Renew Bahamas: Fight Against Fire Succeeding


Tribune Staff Reporter


OPERATIONS to limit the effects of the most recent landfill fire are proving to be successful, according to officials at Renew Bahamas.

Company executives yesterday maintained that more than a quarter of the area affected from Saturday night’s fire at the Harold Road landfill had been covered. According to officials, while smoke is still being discharged from the area, it is lighter and thinner.

The fire began around 8pm on Saturday. The fire services branch of the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) was contacted and work crews were immediately mobilised to contain the fire.

“The team continues its plan of action, using a combination of heavy duty and specialist equipment to extinguish the remaining pockets of fire and suppress the smoke,” Renew Bahamas, the company contracted to remediate the landfill, said.

“Residents in the surrounding communities may experience some discomfort from smoke, depending on the wind direction. Residents in affected areas are advised to stay indoors and keep windows closed.”

The company has not revealed the cause of the latest fire.

Since commencing operations at the Harold Road site, the company has been plagued by arson attacks at the landfill, a problem that has persisted for decades.

This latest fire marks the fourth blaze at the site since January. In recent weeks, there has been an increase in complaints from residents near the site about smoke.

Renew Bahamas President and CEO Gerhard Beukes in February announced his company’s plans to build and manage the nation’s first materials recycling facility at the Harold Road landfill. The “multi-faceted, 125,000 square foot facility” has been marketed as the start of converting one of the nation’s biggest issues into a true “Bahamian success story”.


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