blamed the country’s crime challenges on a growing gang culture, which was left uncontrolled by the previous Ingraham administration, along with increased numbers of illegal firearms on the streets of the capital.

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Williamson twins to part ways in name of soccer

Identical twin brothers Donovan and Devaughn Williamson were hoping to give the Bahamian soccer fans a double look on the men’s national team but, for the first time, they will be separated when the FIFA World Cup Qualifier and the CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championships get underway this week.

Attorney claims constitutional amendment could lead to gay marriage

A LOCAL attorney said she is “eagerly” awaiting the government’s final wording on the “heavily debated” proposed gender equality constitutional referendum, as she stressed that the fourth Constitutional Amendment Bill could lead to gay marriage.

New Defence Force commodore to be announced by May 1

THE government will announce the new commodore of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force by May 1, State Minister for National Security Keith Bell told the Senate yesterday.

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A LIFE OF CRIME: Why do we kill?

IN THE midst of a major series examining the scourge of serious and violent crime in the Bahamas and how to solve it, Dr Mike Neville, a respected forensic psychiatrist, lost his son to the gun of a murderer. On the night of February 27, Sean Neville, 31, a father of a six-year-old daughter, was shot dead yards from the family home.

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Who had the greatest NCAA tourney runs in Bahamian basketball history?

WHAT Buddy Hield and “Tum Tum” Nairn have done for Bahamian basketball has captivated the country. They’re the first players of the social media age to bring this spotlight to the Bahamas in the most media saturated and commercially profitable event not called the Super Bowl.

Human rights groups assigned monitor to prevent victimisation

WASHINGTON, DC - The Grand Bahamas Human Rights Association (GBHRA) and its affiliates have been assigned a special monitor by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to gather information on claims of victimisation and stigmatisation.

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SPORTING MISCHIEF & MAYHEM: If we build it they will play. And live

AS I look around the landscape of my beloved Bahamaland, it’s not hard to see that bloodstains, heartache and death are part of the scenery. Sadly, many of our youth are being lost to the coroner or the penal system daily.

Drexel Maycock sets new junior national record in shot put

DREXEL Maycock came home from school in Jamaica and turned in a dominating performance at the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations’ final trials for the CARIFTA Games.

Housing woe ‘paralyses’ construction industry

Small Bahamian contractors have been left virtually “paralysed” due to a stagnant housing market, with the sector seeing little trickle down from the larger foreign direct investment (FDI) projects.

‘No reason’ to forego foreign-owned taxes

The Opposition’s deputy leader yesterday said he saw no reason why the Government should not be able to collect on the $156.6 million in real property taxes said to be owed by foreigners, adding that this simply highlights the “slackness in the system”.

Credit unions: Greater regulation no negative

Bahamas Co-operative League (BCLL) executives yesterday said the sector will not be negatively impacted by enhanced regulatory scrutiny, noting that the shift in oversight to the Central Bank has been in the making for many years.

Cruise executive backs Hawksbill deal benefits for Grand Bahama

WITH Freeport’s key investment incentives set to expire in August, top cruise executive Giora Israel believes that such benefits in the Hawksbill Creek Agreement (HCA) will generate more business and investment activity and keep Grand Bahama competitive.

Monday, March 23

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Only boy in the final takes Spelling Bee title

HE may have been the only boy in the final 20 battling it out to win the Bahamas National Spelling Bee - but Charles Hamilton Jr rose to the occasion to claim top spot.

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Doctor charged with rape and indecent assault

A Freeport doctor accused of rape and indecent assault was arraigned in the Freeport Magistrate Court yesterday.

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INSIGHT: BAMSI sows seeds for Brave Davis' downfall

The controversy that swirls around the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) in North Andros could be the death knell for the political aspirations of Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis.

Inadequate response to human suffering in wake of cyclone

People on the east coast of the United States and the Caribbean should consider how best they might lend a helping hand to the people of the islands of Tuvalu and Vanuatu in the Pacific, whose lives have been shattered by Cyclone Pam that struck them on the night of March 13. In the case of the Caribbean islands, it is a case of “there but for fortune go I”.

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Macaroni and cheese recall issued by Kraft

THE Kraft Foods Group has announced the voluntary recall of nearly 250,000 cases of Kraft macaroni and cheese dinner due to the possibility that some boxes may contain small pieces of metal.

Do not trust govt with our health

Mr Christie not too long ago tried to allay our fears by saying that his government would not do anything stupid that would harm the people or the Bahamian economy.

Adults the cause of society’s decay

The Bahamas has come full circle. We have seen all of what we have been doing ourselves come back in “full colour”.

Praise for police professionals

I am inspired to write in praise of the dedicated and professional law enforcement officers of the Fox Hill division of the Royal Bahamas Police Force. I left for work one morning and upon returning home that evening I entered my home and immediately realized that it had been burgled. I called the Elizabeth police station, reported a burglary, gave them the address and waited for the police to arrive.

Bahamians have lost their moral compass

ABOUT 1,445 years before the birth of Christ, a book of laws was written by Moses for the Israelites giving them guidelines as to the way in which God expected them to govern their lives. The book of Leviticus contains the laws “for all-time throughout the ages.” It told man that he must decide “between the saved and the profane and between the unclean and the clean”.

Family in despair after girl, six, drowns in cesspit

THE tight-knit Windstead Avenue community has been left “traumatised and shaken” after the apparent drowning of a six–year-old girl in a cesspit behind a church near her East Street South home.

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Baha Mar delay will force govt ‘to miss targets for revenue’

BAHA Mar’s delayed full opening means the government will likely miss its revenue targets for the year, opposition Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest said yesterday.

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Miller wants BEC privatised

THE head of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation has called for the company to be privatised and suggested that union presence is stifling its functionability and potential for growth.

Tease photo

Mitchell: Activists defamed country

IMMIGRATION Minister Fred Mitchell called on the Grand Bahama Human Rights Association to explain why it is attempting to “defame” this country’s name through “irresponsible” efforts that undermine the government’s ability to clamp down on illegal immigration.

Tease photo

Hearings on human rights hailed as a great first step

WASHINGTON, DC - Last week’s hearings on migrant human rights in the Bahamas were termed a “great first step” amid concerns from country petitioners of reprisals at home.

Abuse claims ‘an extremely important issue’

WASHINGTON, DC - The Bahamas’ high-profile hearing on the human rights of migrants last week was of “tremendous” importance to international human rights law, according to Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) Chair Rose-Marie Antoine.

Tease photo

‘Gray must go’ amid claims he interfered with justice

FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday called for the immediate resignation of embattled Local Government Minister V Alfred Gray after the latter admitted to contacting an island administrator to offer “legal advice” regarding a young man in his constituency who had been convicted.

Tease photo

Man dies in stabbing

A MAN died last night after being stabbed, reportedly in a fight, at Arawak Cay.

Tease photo

Three dead as car plunges into sea

THREE people - believed to be a mother and her two young daughters - died last night after their car plunged into the waters off Montagu Ramp.

Fiscal fall-out fears on delay over Baha Mar

The FNM’s deputy leader fears the Government’s 2014-2015 fiscal projections will be thrown off by Baha Mar’s delayed opening, given that the mega resort’s four hotels are only likely to open fully in May at the earliest.

Sandals unveils new training programme

Sandals’ Bahamian employees will over the next 12 months have a chance to exploit the resort chain’s latest training initiative.

Tease photo


IN the latest chapter of the Bahamas’ rivalry with Bermuda on the rugby pitch, the home team got revenge for a loss in 2012.

Bahamas and Guatemala sign Olympic agreement

ON the platform of bringing nations together to share in the common ideas and values of Olympism, the Bahamas and Guatemala Olympic committees on Friday signed its first memorandum of understanding between organisations in the Central American region.

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NCAA: Jones and Colonials fall to Gonzaga in 1st round

IT wasn’t the type of performance or the outcome that junior sensation Jonquel Jones was expecting for her No. 19/19 ranked George Washington Colonials women’s basketball team in Corvallis, Oregon.

Tease photo

Truckers sweep defending champions Lady Cheetahs

THERE will be a new champion crowned in the New Providence Women’s Basketball Association after the Career Builders Lady Cheetahs’ season ended over the weekend.

Tease photo

Sprinter Warren Fraser slowly turning full-time professional

AFTER sitting in the stands at the new Thomas A Robinson National Stadium with an injury at the inaugural IAAF World Relays last year, sprinter Warren Fraser is eager to come home and help the Bahamas improve on its performance at this year’s meet next month.

Tease photo

Buddy and ‘Tum Tum’ to face off in Sweet 16

IT will be a bittersweet Sweet 16 for Bahamian basketball fans as two of the country’s top NCAA prospects will square off in the next round of “March Madness.”

CARIFTA team named

After a lengthy selection process, the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations has announced a 51-member team, including eight non-qualifiers, who have been added to the relay pools for the 2015 CARIFTA Games.

Baha Mar not ‘great white knight’ to cure all ills

The $3.5 billion Baha Mar project should not be viewed as the “great white knight” cure for all the Bahamas’ economic ills, a leading private sector executive says, arguing that meeting guest expectations - not an opening date - should be its priority.

WTO to end property tax advantages for Bahamians

The Bahamas will have to eliminate its nationality-based real property tax exemptions that discriminate in favour of locals before it becomes a full World Trade Organisation (WTO) member, a report warning the current system is “not in accordance with international practice”.

Bahamas ‘must reinvent itself’

IF THE Bahamas is to remain a top cruise destination it must work to reinvent itself, providing new alternative excursions for cruise passengers and not relying so much on amenities at hotels like Atlantis, according to a leading cruise line executive.

Tease photo

Minnis calls for stronger ethics in journalism

FREE National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis has called on “professional Bahamian journalists” to foster stronger ethics and help with “honourable and rewarding development” of The Bahamas.

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Bishop: Jail all illegal immigrants who re-enter country

PROMINENT Bahamian pastor Bishop Simeon Hall has called for all illegal immigrants to face prison sentences if they re-enter the country after deportation.

73-year-old US man drowns while snorkelling in Exuma

POLICE in Exuma are investigating the drowning death of a 73–year-old American man from Ohio.

Port Lucaya owner eyes further $2m investment

Port Lucaya Marketplace’s new owner plans to invest “at least $2 million” over the next five years to transform the facility into an upscale shopping and entertainment centre, with seven prospective new tenants in the process of signing leases.

Foreigners owe $156.6m in unpaid property tax

Foreigners owning vacant land in the Bahamas owe the Government more than $156.623 million in unpaid real property taxes, with a report recommending the greatest of these debtors be the “logical” first enforcement targets.

Tease photo

Murder victim identified

THE 27-year-old man who was gunned down near a Soldier Road shopping centre early on Friday morning has been identified as Jarad Butterfield.

Call for Baha Mar ‘breathing space’

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation’s (BCCEC) chairman has called for the $3.5 billion Baha Mar project to be given some “latitude” over the failure to have the development fully open and completed by March 27.

BEC anticipating $3m monthly from Baha Mar

The Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) anticipates receiving $2.5-$3 million in monthly payments from the Baha Mar development once it fully opens, it executive chairman has disclosed.

Credit union legislation is not ‘worker friendly’

A trade union leader has called on the Government to “stay” the enactment of the Bahamas Co-operative and Credit Union Bill to provide time for impacted members to understand its ramifications.

Saturday, March 21

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Four in hospital after shooting

Four men are in hospital after a shooting incident early on Saturday.

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Six-year-old girl found dead

POLICE are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a 6–year-old girl.

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Govt says immigration claims 'bizarre and outlandish' at Washington hearing

State Minister of Legal Affairs Damien Gomez hit out at "bizarre and outlandish" allegations against the government's immigration policy, at a hearing in Washington, DC, on Friday, while the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights (IACHR) said detention of migrants should be a measure of last resort.

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FCCA president touts Caribbean as dominant cruise tourism market

WITH more than 20 million expected cruise passenger arrivals in the Caribbean this year, Florida Caribbean Cruise Association President Michelle Paige told the 2015 Cruise Shipping Miami Conference that the Caribbean has evolved into a “dominant cruise tourism market.”

Call to replace 'impotent' PAC to hold government to account on land registry

A PROMINENT businessman and a local attorney have called for the government to implement a Public Resource Management System to replace the "impotent" Public Accounts Committee, the need for which he attributed to the government having demonstrated a "flagrant disregard for the rule of law" with regards to land registry in the country.

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Miller: BEC customers may see cost reduction in July bill

CUSTOMERS may see a cost reduction in their electricity bill in July, Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) Chairman Leslie Miller confirmed yesterday.

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Bahamas and Guatemala sign Olympic pact

ON the platform of bringing nations together to share in the common ideas and values of Olympism, the Bahamas and the Guatemala Olympic Committees on Friday signed its first memorandum of understanding between organisations in the Central American region.

Friday, March 20

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Mother Pratt in hospital after attending funeral

CYNTHIA “Mother" Pratt was rushed to hospital on Friday afternoon after attending the funeral of Dorothy Davis, the mother of the Deputy Prime Minister.

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Keod Smith faces prison over contempt as court proceedings continue

CONTEMPT proceedings will continue against a lawyer who had accused a judge of bias, the judge in question ruled on Friday.

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Shaquille Oliver and Andy Curtis acquitted of armed robbery

TWO men were cleared of armed robbery in Supreme Court on Thursday.

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Mitchell: Grand Bahamas Human Rights Association has 'no credibility'

THE Grand Bahamas Human Rights Association has "no credibility" in its attempts this week to brief the United States’ Senate on “human rights violations” they believe are being committed under the government’s new immigration policy, according to Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell.

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UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Human Rights groups at Washington hearing on immigration policy

HUMAN rights groups have been making final preparations ahead of their presentation to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on the government’s new immigration enforcement policy today.

Clubs and Societies - March 20, 2015

Anglican Church Men. - The Anglican Church Men “Sons of Thunder” Choir will celebrate ten years as a group this coming Sunday March 22nd at 6:30 p.m at St. George Anglich Church. All are invited to attend.

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School renamed after educator

THE Oakes Field Primary School was renamed in honour of career educator and former principal Eva Hilton yesterday.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: The Bahamas treasure trove

HAVING given up on the possibility of the removal of exchange controls, we need to find a way for The Bahamas to benefit from the fortune in assets held overseas by Bahamians.

A fit place for a licence?

It is 11.15pm on Wednesday night and I have just been awakened to what sounds like demented baboons and parrots screaming at each other.

Culture before politics

Like I said from the outset of this debate on this Carnival, or Junkanoo Carnival idea, was that I will not support it as long as it is a Trinidadian soca-styled event.

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PLP Chairman hits back at Brent Symonette

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts has shot back at former Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette for his recent criticism of the government, calling the former St Anne’s MP “confused and intellectually dishonest” about his party’s last term in office.

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Four held by police after man on bail shot dead

POLICE have four men in custody, including a Defence Force officer, in connection with the shooting death of a 27-year-old man who was on bail for attempted murder.

Bahamian ‘attacked staff from immigration with knife’

A BAHAMIAN man has been charged for attempting to assault immigration officers with a knife in Abaco, according to the Department of Immigration.

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Amnesty seeks information amid human rights concerns

AMNESTY International is requesting that the Bahamas government provide detailed information about its recent migration reform efforts amid allegations that the measures might be leading to human rights violations while “enhancing discrimination in the country”.

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Months later, still no one named in BEC bribe scandal

NEARLY three months after the revelation that a French energy company paid more than $300,000 to a Bahamian government official to secure a BEC contract over a decade ago, the identity of the person that allegedly accepted the bribe remains a mystery.

Baha Mar likely below full open

The $3.5 billion Baha Mar project’s planned launch next Friday is likely to be much less than a full opening, Tribune Business understands, with none of the three branded resort properties ready to unlock their doors.

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Did PM speak too soon on BAMSI?

Christie says all contracts insured - but Forbes says probe ongoing

MINISTRY of Works officials are still working to determine if the contracts issued for the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute are all insured, despite Prime Minister Perry Christie’s affirmation that they are.



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Man, 27, shot dead near Soldier Road bus stop

A 27-year-old man was shot to death while waiting for a bus early this morning, bringing the country’s murder count to 32 for the year.

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Gymnasts display their star power at Leprechaun Classic

THE star power of the gymnasts of Bahamas Star Gymnastics (BSG), sponsored by Bahamas Gymnastics Parent Booster Club, mingled with Bahamian pride boosted the team to a treasure-trove of medals, most of which were first place medals. The 12-member team competed in Lake Mary, Florida, over the past weekend at the 2015 Leprechaun Classic which promoted an Irish St Patrick’s Day theme.

FINCO cuts staff by 1/3 in 2014

Finance Corporation of the Bahamas (FINCO) cut staffing levels by one-third in its 2014 financial year, taking the reduction in its workforce to 50 per cent over the past five years.

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THE FINISH LINE: BSF taking swimming to the next level

Nobody can say that the Bahamas Swimming Federation isn’t focused on taking the sport to the next level.

Raiders’ Lashann Higgs most valuable player of the year

THE accolades continue to roll in for the Bahamas’ top female basketball player at the high school level.

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Burrows: Cable Bahamas already has infrastructure for cell market move

CABLE Bahamas Limited’s Vice-president of Marketing David Burrows yesterday announced that his company already has the necessary infrastructure in place to revolutionise the country’s cellular market and employ 150-250 Bahamians if granted the nation’s second mobile cellular licence.

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Union not yet told by BTC about response to severance

BAHAMAS Communications and Public Officers Union President Bernard Evans said yesterday he suspects only a small number of employees applied for voluntary separation packages from the Bahamas Telecommunications Company.

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Season officially opens this Sunday in Winton

The Bahamas Flag Football League began its preseason play with two weeks of exciting games.

Ansbacher enjoys $5m profit swing

The enlarged Ansbacher (Bahamas) appears to have turned the corner after a second merger in six years, engineering an almost-$5 million profit reversal after incurring successive losses.

AG to US: Support money laundering claim with proof

The Attorney General yesterday gave a frosty response to US government suggestions that money laundering prosecutions/convictions are almost non-existent, urging it to report and clarify any concerns before making them public.

QC blasts ‘red herring’ over VAT flat rate

A well-known QC yesterday blasted the Government’s decision to prevent small Freeport businesses from accessing the Value-Added Tax (VAT) ‘Flat Rate’ scheme as an attempt to secure data it had no legal right to obtain.

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Bulldogs take the inaugural Sam Haven Softball Classic

IT was payback time for the Fidelity Bulldogs as they pulled off a 17-7 rout over BTC to clinch the Bankers Softball League’s inaugural Sam Haven Softball Classic at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex over the weekend.

Seven years in jail for burglar

A MAN was sentenced yesterday to a fraction of the 20 years he faced for a burglary that occurred nearly three years ago.

Murder testimony to resume on Monday

TESTIMONY is not expected to resume until Monday in the case of a man accused of aiding the fatal stabbing of the teenage son of convicted drug traffickers Dwight and Keva Major.

Shipyard among exhibitors at Miami conference

THE Grand Bahama Shipyard was among nearly 900 exhibitors at the 2015 Cruise Shipping Miami Conference at the Miami Beach Convention Centre this week, promoting its facility and the Bahamas as the leading ship repair destination in the region.

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Coleby, Rebels go home

Whether it was the quick turnaround from Tuesday night or the emotional and physical toll spent to earn a berth in the round of 64, the Ole Miss Rebels simply did not have enough to survive and advance.

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Demolition again as police crack down on crime areas

POLICE yesterday continued their demolition of dilapidated and abandoned buildings in New Providence in an effort to remove the existence of “crime havens”.

USA Track & Field looking forward to 2nd IAAF World Relays

AFTER participating in the inaugural IAAF World Relays, USA Track and Field are looking forward to returning for the second version at the Thomas A Robinson Track and Field Stadium May 2-3.

Gov’t hopes ‘time’ will reassure on web shops

The Minister of Tourism Minister yesterday said the Government was hoping “over time” to reassure the Bahamian commercial banking industry that it was safe to accept deposits, and transact business, with a legalised web shop gaming industry.

Gov’t urged: ‘Move quick’ over minimum wage rise

A trade union leader yesterday reiterated calls for the Government to increase the minimum wage, urging it to “move quickly’ in that regard.

‘Cultural opposition’ to savings lamented

Many Bahamians have a “cultural opposition” to long term-savings vehicles such as a pension or retirement fund, a financial services industry executive believes.

IAN FERGUSON: Avoiding the early business pitfalls

When I speak to business professionals employed in both the public and private sectors, it always amazes me how many have entrepreneurial aspirations and are looking forward to owning their own business - before and after retirement.

NPBA: Divisional semi-finals set to jump off tonight

THE Patron Regulators and PJ Stingers survived their respective third and deciding games in the first round of the New Providence Basketball Association playoffs to advance to the divisional finals.

Thursday, March 19

Part of man's leg amputated after injury at sea

A MAN had part of his right leg amputated after an injury at sea, police in Grand Bahama reported.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Brave new world besmirched by BAMSI and BEC

WHILE this column will address the unravelling of the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI), I must certainly look at the undoing of the Christie administration and the fact that countless projects and initiatives have bitten the dust or been the subject of derision, scandal and out-and-out ridicule.



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Man dead, another in hospital after double shooting

One man is dead and another is in hospital on after a double shooting last night.

Tired of PLP and Christie

The electricity situation in The Bahamas is disgraceful. We pay too much money to BEC and the corporation can’t keep our lights on. The PLP government promised it would reform BEC.

Democracy or dictatorship

As described in Wikipedia, democracy consists of four key elements: “1. A political system for choosing and replacing the government through free and fair elections. 2. The active participation of the people, as citizens, in politics and civic life. 3. Protection of the human rights of all citizens. 4. A rule of law, in which the laws and procedures apply equally to all citizens”.

Cuban reply over man in prison

ALLOW me to clear up some elements in the article that appeared on March 13 in relation to Bahamian national Jamaric Green.

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Pintard: Miller must resign for failing to deliver at BEC

FREE National Movement Chairman Michael Pintard has called for Leslie Miller to resign from his post at the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, also criticising the Tall Pines MP for not having the “capacity to deliver the kinds of ideas required to move BEC into the 21st century.”

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US warns of rise in marijuana cultivation

MARIJUANA cultivation in The Bahamas is on the rise, with 2014 “resulting in the seizure and eradication of more marijuana plants than 2012 and 2013 combined,” according to the United States Department of State International Narcotics Control Strategy Report 2015.

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Keva Major tells man charged with abetment of her son's murder he will ‘go to hell’

KEVA Major, the mother of a 17-year-old boy who was killed after being attacked and stabbed last June, had several emotional outbursts in court as the trial for the man accused of abetting the teen’s murder began yesterday.

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Jailed for robbing man, 74, as he took out trash

A MAN was sentenced to ten years in jail yesterday for the gunpoint robbery of a 74-year-old man who was taking out his trash at night.

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UPDATED: 'Intensive' immigration checks in Abaco

THE government began “intensive” immigration checks in Abaco Wednesday as law enforcement agencies united in the search for 60 Haitians suspected of entering the country illegally last week, Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell said yesterday.

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‘A lot of work’ to stop BEC grid collapsing

PRIME Minister Perry Christie said yesterday there is “a lot of work to do” at the Bahamas Electricity Corporation before the summer to “prevent the entire grid from collapsing” causing further widespread power outages during the peak season.

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PM: All BAMSI contracts insured

PRIME Minister Perry Christie told reporters yesterday that Ministry of Works officials were now sure that all of the contractors working at the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute have insurance.

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Challenge to witness anonymity thrown out

A JUDGE has dismissed the constitutional challenge of an anonymity order in the case of a man charged in the fatal shooting of Prime Minister Perry Christie’s Press Secretary Latore Mackey.

‘We are expecting great coverage’ at IAAF World Relays Bahamas

THE presentation of the IAAF World Relays plays to the marketing of the event as an entertainment production and not just an athletics meet. To that end, the IAAF recently conducted another site visit in the capital, with just under two months of preparation remaining.

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Saunders gets opportunity to claim greater role in Seminoles offence

HE spent his true freshman season as a medical redshirt, but with much turnover on the roster for the upcoming 2015 season, Mavin Saunders has an opportunity to claim a greater role in the offence for the Florida State Seminoles.

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USA Track & Field to defend title at the IAAF World Relays

WITH the housing location confirmed for the second IAAF World Relays, the USA Track and Field came to town to do a sight inspection of the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island and their representatives left quite impressed with what they discovered.

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Bahamas, Bermuda to resume rugby rivalry in finale

BEFORE the face-off on the soccer pitch next week, the Bahamas and Bermuda will continue their rivalry in regional rugby competition this weekend.

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MARCH MADNESS: Coleby, Rebels in comeback victory

One of the “First Four” and the first Bahamian to compete in this year’s NCAA Tournament, Dwight Coleby and the Ole Miss Rebels got “March Madness” off to an exciting start with an epic comeback win.

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Pinder criticises text message circulated claiming strike action

BAHAMAS Public Services Union President John Pinder yesterday spoke out against a viral text message calling it “counter productive” to organised labour movements.

Campaigners back end to gender inequality

ORGANISERS of a global campaign to “eliminate” gender discrimination in nationality laws yesterday applauded the government’s commitment to ending gender inequality, but added that a strong public education campaign is critical to any referendum on the issue.

Hearing examines nine-year-old murder case

TWO men allegedly involved in the infamous Fox Hill prison break nearly a decade ago appeared in the Supreme Court yesterday for a case management hearing.

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Officials deny claims by wife of man locked up in Cuba

THE Cuban Embassy has denied claims that a Bahamian man sentenced to 18 years in prison in that country on drug trafficking charges has faced inhumane treatment while incarcerated.

US slams zero money launder prosecutions

The US government yesterday criticised the Bahamas’ almost non-existent number of prosecutions/convictions for money laundering, suggesting there should be far more given the size of this nation’s financial services industry.

No fiscal responsibility by ‘mere passage’ of Act

Developing the correct Fiscal Responsibility legislation for the Bahamas cannot be achieved “within a month or two”, a leading QC warning: “The mere passage of an Act of Parliament will not accomplish anything.”

BOB ‘owes’ revival strategy disclosure to its shareholders

Bank of the Bahamas “owes it to its shareholders” to publicly release its turnaround strategy, one outspoken investor warning it was “of the utmost importance” this be done without further delay.

Bahamas bank accused of ‘bad faith’ over fraud lawsuit claims

A Bahamian bank and trust company was yesterday accused of acting in “bad faith” and seeking to gain an unfair advantage by suing an investment promoter over an alleged multi-million dollar fraud.

Owners ‘very aggressively’ marketing ex-Ginn project

The former $4.9 billion Ginn sur Mer project is being “very aggressively marketed” to targeted potential purchasers, Tribune Business was told yesterday, with a $75-$80 million outlay likely to acquire the entire property.

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Activists brief US Senate on ‘human rights violations’ in the Bahamas

BAHAMIAN human rights activists yesterday briefed the United States’ Senate on “human rights violations” they believe are being committed under the government’s new immigration policy.

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Christie: CLICO policyholders have not been abandoned

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday said his administration has not abandoned efforts to bring relief to thousands of Bahamian policyholders who lost millions of dollars when CLICO (Bahamas) collapsed.


THE KPMG Youth Winter Championship was held March 14-15 at the Nassau Yacht Club in near perfect sailing conditions on Montagu Bay.

Wednesday, March 18

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TOUGH CALL - BAMSI: A tale of Alice in Blunderland

In her examination of the irregularities surrounding the so-called Bahamas Agricultural and Marine Institute (BAMSI) on Andros this week, Candia Dames wrote that Bahamians have had enough of the government’s negligent handling of our affairs.

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BTC now deciding on staff to receive severance

THE Bahamas Telecommunications Company is now in the process of deciding which employees are best suited to receive voluntary separation packages, according to officials from the Bahamas Communications and Public Officers Union.

National health insurance

The Gold Rush Administration, led by a man whom many believe is delusional, even rip Van Winkleish, is again, on the wrong path at the wrong time. It is astounding that this administration seems to be so tone deaf as to the real needs and aspirations of the average Bahamian.

Time for a truce between BEC chairman Miller and unionist Maynard

“I WILL never let the opportunity pass to remind BEC’s management and staff of its deficiency until the public is reasonably sure that the corporation can provide reliable service,” said the PLP minister.

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The many gaffes of Leslie Miller

SINCE the start of the year, outspoken Tall Pines MP Leslie Miller has retracted or apologised for several controversial statements he has made to the press.

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UPDATED: NASA images show urban growth in New Providence

URBAN growth in New Providence has been highlighted in a photo gallery on global climate change by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Remaining BAMSI contracts being vetted by officials

STATE Minister of Works Arnold Forbes yesterday confirmed that officials were in the process of reviewing the 13 remaining Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute contracts but he could not say with certainty that all of the buildings under construction were insured.

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$5m to hire 200 staff for Critical Care block

THE Christie administration plans to spend $5m to hire around 200 medical professionals from the Bahamas and abroad to staff the Critical Care Block at the Princess Margaret Hospital, according to Public Hospitals Authority Managing Director Herbert Brown.

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Govt ‘can’t be trusted with VAT cash’

FORMER Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette said the Christie administration cannot be trusted with the anticipated billions in revenue that Value Added Tax will bring in.

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FNM slams ‘crisis of leadership’

FREE National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday said conflicting statements by Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis and BEC Executive Chairman Leslie Miller surrounding the cause of last weekend’s island-wide blackout exposes a “crisis of leadership” within government.

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Davis backs BEC staff over Miller

DEPUTY Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis yesterday said he is “satisfied” that last weekend’s island-wide blackout “did not occur as a result of negligence by employees” at the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, contradicting earlier statements from BEC’s Executive Chairman Leslie Miller.

Dive operators demand ban on foreign vessels

Top Bahamian dive operators yesterday demanded that the Government stop issuing charter permits to any rival foreign vessel, due to the “miniscule” tax contributions and unfair competition they represent.

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Culmer resigns as Miss Bahamas Universe

TOMACINA Culmer has resigned as Miss Bahamas Universe due to personal reasons.

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NCAA: Jonquel Jones and Colonials earn No. 6 seed

GRAND Bahamian Jonquel Jones and the No. 19/19 George Washington women’s basketball team have earned a No. 6 seed in the Spokane regional and will face No. 11 seed Gonzaga in the first round of the 2015 NCAA Tournament.

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Giants sweep Cleaners

THE Commonwealth Bank Giants, featuring a couple of new players, are now into the New Providence Basketball Association’s John Archer divisional championship series, thanks to a two-game sweep over the Double R Services Limited Cleaners in their first round playoffs.

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Top Bahamian soccer players split due to fixture clash

The top Bahamian soccer players have been forced to choose between playing for their country in the opening FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifying tie next week or representing the nation at the CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship.

Water Corp supplier sees silver lining despite $2.5m fall

The Water & Sewerage Corporation’s main supplier yesterday said it sees a ‘silver lining’ in the leak prevention programme that caused a $2.5 million year-over-year reduction in its Bahamian subsidiary’s revenues.

CIBC hopes bad loan decline addresses Bahamas ‘problem’

CIBC’s regional chief is hoping a “precipitous drop” in early 2015 retail delinquencies develops into a trend that erodes its non-performing mortgage pile, 50 per cent of which are concentrated in the Bahamas.

50 enter final phase of training for cruise ship work

THE first 50 Bahamian seafarer candidates in Grand Bahama are in their final phase of training in preparation of being selected to work on board the Grand Celebration cruise ship.

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Six years of support from Sandals

FOR the past six years, Caribbean communities have benefitted from the philanthropic efforts of the 15 Sandals resorts around the region through the Sandals Foundation.

Baptiste blasts mitchell for ‘incompetence’ over immigration

JETTA Baptiste, president of the Haitian Bahamian Society of the Bahamas, has criticised Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell for his “incompetence” in dealing with the country’s illegal immigration problem and attempting to blame her and others for ruining the good name of The Bahamas.

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Child porn trial date for cop

A TRIAL date has been set for a former police officer charged with the production of child pornography.

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Bail hearing for man accused of robbing Deputy PM

THE bail hearing of a man accused of playing a role in the robbery of Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis has been delayed by a week.

Canadian banks stand firm on web shop bar

CIBC FirstCaribbean’s Bahamian managing director yesterday confirmed the three Canadian-owned banks were standing firmly behind their position not to accept deposits from a legalised web shop industry.

CIBC chief: Banks ‘convenient targets’ for tax, politicians

CIBC FirstCaribbean’s regional chief yesterday said commercial banks were “convenient targets” for increased taxes and scapegoating by politicians, warning that this slowed their bottom line recovery.


AFTER dropping all the way to seventh on the medal table at last year’s CARIFTA Games in Fort-de-France, Martinique, the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations made a drastic change to its selection process for the 2015 version of the top junior regional track and field meet.

CIBC: 70% of staff exits ‘voluntary’

Some 70 per cent of the workers that have left CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas) as a result of its ongoing restructuring were voluntary departures, its regional chief executive said yesterday.

BEC union sticks to ‘Miller out’ demand

Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis said yesterday he was “satisfied” that last Friday’s island-wide black-out was not a result of Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) employee negligence, effectively refuting previous comments by chairman Leslie Miller.

Discussions ahead of testimony

YESTERDAY’S expected start of testimony in a murder case was delayed as legal discussions were held in the jury’s absence.

Sports in brief

CHAMPION Amateur Boxing Club is scheduled to present “The Heat is on” amateur boxing show at the Wulff Road Boxing Square 6pm March 1. In the showcase will be Lennox Boyce, Donovan Taylor and Don Rolle.

Baptist Sports Council’s AID Basketball Classic gets into full gear

THE Baptist Sports Council continued its 2015 AID Basketball Classic at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex over the weekend.

Tuesday, March 17

‘Beat VAT…Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle’

THROUGH a local campaign, the Bahamas Association of Nutrition and Dietetics (BAND) is encouraging Bahamians to make healthy food choices even when their “budgets are stretched”.

A festival to inspire the mind, body and spirit

WHETHER you are looking for information or seeking inspiration as it relates to healthy living, inner peace or mental stimulation, you do not want to miss the upcoming Mind, Body and Spirit Festival, a brand new event to hit Nassau.

Special dental tips for diabetics

Diabetes is a noncontagious, systemic disease characterised by sustained high blood sugar due to problems with insulin production or action.

Aren’t you tired of being stuck?

WHETHER it’s the feeling of being stuck in a rut or that nauseating sense of anxiety that your life is going nowhere fast, being stuck brings up real emotions and frustrations. 

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'Crochet Queen' Rebecca Johnson

THE decision to leave her 9 to 5 and transition into becoming a full-time entrepreneur was driven by nothing but passion.

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Sister Sister welcomes breast cancer survivors from Florida

ANY survivor can probably attest to the fact that having a vibrant and positive support system plays a major part in winning the fight against breast cancer.

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Mitchell urges Bahamians to update E-passport by November

IMMIGRATION Minister Fred Mitchell yesterday confirmed that international customs and immigration officials have already started to phase out the use of traditional passports ahead of the November 2015 electronic passport deadline.

VIDEO - Georges: Show cancellation a blow to bridging cultural gap

THE cancellation of the Haitian Bahamian talk show The Kreyol Connection has delivered a critical blow to efforts at “bridging the gap” between the two cultures, according to its host Louby Georges.

POLITICOLE: Why men get married

MORE than 20 years ago, I became fascinated by the reasons why men and women get married, especially when they were seen or known to be ill-suited or unhappily married.

Plane crash questions

Thank you for your valuable space. I read the report about the plane that crashed into the sea off Clifton and was surprised to read that the pilot said it was more dangerous to land on the airport than to crash the plane into the shark-infested sea.

The wrong results

Re: Why Condoms Should Be Available In Schools.

Say no to condoms in schools

For quite some time now, we have been brainwashed to believe that education would be the golden path for enlightenment and a panacea for all mankind’s problems. Although education has its place, I would like to argue that the world does not need more “educated people”.

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BEC: Supply completely restored after island-wide blackout

THE electricity supply to New Providence and Paradise Island has been restored completely, Bahamas Electricity Corporation officials said yesterday.

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DNA: Time for solutions to third-world thinking

LAST weekend’s island-wide blackout is the result of “third world thinkers refusing to look at modern options,” Democratic National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney said yesterday.

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A LIFE OF CRIME: Cries from a victim

MERE words cannot describe the agony that I have felt over the past few weeks. The loss of my son, Sean, has been unbearable.

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24 years in prison for killer of Majors’ son

A MAN who pleaded guilty to murdering the teenage son of convicted drug traffickers Dwight and Keva Major was sentenced to 24 years in prison yesterday.

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Symonette hints at return to politics

FORMER Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette said breaking his retirement to re-enter front-line politics is not off the table as the country’s “economic and social wellbeing continues to suffer” under the Christie administration.

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Deadline arrives for BTC staff over severance pay

YESTERDAY marked the deadline for Bahamas Telecommunications Company employees to accept voluntary separation packages, however officials from the Bahamas Communications and Public Officers Union did not expect many workers to accept the offers.

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Suspect in murder of woman is remanded to Sandilands

A MAN was remanded to Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre yesterday after appearing in Magistrate’s Court to be charged in connection with the death of a woman who was found in a home, burnt beyond recognition.

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Man dies after he crashes car ‘during fight with wife’

A 24-year-old man is dead after his vehicle crashed into a tree on Sunday during a “physical altercation with his wife,” according to police.

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BEC union call to fire Miller

UNLESS the government immediately fires Bahamas Electricity Corporation Executive Chairman Leslie Miller, the Bahamas Electrical Workers Union will not support BEC’s restructuring process, BEWU President Paul Maynard said yesterday.

Death by Stress? Part II

IN THE last article I defined stress as the “physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioural response to situations perceived as being challenging or threatening”, and took a fair look at the important role that stress plays in our survival.

Sports Authority refutes contract ‘nepotism’ claim

Top National Sports Authority (NSA) executives yesterday vehemently denied allegations that the awarding of a five-figure maintenance contract for the Sports Centre’s swimming pool was influenced by nepotism.

Breezes to ‘vigorously press’ Baha Mar appeal

Attorneys for SuperClubs Breezes yesterday pledged to “vigorously press” for a quick hearing of its appeal against the Supreme Court’s refusal to grant a construction-stopping injunction that would halt work on Baha Mar’s $3.5 billion project.

Businesses call for blackout ‘outrage’

New Providence business owners yesterday said that last Friday’s island-wide black-out cost them thousands of dollars in lost sales, describing the situation as “extremely discouraging” and “unacceptable”.

Symonette urges caution over economy ahead of NHI rollout

AS UNCERTAINTY continues to linger over the proposed implementation of National Health Insurance, a former Cabinet minister has cautioned the government to closely evaluate the effects that the world market could have on the stability of the Bahamian economy in the next nine months.

Major renovations announced at the Rand

HEALTH Minister Dr Perry Gomez announced on Monday that the Rand Memorial Hospital in Grand Bahama will undergo major renovations, resulting in increased bed capacity and a new private suite.

Rand to have full roster of ambulances by the end of the week

THE Rand Memorial Hospital should have a full complement of ambulances operational and on call by the end of the week, after mechanical challenges resulted in a severe emergency transport shortage almost two weeks ago.

Trio face court accused of murders

TWO teenagers, who were charged with murder and attempted murder, yesterday alleged that they were beaten by police while in custody and denied medical treatment.

Ducille to be sworn in to Belize Court of Appeal

A PROMINENT defence attorney is to be sworn in today as justice of the Belize Court of Appeal, The Tribune has learned.

DNA to hold convention in the autumn

THE Democratic National Alliance will hold its first convention this fall, party Leader Branville McCartney said yesterday.

Freeport predicts more VAT ‘to-ing and fro-ing’

Freeport will continue to see “a lot of to-ing and fro-ing” over Value-Added Tax (VAT), a top private sector executive predicted yesterday, as all sides attempt to ensure the new tax conforms with the Hawksbill Creek Agreement.

BOB shareholders say web shop deposits ‘no problem’

Two outspoken Bank of the Bahamas shareholders yesterday said they had no objection to it accepting deposits from a legalised web shop gaming industry, and questioned why other Bahamian institutions were not following its lead.

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Joanna Evans, the junior swimmer of the year, will head a 36-member team that is expected to travel to Bridgetown, Barbados, April 2-8 to defend their title at the CARIFTA Swimming Championships.

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Shavez Hart helps Texas A&M Aggies capture 4x400 relay

SHAVEZ Hart may not have had the type of performance he anticipated in the men’s 200 metres at the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships. But he walked away with a bit of history as he helped the Texas A&M Aggies men capture the 4 x 400m relay in grand style.

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‘It was so good to compete in a meet that wasn’t the nationals’

SHE HAS been called the “hardest” working member of SwimMac in Charlotte, North Carolina. But Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace has attributed a lot of her success to the relationship that she has developed with her teammates and the environment that the coaching staff has created for them.

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SPORTING MISCHIEF & MAYHEM: Cheers to the best Irish sportsman ever

ON THIS St Patrick’s Day, I feel it would only be fitting for this week’s column to be dedicated to possibly the “best” Irish athlete ever ... George Best.

BEC unions: No support for reform with Miller

The Bahamas Electricity Corporation’s (BEC) line worker union yesterday said it would not support its restructuring until the Government removed Leslie Miller as chairman, slamming his decision to blame staff for last week’s outage as “absolute foolishness”.

FNM deputy: Governance concerns over BOB web shop deposit acceptance

Bank of the Bahamas’ (BOB) decision to accept deposits from legalised web shop operators despite the resistance of its counterparts only raises more questions over its governance, the Opposition’s deputy leader said yesterday.

Tavario Miller and Aggies accept bid to play in NIT

IT IS not the NCAA Tournament but one Bahamian NCAA Division I basketball player will still have an opportunity for a postseason appearance.

Men’s senior national soccer team in World Cup qualifier

THE Bahamas Football Association, along with its players and staff, is keyed on preparation and galvanising public support for the upcoming FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Qualifiers.

Monday, March 16

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Man charged with murder, arson in connection with woman's death

A MAN was remanded to the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre yesterday after appearing in Magistrates Court to be charged in connection with the death of a woman who was found in a home burnt beyond recognition.

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INSIGHT: Bahamian eyes shut to the realities of life

In the 1969 agitprop film Inextinguishable Fire, German media artist Harun Farocki delivers sterile yet pregnant commentary on the Vietnam War through the lens of one of its most devastating consequences: the use of napalm.

‘No way on God’s green earth’ can Gov’t operate NHI

There is “no way on God’s green earth” that the Government can hope to run an efficient National Health Insurance (NHI) system given its “disastrous” track record, an outspoken businessman has warned.

WORLD VIEW - US and Venezuela: Don’t fan the flames, put out the fire

UNITED States President Barack Obama’s Executive Order imposing sanctions on another seven officials of the Venezuelan government for alleged intimidation of political opponents was boilerplate. In other words, the language is the standard government-speak used when measures of this kind are enacted.

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DNA blasts PM for dodging BAMSI in favour of Heat game

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney has criticised Prime Minister Perry Christie for opting to attend a basketball game in Florida rather than seeking to rectify the controversy surrounding the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute.

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CORRECTION: After witnesses failed to show up in court last week, murder trial begins

A murder trial will begin today, after key witnesses in the case failed to show up for trial last week.

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Two shot, one stabbed in incidents over weekend

  POLICE are asking for the public’s help in solving two shootings and a stabbing that occurred over the weekend that have left a man and woman in hospital in serious condition.

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Victim escaped after gun failed to go off

A WEEK ago a young woman on her way to her Eastern Road home was held up by a gunman, who had driven his car across the front of her car forcing her to stop.

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Man out on bail shot dead

A MAN out on bail and being electronically monitored by police was shot several times and died on Saturday pushing the country’s murder count for the year to 30.

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Edison Key will retire from politics after 40 years

CENTRAL and South Abaco MP Edison Key yesterday confirmed that he will retire from politics in 2017 to end a 40-year long career as a parliamentarian.

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FNM: Davis must go for misleading Parliament

THE Free National Movement yesterday demanded the immediate resignation of Minister of Works Philip “Brave” Davis after he “misled” Bahamians as the party revealed plans to request a nationally broadcast Public Accounts Committee hearing into matters related to the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute.

Storage of prescription drugs during blackout

With the recent power outage in Nassau, many have suffered material loss, but even more concerning to me are the safety risks involved that many may not even consider.

Garbage spoiling our nation

Is the Department of Environmental Health awake?

You must stop this travesty

It has come to our attention that permits and approvals are pending, if not already issued, for a horse excursion business on Harbour Island.

BAMSI fire exposes system needing investigation

“THIS is a lot deeper than y’all realise,” Audley Hanna told our reporter on Thursday when vowing to rebuild at his own expense the burned out Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute’s dormitories for which he was the contractor.

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Atlantis among those affected by power outage

AS Bahamas Electricity Corporation workers fought to restore power to New Providence over the weekend, residents and business owners expressed frustration with the government’s persistent failure to address the problems ensnaring the utility provider.

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Blackout to cost taxpayers up to $500,000, says Miller

THE weekend’s blackout will cost taxpayers half a million dollars, according to Bahamas Electricity Chairman Leslie Miller who added that the “catastrophic” incident could have easily been prevented if employees had done their job.

Several arrests over car theft ring

POLICE arrested three men and two women who are the suspected masterminds behind a stolen car ring that resulted in a number of vehicles being stolen over the past few months.

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Four Bahamian players all set for NCAA ‘March Madness’

FOR the second consecutive year, four Bahamian players and their respective universities received bids into the 68-team field for the NCAA Men’s Division I Tournament, commonly referred to as “March Madness.”

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Spartans suffer 80-69 loss to Badgers in Big 10 title game

CHAMPIONSHIP Week is in the books, and it was a series of contrasting results for Bahamian players in their respective Men’s Division I conference tournaments.

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Top swimmers take spotlight at inaugural awards banquet

IN typical fashion of their historic performances, Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace and Joanna Evans were named the senior and junior swimmers of the year respectively by the Bahamas Swimming Federation.

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Lochte swim spectacular

MARVIN Johnson broke two national records and a number of swimmers made the qualifying standards for both the Caribbean Games and the CCCAN as the Bahamas Swimming Federation hosted its Time Trials at the Betty Kelly Kenning Swim Complex over the weekend.

Foreigners seek JVs with Bahamas web shop firms

Web shop gaming operators are already being approached to joint venture with foreign companies in overseas jurisdictions, a well-known QC suggesting the sector can be “a major Bahamian export”.

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Logo unveiled for Creative City designation

CREATIVE Nassau and members of the Downtown Nassau Partnership unveiled the official UNESCO Creative City logo for Nassau on Friday in Pompey Square.

Students hear about plans for constitutional reform

SENIOR high school students in Grand Bahama received a tutorial on the four Constitutional Reform Bills that are currently before Parliament at the Sir Charles Hayward library in Freeport on Friday.

Condolences sent to Deputy PM over death of his mother

FREE National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis gave condolences to the family of Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis over the death of his mother, Dorothy Davis.

Water Corp slashes receivables by 50%

The Water & Sewerage Corporation slashed the near-$14 million receivables owed to BISX-listed Consolidated Water by almost 50 per cent during 2014, it has been revealed.

Private sector fears BEC reform process being compromised

The private sector fears the Government may have compromised the integrity of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) reform process by renewing contacts with groups that either did not participate or were rejected from the bidding at an early stage.

Tourism ‘upswing’: Nassau/PI in 12% Internet demand surge

A 12 per cent surge in Internet search demand for Nassau/Paradise Island is leading top hotel officials to conclude “tourism is on an upswing”, with the capital the most sought-after vacation destination in the Caribbean.

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Bahamian artists give backing to Carnival

BACKTRACKING from their previous denouncement of the upcoming Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival, several Bahamian artists gathered at the British Colonial Hilton yesterday to endorse the inaugural event set for May.

Suspected prostitutes arrested

TWO women, one a Jamaican, were arrested on suspicion of prostitution and a nightclub owner was arrested during a raid on Saturday morning.

Four men arrested after illegal firearm seized

POLICE took four men into custody after they seized an illegal firearm from a home with five live rounds of ammunition on Saturday.

Real estate sales decline ‘significantly’ in January

Real estate sales for January 2015 were down “significantly” compared to last year following a pre-Value-Added Tax (VAT) high in December, according to the Bahamas Real Estate Association’s (BREA) president.

Dive operator slams ‘insulting’ association

A foreign-based dive operator is blaming his decision not to renew his Bahamas Diving Association (BDA) membership on “inflammatory and insulting” statements by its leadership, adding that his business pays the Government more than $50,000 annually.

Gaming discrimination ‘has to be addressed’

Lingering discrimination “will have to be addressed” so that domestic Bahamian web shop operators are ultimately placed on “a level playing field” with their foreign-owned casino counterparts, a former attorney general is arguing.

Sunday, March 15

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BEC: Full power should now be restored

BEC have announced that full power should now be restored across New Providence, after a weekend of outages.

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Man dies after shooting

A man has died after a shooting incident early on Saturday morning.

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First King Eric Gibson Memorial Golf Tournament to be held in May

ON the heels of the King Eric Gibson Sailing Regatta in January, the inaugural King Eric Gibson Memorial Golf Tournament - the first local tournament for the year for the Bahamas Golf Federation - will be held on Sunday, May 3.

Saturday, March 14

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Police demolish 'safe havens' for criminals

IN AN effort to reduce “safe havens” for criminal activity in urban communities police on Friday demolished a number of abandoned homes and removed derelict vehicles in the Fort Fincastle area of Nassau.

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Murderer spared death sentence is given 35 years In prison

A MAN spared the death sentence by the Court of Appeal for the contract killing of a friend was re-sentenced to 35 years imprisonment on Friday.

Exuma resort recognised by leading travel guides

THE Grand Isle Resort and Spa in Exuma has been recognised by two leading international travel guides as a leading destination and for its excellent facilities.

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Residents complain about 'disruptive' Defence Force actions

RESIDENTS of Coral Harbour are crying foul over the "disruptive" actions of Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) officers in their neighbourhood, close to the organisation's base.

Families enjoy Grant's Town Block Party

MORE than 100 children and families participated in the recent Grant's Town Block Party, part of an initiative started by three individuals seeking to provide "more opportunities and activities to socio-economically deprived children and their families".

Friday, March 13

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BEC power station fire causes major outage

A "fire in the trenches" at the Blue Hills power station caused a massive power outage across New Providence on Friday afternoon, Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) chairman Leslie Miller has confirmed. And he warned customers to expect disruption in supply until Sunday.

The Chinese connection

CHINA’S increasing involvement in the economy of The Bahamas is inevitably attracting controversy here. Having already invested heavily in Freeport (the harbour, container port, airport and hotels) and in New Providence (the huge Baha Mar project, new roads, a sports stadium, the British Colonial Hilton hotel), it now has plans for the redevelopment of downtown Nassau.

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Police road checks net 91 Grand Bahama motorists

GRAND Bahama police have cited 91 people for various traffic violations as a result of road check exercises in the past two days.

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Murderer spared death sentence is given 35 years in prison

ANTHONY Clarke Sr, who was spared the death sentence by the Court of Appeal in November for the contract killing of a friend, was re-sentenced to 35 years imprisonment on Friday.

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Man charged with murder of baby claims to be mentally ill

A MAN claimed to be mentally ill was arraigned in Magistrates Court on Friday in connection with the battering to death of a one-year-old baby boy last week.

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Search for driver after teenage girl injured in hit-and-run

POLICE are searching for the person involved in a hit-and-run accident that has left a teenage girl in hospital.

The only option for Davis is to resign

The Philip Davis statement on BASMI Insurance, Parliament Wednesday March 11, 2015.

A busy doctor

Re: Doctor Signs Sick Notes For 69 Prison Staff In One Day. – The Tribune, February 27, 2015.

What’s the punishment?

The revelation that the dormitory destroyed by fire at BAMSI was never insured doesn’t come as a surprise considering the way this and other government contracts are and have been awarded in the past.

Opposition visit to BAMSI

On March 2, 2015, Agriculture Minister V Alfred Gray criticised the Leader of the Opposition, Dr Hubert Minnis, for leading an FNM delegation on an unannounced tour of BAMSI in North Andros.

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Mitchell speaks out against smugglers

IMMIGRATION Minister Fred Mitchell yesterday charged that the government was prepared to go to war against human smugglers and sympathisers in its bid to break a criminal enterprise that has facilitated a relentless “invasion” of illegal immigrants.

Students attacked by bees

THREE College of The Bahamas students were hospitalised following an attack by a swarm of African killer bees at the bus shelter on East Sunrise Highway, near the Ranfurly Circus.

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Symonette: Ingraham would have demanded a resignation

FORMER Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette yesterday said had he been in the position of Works Minister Philip Davis, former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham would have already demanded a resignation.

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Judge speaks out on violent crimes as man is jailed for 18 years

A JUDGE who sentenced a man to 18 years in prison for manslaughter yesterday lamented the increase in violent crimes involving men with little conflict resolution skills.

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BTC staff to decide by monday on severance

BAHAMAS Telecommunications Company employees have until 5pm Monday to decide whether they will accept voluntary separation packages before executives begin “letting people go,” according to Bahamas Communications and Public Officers Union Secretary General Dino Rolle.

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‘I will rebuild BAMSI for free’

BAHAMAS Agriculture and Marine Science Institute contractor Audley Hanna said yesterday that he is willing to construct the facility’s fire-damaged dormitory from scratch, at no cost to taxpayers, following revelations that the building was not insured.

BOB gains webshop deposit ‘clearance’

Bank of the Bahamas yesterday confirmed it had received “clearance” from its US correspondent bank to accept deposits from a legalised webshop gaming industry, thus clearing a major obstacle to achieving a key Government policy objective.

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Man accused of robbing Deputy Prime Minister seeks bail

ONE of three men accused of playing a role in the robbery of Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis appeared in the Supreme Court seeking bail yesterday.


DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney yesterday said the government’s handling of the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute highlights the need for an “overhaul of the public procurement processes”.

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Bannister predicts chaos in schools over immigration policy

UNLESS the government revokes its “silly, unenforceable” immigration policy school administrators will be faced with “thousands of angry and frustrated Bahamian parents” during public school registration next week, former Education Minister Desmond Bannister said.

Three US visitors arrested over stolen boat

THREE people from the United States, including a juvenile boy, are in police custody after they were found in possession of a stolen boat.

‘No help from Bahamas for my husband locked up in Cuba’

A CONCERNED mother wants answers about the circumstances that led to her husband to being sentenced in Cuba to 18 years in prison.

Construction firm received $800,000 contract despite NIB irregularities

PARADIGM Construction, the contracting firm now at the centre of a controversy surrounding the fire-damaged BAMSI dorm, received a contract worth nearly $800,000 from the government to repair a structure at the Carmichael Road Detention Centre in 2013 despite apparent inconsistencies in National Insurance Board contribution payments.

Danrad Knowles helps the Houston Cougars advance

NCAA conference tournaments tipped off yesterday with mixed results for Bahamian players in Division One.

Sports notes

THE New Providence Basketball Association kicked off the other half of its playoff series on Wednesday night at the AF Adderley Gymnasium with the defending champions, Commonwealth Bank Giants, and the PJ Stingers winning the John Archer divisional double header.

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IT’S not how you start, nor how you get there. Most importantly, it’s how you finish.

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Trip to Miami Heat game is just the ticket for nine-year-old Amauri

MIAMI, Florida - He should have been in school at Queen’s College but Amauri Bonamy was elated to take the time off to attend the National Basketball Association game on Wednesday night between the Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets at the American Airlines Arena.

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Bahamas’ big night at Heat game

MIAMI, Florida - It was dubbed the ‘Bahamas Tourism and Baha Mar Theme Night’ and it was an opportunity to show off the Bahamas to the world.

Ranfurly Children’s ‘amazing experience’ at NBA game

MIAMI, Florida - Thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Tourism and Baha Mar, six residents of the Ranfurly Home for Children got a rare opportunity to watch a live National Basketball Association (NBA) game this week.

NPA Alumni star in Canadian basketball

NOBLE Preparatory Academy (NPA) alumni continue to excel on the Canadian basketball scene with a high school duo leading their team to a historic title and a collegiate star honoured for his freshman year.

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SIMONE Hall, of the Nassau Gymnastics Club, has been training in New Jersey, US, since early January in preparation for the 2015 Pan American Games. It is the first time a Bahamian gymnast has been represented at the prestigious competition. 

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NOT even the local playing fields are now safe from the alleged copper wire thieves.

Web shop regulation ends ‘serious flaw’

Legalising the web shop industry removes a “serious flaw” in the Bahamas’ anti-money laundering regime just prior to an inspection by international watchdogs, one of its key legal advisers said yesterday.

Port Lucaya sees marina ‘lock out’

The Port Lucaya Marketplace’s new owner yesterday said he had “no alternative” but to lock the adjacent marina operator out of its fuel farm and other facilities, citing “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in unpaid rent.

Web shops agree to pay Freeport Business Licences

Web shop operators have agreed to pay the Government retroactive Business Licence-type taxes on their Freeport operations despite believing they are ‘exempt’ from such levies under the Hawksbill Creek Agreement.

‘No doubt’ BoB will be profitable by end-2015

Bank of the Bahamas’ managing director yesterday said he had “not one doubt” the institution will return to profitability by December 2015, despite its shareholders incurring a collective $9.895 million net loss for the current year’s first six months.

Masters softball race ‘may go right down to the wire’

WHILE the spirited Miller’s Construction Knights continue to roll along in perfect fashion, their arch rivals - double defending champions Dozer Heavy Equipment Co Pros - are keeping pace and indications are that the race for Masters Softball Association (MSA) regular season honours may go “right down to the wire”.


WITH the English Caribbean Amateur Softball Confederation (ECASC) Men’s Championship on the horizon, the Bahamas Softball Federation (BSF) is also using the opportunity to recognise Hall of Fame honourees at several levels.

Press Club stresses importance of Freedom of Information

THE Bahamas Press Club yesterday stressed the importance and “urgency” of implementing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Munnings stars for Vice President’s team

PITCHER Alfred “Skater” Munnings shone brightest during the recent Masters Softball Association’s annual All Star Classic resulting in an 11-7 triumph for his visiting Vice President’s team at the expense of the President’s select at Archdeacon William E Thompson Park.

FNM deputy blasts BAMSI oversight control absence

The Opposition’s deputy leader yesterday said it was “inconceivable” that a project such as BAMSI  had not been subject to proper oversight, calling it “unacceptable” that taxpayers may be exposed to  $3 million in additional costs as a result of the fire-damaged dormitory.

‘Broad base’ gives Gov’t VAT forecast confidence

The Government appears to be “headed in the right direction” on achieving its $300 million Value-Added Tax (VAT) annual revenue target, a top finance official adding that the “fairly broad base” of registrants gives the Government comfort its projections will be met.

Thursday, March 12

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Why condoms should be available in schools

IN an increasingly promiscuous society, where there are escalating incidences of private and public school children having sex – in private dwellings or on school campuses – it is high-time we consider making condoms obtainable at schools. The reality is that teenagers are sexually active, are inundated daily by sexually explicit material via different mediums and that abstinence is hardly practised despite the various programmes/groupings touting self-restraint.

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DNA leader seeks thorough probe, and says Davis should step down

DNA Leader Branville McCartney yesterday called for an investigation into the Ministry of Works to find out the legitimacy of all contractors hired by government in view of the revelation that the company hired to build the male dorm at the Bahamas Agricultural and Marine Science Institute was allowed to do business without an insurance policy for the structure.

And what of you, Mr Christie?

You somewhat scathingly referred to “Rich Doctors” and “Wealthy people” when speaking of the new tax you are proposing for the NHS programme.

Orwellian Bahamas

My comment has to bring to the public’s attention that predictions written in George Orwell’s book 1984 are quickly becoming a reality in The Bahamas.

Think hard on NHI proposals

I beg space in your paper to express a few thoughts on the proposed National Health Bill.

Baha Mar could be government’s undoing

THE CHRISTIE government seems to have put all of its eggs for the country’s economic recovery into Baha Mar’s large basket.

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Foulkes guilty of sex attack on 13-year-old

A MAN convicted of the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl entrusted to his wife’s care will serve ten years in jail, a judge ruled yesterday.

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Deputy PM ‘misled’ Parliament over BAMSI

WORKS Minister Philip “Brave” Davis yesterday backtracked from his initial comments that the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute’s fire-damaged dorm’s insurance policy had lapsed.

Tease photo

Woman’s body ‘burned beyond recognition’, man arrested

THE body of a woman was found “burnt beyond recognition” in her home in the White’s Addition area off Kemp Road early yesterday morning.

Tease photo

Former Minister of Works calls for police investigation

FORMER Minister of Works Neko Grant called for police to investigate apparent “fraudulent acts” allegedly committed during the construction of the male dormitory at the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute in North Andros.

Tease photo

Extra protection for PM after threats

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday suggested in the House of Assembly that he had received violent threats, which led the Royal Bahamas Police Force to increase his security detail.

Tease photo

Several Ministry officials signed off on construction without insurance in place

SEVERAL Ministry of Works officials signed off on documents approving Paradigm Construction to receive more than $500,000 to begin construction of the male dormitory at the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute in the absence of a valid certificate of insurance.

Ten web shop operators have applied for licences

TOURISM Minister Obie Wilchcombe yesterday confirmed that ten web shop operators have submitted requests for proposals in their bid to obtain a gaming house operator’s licence and will now undergo “strict scrutiny” from the Gaming Board in order to operate legally in the country.

Tease photo

Bahamians aim for success at NCAA ‘Selection Sunday’

AS “Selection Sunday” draws near, Bahamian basketball players at the NCAA Division One level will spend the remainder of the week participating in their respective conference tournaments and vying for a berth in the men’s national tournament field of 68.

Neko Grant’s statement to the House on BAMSI

THE following statement was made by Central Grand Bahama MP Neko Grant, during a point of order in the House of Assembly in response to a communication by Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador MP Philip “Brave” Davis about the lack of insurance for the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI).

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‘Tum Tum’ Nairn wins three awards

HERALDED for his leadership since he joined the Michigan State Spartans in East Lansing, Lourawls “Tum Tum” Nairn was recognised for those attributes when the team hosted its 2015 awards banquet.

Chamber plans push for Business Licence change

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation (BCCEC) yesterday pledged to continue lobbying the Governent for changes to the Business License regime and fee structure by 2016, its chief executive suggesting this could be considered a “trade-off” given the private sector’s role in Value-Added Tax (VAT) administration.

Chamber targets April SME Help Desk launch

The Chamber of Commerce is aiming to launch its Small Business Help Desk by mid-April, yesterday saying it aimed to provide a non-financial “helping hand” when it came to the support services required by entrepreneurs.

Wilson: BTC has ‘no choice’ on downsize

A leading critic of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company’s (BTC) privatisation has defended its controlling shareholder’s decision to further downsize the workforce, arguing: “What choice do they have?”

Contractors: No extra $3m BAMSI fire costs if sector regulated

Top contractors yesterday argued that taxpayers would not be exposed to almost $3 million in extra costs as a result of the BAMSI fire if the Government had ended the construction industry’s 15-year wait for legislation to regulate it.

VAT fears drive 176% December autos spike

Value-Added Tax (VAT) fears drove a 176 per cent year-over-year spike in December 2014 new car sales, a Bahamas Motor Dealers Association (BMDA) representative said yesterday, as the new tax casts “a pall” over the industry and wider economy.

Tease photo

Antoan Richardson makes the Texas Rangers’ top 40

IT WAS a definite step in the right direction for Antoan Richardson as he attempts to stake his claim with the Texas Rangers organisation.

Taxing those who grow our food

I was pleased to see earlier today that the Fish and Farm Store of the Ministry of Agriculture & Marine Resources at Potter’s Cay had 50 pound bags of fertilizer for sale.

Tease photo

Jaraun Burrows ranked as one of Sweden’s best

AS HE heads into the post-season, Jaraun “Keno” Burrows’ play continues to see him ranked as one of the best professional basketball players in Sweden.

Cash seized and man arrested

GRAND Bahama police have arrested a Freeport man who was allegedly discovered with a large sum of cash believed to be the proceeds from illegal activities.

Tease photo

Two suspects detained by police after murders

POLICE arrested two men, aged 18 and 25, in the early hours of yesterday in connection with two of the country’s most recent murders.

Photographer wins trip to the Bahamas

PAULA Fishman is a regular visitor to the Bahamas but until now had never won a prize competition.

Focus falls on gratuities over VAT compliance

THE Ministry of Finance will be paying close attention to restaurants and similar establishments seeking to add a 7.5 per cent value added tax on their gratuity rates, Acting VAT Comptroller John Rolle said.

Abaco immigration swoop ‘days away’

IMMIGRATION enforcement operations in Abaco were said to be “days away” as parliamentarians wrapped up debate on the Immigration (Amendment) Bill 2015 in the House of Assembly last night.

ART OF GRAPHIX: How to unlock your designing potential

Graphic design is a field that changes rapidly, both creatively and technically. While it is easy to get caught up in learning new technical skills, it is just as important to focus on improving and pushing the limits of our creativity. Therefore, I have listed a few design tips that can help in the business of design.

Regulator sees ‘higher volume’ of bank licence fee rejections

The Central Bank of the Bahamas has expressed concerns over “a higher volume” of rejected licence fee payments by the banks and trust companies it regulates, due to “shortfalls” in some sums paid.

Gov’t ‘happy’ with VAT inclusive price roll-out

The Ministry of Finance’s top official said yesterday that the Value-Added Tax (VAT) Unit was happy with initial retail compliance on ‘inclusive’ pricing compliance, though this was not yet at 100 per cent.

Customs in smooth VAT introduction

The Customs Department has seen a relatively smooth Value-Added Tax (VAT) roll-out despite some minor hiccups, its assistant comptroller said yesterday.    

Wednesday, March 11

Tease photo

Joseph Foulkes found guilty of sexual assault of 13-year-old girl

Joseph Foulkes, son of former Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes, has been found guilty of the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl entrusted to his wife's care.

Tease photo

Body of woman found burnt in home

POLICE found the body of a woman “burnt beyond recognition” in her Kemp Road home this morning.

Tease photo

TOUGH CALL: Civil rights landmark that has parallels in the Bahamas

DESPITE significant coverage in the American media, the 50th anniversary of the march in Selma, Alabama, that led to passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act passed almost unnoticed in The Bahamas.

Don’t back down

Some things are above politics. As the need for National Insurance was in the 1970s, so the need for National Health Insurance is today.

Frankie gone bananas

On Friday, March 6, I read with interest the Tribune’s business article, “Wilson: ‘Get VAT behind us’ prior to NHI Taxation”.

January 2016 - unlikely date for NHI launch

WITH the implementation of National Health Insurance only 10 months away, the proposed health scheme is still drifting around in clouds of indecision.

Tease photo

Munich: A survivor’s tale

THE pieces of a 42-year-old puzzle fell into place last night when a surviving member of the 1972 Israeli Olympic team came face-to-face with members of the Bahamas delegation who were close by at the terrorism-scarred Games.

Tease photo

Minnis wants clarity over Bowe payments

OPPOSITION Leader Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday called for an investigation into whether Royal Bahamas Defence Force Commodore Roderick Bowe was paid by the government while also working for Baha Mar.

Tease photo

Wife of sex attack suspect says she would not cover for him

THE wife of a man on trial for allegedly molesting a 13-year-old girl entrusted to her care said she would not cover for her husband, a jury heard yesterday.

Tease photo

BAMSI repairs to start when insurance issues resolved

OFFICIALS investigating the fire-damaged dormitory at the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute have said the structure does not have to be demolished despite its condition, according to Ministry of Works Director John Canton.

Tease photo

No plan to raise fees as college turns to university

THERE are no immediate plans to increase tuition fees as the College of The Bahamas transitions into a university, College Council Chairman Alfred Sears said yesterday.

Tease photo

Pintard blasts failure to reveal headline act

FREE National Movement Chairman Michael Pintard yesterday criticised the government for failing to announce the name of the international artist who will headline the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival.

Island Luck files bid for web shop licence

ISLAND Luck Chief Executive Sebas Bastian yesterday said he was “optimistic” his company would become a “successful applicant” in its bid to obtain a gaming house operator’s licence.

Tease photo

Woman robbed at her home

A WOMAN was robbed at her residence in Freeport on Monday evening, police have reported.

Tease photo


WITH the National Track and Field Championships completed, the focus for the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations will switch to the final Carifta trials.

Tease photo

Barracudas come out on top in Spring Invitational

THE Dolphin Swim Club held its Spring Invitational over the weekend at the Betty Kelly Kenning Swim Complex.

Tease photo

Shockers recover to defeat Regulators

EXCEPT for their sluggish start, coach James Price said he was pleased with the way his Real Deal Shockers played.

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Arianna and SwimMac set to make a splash

IT’S going to be a big weekend for Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace and members of the SwimMac Swim Club.

Ex-marina chief ‘not a bit worried’ by Cuba opening

A former Marina Operators of the Bahamas (MOB) president yesterday said he was “not worried one bit” about Cuba’s potential tourism challenge, arguing that this nation had a “real lead” in the Caribbean as an attractive yachting destination.

‘Make it crystal clear’ no VAT on commercial property transactions

The Government was yesterday urged to “make it crystal clear” that Value-Added Tax (VAT) will not be levied on the purchase price in commercial real estate transactions, amid warnings that the resulting “uncertainty” was harming this market.

Bahamas stopover visitors up 4.9%

Total stopover visitors to the Bahamas grew by 4.9 per cent year-over-year in 2014, with senior Baha Mar officials yesterday pledging a further “significant increase” in this growth rate once the $3.5 billion project opens.

‘Nation builder’ retires from tourism role

AFTER more than 30 years of service in the tourism sector, Jeritzen Edwards-Outten has retired from the Ministry of Tourism in Grand Bahama.

Crime prevention training as part of joint scheme

TWENTY police inspectors, community leaders and government officials will receive training in crime prevention strategies as part of a joint programme with police and international agencies in a move to impact at-risk communities.

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Walkabout to examine area’s social problems

SOCIAL workers, along with representatives from Urban Renewal and the Royal Bahamas Police Force, staged a community walkabout in Coral Gardens to assess the various social problems that exist in that area.

Praise for Bishop Ferguson

I must commend the new national Overseer Bishop Franklyn Ferguson of the COGOP, on his National, dynamic charge to the nation this evening.

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Murder suspect among latest arrests

POLICE arrested 17 persons on Monday, including one man for murder and others who were wanted for questioning in connection with serious offences such as possession of dangerous drugs and housebreaking.

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No date for Freedom of Information Bill

EDUCATION Minister Jerome Fitzgerald said yesterday that there is “no date in mind” for the revised version of the Freedom of Information bill to be presented to Cabinet.

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Who will be Teacher of the Year?

OFFICIALS from the Ministry of Education’s National Teacher of the Year committee yesterday announced plans for their 2015-2017 award festivities.

Gov’t ‘certainly going to miss’ deficit targets

The Government is “certainly going to miss” its projected $286 million deficit target for the 2014-2015 fiscal year, a leading private sector executive said yesterday, with its spending outpacing revenue intake.

Gov’t quietly outsources landfill tip fee control

The Government has quietly outsourced another part of the New Providence landfill’s operations, contracting the Baker Tilly Gomez accounting firm to bill and collect its multi-million annual tipping fees.

Gov’t is urged to ‘clarify’ VAT data

The Government was yesterday urged to “clarify” its Value-Added Tax (VAT) collection statistics, a leading private sector executive acknowledging the progress but warning it was too early to “heap praises on ourselves”.

‘No surprise’ if Moody’s deficit projection true

The FNM’s deputy leader yesterday said he would “not be surprised at all” if Moody’s prediction that the Government will overshoot its fiscal deficit forecast by more than $100 million proves true, arguing there was no real evidence it has curtailed spending.

FNM deputy blasts Gov’t delay over BEC

The FNM”s deputy leader said yesterday that there appears to be “no coordinated approach” over the Bahamas Electricity Corporation’s (BEC) ong-proposed restructuring, arguing that Bahamian consumers were the ones who will ultimately suffer.

Tuesday, March 10

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Saying ‘I Do’ to the right melody

ASK any married couple what aspect of their wedding ceremony played a major part in setting the mood and they will more than likely say, music.

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A quiet revolution?

Probably the best oxymoron I’ve heard in a while.

Ruined reputation

How much of this country’s tourism marketing and advertising budget is negated is anybody’s guess, when we have a full page story (with photos) in the New York Post today of Peter Nygard and Louis Bacon, with the latter stating that “he is afraid for his life and that of his family”. These are not two guys from Hospital Lane now, but billionaires from Lyford Cay.

Delays and restructure at BEC

Please permit me to comment on an article appearing in your newspaper on the Prime Minister’s comments regarding the delay it is taking the government to make a decision on the restructuring of BEC.

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Miller calls for return of hanging

TALL Pines MP Leslie Miller yesterday called on the government to “fully implement the laws we have on the books” and hang convicted murderers.

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$28m collected in the first month of VAT

THE government has collected nearly $28m in value added tax since the January 1 implementation date, according to Minister of State for Finance Michael Halkitis.

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Contractor has met with government ‘a few times’ over fire

BAHAMAS Agriculture and Marine Sciences Institute contractor Audley Hanna yesterday said he was confident that issues concerning insurance for the institute’s fire damaged dormitory will be resolved amicably with the government.

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'Tell the public truth over BAMSI'

MONTAGU MP Richard Lightbourn yesterday demanded that the government “come clean” over the fire damaged dorm at the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Sciences Institute (BAMSI) amid lingering concerns over the building’s insurance policy.

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Teenager points to son of former Governor General as sex attacker

A GIRL declined to immediately report her alleged sexual assault because she was threatened and did not want to ruin her good relationship with the wife of her attacker, a jury heard yesterday.

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PM takes more advice on NHI plan

PRIME Minister Perry Christie said the government is taking advice from English and Canadian consultants on the best way to implement its proposed National Health Insurance plan.

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Chairman confirms no decision yet on headliner

JUNKANOO Carnival Commission Chairman Paul Major yesterday conceded that he would have liked “to have known by now” the name of the international artist the government will choose to headline Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival.

Escaping the prison of violence

WE have created a prison in which we live. We are afraid to leave our houses after work. We are afraid to drive at night. We are now afraid to be in our houses after dark.

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Lightbourn reprimanded over BoB comments

HOUSE of Assembly Speaker Dr Kendal Major yesterday reprimanded Montagu MP Richard Lightbourn after he made derogatory statements about Progressive Liberal Party members of parliament.

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Mitchell: Bill may let web shop owners launch banks

FOX Hill MP Fred Mitchell has questioned whether the new Banks and Trust Companies Regulations (Amendment) Bill will open the door for web shop owners to petition the Central Bank for permission to launch their own lending institutions.

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Murder suspect chooses to remain behind bars

A MAN awaiting trial for a murder that occurred nearly four years ago has opted to remain behind bars until the completion of his trial.

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Chickcharney Challenge presents: The Revenge

AFTER the great success of the inaugural Chickcharney Challenge at Clifton Heritage Park last month, the organisers are returning earlier than they had ever imagined for “The Revenge” on April 12.

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Bomb threat was a prank, police say

POLICE received a bomb threat at the former Carmichael Primary School yesterday morning, the same day Prime Minister Perry Christie and other officials were present for the institution’s renaming ceremony.

Gov’t seeks bids for underwriting of $250m notes

The Government is seeking bids from investment advisory firms to underwrite/manage the placing of “up to $250 million” in short-term securities into the Bahamian capital markets, Tribune Business can reveal.

Judge brands environmental protection flaws ‘ominous’

A Court of Appeal judge has branded flaws in Bahamian law, which allow developers to obtain approval for major investment projects and infrastructure works without first producing an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), as “ominous” and “worrisome”.

Insurance ‘confusion’ over first VAT returns

Large insurance industry players were caught up in “confusion” over whether it was necessary for them to complete Value-Added Tax (VAT) returns for January despite their ‘exempt’ status, Tribune Business was told yesterday.

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WHAT they lacked in size, the short-handed Pyramid Food Rockets tried to make up with speed as they took the Mail Boat Cybots to the limit in game one of their New Providence Basketball Association playoffs.

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Bahamian duo help Holland Hurricanes to championship

BAHAMIAN forwards Marvia Dean and Ashley Moss helped the Holland Hurricanes Women’s Basketball team win the Atlantic College Athletic Association (ACAA) Championship.

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Applauding ‘all things girl’

OVER the past several months, the STRAW Inc Centre for Young Women has been deep in the trenches of youth development work as well as in its laboratory, designing and tailoring “what works and is relevant” programming for Bahamian adolescent and teen girls.

Smith’s late show gives Knights title

With the game tied and a conference championship on the line, senior guard Girbran Smith’s late game heroics lifted his Gannon Golden Knights to a conference title and a berth in the Men’s NCAA Division II Tournament.

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SPORTING MISCHIEF & MAYHEM: The high price of free agency

Well the silly season is upon us on the calendar, better known as the NFL Free Agent signing period.

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Man given time to prepare for crown appeal of judge’s ruling

A MAN initially freed of firearm-related crimes against two police officers was given two weeks by the Court of Appeal to prepare himself to respond to the Crown’s appeal of the decision.

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Teenager and 20-year-old charged with seven counts of armed robbery

A 20-year-old Freeport man and a 17-year-old boy were charged with several counts of armed robbery in the Freeport Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Insurance association says it looks forward to NHI talks

  THE Bahamas Insurance Association yesterday said it is a “strong advocate” of universal access to health care and is “looking forward” to meeting with the government to discuss the proposed National Health Insurance plan.

Moody’s: Deficit to overshoot by $100m

The Government will overshoot its 2014-2015 fiscal deficit projections by more than $100 million, a credit rating agency warned yesterday, due to over-optimistic Value-Added Tax (VAT) revenue forecasts.

Baha Mar relief: Breezes injunction bid rejected

Baha Mar and the Government are likely breathing a sigh of relief after the Supreme Court rejected SuperClubs Breezes work-stopping injunction bid, finding the $3.5 billion developer was at “greater risk of prejudice”.

Warm up for the “Fit at 40 Brain Health Fun Walk”

IN an effort to raise awareness of brain health and brain related injuries, the Pilot Club of Nassau is hosting “Fit at 40 Brain Health Fun Walk”.

Please save Little Harbour

My wife and two kids, eight and 13, own a 41’ Catamaran “First Wave” managed by Cruise Abaco.

Call to tackle problems facing Grand Bahama before Cuba reopens to the US

A Bahamian tourism expert said that the high energy and labour costs, as well as the high airport and fuel costs – which are impeding the rate of tourism growth in Grand Bahama – must be addressed now, especially as Cuba prepares to reopen to US travellers.

VAT shifting buyers towards used autos

A well-known auto dealer yesterday said consumers had shifted towards used vehicles post Value-Added Tax (VAT), while new car sales remained relatively flat.

Fred: Canadian banks ‘not going anywhere’

The Foreign Minister said yesterday that Canadian banks were making “good money” in the Bahamas, and that despite incurring significant losses in recent years they were not going anywhere.

Death by Stress? – Part I

WE’VE all heard the saying that stress kills. First and foremost, what is stress, and how true of a saying is this? Is this literally what happens or is this just another case of us blowing something grossly out of proportion? Well, I have come to my conclusion, but I wanted to put some information before you and let you decide for yourself.

Add Omega-3 fish oil to your diet

FOR centuries children were made to take cod liver oil as a means of preventing colds. As evil tasting as it may be, it is known to help recharge the immune system.

Volunteers on their marks for World Relays

International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) World Relays 2015 volunteers gathered recently for their first orientation and training in the build-up to the international event.

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Author of book on China in spotlight at signing

MIDDLE State University President Dr Sidney McPhee held a book signing for his publication, China Through the Eyes of an American University President, yesterday afternoon at the College of The Bahamas’ Chapter One bookstore.

Life and work of educator recognised as school renamed

THE Carmichael Primary School was renamed after veteran educator Sybil Louise Strachan yesterday after Prime Minister Perry Christie recognised “the dedication and life work” she put into the institution.

Nine picked up off Grand Bahama by Defence Force

THE Royal Bahamas Defence Force picked up nine foreign nationals yesterday morning in waters off West End, Grand Bahama.

Monday, March 9

NASSAU LIFE: BTC, BEC and other public deceptions

Last spring, I was debating with my friend Frankie Wilson, the architect of the much ballyhooed Bahamian re-taking of control of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) from Cable & Wireless.

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SAC storm back to win championship

ONE week after relinquishing their Bahamas Association of Independent Secondary Schools track and field title to the Queen’s College Comets, the St Augustine’s College regained their winning formula as they dominated the BTC/ScotiaBank National Track and Field Championships.

Public workers to lose quality health insurance

Pulling down or making one segment of the population’s life more difficult in order to raise up another group is not how you create equality.

Not enough revenue

Sanigest, the company hired by the PLP government to develop the key design features of National Health Insurance (NHI) and aid in its implementation, admits that there are shortfalls in the revenue required to support it.

Help all Bahamians

Healthcare is not just about having access to your local doctor, or hospital. Healthcare is about the health and welfare of individuals

How Bahamians’ taxes are mismanaged

WHILE in Beijing, China, last month to attend the first meeting of the Community of Latin America and Caribbean State Forum, Prime Minister Christie announced plans to request funds from China to refinance and restructure the Bahamas’ debt.

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Manhunt launched for killers armed with handgun and assault rifle

POLICE have launched an island-wide manhunt for the two suspects involved in the shooting death of 28-year-old Dantoine Burrows on Friday.

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Mitchell puts focus on own report, not recommendations by the OAS

IMMIGRATION Minister Fred Mitchell said the government is addressing issues relating to the well being of people held at the Carmichael Road Detention Centre based on an analysis from its own probe into the matter.

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FNM says fired BAMSI staff were victimised

THE FREE National Movement is calling for the reinstatement of two Bahamian specialist employees at the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Sciences Institute (BAMSI) whose terminations in recent weeks the party claims are the result of political victimisation by the Progressive Liberal Party.

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Web shop chief backs delay in licence bid deadline

THE head of the country’s largest web shop chain has confirmed that the government’s decision to extend the deadline for web shops to submit their bids for licences was due to a “discrepancy on the back taxes and the interpretation of what turnover is”.

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Police probe baby’s death

POLICE are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a one-year-old baby boy on Friday night.

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Teenager with gun ‘tried to enter stadium’

A 15-year-old boy was arrested after he was caught with a loaded handgun and several rounds of ammunition that police suspect he was attempting to carry into the Thomas A Robinson Stadium during the National High School Track and Field competition on Friday.

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Man caught in hail of bullets fired at home

A FATHER of four was shot multiple times and killed while dropping his girlfriend home late on Friday night to become the country’s 26th murder victim this year.

Public Accounts Committee report into Urban Renewal complete

ST ANNE’S MP Hubert Chipman said the House of Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee has completed its anticipated report into the operations and expenditure of Urban Renewal 2.0, adding that the findings will be released shortly.

Hield hits the winner over Jayhawks in season finale

HOW DO you follow up being named a finalist for the Wooden Award and make an emphatic statement in your bid for conference player of the year honours?

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Battle for Bimini begins

AFTER a competitive regular season, the New Providence Basketball Association is gearing up for the post-season as the teams vie for a chance to compete in the Bahamas Basketball Federation’s national round robin in Bimini in April.

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Jones is the MVP as Colonials clinch title

DESPITE getting in foul trouble in the first half, Grand Bahamian Jonquel Jones had another stellar performance in the second half to help the George Washington Colonials clinch their fifth Atlantic 10 Championship title.

Curtis earns landmark place in Division One basketball

A WEEK before “Selection Sunday”, Tristian Curtis became the first Bahamian to earn a berth in the 2015 NCAA Division One men’s basketball tournament.

‘Absolutely no excuse’

There is “absolutely no excuse” for any of the 6,000 Value-Added Tax (VAT) registrants to claim they have not been provided with the necessary information to enable them to complete accurate returns.

RoyalStar predecessor ordered: Pay out $700k

RoyalStar Assurance’s predecessor has been ordered to pay $700,000 to a Freeport apartment complex developer, reversing an earlier court ruling in a 22-year dispute.

VAT ‘fruitless’ without enforcement back-up

Value-Added Tax (VAT) will become “a fruitless exercise” unless the Government acts immediately against companies that breach its new tax law, a top private sector executive has warned.

Ex-GBPA attorney slams ‘amateurish’ Freeport promotion

A former Port Authority attorney has slammed the “aimless” and “most amateurish manner” in which Freeport has been promoted, blaming this as a key factor in the city’s failure to attract major investments over the past decade.

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Father guilty of manslaughter over death of toddler

A FATHER accused of murdering his two-year-old son pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter in the Grand Bahama Supreme Court on Wednesday, thus avoiding a trial.

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Taxi cab protest over tour operators

IRATE taxi cab drivers blocked the road at Freeport Harbour to protest what they are calling the unfair “hogging” and transport of cruise ship passengers by private tour operators.

Cable plans launch of $60-$100m pref issue

Cable Bahamas is planning to imminently tap the capital markets with another multi-million dollar preference share issue, Tribune Business can reveal.

First VAT returns: ‘Much comfort’ on $300m goal

The first-ever Value-Added Tax (VAT) returns have given the Government “a lot of comfort” that it will generate the forecast $300 million in annual revenues, Tribune Business has been told.

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Teenagers in serious condition after five-car crash

TWO TEENAGE boys are in serious condition in hospital after they were involved in a five-car collision on Yamacraw Hill Road late Saturday night.

Sports notes

THE Bahamas Softball Federation has announced the players for the Bahamas team to compete in the English Caribbean Amateur Softball Confederation (ECASC) men’s championship on March 26 to 29 at the Baillou Sporting Complex. 

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Have you seen these men?

POLICE in Abaco and Grand Bahama have asked for the public’s assistance in locating wanted suspects for a range of crimes, from murder to armed robbery. They have issued photographs of the suspects.

Drug plan: 91% of buys made in private sector

The model established by the National Prescription Drug Plan (NPDP) provides lessons for structuring the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme, given that 91 per cent of its purchases are made from private sector pharmacies.

Saturday, March 7

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Police investigate death of baby boy

POLICE are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a one-year-old baby boy.

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Shooting leaves one dead, two in hospital

One man is dead, and a man and woman are in hospital after a shooting late on Friday night.

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Man denies murdering two men from same family

A MAN denied murdering two men from the same family four years apart when he was arraigned in Supreme Court on Friday.

Friday, March 6

Masked gunmen rob Winton Super Value store

MASKED gunmen robbed the Super Value store in Winton on Friday night and escaped with a small amount of money from the cash registers.

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UPDATED: One dead, one injured in shooting

RESIDENTS of Nassau Village reacted with shock and dismay after a man was shot dead in front of a barber shop following a chase in the community shortly after 11am yesterday.

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Rhapsody to replace Enchantment for Bahamas cruises

ROYAL Caribbean have announced that Rhapsody of the Seas will take over three- and four-night Bahamas cruises from Enchantment of the Seas as part of fleet changes at Port Canaveral.

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Couple robbed in home invasion

A COUPLE were robbed of cash during a home invasion early on Friday morning in the Weddell Avenue area, Grand Bahama police have reported.

Island Luck launches self starter grant funding programme

ISLAND Luck, the country's largest webshop chain, officially launched its new self starter grant funding programme, OWN Bahamas, at the British Colonial Hilton Hotel on Thursday night.

Man dies after kiteboarding accident

POLICE are investigating a kiteboarding accident in Eleuthera that has left a 33-year-old American man dead.

Wilson: ‘Get VAT behind us’ prior to NHI Taxation

A leading businessman yesterday said the Bahamas had to “get Value-Added Tax behind us” before introducing new levies to finance the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme, which he praised as in the country’s “best interests”.

Buyers and sellers in the health marketplace

The demand for health care is limitless but funding for it is not. And any scheme has to balance essential needs with what is desired. In the last of a series of articles this week Dr Robin Roberts highlights the critical issues in the formulation of a National Health Insurance scheme for The Bahamas.

Why the high cost for residency?

I was compelled to respond in writing by way of an open letter to the editor.

We’ll all be the same under NHI scheme

Re: Public ward deaths at PMH double those of private. – The Tribune, March 3, 2015.

Stop the attacks and listen

Shoot the messenger and the message will be silenced. That seems to be a plan of attack for the Christie administration when questioned about national health insurance. It is always easy to blame somebody, like rich doctors or businessmen, to distract attention from what you’re really doing. The facts remain the facts, however, new taxes always hurt economies.

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‘Christie out of touch with Bahamians’

FREE National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis has accused Prime Minister Perry Christie of being “completely out of touch” with the plight of Bahamians who struggle to make ends meet.

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Water and Sewerage Corporation programme to improve water quality

THE Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) has begun began a three-month pilot programme to improve the overall water quality in New Providence, beginning in areas that encompass approximately 70 per cent of the island’s water demand.

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Graycliff's Chocolatier ranked among top 25 Caribbean souvenir shops

GRAYCLIFF’S Chocolatier in Nassau has been ranked among the top 25 Caribbean souvenir shops list for it’s “must have” line of chocolates by a leading travel website.

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New stamps honour World Day of Prayer

A SERIES of stamps have been launched to mark the Bahamas World Day of Prayer, annually held on the first Friday in March.

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Grand Lucayan still not in profit

THE Grand Lucayan Resort properties are still not profitable, Prime Minister Perry Christie said yesterday, adding that “critical” discussions are underway with Hutchison about finding a solution to keep the development open.

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Lawyer blasts Swift Justice for lack of efficiency

A LAWYER for one of two men acquitted of involvement in an inner-city park shooting criticised the Crown’s Swift Justice initiative yesterday for its lack of efficiency.

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Health fears for 100,000

HEALTH consultants from Sanigest Internacional estimate that more than 100,000 Bahamians – 30 per cent of the population – will not be guaranteed access to health care next year, nor will they be guaranteed protection from financial hardship if they should face a “catastrophic health event”.

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Rollins: Study how money is spent on health care

FORT Charlotte MP Dr Andre Rollins has suggested the government review the fiscal practices of those who manage the country’s public health care system and look specifically at how finances are spent in the lead up to National Health Insurance implementation.

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PM slams Minnis but gives no BAMSI answers

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday criticised Free National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis for launching “political attacks” at the government over the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Sciences Institute (BAMSI).

Life expectancy lower than other countries that spend less

THE Bahamas is not getting sufficient value from the money pumped into the health care system, consultants from Sanigest Internacional have concluded, as they revealed that the country’s life expectancy is lower than other countries that spend less on the sector.

PM remarks seen as desire for GBPA ownership change

Freeport stakeholders were yesterday interpreting statements by Prime Minister Perry Christie as a clear indication the Government will use upcoming negotiations over the city’s expiring incentives as leverage to secure a Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) ownership change.

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Smith says education regulations punish innocent children

ATTORNEY Fred Smith accused the government of “punishing innocent immigrant children” for what their parents “may or may not have done”.

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Cop killer’s appeal dismissed

A CONVICT had his hopes dashed yesterday when the Court of Appeal dismissed his appeal against conviction for the murder of a police officer outside a bar.

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DNA calls for AG to be replaced over nolle prosequi

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Deputy Chairman Ethric Bowe has called for the replacement of Allyson Maynard-Gibson as attorney general over the granting of a nolle prosequi by then acting Attorney General Jerome Fitzgerald in 2012.

Warning of heavy traffic as renovations begin at marathon mall

RESIDENTS in the Marathon area can expect “heavy traffic” next week, as phase one of renovations to the Mall at Marathon begins.

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WHILE still celebrating their historic win in the BAISS Championships last week, female jumpers Daejha Moss, Celina Thompson and Amelia Peterson yesterday led the Queen’s College Comets back into action on day one of the BTC/ScotiaBank National High School Track and Field Championships.

Freeport committee to report in 8 weeks

The Government-appointed six-member committee that will lead discussions on Freeport’s expiring investment incentives and long-term future is aiming to complete its report in eight weeks, its chairman yesterday admitting this was an “overly ambitious goal”.

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Shockers edge past Regulators

EVEN though he struggled in spurts, William ‘J R’ Rigby still managed to can a game high 30 points, including the game winning three-pointer with 3.1 seconds left on the clock.

Freeport ‘stagnated’; Cayman attracted $6bn

A well-known attorney yesterday called for Freeport’s population to double within 20 years, questioning why it had “stagnated” as its fellow hurricane-hit island, Cayman, attracted $6 billion in investments over the past decade.

‘No compelling rationale’ for exchange control end

There are “no compelling arguments” that support eliminating the Bahamas’ exchange controls regime now, a former finance minister yesterday suggesting this nation had far more important policy priorities.

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'Kimbo Slice' set for return to the octagon

SET TO return to professional fighting after more than two years on the sidelines, Bahamian born Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson will return to the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) octagon to face one of the pioneers of the sport.

PM highlights need to develop agriculture

  THE Ministry of Agriculture’s Agri-Business Expo 2015 opened yesterday at the Gladstone Road Agricultural Centre.


IN conjunction with the International Softball Federation’s (ISF) Hall of Fame inductions for Romell ‘Fish’ Knowles and Oria Wood-Knowles, the Bahamas Softball Federation (BSF) has announced the list of players, administrators, coaches and sponsors who will be inducted in its class of 2015 Hall of Fame inductees. 

Dynamic duo face top school for championship

THE dynamic Bahamian duo, Shamarr Burrows and Livingston Bromwell, have led the Ridley College Tigers to several marquee wins over the course of the 2014-15 season - and now they face the no.1 ranked school in Canada for the conference championship.

Kenton Smith impresses in final college performance

KENTON Smith ended his NCAA basketball career with another impressive performance, but it came in a losing effort as his Stetson Hatters were eliminated from conference play.

THE FINISH LINE: Tremendous turnaround for QC Comets

IT’S not how you start, nor how you get there. Most importantly, it’s how you finish.

GB tourist acquisition costs slashed by 70%

A senior tourism executive yesterday said acquisition costs for stopover visitors to Grand Bahama were on pace to drop to 30 per cent of sales value by year’s end.

Properly valuing your work skills

There are many persons who, for various reasons, leave gainful employment and find themselves unemployed, under-employed or intentionally on a ‘work sabbatical’ for extended periods of time.

Clubs and societies - March 6

Cycling Club Bahamas. - Upcoming events:

Process of turning college into university ‘well under way’

THE “process of refocusing and reframing the College of The Bahamas as the University of The Bahamas is well under way,” Prime Minister Perry Christie said during the institution’s transformational project launch ceremony.

PM optimistic about Freeport future

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday opened the Grand Bahama Business Outlook, expressing optimism in the city of Freeport and the economic revitalisation of the island.

Thursday, March 5

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Time to reform selection process for QCs

THE entire selection process for Queen’s Counsel (QC) should be fundamentally reformed. As it stands, the process is jaundiced, seemingly involves much political chicanery and not in the public’s interest. It has to become an independent, more transparent undertaking.

The horses of Harbour Island

Recently, there has been a lot of talk, lobbying and pleading by many people (too many to name) in order to stop another “ride your horse on the beach” business opening up in Harbour Island (Tribune report, March 4).

City dump

I write in response to the “Dump” fire which prompted a conversation on Guardian Radio, where a few statements were made that need correction.

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No headliner yet - but carnival tickets now on sale

TICKETS for Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival events are officially on sale online, with the Bahamas National Festival Commission saying they had successful initial purchases and a smooth transaction process.

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No discussion on delay for referendum

NATIONAL Security Minister Dr Bernard Nottage said yesterday that the government had not discussed the possibility of delaying the proposed constitutional referendum that is slated for June this year.

Oil exploration unlikely to start this year

DRILLING for an exploratory oil well is unlikely to start this year, according to Bahamas Petroleum Company (BPC) Chief Executive Officer Simon Potter.

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Weak evidence prompts judge to order jury to acquit man accused of murder

A JURY was directed yesterday to acquit a man of a late-night murder in February 2014 when a judge found that the prosecution’s recognition evidence was “vague and inherently weak”.

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PM: No decision yet on NHI tax

PRIME Minister Perry Christie said he is “amazed” by the direction the debate surrounding National Health Insurance has taken as he refuted concerns that his administration has already decided to impose additional taxes on Bahamians to fund the controversial initiative.

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PM taking time over BEC announcement

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday said he has not made any announcements on Bahamas Electricity Corporation’s restructuring because he wants to be “absolutely sure” that any government decision made is in the best interest of the country.

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Davis: I had doubts over BAMSI insurer

WORKS Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said yesterday he had doubts about the insurer of the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute’s fire damaged dormitory.

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Banks ‘lost $350,000 in a year’ because of fraud

LOCAL banks lost hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of fraud cases last year, according to Financial Services Minister Hope Strachan who suggested the “stringent” identification practice now imposed by local banks will in time hinder the “alarming trend”.

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On Da Hook

IT HAS been a fantastic week’s fishing in The Bahamas, with Bahamas Sport Fishing Network (BSFN) experts across the islands - and visitors - sending an array of photos that tell the story.

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Commonwealth American Football League to celebrate its stars

IN AN effort to bridge the generational gap, the Commonwealth American Football League (CAFL) will celebrate its current and former stars on Sunday at its first annual Legends Award Banquet.

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Five Bahamians set for NCAA showpiece

FIVE Bahamians are among the best athletes in the NCAA division one track and field as the season heads for its indoor showpiece. Sprinter Tynia Gaither and jumper Tamara Myers have qualified to represent their schools in two events for the Indoor Championships in Fayetteville, Arkansas, next week while Devynne Charlton, Shavez Hart and Latario Collie-Minns have also won places.

‘No way’ Freeport can bear two sets of taxes

There is “no way” that Freeport businesses could pay two sets of taxes, a senior private sector executive yesterday urging the Government to “definitely” renew the city’s expiring investment incentives until 2054.

Small business reforms ‘vital to our existence’

The Bahamian “family unit” will continue to be undermined by this nation’s high small business failure rate, a well-known consultant warned yesterday, urging the Government to move rapidly on legislation designed to strengthen the sector.

Bonded fuel auditing ‘completely illegal’ VAT reach expansion

The Government was yesterday accused of “a completely illegal expansion of the VAT Department’s jurisdiction” over plans to implement new systems for monitoring ‘bonded’ fuel sales in Freeport.

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A tour for now, a job for tomorrow?

THE first 50 Bahamian seafarer candidates seeking jobs onboard the Grand Celebration are on their way to becoming trained and qualified.

Call for Nottage to resign as a signal in fight against crime

THE Democratic National Alliance Deputy Chairman Ethric Bowe yesterday called for National Security Minister Dr Bernard Nottage to resign or have Prime Minister Perry Christie relieve him of his duties.

Mortimer: Bad taxes part of reason why people are dying

DNA Deputy Leader Chris Mortimer yesterday criticised the possibility of a new tax to fund the government’s proposed National Health Insurance scheme. He said the “bad tax policy” is “part of the reason we have people dying in the streets.”

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New PLP senator is selected

PRIME Minister Perry Christie announced yesterday that he has advised Governor-General Dame Marguerite Pindling to appoint Robyn-Dawn Lynes to fill the vacancy in the Senate.

Renew Bahamas: Fight against fire succeeding

OPERATIONS to limit the effects of the most recent landfill fire are proving to be successful, according to officials at Renew Bahamas.

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Mitchell defends immigration policy at Geneva meeting

IMMIGRATION Minister Fred Mitchell defended the government’s new immigration policy while speaking at the 28th session of the high level segment of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland.

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New president of Atlantis named

THE successor to George Markantonis as president and managing director of Atlantis resort was yesterday named as Paul Burke.

Bahamas ‘unique’ for high private health coverage

The Bahamas is “unique” among countries looking to adopt a national health insurance scheme because private insurance penetration is relatively high, leading the Government’s consultants to recommend that the sector be incorporated into proposed reforms.

BISX listee’s chief loses SEC lawsuit dismissal bid

A BISX-listed firm’s chief executive, and its main broker/dealer subsidiary, yesterday lost their bid to dismiss a US federal regulator’s lawsuit against them over an alleged $400 million fraud.

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Wanted notice issued after man hurt in shooting

POLICE have issued a wanted bulletin for 23-year-old Cordero Johnson, who is wanted in connection with a shooting on Tuesday.

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Man convicted of killing Marco Archer gets appeal date

A MAN on death row for the murder of an 11-year-old boy will have his substantive appeal hearing before the Court of Appeal in two months.

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Bacon: I am in fear of my life if I return to The Bahamas

HEDGE FUND billionaire Louis Bacon claims he cannot return to the Bahamas, his home for many years, because he is in “fear for his life and the safety of his family”.

Fraud examiners eye 2015 plans

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ (ACFE) Bahamas Chapter has held its first quarterly meeting and social for 2015

THE ART OF GRAPHIX: Putting a face on painting creativity

The name ‘Candy Clowns’ has created a sparkle in the eyes and heart of every child who is looking for the experience of a lifetime. This face painting business can be seen all over town at fairs, fun days, promotional events and parties.

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Top BSSA teams square off in title battle

THE TOP teams in the Bahamas Scholastic Sports Association (BSSA) - the smaller private schools in the country - have been squaring off this week in a battle for the coveted title of basketball champions.

Shanea Armrbsiter ends junior career as game’s top scorer

HER junior career has come to a close, now high-scoring wing Shanea Armbrister will turn her sights towards making her mark in the the upper echelons of college basketball.

Shanea Armrbsiter ends junior career as game’s top scorer

HER junior career has come to a close, now high-scoring wing Shanea Armbrister will turn her sights towards making her mark in the the upper echelons of college basketball.

Legal changes ‘tighten’ Central Bank oversight

Amendments to the Banks and Trust Companies Regulations Act will “tighten” Central Bank oversight and bring this nation into full compliance with international banking’s best supervisory practices, the Minister of State for Finance said yesterday.

Global breaches increase bank’s $342k fraud loss

International fraud is increasingly hitting Bahamian banks and their customers, a Cabinet minister yesterday disclosing data breaches at major US retailers had cost one local institution $341,644 in its last financial year.

Wednesday, March 4

The medical bill: Paying for National Health Care

The issues surrounding the introduction and implementation of a National Health Insurance scheme in The Bahamas – scheduled for January 2016 – are complex and emotive. In the third of a series of articles this week Dr Robin Roberts looks at the challenges in generating the revenue to meet the exorbitant costs of the plan.

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Pilot stays behind bars ahead of appeal

A PILOT recently convicted in connection with a $1m drug seizure will remain behind bars until the conclusion of his appeal, the Court of Appeal ruled yesterday.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: A chance to make the waterfront a splash hit

THERE is no denying that it needs to happen.

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Concern over horse plan for Harbour Island

RESIDENTS and businesses in Harbour Island have formed a “coalition” to fight the reinstatement of a horse riding enterprise on the basis that the owner, Byron Bullard, cannot sustain the practice “humanely”.

BAMSI insurance

Please permit me to share my views on the Minister of Works’ recent disclosure that the Contractors Insurance at BAMSI had expired, due to the delay in completion and the contractor had not extended the same.

Government secrets

For many months the government of The Bahamas has been working on a national health insurance plan.

Time to legalise marijuana?

How would one tell if a person was under the influence of marijuana, short of taking a blood test?

The big secret - Bay Street’s redevelopment

WE WELCOME Mr John Issa’s return to the columns of The Tribune from which he has been absent for far too long. Mr Issa, executive chairman of Super Clubs Breezes, has returned to jotting his monthly “View from Afar”, the second column of which appears on page 7 of today’s Tribune.

Port ambulance on loan to cover Grand Bahama shortage

A Freeport Container Port company ambulance is on loan as “back up” to the Rand Memorial Hospital, which is facing a shortage of working ambulances in Grand Bahama.

Documents required by December to meet student immigration requirements

STUDENTS who do not meet the new immigration requirements for the fall semester will have until the end of December to produce the required documents before the Immigration Department intervenes, according to Education Director Lionel Sands.

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Government waits for council suggestion on minimum wage

THE government is awaiting a recommendation from the National Tripartite Council on what the country’s new minimum wage should be, Labour Minister Shane Gibson said yesterday.

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$325,000 payout for man left paraplegic by police brutality

THE Court of Appeal awarded more than $300,000 in general damages to a man who became a paraplegic as a result of an incident with police officers in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

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PM blasts ‘rich doctors’ over criticism of NHI plan

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday defended the government’s proposal to implement its proposed National Health Insurance scheme and lashed out at “rich doctors” and politicians who have the money to afford private healthcare.

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Miller: NHI to bring job cuts

TALL Pines MP Leslie Miller yesterday said he fears that the implementation of National Health Insurance will spark mass layoffs in the health insurance industry, an area he predicted will see grave affects on profit margins from the proposed plan.

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Dale Davis signs for Texas Rangers

Dale Davis has signed a contract with the Texas Rangers to become the first player from the Maximum Development Sports Academy (MaxD) programme to sign with a Major League baseball team.

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Jonquel Jones holds court for the George Washington Colonials

ALTHOUGH the George Washington Colonials women’s junior female basketball player will be the first to tell you that her team performances are the priority, Jonquel Jones just can’t help racking up the individual awards.

NHI’s 10% auto tax plan ‘inappropriate’

Proposals to part-finance National Health Insurance (NHI) via a 10 per cent tax on auto insurance premiums were yesterday branded “inappropriate” by a leading underwriter, who warned it would undermine a key Government policy objective.

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DNA leader blasts Gray for ‘bad governance’

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney yesterday added his name to the growing list of persons “worried about what is going on” at the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Sciences Institute (BAMSI).

Cable: URCA regulations ‘impede’ mobile roll-out

Cable Bahamas has warned that the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority’s (URCA) own infrastructure sharing regulations will prevent the winning mobile bidder from meeting the Government’s “ambitious” network roll-out targets.

‘Big sigh of relief’ over Gov’t U-turn

Freeport’s private sector was yesterday breathing “a huge sigh of relief” after the Government abandoned plans to levy Value-Added Tax (VAT) on ‘bonded’ fuel sales.

NHI to generate $157m savings within decade

The proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme will generate annual savings greater than $157 million within 10 years of implementation, the Government’s consultants promising it will stem the “alarming growth rate” in healthcare spending.

Second Disney passenger has swimming accident

DISNEY Cruise Line has confirmed that there were two swimming incidents – one fatal, one serious – involving passengers on two separate cruise ships last week at Castaway Cay.

Average 34-minute wait time for ambulances

NINETY per cent of ambulance delays in New Providence in 2012-2013 were due to “a lack of availability of a unit”, a report prepared by the government’s international consultants Sanigest Internacional found.

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Gomez: Flaws show need for National Health Insurance

HEALTH Minister Dr Perry Gomez yesterday insisted that the inefficiencies within the public health care system underscore the need for National Health Insurance, saying the government hopes to upgrade facilities to improve care throughout the country.

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A return to Andros to inspire the next generation

PUPILS from five schools in South Andros gathered for a special assembly at Kemp’s Bay High School on Monday as the Governor General, Dame Marguerite Pindling, and Prime Minister Perry Christie, visited and took time to inspire them to aim high.

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Golden Girls & Kings of the World: The fast track to team glory

Alpheus Finlayson looks at how The Bahamas built a reputation for relays excellence over half a century.

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Wreckers, Cybots win double header

THE New Providence Basketball Association continued its regular season action on Tuesday night at the AF Adderley Gymnasium with the Y-Care Wreckers and the Mail Boat Cybots winning the double header.

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Sponsor sets sail once again with Family Island Regatta

FRESH from their sponsorship of the St. Valentine’s Massacre in Montagu Bay, the Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company has announced their partnership with the organisers of the 62nd National Family Island Regatta that will be held in Georgetown, Exuma from April 21-25.

‘Concern’ on last minute VAT filings

Top private sector executives yesterday said there was likely to have been a significant Monday rush to meet the Value-Added Tax (VAT) filing deadline, while admitting “some concern” that so many businesses had waited until the last minute.

BSC Basketball Classic underway

THE Baptist Sports Council kicked off its 2015 Basketball Classic on Saturday at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex.

Task Force urges ‘automatic’ VAT accounting qualification

The Government-appointed Value-Added Tax (VAT) Education Task Force has recommended that qualifying businesses automatically be permitted to use either flat rate or cash-based accounting to calculate their tax liabilities.

Quarterly VAT filers are urged: Be more frequent

Companies that have to submit quarterly Value-Added Tax (VAT) returns should seek to make advance payments, a member of the Government-appointed VAT Education Task Force recommended yesterday.

Tuesday, March 3

‘More than 37,000 Bahamians’ are living with diabetes

GIVEN the overwhelming number of diabetes cases in the Bahamas, the ACE Diabetes Support Group reaffirmed its commitment this year to continuously bring awareness and educate people on how the disease can be prevented and managed so that little to no complications occur.

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Bahamian UWI student wins Caribbean pageant crown

IT is one thing for a beauty queen to capture a crown in her own country, but it is quite an achievement for her to do so in another country.

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POLITICOLE: The role of women in their inequality

THE Bahamas is sickeningly unprogressive in its stance on the equality of women and men.

Designing a national health care initiative for Bahamians

Dr Robin Roberts continues his examination of the complex and emotive issues surrounding the impending introduction of a National Health Insurance scheme. In the second part of a series this week he looks at which system might suit The Bahamas best against the background of political, economic and cultural realities.

Little Harbour development

I am writing to you concerning the current plan by Winding Bay/Southworth Development to put a marina, store and snack bar in the small, residential community of Little Harbour.

Time to stop the damage

You are correct. Lots of young black men are dying, but it’s not because of the absence of national health insurance.

Beware the promises of the national health scheme

WE HAVE been told that the report for the introduction of a National Health scheme, prepared by Sanigest Internacional, a Costa Rican firm, which was delivered to the government on October 12 last year, is not for general consumption.

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DNA calls for police probe of BEC bribe

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney yesterday called for the Royal Bahamas Police Force to investigate the $300,000 bribe allegedly paid to unnamed Bahamian official to secure a Bahamas Electricity Corporation deal by a foreign power company more than a decade ago.

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Cop accused of making child porn back in court

A FORMER police officer is one hearing closer to the expected start of his trial in connection with the production of child pornography.

Three out of four ambulances out of action in Grand Bahama

THREE of the four ambulances on Grand Bahama are out of service, resulting in a critical shortage of transport cover over the weekend. 


ENGINE failure and a faulty landing gear were listed as the probable causes for last year’s fatal plane crash near Clifton Pier, according Civil Aviation’s final report.

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Agriculture minister has no answers on BAMSI insurance

AGRICULTURE Minister V Alfred Gray yesterday said he was unable to answer questions persisting over Southern Alliance, the company reportedly responsible for the insurance of the Bahamas Agricultural and Marine Sciences Institute’s dormitory, which was destroyed by fire in January.

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Hospital death rates revealed

DEATH rates for patients at the Princess Margaret Hospital’s public wards are more than 100 per cent higher than those of patients in the facility’s private wards, a report prepared by international accounting firm Sanigest Internacional found.

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Woman in tears as she is accused of murder

A WOMAN was led away from a courtroom in tears yesterday after she was arraigned in connection with the death of a female whose partially burned body was found with a “black cord” wrapped around her neck.

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Tax ‘will cripple middle class and kill the poor’

IF THE Government implements another tax on top of Value added Tax it will “cripple the middle class and kill the poor”, FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis said yesterday.

Retailers: Gov’t ‘drops the ball’ on VAT pricing

The Bahamas Federation of Retailers (BFR) yesterday accused the Government of “dropping the ball” on the Value-Added Tax (VAT) pricing, adding that it was “out of touch” with the reality of doing business in the Bahamas.

Healthy living made simple

In 2013, Americans spent a little over $2 billion in the anti-aging market. Globally, the anti-aging market was estimated to be worth $122.3 billion in 2013, and is now being estimated to be worth $191.7 billion by 2019.

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What are you aiming for?

ONE thing that I know for sure is that life is intentional.  There is really no coincidence. Everything connects to everything else. This means that every thought you think produces a result or some kind. If you think in non-specific terms, you live non-specific results. 

All about those “Boobies”

THE obsession with cosmetic breast surgery, the reconstruction process post-cancer as well as the taboo surrounding breast cancer in men are all topics addressed in a new play aptly titled “Boobies”.

Cable’s ‘grave concerns’ on URCA facilities share plan

Cable Bahamas has “genuine and grave concerns” that mobile competition market could be thwarted by regulatory demands mandating that the second operate co-locate its network on the Bahamas Telecommunications Company’s (BTC) existing infrastructure.

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NPA basketball team sets sights on classroom

They opted not to compete in the country’s most prestigious basketball tournament, but members of the Noble Preparatory Academy senior boys basketball team have their sights set on a greater prize in the classroom.


FROM generation to generation, from ancestor to ancestor, a passage is paved for us. But are we responsible for picking up the baton and continuing where each generation left off or should it be passed to us?

Sports notes

THE New Providence Volleyball Association kicked off its best-of-five championship series on Sunday at the DW Davis Gymnasium.

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Britenique Harrison makes her mark at the Tigers

BAHAMIAN Britenique ‘Brit or Big Baby’ Harrison is making a name for herself as a member of the Benedict College Tigers women’s basketball team.

SPORTING MISCHIEF & MAYHEM: Fans Jumping on the Kobe bandwagon . . . at last

Here’s what’s been tickling my brain all weekend. You see, we have some of the most fickle fan bases when it comes to sports in this country.

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Bahamian connection on track at ‘Big Ten’

THE Bahamian connection of Devynne Charlton and Carmiesha Charlton and coaches Rolando ‘Lonnie’ Greene and Norbert Elliott of the Purdue University Boilermakers celebrated success at the Big Ten Indoor Championships over the weekend in Geneva, Ohio.

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Their storybook season and playoff run ended this weekend, but a dynamic trio of Bahamians led the Niagra College men’s basketball programme to a historic season.

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WITH the Bahamas Association of Independent Secondary Schools’ 27th Track and Field Championships going to the Queen’s College Comets, Senator Greg Burrows said the excitement has soared going into the Ministry of Education’s National High School Track and Field Championships this weekend.

‘Enormous savings’ for firms, NHI report says

The proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme will “create enormous savings for firms of all sizes”, the plan’s consultants tout in their October 2014 report to the Christie administration.

Shriners group helps children with orthopaedic problems

AN international fraternity has announced its intention to assist local physicians and medical facilities with treatment, education and equipment for children suffering from orthopaedic problems.

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Bringing the gift of hearing to little Perron

THE Rotary Club of East Nassau has donated free hearing aids and audiology services to a toddler suffering from a mild hearing loss.

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Gibson welcomes labour group chief

SHANE Gibson, minister of labour and national insurance, yesterday welcomed Guy Ryder, director-general of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), to a conference focusing on labour issues, youth employment and related matters.

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Lawyer ordered to continue representing man in appeal

THE Court of Appeal yesterday ordered a lawyer on record for a man convicted of attempted murder to appear for the substantive appeal hearing in a month’s time.

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Host vows to go on as Kreyol Connection radio show axed

RADIO personality Louby Georges yesterday wrote “freedom of speech is dead” on his Facebook page after revealing his talk-show would no longer be broadcast on Guardian Talk Radio.

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Renew Bahamas unsure of cause of latest dump blaze

OFFICIALS at Renew Bahamas, the company contracted to remediate the New Providence landfill, said they are not certain what caused a surface fire at the site.

US passenger dies during Disney cruise

A SECOND passenger in four days has died while vacationing on a Disney cruise to The Bahamas.

Gov’t ignoring own advice in push for NHI

The Government appears be ignoring its own decade-old advice not to proceed with National Health Insurance (NHI) until there is “real growth” in jobs and its own finances, the private sector yesterday agreeing these conditions had not been met.

Freeport accuses Gov’t of breaching two laws

The Government was yesterday accused of breaching two laws with its new demand that Value-Added Tax (VAT) be levied on bonded fuel sales to Freeport businesses, who slammed its “my way or the highway” approach.

Doctors chief: NHI a ‘last straw’ for many businesses

National Health Insurance (NHI) and its costs could be “the last straw for many a business”, Doctors Hospital’s president said yesterday, adding that too many questions remain over how the scheme will be implemented.

BTC seeks more time on facility-sharing deals

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) is urging the sector regulator to give it more time to both develop a list of its infrastructure facilities, and negotiate facility sharing agreements with rival operators.

Monday, March 2

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INSIGHT: Can BAMSI really eat into the $1 billion food import bill?

“BAMSI is such a sham. All you need to farm is ground, water and seeds. Why spend millions on dorms? What an a@#hat idea. Farming is about getting dirty and living off the land. Once again, millions spent for no purpose other than to sell Bahamians a false dream. Get your a#$ on your hands and knees and start tilling soil -- that’s how you farm. It’s not a banking job you know.”

A National Health Insurance plan for The Bahamas

Health care is essential, a fundamental right, good - and extremely expensive. With the latest National Health Insurance scheme set for implementation at the start of next year, Dr Robin Roberts sets out what is at stake and urges Bahamians - the people who matter most - to engage in the debate and make their views known.

Governing against the national intent

The evidence at hand suggests that this present government is hell-bent on taking this nation down a path that is against what Bahamians call the “national intent”. There are choices that citizens make and there are decisions that administrations make, and this Government seems to be on a path that makes us question their intentions.

Gray and his defence of Christie

On page A3 of Saturday’s 21st February issue of The Nassau Guardian appeared an article under the heading “Gray: Some PLP backbenchers need to revaluate political futures.”

Financial accounting needed on PMH Critical Care Block

BEFORE the May 2012 elections, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham toured the Princess Margaret Hospital’s state-of-the-art critical care unit, which by then was 95 per cent complete.

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Minnis: Supposed BAMSI insurer does not exist

FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday claimed the company reportedly responsible for the insurance of the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute’s (BAMSI) fire damaged dormitory “does not exist”.

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Still no headliner for carnival

LONG Island MP Loretta Butler Turner said she is surprised by the government’s apparent struggle to secure a headliner for the inaugural carnival, adding that this reinforces her belief that efforts should have focused on capitalising on Junkanoo, the country’s greatest cultural expression.

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Father shot dead as murders continue to rise

HOMICIDES this year have outpaced last year’s count for the same period by more than 20 per cent as police hunt for clues in the killing of a prominent doctor’s son.

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Further taxes too on alcohol and tobacco and rise in NIB ceiling

GOVERNMENT consultants have suggested the Christie administration levy a 5.8 per cent pay roll tax, increase taxes on “luxury items” such as alcohol and tobacco and “double” the ceiling for National Insurance Board contributions to fund the proposed National Health Insurance scheme, The Tribune understands.

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Butler-Turner calls for support to help more women run for office

FORMER Free National Movement Deputy Leader Loretta Butler Turner lamented the fact that women are “underrepresented” in the House of Assembly and Cabinet, as she urged political parties to help create an environment of inclusion that will prompt more women to run for public office.

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Mitchell to defend immigration policy at geneva meeting

FOREIGN Affairs and Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell will offer a defence of this country’s human rights record and immigration policies during a special, high-level meeting of the United Nations’ Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, tomorrow.

‘Heightened’ enforcement promised for VAT

THE government has promised “heightened” enforcement measures for the implementation of value added tax.

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Recycling plant out of action since plane crash

A RECYCLING plant in Freeport, Grand Bahama has been out of operation since November 9 when a Learjet carrying Dr Myles Munroe and eight others to a leadership conference crashed into its facility, destroying its generator and causing damages worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

VAT to hit CIBC operating costs

CIBC FirstCaribbean believes the factors that drove a 74.8 per cent first quarter profit increase will remain present throughout 2015, even though Value-Added Tax (VAT) will grow its Bahamian subsidiary’s operating expenses.

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Cycling team raises $3,000 during Ride for Hope event

THE CB Pirates, a 10-member cycling team, pedalled a combined total of 250 miles raising $3,000 during the ninth annual Ride for Hope (R4H) biking event in New Providence last month. The ride is held annually to raise funds to aid the fight against cancer.

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Barracudas win invitational meet

THE Barracuda Swim Club won their Atlantic Medical Barracuda Invitational meet over the weekend at the Betty Kelly Kenning Swim Complex.

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Comets celebrate a new era

THE Queen’s College Comets celebrated the start of a new era as the curtain came down on the 27th edition of the Bahamas Independent Secondary School’s’ Track and Field Championships on Friday.

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Arianna thanks BTC for helping boost her profile

WITH a string of glittering performances and a name like Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace you would have thought that public recognition would come easily.

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Youth shines for All-Stars

SUPER Value Cybots Queens’ forward Tracy Lewis led a balanced scoring attack on Saturday at the DW Davis Gymnasium as the President’s All-Stars used their youthfulness to out-shine the more experienced Vice Presidents.

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Robinson hoping to help launch a new golden era

THE Golden Girls era is finally over, but V’Alonée Robinson is hoping that she can be one of the athletes to help with the resurgence of the Bahamas women’s relay team.

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Walteia Rolle returns for second season with seattle storm

LAST season marked a career milestone for Waltiea Rolle and this season, that opportunity has been extended as she continues her career in the Women’s National Basketball Association.

CIBC regional chief ‘more optimistic’ on Bahamas recovery

CIBC FirstCaribbean’s regional chief executive is “certainly more optimistic” about the Bahamas’ immediate recovery prospects compared to many of its local rivals, describing the Caribbean economy as having reached “a tipping point”.

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City dump is on fire yet again

THE New Providence landfill is on fire again, Fire Chief Walter Evans confirmed yesterday.

FNM delegation turned away from BAMSI and told farm is closed

A FREE National Movement delegation led by Dr Hubert Minnis was turned away from the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) site yesterday by security officers who claimed “the farm was closed”.

Search for armed robbers

POLICE in Grand Bahama are investigating an armed robbery that occurred in the Caravel Beach area.

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Death of woman found with cord round neck classified as homicide

POLICE expect to bring charges against a woman today in the “suspicious death” of Ariel Lowe, who was discovered by firefighters with a “black cord” tied around her neck last week.

AID blames VAT for 41% drop in sales growth rate

A leading retailer is blaming Value-Added Tax (VAT) for a 41 per cent drop in the sales growth rate at its Nassau stores, while calling on the Government to extend ‘exclusive’ pricing beyond hotels and dine-in restaurants.

S&P ‘wants more’ from Gov’t on spending curbs

Standard & Poor’s (S&P) wants “more detail” from the Government on how it plans to curb its spending, its lead Bahamas analyst describing 2015 as “a pivotal year” for this nation and its economy.

Gov’t still too slow over VAT ‘cobwebs’

The Government is still moving too slowly for the private sector’s liking in clearing the “last remaining cobwebs” surrounding unresolved Value-Added Tax (VAT) concerns.

FNM deputy leader fears for poor over new taxes

Any further tax increases will have “an undesirable effect” on the most vulnerable segments of Bahamian society, the FNM’s deputy leader has warned.

Athlete awards to honour the best students at ceremony

THE Grand Bahama Scholar-Athlete Awards and Scholarship Dinner - presented by Emera and H &L School Supplies and Bookstores - will honour the best primary and high school students in Grand Bahama on April 19 at the Hilton Outten Convention Centre.

$5.5m Port Lucaya acquisition closes

A UK investor has finally closed his long-awaited $5.5 million purchase of Freeport’s Port Lucaya Marketplace, the Prime Minister has disclosed.

CIBC promises to expand Bahamas Mortgage centres

CIBC FirstCaribbean plans to open more dedicated ‘Mortgage and Loan’ centres in the Bahamas this year following the inaugural location’s “tremendous success”, its regional chief executive pledging further investment in this nation.