Stories for May 2015


Saturday, May 30

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Man shot dead in Yellow Elder Gardens

Police are seeking the public's help after a man was shot dead on Friday night.

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$6m contract signed for new Police Fire Station

A $6 MILLION contract for the construction of a new state-of-the art Police Fire Station in Grand Bahama, which has been without one since the devastating hurricanes of 2004, has been signed.

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BJC exam breach not caused by students, says Sands

STUDENTS were not responsible for causing a reported national high school "examination security breach", Education Director Lionel Sands confirmed on Friday.

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Public Accounts Committee Chairman stands firm over challenge to Speaker order

THE chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has defended his position to challenge a recent order by the Speaker of the House of Assembly to suspend the committee’s controversial investigation into Urban Renewal.

Friday, May 29

Friends pay tribute to murder victim

FRIENDS of 31-year-old Merit Forbes have covered the blood-stained area where he was killed in Pinewood Gardens on Thursday with sand and placed a flower on top in his memory.

A Celebration of Psalms

THIS Sunday, the Christ the King Contemporary Gospel Chorale will celebrate five years of ministry with a concert under the theme “A Celebration of Psalms”.

A Culture of Life - Part 2

“People work harder for earthly rewards that last a few years than they do for heavenly ones that last forever.”

Spiritual Warfare 101 - Part 3

“When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walks through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he finds it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goes he, and takes with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.”

Pastors group says ‘don’t stop praying’

PASTORS of Prayer recently celebrated their 12th anniversary at the Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church in Pastel Gardens.

Understanding the power of prayer

A CONFERENCE hosted by the Calvary Deliverance Church seeks to give believers a deeper understanding about the power of prayer.

MEDITATION: Pentecost Party

THIS is the birthday of the Church that marks the beginning of ministry after our Lord’s departure. This party lasts for the rest of the year until Advent starts the Church’s year all over again at the end of November. The coming of the Holy Spirit is a most glorious event and we need to remain intoxicated with this Spirit, one which leaves no hangover.

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THE FINISH LINE: Justin following in tennis ace Mark Knowles’ footsteps

IT’S not how you start, nor how you get there. Most importantly, it’s how you finish.

Sports notes

THE New Providence Cycling Association is expected to be back in action with a time trial and road race this weekend.

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Ministry of Education says 'Don't play Charlie Charlie'

THE Ministry of Education has sent a memo to school administrators around the country, urging them to prevent students from playing the "Charlie Charlie" game that some believe involves the summoning of supernatural spirits.

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‘Desuetude’ trips Charles Hamilton at Scripps Spelling Bee

CHARLES Hamilton Jr, the Bahamas representative in the 2015 Scripps National Spelling Bee, performed creditably in the early rounds in Washington, DC, as 285 hopefuls battled for places in the semi-finals of the prestigious event this week.

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Former Senator Mizpah Tertullien laid to rest

FORMER Senator Mizpah Tertullien was laid to rest following a state-recognised funeral at St Francis Cathedral, West Street, Nassau, on Friday morning.

Gov’t urged: Cut Business Licence top rate to 1%

The Government was yesterday urged to “go further” on its Business Licence reforms and drop the maximum rate to 1 per cent, a move that would boost private sector profits and economic growth.

Court ruling could open path to first general union in country

TRADE Union Congress president Obie Ferguson has revealed that a court ruling has cleared the way for the first general union in The Bahamas.

Debasement in the streets

In The Bahamas, there is much concern with circumstances where many things seem to be out of order, need to be fixed, corruption and confusion. While there is progress in some areas, the leaders in their rush to correct things make poor choices and leave God out.

Affordable dream

Thank you for allowing me the space to write my perspective on something I feel is very important as a Bahamian finishing school overseas and considering my return home. From what I have been reading in the Bahamian papers online for the last few months, 70% of Bahamians have no health insurance and over one third lack any affordable access to quality healthcare.

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Deal aims to improve air links with China

TRANSPORT and Aviation Minister Glenys Hanna Martin yesterday formally signed a memorandum of understanding on an air services agreement between the People’s Republic of China and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

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Allen welcomes $20m for youth unemployment

URBAN Renewal Co-chair Algernon Allen yesterday said the government’s budgetary allocation of $20m towards tackling youth unemployment will have a “significant social impact”, adding that the funds will be “easily” integrated into a “wide range” of areas in the Urban Renewal programme.

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$14m allocated for unspecified capital works at BAMSI

THE Christie administration has allocated $21m in the upcoming fiscal year for the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute in North Andros, according to 2015/2016 budget draft estimates.

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Less money for the fight against crime

AS the murder rate for the year continues to climb, Prime Minister Perry Christie said during his budget communication on Wednesday that the government has invested a “significant” amount of money in the Royal Bahamas Police Force to help it obtain additional manpower and resources to enhance its presence and visibility around New Providence.

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Ingraham ‘not coming back’

FORMER Deputy Prime Minister Frank Watson said he does not believe that Hubert Ingraham plans to leave retirement and wrest the leadership of the Free National Movement from current leader Dr Hubert Minnis.

Toxicologist joins Rubis probe

TOXICOLOGY expert Dr Rik van de Weerdt has arrived in The Bahamas to assist and support the government’s investigations into the gasoline spill at the Rubis station on Robinson Road.


Bahamas National Trust. – Bahamas National Trust science officer Agnessa Lundy and education officer Scott Johnson have been selected as participants in the 2015 Conservation Leadership in the Caribbean (CLiC) fellows programme.

‘Premature’ to hand back VAT windfall

A top private sector executive yesterday warned it might be “premature” for the Government to start ‘handing back’ its Value-Added Tax (VAT) windfall via other tax breaks, arguing that deficit reduction was the priority.

Bay Street fears over VAT refund scheme are eased

Bay Street’s “very serious concerns” over the proposed VAT refund scheme for duty-free shopping were yesterday said to have eased, with the Government now looking at exempting genuine tourists from the 7.5 per cent levy.

Turnquest queries Budget’s ‘trickery’

The Opposition’s deputy leader yesterday questioned whether there was “some trickery” in the Budget numbers for the current and future fiscal years, noting that recurrent spending actually exceeded projections for 2014-2015.

‘No free ride’ over $1.2bn debt spend

The Government’s plan to spend more than $1.2 billion over the next three fiscal years on servicing the Bahamas’ national debt was yesterday backed by a top private sector executive, who warned: “There’s no free ride.”

Woman whose sister was killed stands up for victims of domestic violence

TEN years ago, Shavone Munnings lost her sister, Tiffany, in a domestic violence incident.

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Union backtracks on position over Ocean Club job cuts

BAHAMAS Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union representatives yesterday shifted their stance on the recent layoffs at the One & Only Ocean Club ahead of the Paradise Island resort’s planned multi-million dollar renovation this summer.

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‘Splash brother’ Klay will be fine for the NBA Finals

What most analysts originally considered too long a break between the NBA Conference Finals and the Finals turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Bahamian Klay Thompson as he recovers from a concussion.

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Stage all set for thrilling finish as Sadie Curtis leads the pack

WITH just seven points separating teams at the top of the standings, the stage is set for a thrilling finish today on day three of the New Providence Public Primary School’s Sports Association Track and Field Championships.

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Rise in budget for 24 departments

A REVIEW of the spending estimates for the 2015/2016 budget reveals that 24 government departments and ministries will receive allocation increases in the new fiscal year while 29 will have their allocations reduced.

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Ground broken on special needs facility

GOVERNMENT officials yesterday held a ground breaking ceremony for a multi-service centre for adults with developmental disabilities.

The legacy continues - Aldo Stubbs and Friends to host praise concert

LEGACY is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past. This is the case in the life of Aldo Stubbs.

Nicole Martin and team re-elected by union

PRESIDENT of the Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union Nicole Martin and members of her executive team were successfully re-elected after the union held an election on Wednesday.

Bon Jovi delivers strong start to Atlantis season

FOR more than an hour and a half on Sunday night, they rocked and sang along as he sat stationary on a stool, plucking away at his guitar, singing songs millions have grown to love.

Call for government to end uncertainty over equality referendum

CITIZENS for Constitutional Equality, a non-partisan, civil society network, has renewed calls for the government to make a decision on the proposed constitutional referendum and remove all uncertainty over the country’s position on gender equality.

Thursday, May 28

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Man dies in hospital after shooting

A MAN died in hospital Thursday night shortly after he was shot in the Pinewood Gardens subdivision.

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Ministry confirms high school exam 'security breach'

A national high school examination has to be re-written and redistributed following an “examination security breach,” the Ministry of Education confirmed yesterday.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Is our flagship hospital sinking under a lack of care?

THE Princess Margaret Hospital is supposed to be the flagship institution of healthcare in the Bahamas, yet it exemplifies everything that is wrong with the decision-making for people in the Bahamas and with those making the decisions.

Stop the speeding drivers

Airport Gateway Road knocking down of street lights.

FNMs for Minnis

On Monday, May 18, The Nassau Guardian’s  “National Review” termed it a Critical Point and in the view of former FNM Deputy Frank Watson, the FNM was not ready for a general election. This is the only utterance of Watson that could be termed as a fact.

Enough is enough

The Bible said your foes are of your own household; and a chorus said your enemy cannot harm you but keep an eye on those who are supposed to be your friends.

Partial National Health without tax to be introduced

PRIME MINISTER Christie looked down the dark tunnel and found what we all told him he would find — darkness. The light that he had hoped would be there was not there, neither was there an economy, or a people who could afford to be taxed to supply his much-heralded National Health Insurance scheme.

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$110m collected in VAT in first three months

THE government has collected $110m in value added tax payments during the first three months of the year, Prime Minister Perry Christie told the House of Assembly yesterday.

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Selection of mobile provider has been delayed

THE selection of the country’s second cellular mobile provider has been delayed, Prime Minister Perry Christie revealed during his 2015-2016 Budget communication yesterday.

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‘My murdered daughter died in my arms’

LEVITA Thurston said she will never forget the blank look in her daughter’s eyes as she lay dead and cold in her arms after being shot in the head in front of their home.

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Duty rate on cars cut, but ban on vehicles over ten years old

PRIME Minister Perry Christie said the revenue performance of value added tax (VAT) since its implementation in January has opened the door for several customs duty reductions and some tariff eliminations to ease the burden on Bahamians.

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No new tax ‘at this time’ to pay for NHI scheme

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday insisted that his administration is not “stupid” in its handling of the economy as he announced the government’s decision not to impose additional taxes on Bahamians “at this time” to fund the roll-out of National Health Insurance (NHI).

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Deficit cut by ‘two-thirds’

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday boasted of his administration’s fiscal achievements during the last financial year as he expressed optimism in the continued growth of the economy going into the 2015/2016 budget cycle.

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FNM says budget lacks detail and is full of misplaced optimism

THE Free National Movement yesterday criticised Prime Minister Perry Christie’s 2015/2016 Budget communication, saying that it lacked detail and was a “fanciful” document filled with misplaced optimism.

‘Don’t get giddy’ over beating deficit target

The Government was yesterday urged not to become “giddy” over beating its 2014-2015 fiscal deficit projections by almost 31 per cent, as the Prime Minister moved to return “the dividends from the successful Value-Added Tax (VAT) regime” to hard-pressed Bahamians.

Constituency allowances up by $12,000

STATE Minister for Finance Michael Halkitis tabled a bill in the House of Assembly yesterday that will raise the annual constituency office allowance of members of Parliament by $12,000 to $30,000 a year.

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Website launched to focus on Bahamian issues

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday announced the launch of new government website aimed at facilitating an ongoing national conversation about the country’s future.

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PM repeats that Baha Mar resolution is near

DURING his budget communication yesterday Prime Minister Perry Christie said Baha Mar’s developer is nearing the end of talks with its general contractor on the completion of the project and the announcement of the resort’s opening date.

$20m youth employment drive includes scheme similar to 52-week job plan

THE Christie administration has budgeted $20m during the next fiscal year to address youth unemployment, Prime Minister Perry Christie said during his 2015/2016 Budget communication yesterday.

New rules for drones being lined up by govt

REGULATIONS for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are expected to be formally presented in 45 days following minor public consultation, according to Aviation Minister, Glenys Hanna Martin.

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DeAndre dominates AAU debut with double double

BACK on the court after a hiatus that stretched as far back as February, Bahamian star high school basketball prospect DeAndre Ayton was back to business as usual in his debut on the AAU summer circuit.

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Athletes look to make Top 12 for NCAA Track & Field Championships

SEVERAL of the Bahamas’ top athletes are on the path to the NCAA Track and Field Championships next month and will compete against the best in Division I this weekend for one of 12 prestigious spots in their respective disciplines.

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Tureano ‘Reno’ Johnson in camp as Daniel Geale’s main sparring partner

STILL petitioning for a major breakthrough fight since he signed to Roc Nation Sports, Tureano Johnson is now in camp with another major middleweight to assist his preparation for a title fight.

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May the best school win

Hundreds of students, teachers and parents filled the Thomas A Robinson Stadium yesterday, creating a colourful and vibrant atmosphere as the three-day New Providence Public Primary Schools Sports Association Track and Field Championships got underway.

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Man accused of raid on home of Deputy PM is granted bail

A MAN awaiting trial for the robbery of Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis two years ago was granted $10,000 bail yesterday by a Supreme Court judge.

Scotiabank to give $50,000 to police summer camp

SCOTIABANK entered an agreement yesterday to donate $50,000 over the next five years to the Royal Bahamas Police Force’s Summer Youth Camp.

Chinese delegation tours air traffic centre

TRANSPORT and Aviation Minister Glenys Hanna Martin yesterday led a Chinese delegation on a tour of the country’s new “state-of-the-art” Air Traffic Services Centre in preparation for the signing of an air services agreement between the Bahamas and the People’s Republic of China.

Pastor suspended after sex allegations

A GRAND Bahama pastor has been suspended from ministering and his church has been closed pending the outcome of police investigations into a sexual complaint.

All registrants to pay VAT monthly

A top private sector executive yesterday questioned whether planned amendments to the Value-Added Tax (VAT) Act are due to concerns that non-monthly filers are spending the taxes they collect on the Government’s behalf.

Bahamas’ credibility ‘quickly destroyed’ by fiscal rule now

The Bahamas would see its credibility “quickly destroyed” if it attempted to impose so-called ‘fiscal rules’ in the near term because the Government’s financial management systems will be unable to cope, an International Monetary Fund (IMF) affiliate has warned.

Gov’ts $100m homes scheme slammed as ‘fiscal schizophrenia’

The Government’s plan to finance the construction of 1,000 new homes through a $100 million Bahamas Mortgage Corporation (BMC) bond issue was yesterday described as “fiscal schizophrenia” by its immediate past chairman.

Chamber chief: Growth forecasts ‘stretch targets’

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation’s (BCCEC) chairman yesterday described as “stretch targets” this nation’s GDP growth projections for the next two years, even though the Government appears not to have revised its forecasts.

Union chief tries to kickstart Grand Lucayan negotiations

TRADE UNION Congress president Obie Ferguson has taken legal steps to cause delayed negotiations on an industrial agreement for the Grand Lucayan Resort to begin immediately through a general dispute process.

Sports Notes

CHAMPION Amateur Boxing Club presents it “Power of the New Generation” live amateur boxing show when the 20th annual Wellington ‘Sonny Boy’ Rahming Silver Gloves Tournament is held at the Wulff Road Boxing Square.

Wednesday, May 27

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2015/2016 BUDGET: Deficit slashed by two thirds

In his 2015/2016 Budget communication on Wednesday, Prime Minister Perry Christie told the House of Assembly that the Bahamas' budget deficit has been slashed by nearly two thirds.

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Call for specific tests for Marathon residents

A PRIVATE doctor yesterday renewed calls for the government to fund specific tests for Marathon residents to detect the presence of gasoline or its compounds in their blood.

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Men face court accused over murder and shooting

TWO men were arraigned in Magistrate’s Court yesterday in connection with a murder and a shooting incident that occurred earlier this month, one of which reportedly prompted an island-wide manhunt by police for the suspects involved.

The empty URCA board seat

At its annual Town Meeting to present its 2014 Annual Report and 2015 Annual Plan to the public on May 21st, the vacancy for the third non-executive Board member was evident although unmentioned.

China State now jeopardising the Bahamas’ future

A STATEMENT made by the Chinese Embassy in Nassau in January 2011, brushed off America’s growing concerns — revealed in cables released by WikiLeaks – that developments such as Baha Mar would “leave The Bahamas indebted to Chinese interests for years to come”.

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Two men in hospital after being shot during ‘road rage’ attack

TWO men are recovering in hospital after they were shot during a “road rage” incident on Monday night.

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Govt aims to borrow $35m to equip Critical Care Block

THE Christie administration intends to move a resolution in the House of Assembly that would allow it to guarantee the borrowing of $35 million on behalf of the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) to assist in the development of the Critical Care Block at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

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From Baha Mar blue to eco green as staff join community clean-up

WHILE uncertainty lingers over the opening date of Baha Mar, several employees expressed gratitude to executives of the $3.5bn project for allowing them to keep their jobs despite being reassigned to an inner city cleanup initiative with Urban Renewal 2.0.

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Vasyli may take bail appeal to Privy Council

THE Court of Appeal yesterday dismissed a bail appeal by Donna Vasyli, the Australian accused of murdering her husband, but her legal team may take the case to the London-based Privy Council for a final decision.

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29 staff to go at One and Only Ocean Club

EXECUTIVES at the One and Only Ocean Club, Paradise Island, yesterday informed all 29 staff members of its Courtyard Terrace restaurant that their services were no longer required as the resort prepares for a multi-million dollar renovation this summer.

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Chipman hits out at lack of accountability

PUBLIC Accounts Committee Chairman Hubert Chipman said the official opposition is beset with a “looming crisis of confidence” springing from what it believes to be a wide-scale “lack of accountability and transparency” in the Christie administration.

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House in uproar

TEMPERS flared in the House of Assembly yesterday as members of the governing party, the Opposition and House Speaker Dr Kendal Major argued about the Public Accounts Committee’s rejection of the Speaker’s recent order to suspend its controversial investigation into Urban Renewal.

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Robbers shoot man dead as he travels to work

A MAN was shot and killed early yesterday morning on his way to work during an armed robbery off Soldier Road.

Divers at sculpture garden coming out ‘covered in oil’

THE Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation yesterday called for the protection of coral reefs in and around western New Providence after divers attempting to visit the foundation’s sculpture garden said they came out of the water covered in oil.

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BLTA names Fed, Davis Cup teams

WITH the exception of Kerrie Cartwright, the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association (BLTA) will be fielding a more youthful team for the Fed Cup, while the men’s Davis Cup team will be made up of some familiar names.

Has sprinter Derrick Atkins retired? Not yet

IT HAS been a while since sprinter Derrick Atkins made an impression on the track, but the world’s second fastest man in 2007 said he’s not done yet.

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Lady Operators rout Black Scorpions, 15-0

Diva Burrows just missed a pitcher’s dream and her battery mate Tacara Collie just fell short of a batter’s dream as the two combined to lead the new look Bommer Gee Lady Operators to a 15-0 rout over the hapless Black Scorpions in the Banker’s Field at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex last night.

Centre seeks to reach out to Bain & Grants Town community

RESIDENTS from the Bain and Grants Town community are said to be excited after a centre hailed as the “restoration of the confidence, integrity, discipline and identity of a great community” opened earlier this week.

March of Unity held in Grand Bahama

MEN, pastors, politicians, and women came together in the spirit of unity for the Men United March in Grand Bahama on Monday.

Concerns raised over Guana Cay dredging

ABACO residents are calling on the Ministry of Environment to investigate urgently new dredging off the coast of Guana Cay which they fear is leading to the destruction of invaluable areas of protected wetland.

Insurer frets at 4-5% pt motor loss ratio rise

A leading insurer yesterday said it is “taking a very close look” at its motor portfolio, which is suffering from a “squeeze” that has driven loss ratios 4-5 per cent above their historical average.

Contractor slashes workforce by 90%

THE Bahamian construction industry was yesterday described as nearing a “critical point”, with one well-known contractor telling Tribune Business that his operation had cut staffing levels by 90 per cent or more than 100 persons.

Baha Mar makes intervention plea to $2.4bn lender

Baha Mar last night urged its Chinese financier to use its “strong ties” with the project’s main contractor to get the $3.5 billion development back on track, arguing that it has “a vested interest” in ensuring its success.

Budget must ‘show real fiscal discipline’

An outspoken businessman yesterday urged the Government to “demonstrate real fiscal discipline” in today’s Budget by showing the impact Value-Added Tax (VAT) revenues are having in reducing the fiscal deficit.

Traveller’s Rest now ‘back in the family’

AN iconic western New Providence restaurant will create 12 jobs when it reopens this Thursday, Tribune Business can confirm, as ‘Traveler’s Rest’ returns to its family owners.

Pilot accused of human trafficking

A 54-year-old pilot from Grand Bahama was yesterday charged in Magistrates Court for alleged human trafficking and withholding the identification of his alleged victims more than two years ago.

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Stabbing suspect ‘has received death threats’

A MAN arraigned in a Magistrate’s Court in connection with a stabbing death at the Potter’s Cay Dock a week ago, yesterday claimed he had received “death threats” since the incident.

URCA refutes Cable’s 13% budget rise fear

The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) has refuted Cable Bahamas’ concerns over the 13.2 per cent year-over-year increase in its operating budget, denying that this is to finance a ‘ramp up’ in preparation for energy sector regulation.

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BLTA workshop aims to improve local talent

A WORKSHOP hosted by the BLTA in conjunction with the ITF commenced yesterday at the National Tennis Centre.

Insurers dismiss Gibson’s ‘old hat political theatre’

THE Bahamas Insurance Association (BIA) yesterday blasted back against comments by Labour Minister Shane Gibson National Health Insurance’s (NHI) introduction, reiterating its call for direct talks with the Government.

FNM ‘sure’ to ask Miller BEC bidding questions

The Opposition’s deputy leader yesterday said he was “sure” it would ask questions about BEC’s executive chairman seemingly running his own bidding process for the Corporation, describing the situation as “highly, highly irregular”.

Tuesday, May 26

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POLITICOLE: High-end tourists, low-end Bahamians

ACCORDING to Free National Movement and Opposition Leader Hubert Minnis, Prime Minister Perry Christie is missing the point as regards the Bahamian people.

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SPORTING MISCHIEF & MAYHEM: Remembering King Carl, an everlasting MLB great

TOMORROW is May 27, 2015, and who knows if an historic moment in sports will occur when professional teams take to the diamond, hardwood and rink respectively?

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Bahamas tops Rest of the World to win 2nd straight Nagico T20 cricket title

For the second consecutive year, the Bahamas emerged as the champions of the Nagico T20 Cricket Tournament.

Insurer sees 38% fall from Summit

Summit Insurance blamed reduced real estate valuations for a 38.2 per cent year-over-year profits slump, as it focuses on “defending our book” in a year that will have “negative growth”.

Justin Roberts and Pramming eliminated in NCAA Doubles Championship round of 16

BAHAMIAN Justin Roberts and his American partner Oliver Pramming saw their impressive run through the NCAA Doubles Championship come to an end in the round of 16 after they dropped a 7-6 (0), 6-4 loss to Michigan State’s Harry Jadun-John and Patrick Mullane at the Hurd Tennis Center on Friday.

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Miller denies running own BEC bid process

Leslie Miller has denied running his own bidding process for the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC), even though one energy group says he encouraged them to submit a proposal after they were kicked out of the official tender.

S&P: Baha Mar to prevent any outlook upgrade

Standard & Poor’s (S&P) says the delayed Baha Mar opening has eliminated any chance that it will raise its ‘negative’ outlook on the Bahamas, as it prepares to “revise downwards” growth estimates for this nation.

VAT to raise health insurance payments $40-$100 per month

Bahamian workers could see their contributions to employer-sponsored health insurance plans increase by between $40 to $100 per month once premiums are subjected to Value-Added Tax (VAT) from July 1.

Bahamas breaks global standards with jet fuel tax

The Bahamas is breaching international standards by levying 7 per cent import duty on jet fuel, warns a report produced for the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

Insurance recovery may wait until 2017

The Bahamian insurance industry may have to wait until mid-2017 to return to strong growth, with one leading underwriter saying its main goal is to “hold the fort”.

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Food for thought

HANDS For Hunger, a Bahamian organisation dedicated to eliminate hunger in the country, will hold Food for Thought on Thursday to coincide with this year’s World Hunger Day.

Insurers unhappy at Gov’t ‘neglect’

The Bahamas Insurance Association’s (BIA) chairman says the industry believes the Government has neglected it, as there are numerous long-standing legal and policy issues it is still battling to resolve.

Chamber hopes for ‘11th hour’ pre-Budget meeting with Gov’t

The private sector is still hoping for an ‘11th hour’ pre-Budget meeting with the Government, so it can help it present “the most viable” economic plan for the Bahamas.

PM promises developers partnership on air access

Two government ministries will support Eleuthera resort developers to ensure there is sufficient air access to the island in accord with international standards, the Prime Minister has said.

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Shaping the dreams of young Bahamians

AS A  young Bahamian educator, Shonelle Mcphee has vowed  that she will tread a path of excellence imparting wisdom, providing direction and shaping the dreams of her students.

Taking the plunge: Kingsway divers making waves

MONICE Nazon is moving quickly through the stages of diver certifications, having recently become qualified as a rescue diver.

Making change ‘real’ - do you have what it takes?

NO MATTER how much people yell and scream about wanting ‘real’ change in their lives, it is often just a whole heap of lip service. Sure, they are sick and tired of being sick and tired but still lack what it takes to make the changes they want in their personal, professional and or business life.

A look beyond the needles

LAST week we took a quick look at traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and one of its most familiar components - acupuncture. This week, we dive a bit deeper into other aspects of TCM, including acupressure and cupping.

How to smile for life

REGULAR car maintenance keeps your vehicle in good running order, increases its years of use and reduces cost of repairs. Good oral hygiene - the daily care techniques that maintain healthy gums, stop bad breadth and prevent tooth decay - is analogous to good car maintenance, with the exception that it helps to keep your smile for life.

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Massage therapist finds tranquility

SHE HAS had many job titles over the years but above all, for Candice Treco, massage therapy is the one that she has experienced the longest and grown most fond of.

Gibson clocks season’s best to win the 400m hurdles

HURDLER Jeffery Gibson and long jumper Bianca ‘BB’ Stuart had a good showing over the weekend as they represented the Bahamas at the Ponce Grand Prix IAAF World Challenge 2015 at the Paquito Montaner Stadium in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Hitmen pull off first victory of season, Lady Truckers stop the COB Caribs

THE New Providence Softball Association men’s champions Ira Dez Hitmen, with slugger Hosea Hilton back in the line-up after more than a year of inactivity, pulled off their first victory of the season with a 10-9 come-from-behind walk-off victory over the first year Jmel Panthers on Saturday.

Todd Isaacs Jr ready to make leap this time in MLB Draft

WHEN the 2015 Major League Baseball Draft commences in a few weeks, one Bahamian baseball prospect has indicated he is ready to make the leap to the Major Leagues when his name is called for the second time around.

Coleby: ‘I will always be a Rebel deep down inside’

TWO years ago, he announced his decision to attend the University of Mississippi via Twitter. Now one Bahamian collegiate basketball standout took to the social media platform to announce he would be on the move again.

Travis Munnings signs national letter of intent to join Warhawks this fall

ADD another to the list of prep to NCAA Division I basketball success stories in the Bahamas to the Sunrise Christian Academy pipeline.

An advocate for equality

Last week marked the passing of Senator Mizpah Tertullien, a great Bahamian woman – a visionary and trailblazer.

Definition of a Bahamian

In 2002, the PLP government signed the Economic Partnership Agreement by which more than half a billion Europeans would get rights of entry into The Bahamas. The Bahamas government was given 17 years to bring in legislation to give effect to this treaty and make it enforceable at the local level. In 2008, the FNM government ratified the treaty making it a virtual certainty that it would eventually become part of Bahamian law.

China's Export-Import Bank has a responsibility to the Bahamian people

IN A recent edition of Global Gaming Asset Management’s circular, Pete Wu, a former Macau gaming executive, later senior vice president, international marketing and alliances for Baha Mar Ltd, commented on the importance of the Export-Import Bank of China being the financier of the $2.5 billion project.

Tourism competition is not a guessing game

The performance of only five of the 14 independent Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries are recorded in the 2015 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report published by the World Economic Forum.

Police search for suspects after six armed robberies

POLICE are searching for several suspects who are behind six armed robberies that took place between Friday and Monday.

Four in hospital after shootings and stabbings

POLICE are investigating separate shooting and stabbing incidents that left four men in hospital.

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Hotels welcome Carnival - but not sure how many were drawn to event

SEVERAL hotels have branded the inaugural Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival as a “positive component” of this country’s tourism product, according to Stuart Bowe, president of the Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association.

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'Fix hospital before NHI'

UNTIL the government fixes all of the “problems, issues and challenges” at the Princess Margaret Hospital, the Christie administration’s proposed National Health Insurance plan will fail, said FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis.

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Deputy PM 'unaware' of plans to cut 200 BEC jobs

DEPUTY Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said yesterday he was “unaware” of reported plans to let go an estimated 200 employees from the Bahamas Electricity Corporation after the government owned entity is taken over by new management.

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Baha Mar urged not to announce new opening dates

TOURISM Minister Obie Wilchcombe urged Baha Mar executives to avoid publicly releasing any future potential opening dates for the $3.5 billion project, saying the focus has to now be on exceeding the expectations of the world in the face of the bad press sparked by repeated delays.

Mother and daughters' deaths classed as murder-suicide

POLICE have officially classified the deaths of Shemicka McKinney and her two daughters Alisa and Gabrielle McKinney as murder-suicide, according to Chief Supt Paul Rolle, officer-in-charge of the Central Detective Unit.

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Olympic pioneer sends message to Atlantic College graduation class

A SURPRISE videotaped message from Sir Durward Knowles, the first Bahamian Olympic gold medal winner, encouraged more than 70 graduates from Atlantic College’s class of 2015 last week.

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Woman's body found in lake

THE partially decomposed body of a woman in her early 20s was found in a lake off Coral Harbour yesterday afternoon.

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LIFE OF CRIME: Gangland Bahamas - how much violence can be put down to gangs?

I READ all the time about gang-related crime in The Bahamas; in fact recently, a senior official went so far as to blame all killing on gang activity.

Monday, May 25

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Five hurt after two cars collide

FIVE people – one seriously injured - were taken to hospital following a traffic accident on the Warren J Levarity Highway in Grand Bahama on Saturday afternoon.

"Compassionate" motorist recognised with award in Grand Bahama

ZAVIA Bastian has been recognised with a courteous driver award as part of a road safety promotion in Grand Bahama.

BIA chair: new tax required to fund $1bn cost of NHI

THE chair of the Bahamas Insurance Association (BIA) says National Health Insurance (NHI) could potentially cost almost $1 billion to implement, adding that a botched rollout of the scheme could result in “serious repercussions and consequences for the industry”.

Christie's wish for Lakers v Heat at National Stadium as AEG signs events deal

IN AN effort to bolster the country's cultural and sports tourism brand, the government signed a consultancy and management services agreement on Friday with Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), one of the world's leading sports and entertainment presenters.

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Brothers' spat ends with one stabbed, one arrested in Freeport

AN ALTERCATION between two brothers late on Friday night ended with one being stabbed and requiring hospital treatment and the other arrested and taken into police custody.

Haitian man pleads guilty in US migrant smuggling case

FORT PIERCE (AP) - A Haitian man is facing imprisonment in the United States after pleading guilty to illegally smuggling migrants aboard a boat from The Bahamas.

Saturday, May 23

June hearing date for BAMSI dormitory fire case

A JUDGE has scheduled a hearing for arguments over a procedural dispute concerning the case of a man charged with setting fire to a dormitory at the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Sciences Institute (BAMSI).

Grand Bahama launches volunteer drive to help tourists

IN AN effort to improve visitors’ experience in Grand Bahama, the Ministry of Tourism (MOT) is searching for Bahamians interested in volunteering for its 'People-to-People Ambassador' programme.

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Keod Smith given more time in contempt case

A JUDGE has stayed contempt proceedings against a lawyer who had accused her of bias pending the outcome of his application before the Court of Appeal.

Friday, May 22

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College’s 20 years of educating Bahamians

SIXTY-eight students were added to the roll of graduates from Atlantic College in Grant’s Town, Nassau, last night as the school celebrated 20 years of offering quality education to all Bahamians in a ceremony at Evangelistic Temple on Collins Avenue.

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Accused deny murders of women in separate cases

TWO high profile murder suspects denied committing murder when they appeared in Supreme Court on Friday.

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Man, 21, dies in late-night shooting on Bias Street

A MAN was shot dead while he was walking along Bias Street, off Baillou Hill Road, late on Thursday night, police have reported.

State-recognised funeral for Mizpah Tertullien

FORMER Senator Mizpah Tertullien is to be given a state-recognised funeral next week, the Cabinet Office has announced. The funeral will be held on Friday May 29 at 10am at St Francis Xavier Cathedral, West Street, Nassau.

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Freetown Fire Half Food and Heritage Festival this weekend

IN AN effort to promote more cultural festivals, the Ministry of Tourism is partnering with the residents and descendants of Old Freetown Heritage Association in hosting the second annual Freetown Fire Half Food and Heritage Festival over the holiday weekend.

Digicel leaves: we lose

Digicel leaves : we lose! What kind of statement is this you ask ?

Neely in tears as he awaits sentence

SENTENCING proceedings began yesterday for a man convicted of aiding the fatal stabbing of the teenage son of convicted drug traffickers Dwight and Keva Major.

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Brown, Thomas on early entry lists for Prefontaine Classic

AS the Diamond League shifts to the Western hemisphere for the third meet in the 2015 series, some of the Bahamas’ top names in athletics are already confirmed for next week’s showdown.

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Leevan Sands finishes 7th overall in the triple jump

LEEVAN ‘Superman’ Sands, returning to the same venue where he won his first Olympic Games medal in 2008, picked up a seventh place finish on Wednesday night as he competed in his first international meet since coming off an injury that prevented him from finishing at the 2012 London Olympics.

Wildcats rout Black Scorpions, 12-2

The Sunshine Auto Wildcats, shaking off their season-opening loss on the night that they received their championship rings from last year, didn’t have any mercy on the Black Scorpions as they climbed into the winner’s circle in the ladies’ division of the New Providence Softball Association.

Roberts and Pramming advance to Round of 16

BAHAMIAN Justin Roberts and his University of South Florida partner Oliver Pramming advanced to the NCAA Doubles Championship Round of 16 with a 6-1, 4-6, 6-4 win over Harvard’s Denis Nguyen and Brian Yeung yesterday.

Justin Lunn advances to final

JUSTIN LUNN, competing in the USTA National Men’s Open Clay Court Championships at the Jimmy Evert Tennis Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, advanced to the final yesterday.

NCAA: Dylan to join GW Colonials soccer programme

A MEMBER of the men’s national select soccer team completed his high school career on a high note and will now look to make a successful transition on the NCAA Division I soccer pitch.

Can the executives take BBF, BSF to the next level

ELECTIONS are normally a contentious time in any organisation, especially if you don’t get the right people in office.

Analysis to determine Carnival success

I note with some interest your headline story entitled “Was Carnival really a success?” of May 21st, 2015.

Atlantis launches summer season with double bill of shows

THE Atlantis resort will host two unique events this weekend marking the launch of the resort’s “summer in Atlantis” series.

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Tribute paid to donor for support of The Bahamas

LOCAL psychiatrist Dr David Allen yesterday credited the John Templeton Foundation for its assistance in the growth and development of his practice.

Why we cannot afford more delays

It is safe to say that all well-thinking people would agree that approving a second telecommunications company for The Bahamas, thus bringing competition and better service and lower prices, is good for all.

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Men deny shoot-out charges

TWO men were denied bail yesterday after being charged in connection with an early morning shoot-out with police officers in an inner-city community.

Eleuthera suffers ‘boom and bust’

Eleuthera’s economy is suffering from a “boom or bust” trend that makes it difficult for businesses to plan for long-term growth, the island’s Chamber of Commerce president said yesterday.

Cotton Bay developer: ‘Open up’ work permits

Prime Minister Perry Christie yesterday said the developers behind the proposed Four Seasons resort project at Cotton Bay had asked the Government to “open up on work permits”, so the development could maintain the brand’s standards.

Bahamas’ debt to ‘stabilise’ near 70%

The Bahamas’ debt-to-GDP ratio is expected to hover near the IMF”s 70 per cent ‘danger threshold’ in 2016, although an international credit rating agency believes it has “stabilised”.

Oil explorer: New fiscal regime does not apply to us

The Bahamas Petroleum Company’s (BPC) chief executive yesterday said the Government’s increased ‘take’ from oil exploration would not apply to its activities, because its fiscal terms were already set.

Freeport consultation ‘a matter of survival’

The negotiations over Freeport’s expiring tax breaks are “very much a matter of survival” for the Grand Bahama Port Authority’s (GBPA) 3,500 licensees, an outspoken QC arguing that these incentives are among the few “not completely breached” yet.

Developer seeks $10m in new equity finance

The developers behind Eleuthera’s French Leave Resort and Marina yesterday said they were “cautiously optimistic” about securing an additional $10 million in equity financing to fund the build-out of 20 more villas.

Resort developer wins $4m title woe damages

The original developer of a Bahamas-based resort was this week awarded more than $4 million in damages against the insurer that cost it “millions of dollars” and threatened the project’s very “survival” by failing to spot title defects.

Freedom of Information Bill will need update to data protection laws

DATA protection legislation must be updated if the newly released draft Freedom of Information Bill is implemented in its current form, according to acting Data Commissioner Sharmie Farrington-Austin.

Wilchcombe: Carnival did not attract as many as expected

TOURISM Minister Obie Wilchcombe said now that the seeds have been planted for Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival to grow and become a premier cultural festival, the opening of Baha Mar and other hotels are critical if they expect to have more visitors come for the event.

Belonger's permit may face challenge

THE Grand Bahama Human Rights Association yesterday pledged to challenge the constitutionality of the government’s new immigration legislation to establish the Belonger’s permit.

Oregon parking meter bribery case reveals Bahamas vacation

PORTLAND (AP) - Federal prosecutors have recommended a sentence of more than two years for a former Portland, Oregon, parking manager who pleaded guilty to taking bribes from a business owner seeking a contract to install high-tech parking meters. Ellis McCoy is said to have taken 61 separate trips over nine years on the proceeds, to overseas destinations like The Bahamas, Paris, Milan and Antigua and many involving golf or gambling to Las Vegas or California.

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200 jobs to go in BEC shake-up

AN estimated 200 workers are expected to be let go from the Bahamas Electricity Corporation after the state-run utility provider is taken over by new management, a well-placed source told The Tribune.

Turnquest downplays Watson criticism

FNM Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest sought to minimise scathing criticism about the party’s leadership which came from former Deputy Prime Minister Frank Watson, insisting yesterday that the FNM has “tolerance” for “dissension”.

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DNA: Before raising allowance, account for how it is spent

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney said it should be mandatory for members of Parliament to provide a breakdown to the House of Assembly of constituency expenditure, as many of them are inactive in their elected areas.

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Carnival staff asked to be patient over pay

THE Bahamas National Festival Commission yesterday appealed to the hundreds of workers who were mobilised during the 2015 Junkanoo Carnival season for understanding, as officials are now processing payments for staff “in compliance with standard government procedures”.

Marathon residents urged to attend clinics

PUBLIC health officials have renewed calls for Marathon residents to “take advantage” of medical screening clinics after only 50 per cent of pre-screened residents visited health facilities.

The Bahamas named top dive destination by magazine

SCUBA Diving Magazine’s Annual Reader Rated Survey has awarded the Bahamas in nine categories for best diving.

Pastor released by police

A GRAND Bahama pastor accused of having sexual relations with a teen has been released from police custody.

Traffic accident victim named

SECURITY officer Glen Woodside, 51, has been identified as the driver who was killed in a traffic accident on Wednesday in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Thursday, May 21

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Gov’t ‘ill-prepared’ on Bill amendments

An FNM MP yesterday slammed the Government’s failure to provide the Opposition with the 12 amendments to the Petroleum Bill before yesterday’s debate, saying: “It’s ridiculous the Government was so ill-prepared”.

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QC: ‘No more secrets’ over Freeport’s future

An outspoken QC yesterday made good on his threat to launch Judicial Review proceedings against the consultation on Freeport’s future, warning: “No more secrets. It’s finally time for government in the sunshine.”

BTC owner dismisses Cable’s mobile threat

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company’s (BTC) controlling owner yesterday dismissed the competitive threat Cable Bahamas will pose if it wins the second cellular licence, saying it was “not a big player” when compared to the likes of Digicel.

BTC profits slump 26.4%

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) suffered a 26.4 per cent profits slump for the year to end-March 2015, as its revenues and staffing levels came under pressure in the run-up to mobile liberalisation.

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CWC: BTC ‘lags’ region despite $75m investment

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company’s (BTC) controlling owner yesterday conceded that its network quality “lags” much of the Caribbean and wider world, despite increasing its capital investment by 47 per cent last year.

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$8.3m contract to aid Road Traffic revenue

THE Government yesterday signed an $8.3 million contract to modernise the Road Traffic Department, as it bids to improve customer service and maximise revenue.

Union leader calls for Productivity Council

A leading trade unionist has called for the creation of a tripartite National Productivity Council, arguing that the Bahamian education was “designed for students to fail”.

Education reform first step in ‘skills gap’ fight

CURRICULUM reform in the school system should be the first step in tackling this nation’s ‘skills gap’, a veteran educator arguing that the education system must shift to a model that requires all students to meet a certain standard before they can obtain a high school diploma.

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Dorsett: Petroleum bills will protect environment

ENVIRONMENT Minister Kenred Dorsett touted the merits of a compendium of petroleum bills that he said will protect the economic and environmental safety interests of Bahamians as the country looks ahead to likely oil exploration activities.

Groups welcome Freedom of Information draft

TWO groups yesterday congratulated the government for releasing a draft Freedom of Information Bill this week, but urged the administration to keep politics out of the issue to ensure the integrity of the legislation.

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Philanthropist who helped The Bahamas dies, aged 75

JOHN M Templeton Jr, one of the world’s leading philanthropists whose work benefitted The Bahamas, has died of cancer at his Pennsylvania home in the United States. The president and chairman of the John Templeton Foundation passed away on Saturday. He was 75.

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WNBA: Seattle Storm release Waltiea Rolle

THE Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) journey for Waltiea Rolle was hampered by another obstacle as the Bahamian post player was waived by the Seattle Storm following the opening day of training camp.

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Trae Sweeting drives in game winner for Panthers

In a complete role reversal of what occurred during the regular season, Bahamian Trae Sweeting and his Georgia State Panthers got the better of the Georgia Southern Eagles when it mattered most, in postseason play.

Nagico T20 cricket tourney at Windsor Field this weekend

AS countries around the Caribbean make a concentrated effort to reinvigorate the development of cricket in the region, the Bahamas will be a major part of that process when they host the Nagico T20 tournament for the second consecutive year.

Monty’s six-a-side soccer tournament in aid of Demont Mitchell’s medical expenses

THE Mitchell Ekedede Brain Injury Foundation (MEBIF) and the YESI organisation are set to host the third annual Monty’s six-a-side soccer tournament on the weekend of June 13-14 at St Paul’s Field.

RBC presents $35,000 sponsorship cheque to Bahamas Swim Federation

RBC Royal Bank today announced it has renewed its commitment as the title sponsor of the RBC 2015 National Swimming Championships. Facilitated by the Bahamas Swimming Federation (BSF), the National Swimming Championships are scheduled for June 25-28.

‘Tureano Johnson would have a hell of a fight with Golovkin’

ALTHOUGH Tureano Johnson has been denied a shot at WBA and IBO middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin thus far, his promoter Gary Shaw was back on the stump petitioning for Johnson to receive that opportunity.

Where are the COB PhDs?

I am reliably informed that at the 2015 Bahamas Business Outlook Forum, the first two questions asked of Dr Rodney Smith, President of The College of The Bahamas by two persons in the audience were: Where are the PhDs at COB ?

Our money

You took nine million of our money to put on Carnival but people in Marathon are getting sick and dying and even the fear of getting sick or dying.

State of Centreville

I had reason recently to drive through Farm Road - Centreville and was really shocked as to the physical state of the constituency.

Let the records speak

I sometimes I wonder if weird people are attracted to politics, or politics make people weird?

Why does sexuality matter?

I am probably going to catch some flak for this post but, frankly, I don’t give a crap!

Murder suspect Vasyli to submit alibi in 21 days

A WOMAN accused of her Australian husband’s murder said she would submit an alibi to the Office of the Attorney General in 21 days.

$8.3m modernisation plan for Dept of Road Traffic

THE Department of Road Traffic is set to undergo an $8.3m mordernisation process that will improve the country’s motor vehicle licensing systems, officials said yesterday.

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Telethon to help raise $3m to fight cancer

THE Cancer Society of The Bahamas has announced its first telethon that will launch the organisation’s campaign to raise funds towards the $3m construction of the country’s first hospice care facility to help cancer patients.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Conduct unbecoming at Carmichael Road police station

This week, I had cause to attend the Carmichael Road police station on behalf of two clients who, among other things, appear to have been brutally beaten in police custody. The matter is now sub judice and so I will not delve into the particulars of that matter.

Promised referendum 'not abandoned'

NATIONAL Security Minister Dr Bernard Nottage said yesterday that he could not speak to the proposed constitutional referendum’s timeline as he reassured Bahamians that the government has not abandoned the idea.

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Vendors: Event was biggest financial disappointment of our lives

SEVERAL vendors who insisted yesterday that Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival was the “biggest financial disappointment” of their lives have accused the Festival Commission of “unfair” and “preferential treatment”.

Latest referendum delay 'shows lack of leadership'

FORMER Free National Movement Deputy Leader Loretta Butler-Turner said she is “concerned” about the government’s commitment to the proposed constitutional referendum on gender equality, adding that the Christie administration has no fixed agenda because it lacks “true leadership”.

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FNM questions payouts for stallholders

FREE National Movement Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest questioned yesterday why the Festival Commission would be “reimbursing vendors” for losses they suffered during Junkanoo Carnival since the event was hailed as a “success” by the government.

Teenager accused of assaulting police officer

A 19-year-old appeared in Magistrates Court yesterday facing multiple criminal charges less than 24 hours after an alleged confrontation with police officers at her home turned physical.

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PM hoping 'fervently' for Baha Mar resolution

PRIME Minister Perry Christie said yesterday that he “fervently” hopes to soon see a resolution to a dispute that has delayed the Baha Mar project.

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Speaker urges increase in constituency allowances

HOUSE of Assembly Speaker Dr Kendal Major yesterday urged Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Perry Christie to “have mercy” on parliamentarians by considering raising their constituency allowance.

Man dies in car crash

A 51-year-old man was killed in a two-car collision early Wednesday morning in Freeport, police reported.

Pastor accused of sex with teen

A GRAND Bahama pastor is in police custody in connection with an alleged sexual matter involving a teen.

Wednesday, May 20

Filipino worker falls to his death on boat in Abaco

POLICE in Abaco are investigating the death of a 49-year-old man from The Philippines, who died while working on a vessel that was docked in Marsh Harbour.

‘Wonderful opportunity’ for Long Island revival

The resolution to a 10-year dispute over Long Island’s one-time largest employer presents “a wonderful opportunity” to revive the island’s economy, its MP yesterday describing the surrounding area as “ghost town”.

Ex-BCA chief may not have obtained ‘fair trial’

Prosecutors “singularly failed” to prove that a former Bahamian Contractors Association (BCA) president stole electricity at a prominent downtown Nassau property that he managed, the Court of Appeal ruled.

MP fears Baha Mar impact on sovereign rating

An Opposition MP yesterday warned that the Bahamas’ sovereign creditworthiness could be “very negatively” impacted if the $3.5 billion Baha Mar project fails to open within the next three to six months.

Gov’t renews oil explorer’s four licences

A Bahamas-based oil explorer last night said it had obtained “hugely significant clarity” from the Government renewing its key licences for a further three years, removing a potential obstacle to finding a joint venture partner and drilling its first exploratory well.

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Contractor loses ‘millions’ in 4-year BEC theft fight

A former Bahamian Contractors Association (BCA) president yesterday said his business had lost “millions of dollars” during his four-year fight against electricity theft charges, and he was now trying “to put the pieces together again”.

‘Great Bahamian story’ if Baha Mar opens quickly

The private sector remains “hopeful” that the Baha Mar development will open later this year, a Chamber executive said yesterday, adding that the $3.5 billion project will transform into a “great Bahamian story” if its current woes can be resolved quickly.

Chamber to launch Services Coalition

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation (BCCEC) yesterday said it is aiming to launch a services industry coalition this summer, in a bid to better focus on that sector’s concerns and companies seeking international market access.

Woman accused of assault on immigration staff involved in fresh confrontation

A YOUNG woman who accused immigration officers of physically assaulting her twice last year was taken into custody yesterday morning after another confrontation with officials.

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Vasyli bail ruling now expected on Friday

THE Court of Appeal is expected to decide on Friday whether accused murderer Donna Vasyli will be granted bail ahead of trial for her husband’s murder.

Lucaya Marketplace 'must keep Bahamian flavour'

TOURISM Minister Obie Wilchcombe has emphasised the importance of keeping a Bahamian flavour at the Port Lucaya Marketplace, which is expected to undergo significant upgrades under new owner Peter Hunt.

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Group to launch monitoring of air quality around New Providence

A LOCAL environmental group yesterday said they are moving forward with plans to host the first in a series of air quality monitoring projects around the island of New Providence in the coming months.

Nationals: Bowlers are off to an incredibly fast start

LEONARDO ‘Lee’ Davis is off to a fast start in his quest to successfully defend his men’s title and veteran Angie Smith has emerged as the leader of the pack on the ladies’ side as the Bahamas Bowling Federation rolled its first five-game block in the Bahamas National Bowling Championships on Monday night.

BSF boss looking forward to new role

THERE has been a shift atop the leadership of The Bahamas Softball Federation as former president Burkett Dorsett has been replaced by incumbent first vice president Ted Miller after the elections were held on Saturday.

What are the facts?

I was amused to read the unsubstantiated remarks in The Tribune’s article of May 19 – Police Say 90,000 Attended Carnival.

Cable getting the jump?

URCA and Cable Bahamas are going at each other in the media on CBL’s tower construction exercise, but does anyone else care?

Bommer Gee Lady Operators get 18-15 win over Stingers

Teenager Rochea Morley came in and shut down the Lady Stingers’ offence, while her battery mate Takera Collie highlighted the Bommer Gee Lady Operators come-from-behind victory in the bottom of the sixth.

NBA stars to make an appearance at 28th Jeff Rodgers Basketball Camp

THE oldest camp in the Bahamas, the 28th version of the Jeff Rodgers Basketball Camp is set for June 29 to July 24.

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TOUGH CALL: A comprehensive Environmental Management Act

IN AN obvious attempt to soothe public anger over the Rubis fuel leak disaster in Marathon, Environment Minister Ken Dorsett recently unveiled draft legislation “for the establishment of the Department of Environmental Planning and Protection”, saying the law would be brought to Parliament in October.

Bahamian student to take on National Spelling Bee in Washington

CHARLES Hamilton will be among 285 hopefuls when he represents The Bahamas in the prestigious Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, DC, next week.

Union leaders cite worker issues ahead of Labour Day

AS workers prepare to celebrate Labour Day next month, trade union leaders in Grand Bahama are drawing attention to a number of pressing issues, including the lack of unionisation of container port workers.

Repairs begin on Justice Centre

MUCH needed repair and maintenance work has finally started on the Garnet Levarity Justice Centre following a list of public complaints about the unacceptable condition of the building.

Tease photo

'We used contaminated groundwater for more than six months'

A MARATHON resident identified to have been directly affected by the 2012 Rubis gasoline leak has claimed that he and his daughter used contaminated groundwater for more than six months before he was told to switch to the public water supply.

Tease photo

Religious leaders praying for Baha Mar's success

AFTER several opening delays for $3.5 billion Baha Mar development, two of the nation’s religious leaders said they are “praying for the project’s successful opening because of the important role it plays” in the economy.

Tease photo

Carnival vendors may get payout

BAHAMAS National Festival Commission Chairman Paul Major said around 40 vendors “will most likely” be reimbursed for their losses after they experienced a severe let down in sales during the three-day Junkanoo Carnival event.

An Out Island administrator should not suffer for Minister's mis-step

“MR SPEAKER, the constitutional system under which our country is governed is in my view a good one which can guarantee that good governments can govern uninterruptedly and successfully. But to do so requires complete dedication to and observance of the legalism of our Constitution, the laws of the land and the conventions and spirit of the Constitution by which the men who govern must be guided.…

Man accused of raid on Deputy PM's home waits on bail ruling

A MAN must wait another week before he learns whether he will be granted bail ahead of trial in connection with the robbery of Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis.

Tease photo

Man stabbed to death at Potter's Cay Dock

POLICE are investigating the stabbing death of a man who was killed after an argument at Potter’s Cay Dock this afternoon.

New Freedom of Information Bill is ‘stalling’ by government

FORMER Free National Movement Senator Dr Duane Sands yesterday claimed the government intentionally stalled the implementation of Freedom of Information legislation by choosing to reintroduce a new bill instead of amending the existing act.

V Alfred Gray blamed in Acklins Regatta row

A CONFLICT about the management of this summer’s anticipated Acklins Regatta threatens to result in the cancellation of the event, which could potentially devastate that island’s local economy, organisers said.

Coroner to probe police shooting

THE death of a man killed during a shoot out with police on Saturday has been turned over to the coroner for investigation, police said yesterday.

Sudden death investigated in Andros

A TEAM of detectives from the capital was dispatched to South Andros to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of a man.

Tuesday, May 19

SPORTING MISCHIEF AND MAYHEM: LA Clippers will never be more relevant than Lakers

Only one team really matters in LA in the NBA. I’ve sat by patiently for the last three years taking my blows - hard and soft - as my Los Angeles Lakers are mired in rebuilding no man’s land.

Tease photo

Missing fishermen found safe after being adrift for three days

PATRICIA Rolle said she is “overwhelmed with joy and happiness” that her son and cousin were found alive after being adrift at sea for three days.

Govt urged to move on proposed UAV legislation

THE Government was yesterday urged to “not sit too long” on proposed legislation to regulate the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones, a prominent aviation attorney warning that the industry was evolving at a “rapid pace”.

Girl, 10, drowns in pool aboard cruise ship

A 10-year-old girl has drowned in a swimming pool aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship on a scheduled seven-day cruise from New York to Florida and the Bahamas.

Tease photo

Wilson: Ingraham responsible for Sth. Eleuthera’s ‘demise’

The developer adjacent to a newly-announced $100 million resort project believes they will together make Cotton Bay “the Caribbean’s premier destination”, as he blasted former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham for decisions that caused South Eleuthera’s “demise”.

Caribbean warneD: Get a handle on corruption

ALTHOUGH The Tribune reported Prime Minister Perry Christie’s attendance at the January 26 Caribbean Energy Security Summit meeting in Washington, it missed a most important message. The message was a warning given to all Caribbean leaders by US Vice President Joe Biden.

Tease photo

More than 4,000 residents now using Social Services debit card

MORE than 4,000 residents of New Providence are now part of the Department of Social Services’ modernised food assistance programme.

Following the path of Burma Road

THE Bahamas National Citizenship Coalition yesterday announced details of its “Re-enactment of Burma Road Walk and Festival” next month to commemorate the anniversary of the Burma Road riots.

Bishop urges government to take hacking incident seriously

BISHOP Simeon Hall yesterday urged the government to “exercise the highest seriousness” in its response to the recent hacking of two government websites.

Human trafficking suspect awaits bail ruling

A WOMAN accused of being an accomplice to human trafficking will learn today whether she will be granted bail.

Tease photo

Man faces court accused of murder of British man

A MAN was remanded to prison yesterday after being charged in connection with the fatal shooting of a diving instructor in western New Providence.

Tease photo

Arena Pro Series: Vanderpool-Wallace wins 50 free, fly

Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace continues her stellar season with the MAC-North Carolina team in the 2014-15 Arena Pro Swim Series and posted some of the fastest times in the world this season in the process.

LOC: IAAF/BTC World Relays Bahamas gets an ‘A’ grade

THE final figures are still not available, but the Local Organising Committee was eager to report yesterday that the IAAF/BTC World Relays Bahamas 2015 was dubbed a successful event, and as they “sing the praises of all involved,” they are eager to prepare for the hosting of the third edition in 2017.

Outstanding performances in 8th annual Fritz Grant Track Classic

DESPITE the rain that came at the end, the Ambassadors Track Club hosted a successful version of the 8th annual Fritz Grant Track Classic at the Thomas A Robinson Track and Field Stadium on Saturday.

Sculling races to hit Long Island Regatta again

BAHAMIAN Brewery & Beverage Company and its fast growing Sands ‘Man in the Boat’ sculling races will once again be a part of the festivities for the 48th annual Long Island Regatta.

All-Eleuthera Regatta to be hosted as prelude to Independence celebrations

IN an effort to reinvigorate the regatta community and establish a water sports culture on the island, Eleuthera will host the All-Eleuthera Regatta as a prelude to the country’s Independence celebrations.

Smokey’s Karate School thriving again thanks to BTC

SMOKEY’S Karate School, a martial arts academy in Englerston, was in danger of closing its doors a year ago due to a lack of safety flooring.

Court: ‘No deal’ for 25,000 acre property

An $11.5 million deal to purchase the 25,000 acre property that was once Long Island’s largest employer cannot be concluded because there was never “an enforceable sales contract”, the Privy Council ruled yesterday.

Tease photo

Sprinter/hurdler Devynne Charlton in spotlight for Boilermakers

DEVYNNE Charlton clearly remembers the growing pains she endured as a freshman on the collegiate scene. Now, in her sophomore year, the sprinter/hurdler has emerged as one of the top performers for the Purdue University Boilermakers women’s track and field programme.

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POLITICOLE: Calculating Carnival: What's wrong with GDP - and Paul Major's version of it

IN a May 12 Nassau Guardian article, several quotes about the economic impact of Junkanoo Carnival in The Bahamas are attributed to Paul Major. This overall economic impact is to be measured by what is being referred to as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) impact of the festival on the Bahamian economy.

Culture of secrecy

House Speaker Dr Kendal Major’s blocking of the PAC probe of Urban Renewal is in keeping with the PLP’s culture of secrecy in all matters pertaining to their spending of public funds.

Evolution of Junkanoo and Rake 'n Scrape

“You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Pintard urges change to law in wake of Gray row

FREE National Movement Chairman Michael Pintard yesterday urged the Christie administration to amend the law to stop island administrators from presiding over serious court matters.

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Changes to Freedom of Information Act revealed

THE new Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill 2015 removes ministerial veto power over disclosures and sets out guidelines for the appointment of an independent Information Commissioner.

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Police say 90,000 attended Carnival

AN ESTIMATED total of 90,000 people attended this month’s inaugural Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival events in New Providence, according to official police statistics.

Compared: The new FOI draft vs the 2012 Bill

THE section of Exempt records in the new Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill 2015 released yesterday that was most expanded related to law enforcement.

16-year-old charged with shooting man dead

A TEENAGER and a 24-year-old man appeared in Magistrate’s Court yesterday separately charged in connection with a number of serious criminal cases, including murder.

Wrinkle's conviction for electric theft quashed

THE Court of Appeal yesterday quashed the conviction of a contractor found guilty of stealing electricity from the Bahamas Electricity Corporation.

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Boat goes up in flames at Dick's Point

A BURNING boat sent flames shooting into the air and plumes of billowing, black smoke across Montagu Bay yesterday afternoon as firefighters tackled the blaze and the owner looked on helplessly.

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A LIFE OF CRIME: Is rape a crime in The Bahamas?

SURELY a silly question, yet one I often feel obliged to ask. How many convictions for rape do we read about? I certainly hear about men raping women, but I do not read about many men going to prison for a rape conviction. There must be a reason: either very few rapes are committed or maybe society does not see rape as a crime … or at least not a serious one!

Woman fighting for her life after crash

A 22-year-old woman is fighting for her life in hospital after her car slammed into a Commonwealth Bank sign on Blue Hill Road early Sunday morning.

Bad weather hinders search for fishermen

BAD weather hindered the search for two missing men yesterday after a Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association airplane was forced to return to land.

Monday, May 18

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WORLD VIEW: Guyanese electorate shows maturity despite frustration

In what turned-out to be a very close general election the 22-year reign of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) as the government of Guyana has come to an end. By a narrow margin of just over 5,000 votes it fell four and a half years short of the rule of the People’s National Congress (PNC), which lasted for 27 years.

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INSIGHT: Secrets and the dark ages

Three months shy of the third anniversary of Prime Minister Perry Christie’s August 2012 pledge to enforce the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act within his term, it was announced last week that the revised bill would be released for public consultation.

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Newbold denies Gomez claims

MAYAGUANA Administrator Zephaniah Newbold has denied claims that he does not remember the alleged threat MICAL MP V Alfred Gray made to him weeks ago.

Time to rethink traffic light set-up

Can the persons in charge of traffic lights, please study and reprogramme the Village Road/Wulff Road/Johnson Road/Soldier Road/Parkgate Road junctions travelling north during the early morning traffic period?

Baha Mar guest: ‘I’ll only return to look at the ruins’

A Houston entrepreneur says he will never return to the Bahamas unless it is to view “the ruins of the Baha Mar disaster”, after the enforced cancellation of his wedding left him $100,000 “out of pocket”.

PAC blocked by Speaker

Erskine May Parliamentary Practice Twentieth Edition at page 728 states...

How much was Paul Major paid?

The PLP are delirious in what they “perceive” as a successful launch of Junkanoo Carnival.

Mystery of the BTC Foundation

In a recent letter to another newspaper, Bradley Roberts, Chairman of the PLP, in listing the accomplishments of his party, extolled its success in getting BTC back in Bahamian hands. In a transaction announced with great fanfare early in 2014, we were told that Government never intended to take operational management control of BTC but that the nation acquired a majority economic interest in the company, at no cost.

Face has been lost of the $3.5bn Baha Mar resort

THIS IS no longer a dispute between two giant investors. This matter is now of national concern, a worried Bahamian told us recently. Too many Bahamians, he said, encouraged by government to believe that Baha Mar was the Promised Land, have given up good jobs in anticipation of improved employment in the new hotel. Almost every profession has been affected and is represented among this staff-in-waiting, including a former police officer.

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Memorial service remembers Johnny Kemp

A MEMORIAL service for Bahamian-born international R&B singer Johnny Kemp was held on Saturday when family, friends, dignitaries, and fans filled St John’s Jubilee Cathedral in Freeport to pay their final respects to the international musical icon.

How parents can deal with bullying

WITHIN our school system, bullying has reached dangerously high levels and become survival of the strongest.

Defending champs Hitmen, Wildcats lose season openers

The new look Sunshine Auto Wildcats and the Iradez Hitmen collected their rings as the women’s and men’s champions respectively of the New Providence Softball Association’s 2014 season on Friday night, but they both left the Banker’s Field at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex with season-opening losses to the Johnson’s Lady Truckers and the Commando Security Truckers as the league started its 2015 campaign.

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Diamond League: Strachan and Gibson shine

THE International Amateur Athletic Federation’s Diamond League started on Friday in the Qatari capital of Doha with Bahamian sprinter Anthonique Strachan and hurdler Jeffery Gibson picking up a third and fifth place respectively in their signature events.

Bahamians are ready to chase Sun Belt title

SUMMER months mean postseason baseball for NCAA Division I programmes, and a trio of Bahamians will prepare to chase the Sun Belt Conference Championship this week with their respective universities.

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Rising star Justin Roberts making an impression with the USF Bulls

UNIVERSITY of South Florida coach Matt Hill has been quite impressed with Bahamian rookie tennis player Justin Roberts.

BSF elects NEW officers at annual general meeting

THE Bahamas Softball Federation held its annual general meeting and election of officers on Saturday in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture conference room, Thompson Boulevard. The new officers were elected to serve for the period from 2015-2018.

Top 50 basketball camp to extend reach in Nassau exhibition series July 23-25

IN its inaugural edition, the Top 50 basketball camp paid immediate dividends for several of its participants as they earned scholarship opportunities to continue their athletic and educational careers in the United States.

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Baha May delay’s 50% cut to growth

Baha Mar’s delayed opening could potentially slash 50 per cent off the Bahamas’ 2015 economic growth forecast, a well-known businessman has warned.

Industrial system frustrates unions

THERE is “no question” that the present industrial relations system is set up to frustrate the Bahamian trade union movement, as one leader renewed his call for a united labour front.

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Three-year recognition is ‘vexing’ trade unions

Union recognition is taking a “vexing” three years to complete, a leading trade unionist says, rather than the desired three months.

Contractors Association: No Baha Mar woe reports yet

Senior Bahamian Contractors Association (BCA) executives say they have yet to receive reports of local construction companies not getting due payments for work done on the $3.5 billion Baha Mar project.Senior Bahamian Contractors Association (BCA) executives say they have yet to receive reports of local construction companies not getting due payments for work done on the $3.5 billion Baha Mar project.

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Gov’t is warned: Don’t fall in love with VAT monies

The Government has been warned not to become “too enamoured” with Value-Added Tax’s (VAT) relatively successful start in preparing next week’s 2015-2016 Budget.

SEC moving for sanctions against broker’s principal

US federal regulators are seeking sanctions and a default judgment against the Bahamian principal of a broker/dealer for failure to comply with a New York court’s order.

Freeport: Further uncertainty over VAT TIN demand

Fears are mounting that Freeport’s commercial environment is being further stifled by a new Customs edict that all Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) licensees must obtain a VAT TIN number.

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FNM: We will not let Gray speak as a minister

THE FREE National Movement will “do everything it has to do” to ensure that Agriculture Minister V Alfred Gray does not speak in the House of Assembly if he remains a Cabinet minister, the party’s leader said yesterday.

Police 'not ignoring' health fears

THE health concerns of Royal Bahamas Police Force officers are not “being disregarded or neglected” by senior members of the force, Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade said yesterday, claiming that officials are working to make “improvements in a lot of areas” amidst claims of “disrespect” by Police Staff Association chairman, Dwight Smith.

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Call for Urban Renewal report to be tabled

FREE National Movement Deputy Leader K Peter Turnquest yesterday challenged the government to table the Auditor General’s report on the Urban Renewal programme.

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Baha Mar is 'too big to fail'

TOURISM Minister Obie Wilchcombe yesterday said that the multi-billion dollar Baha Mar project was “too big to fail” as the government’s mediation efforts continue over the luxury resort’s stalled opening.

Courts to have role in Freedom of Information

THE revised Freedom of Information bill will allow for the courts to ultimately determine matters of public interest, State Minister in the Ministry of Legal Affairs Damien Gomez confirmed yesterday.

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US steps in to assist after hackers attack tourism website

THE United States government has stepped in to assist Bahamian officials after two government websites were hacked by an Islamist activist group last week.

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Residents uneasy over quality of health testing

PUBLIC health officials yesterday confirmed that nearly 100 people participated in the first weekend of medical screening clinics for Marathon residents who may have been affected by the Rubis fuel leak.

Bahamians to be charged over human trafficking

POLICE say they will bring charges against two Bahamians in separate matters of human trafficking this week.

AK47 found after man dies in shootout with police

AN EARLY morning shoot out with police ended in the death of one man and the arrest of two others this weekend.

Search under way for lost fishermen

A MAJOR search and rescue operation is under way in the Berry Islands to find two fishermen who disappeared in waters off Great Harbour Cay on Saturday.

Sunday, May 17

Two fishermen missing in Berry Islands

A MAJOR search and rescue operation is under way in the Berry Islands to find two fishermen who went missing in waters off Great Harbour Cay on Saturday.

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Two Bahamians held on human trafficking charges

POLICE say they will bring charges against two Bahamians in separate matters of human trafficking this week.

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Murder toll rises as man is shot on truck outside nightclub

THE MURDER toll in The Bahamas for this year according to The Tribune's records rose to 54 in the early hours of this morning when a man was shot dead outside a Nassau nightclub.

Saturday, May 16

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Man dies in early morning shootout with police

A MAN has been killed in a shoot out involving police and four armed men early today in the Fort Fincastle and Mason's Addition area of New Providence.

Cotton Bay development can revitalise Eleuthera says Christie

AFTER a two-decade long courtship the proposed Cotton Bay Development is now set to "revitalise" the island and economy of Eleuthera following the finalisation of an agreement between Four Seasons Resorts and Cotton Bay and Mine Holdings Ltd.

Pintard: Gomez explanation "changes nothing" and repeats call for Gray to go

FREE National Movement (FNM) Chairman Michael Pintard says revelations from Acting Attorney General Damian Gomez about why no charges were brought against MICAL MP V Alfred Gray "changes nothing".

Nursing leaders certified in first Grand Bahama programme

FIFTEEN nurses in Grand Bahama received their certification as nurse leaders yesterday after completing the 12-month Leadership for Change (LFC) programme in Freeport.

Friday, May 15

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Austin Knowles extradition hearing delayed by missing transcripts

TRANSCRIPTS from the extradition proceedings against five men wanted for drugs trafficking charges in the United States are still outstanding, a Supreme Court judge was told on Friday.

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Donna Vasyli's latest bail appeal to be heard next week

DONNA Vasyli has been given a hearing date next week in the Court of Appeal to contest a judge’s repeated refusal to grant her bail, The Tribune has learned. The 54-year-old’s hearing on Tuesday will occur a day before the wife of murdered Australian millionaire podiatrist, Phillip Vasyli, is scheduled to appear in Magistrates Court for the expected presentation of a Voluntary Bill of Indictment in connection with the March 24 homicide at their Old Fort Bay home.

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Fashion designer Jeffery Johnson found beaten to death in blazing house

A LOCAL fashion designer was found beaten to death in his home early on Friday morning by fire fighters responding to a blaze off Collins Avenue. The victim has been identified as 64-year–old Jeffery Johnson of the House of St John.

Clubs & Societies May 15, 2015

Baark. - Baark! (Bahamas Alliance for Animal Rights and Kindness) has been busy so far in 2015, with a series of events being held.

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Anthonique Strachan speeds to third in Diamond League opener

THE International Amateur Athletic Federation's Diamond League started on Friday in the Qatari capital of Doha with Bahamian sprinter Anthonique Strachan and hurdler Jeffery Gibson picking up a third and fifth place respectively in their signature events.

Grand Bahama tourism grows via air and sea, says Wilchcombe

TOURISM Minister Obie Wilchcombe says that tourism growth in Grand Bahama is moving in the right direction, with positive results in both air and cruise arrivals.

US court rules pharmacies and doctors can be sued by addicts

CHARLESTON (AP) - Pharmacies and doctors who negligently prescribed pain medication can be sued for enabling people's addictions, the West Virginia Supreme Court has ruled.

Five years until Credit Bureau is ‘meaningful’

Commonwealth Bank’s president yesterday said it could take up to five years for the proposed Credit Bureau to become a “meaningful tool” for commercial banks, due to the time required to build its database.

Renewable firm backs BEC reform structure

The proposer of a $650 million waste-to-energy plant yesterday backed the Government’s decision not to break the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) into two, and instead select a management company to operate it.

Ex-BREA chief ‘not surprised’ by Smith ruling

A two-time former Bahamas Real Estate Association (BREA) president yesterday said he was “not surprised” at the verdict won by ex-minister George Smith, and renewed his call for the Association and Real Estate Board to be separate.

Banks to ‘double’ VAT recovery.... to just 10%

The Bahamian banking industry is hopeful it might be able to recover ‘double’ the amount of Value-Added Tax (VAT) inputs than previously thought, as one institution yesterday revealed its total tax burden will increase by $6-$7 million in two years.

LOI controversy firm’s ‘big chance’ to revive project

The company at the centre of the Letter of Intent (LoI) controversy over its proposed $650 million waste-to-energy plant yesterday said PowerSecure International’s selection as BEC manager gives it a “huge opportunity” to revive the project.

LOI made $650m waste plant ‘political football’

The company behind the $650 million waste-to-energy proposal at the centre of last year’s Letter of Intent (LoI) controversy yesterday said it had been treated as “a political football”, which “turned a positive into a negative” and damaged its bid to secure financing.

Dozer Pros seal nail-biting 16-15 victory over the Joshua Knights

THE Archdeacon William E Thompson Park came alive to pulsating Junkanoo music minutes after Dozer Heavy Equipment Company’s Pros sealed a nail-biting 16-15 victory over Miller Construction’s Joshua Knights, enabling the “Southside Boys” to retain their prized Master Softball Association’s post-season laurel in sweeping style.

HIT ‘N’ RUN wins 2nd leg of the Bahamas Billfish Championship

HIT ‘N’ RUN, a 68-foot F&S owned by Byron Russell, won the second leg of the 2015 Bahamas Billfish Championship (BBC) in Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos after a terrific second day when they released four white marlin, a sailfish and a blue marlin for a grand slam.

Anfernee Seymour No.26 on Miami Marlins’ 2015 Prospect Watch list

RANKED as one of the top prospects in the Miami Marlins organisation, this summer could present a major opportunity for Anfernee Seymour to progress within the franchise.

‘Da Bahamian Dream’ makes donation and brings cheer to Children’s Emergency Hostel

WHILE his main focus is on preparing for the upcoming track and field season, Olympian Andretti ‘Da Bahamian Dream’ Bain took time out to show his support for one of the homes housing less fortunate children in our society.

5th Junior International Rugby Festival kicks off with welcome pizza reception tonight

ONE of the oldest sporting organisations in the country, Freeport Rugby Football Club is all set to host one of the many events it has scheduled this year to commemorate 50 years of existence.

Strong Bahamian presence again in the Battle 4 Atlantis

THE 2015 Battle 4 Atlantis will include another stacked field, with not only two Bahamians, but some of the top incoming freshman classes in all of NCAA Division I basketball.

BAAA President Mike Sands: ‘We did everything possible’ to assemble best team for relays

BAHAMAS Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) president Mike Sands said their selection committee did everything possible, including consulting with the personal coaches of the elite athletes, to ensure that the Bahamas assembled the best team for the IAAF/BTC World Relays Bahamas 2015.

‘It’s mandatory for athletes to compete’ in Nationals

WHILE it’s going to be mandatory for athletes to compete in the upcoming Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations National Championships, president Mike Sands is calling for them to ensure that they come home and compete in the events that they would like to participate in at the IAAF World Championships in Beijing, China.

Second lawyer appointed to kidnapper’s appeal bid

A MAN who maintains he did not kidnap and rob a manager of a laundromat at gunpoint will be appointed a second lawyer at the public’s expense.

Sentencing delayed in unlawful sex case

SENTENCING for a man convicted of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl has been delayed by six weeks.

Murderer fails to contact lawyer for appeal

A MAN, challenging his conviction and 50-year sentence for the fatal stabbing of his girlfriend, has not been able to contact his new lawyer, Court of Appeal judges were told yesterday.

A tribute to Bertram Brown

It was a beautiful summer day in 1986. At the time I was Assistant Secretary General of our party and a member of a delegation to Black Point, Exuma, headed by our then Leader the late Sir Kendal Isaacs.

Web shop money

I applaud the fast thinking of Mr Christie, also the swift move of our Chief Executive, as related to the banking of monies coming from the newly regulated and legalised web shops.

A money-saving tip

What’s with all the excessive travelling of some of our politicians? In many cases just to have a conversation? It’s 2015! Have they ever heard of Skype? It’s a lot cheaper than flying and they can even look into the face of the person they are speaking with!

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Bahamians warned: Brace for post-VAT delinquency cut-off

Bahamians must get used to companies increasingly cutting them off for non-payment due to Value-Added Tax’s (VAT) cash flow impact, a well-known businessman warned yesterday.

Commissioner concerned over clash between data protection and freedom of information

BALANCING the competing rights to privacy under the Data Protection Act presents a considerable challenge to Freedom of Information legislation, according to Data Protection Commissioner Sharmie Farrington-Austin.

Casino operator nears deal for Grand Lucaya

TOURISM Minister Obie Wilchcombe says a new operator has paid a deposit on the casino in Lucaya and a major deal could be settled soon for Sunwing’s further involvement with the Grand Lucaya Resort properties.

Residents unhappy at closure of Staniel Cay airstrip

THE government’s closure of the airstrip at Staniel Cay, Exuma, was “reckless”, according to a letter penned by frustrated residents, who blamed the government for consequently putting residents and visitors at “a greater risk in the event of an emergency.”

Pintard: Carnival did not reflect Bahamian culture

FREE National Movement Chairman Michael Pintard yesterday said he believes the inaugural Junkanoo Carnival failed to reflect the “uniqueness” of Bahamian culture due to its format.

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Islamist group hacked tourism website, says govt

A TUNISIAN Islamist “activist group” called the Fallaga Team was responsible for hacking two government websites on Wednesday, the Ministry of Tourism revealed yesterday.

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‘It could be years’ before all Marathon residents are tested

MARATHON residents last night were urged to begin independent testing and treatment for their possible exposure to harmful toxins from the 2012 Rubis gasoline leak.

Speaker explains reasoning for ruling on PAC’s probe of urban renewal

HOUSE Speaker Dr Kendal Major said yesterday that his decision to order the Public Accounts Committee to temporarily halt its investigation into Urban Renewal 2.0 took into account “procedural errors” that were prevalent in this case.

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NICOLETTE BETHEL: Carnival was a success but we must build our culture

BAHAMAS Junkanoo Carnival is over, and it was a rip-roaring success. As happened in Grand Bahama, in Nassau thousands and thousands of people thronged the festival site, hungry for the new experience, and for the first time ever The Bahamas entered the 21st century world of festivals, productions and events.

Generator’s installation ‘ends need’ for load shedding

THE first five rental generators secured for the Bahamas Electricity Corporation have been installed, eliminating the need to continue load shedding, according to BEC Executive Chairman Leslie Miller.

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Why Gray was not charged

ACTING Attorney General Damian Gomez said the Office of the Attorney General would have opened itself up to a possible lawsuit if it pursued legal action against MICAL MP V Alfred Gray in a case that has grabbed headlines, explaining that Mayaguana Administrator Zephaniah Newbold was unable to recall key information.

‘Put blame on Rubis for spill, not the government’

ATTORNEY Fred Smith, QC, yesterday called the appointment of a retired court justice to conduct an independent review into the government’s delay in releasing a report on the Rubis fuel leak a “waste of time.”

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Father found dead in the street with head injury

POLICE are uncertain of the circumstances surrounding the murder of a 23-year-old father of one, who was found dead yesterday morning with “blunt force trauma” to the head.

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Fire rips through former City Market warehouse

POLICE were called to the scene of a structural fire at the old City Market warehouse on the East West Highway yesterday.

BAMSI offers internship scheme to students

STUDENTS enrolled at the Bahamas Agricultural and Marine Sciences Institute will take part in a six week, paid internship programme after officials at the institution secured agreements with more than a dozen companies around the country.

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THE FINISH LINE: Elite athletes in prime form ahead of Nationals

RIGHT on the heels of the successful hosting of the IAAF/BTC World Relays Bahamas 2015, a number of elite athletes showed that they are in prime form, one month ahead of the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations’ National Championships.

Thursday, May 14

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: The shifting story of Carnival's success

EVERY time I think of some of the utterances of the certain members of this government, the word ‘Ungawa’ comes to mind.

Bahamians love to party

Even a deaf and blind person if they knew The Bahamas would have understood that the Carnival would be an enormous success – hey Bahamians love to party.

Paying tribute

The late Bertram Brown, FNM Meritorious Council Member (MCM) and a Freedom Fighter (FF), of Black Point, Exuma, was funeralised at Zion Baptist Church, Nassau, on Saturday and memorialised on Thursday at FNM Headquarters, Mackey Street.

Union shows ‘Job’s patience’ with BTC

Executives at the trade union representing the Bahamas Telecommunications Company’s (BTC) line staff yesterday said they had displayed “Job’s patience”, accusing management of stalling negotiations on a new industrial agreement.

No-show by AG's office forces assault case delay

THE Attorney General’s office is now prosecuting the case of a 19-year-old woman accused of assault and obstruction, a magistrate was told yesterday.

A real fan of attic cooling

Summer is approaching, and we all know that high temperatures in the Bahamas can become uncomfortable to say the least. We also know that higher temperatures mean higher cooling costs. Some of us who were afraid of those high energy costs all year will nonetheless dust off our air conditioners and put them to work. One of the biggest enemies of our overworked air conditioners in this climate is poor ventilation.

Minister's crime concern

I can’t believe my ears.

Bahamas ‘falls off map’ on Caribbean hospitality lending

The Bahamas has ‘dropped off the map’ among traditional bank lenders to the hotel/tourism industry, with this nation failing to feature among the top 10 Caribbean destinations for new lending.

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Bahamians overlook ‘significant progress’

Too many Bahamians are overlooking this nation’s “significant economic progress” because they are focusing on issues that “have not a Christ thing to do with sustainable development”, a leading businessman believes.

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BEC managerial talks start today

The Government will today begin negotiations with PowerSecure International over the five-year Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) management contract, amid pledges that the deal will be overseen by “a non-partisan” Board.

NHI: Gov’t warned on ‘significant error’

The Government is “making a significant error” over National Health Insurance (NHI) by allowing the initiative to become potentially “divisive”, a well-known businessman warned yesterday.

Have we lost our pride?

Every time I read the online paper, there are countless entries of shots fired, someone clinging onto life and the ever-rising murder count. I read articles stating that other countries have issued advisories to tourists travelling to our shores.

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BREA ‘emergency’ on ex-minister’s legal win

The Bahamas Real Estate Association’s (BREA) Board will tomorrow hold “an emergency meeting” to determine its response to losing a legal battle with a former Cabinet Minister.

Request for stay on trial is rejected by Supreme Court

A MAN’s request for a permanent stay on his trial in connection with the murders of an elderly woman and her grandson during a home invasion was dismissed by a Supreme Court judge yesterday.

Don’t wreck reputation with missing deadlines

Are you a ‘train wreck’ when faced with tight deadlines? If you are employed in marketing, design, web development or any other deadline-driven field, no doubt you have experienced snappy demands, postponements, obstacles, delays, distractions and all manner of commotions that can interfere with that very important project you have finally landed.

Henri Delauze: ‘My plan is to run 45 seconds by the end of the season’

IN just his freshman season, Grand Bahamian quarter-miler Henri Delauze has set his sights on lofty expectations for his initial NCAA campaign, including a conference title.

Todd Isaacs Jr delivers in the clutch

Already establishing a reputation as a college baseball standout for his speed, Bahamian outfielder Todd Isaacs Jr proved his prowess at the plate with the game on the line.

Strachan and Gibson get set for IAAF Diamond League

THE 2015 edition of the IAAF Diamond League will get underway this Friday and, according to provisional entry lists, Bahamian athletes will figure prominently in competition on the first leg in the series.

Second Popeyes Bahamas Bowl all set

THE second Popeyes Bahamas Bowl is scheduled for the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium on December 24, and this year’s event is expected to showcase schools from Conference USA and the Mid-American Conference.

Wilchcombe praises Sunland Baptist senior boys for championship win

TOURISM Minister Obie Wilchcombe praised the Sunland Baptist Academy’s senior boys team for its victory in the Obie Wilchcombe/Derek ‘Bookie’ Nesbitt Basketball league championship after an impressive undefeated regular season.

Alex Smith on short list of options for Denver Broncos

WITH the NFL offseason in full swing, one veteran player with Bahamian roots looks to continue his career as a journeyman reserve. Alex Smith has emerged on the short list of options for the Denver Broncos as they look to replace acclaimed rookie tight end Jeff Heuerman.

Relays give Atlantis 4,700 nights boost

The IAAF World Relays generated 4,700 occupied room nights for Atlantis, a Cabinet Minister said yesterday, with the event attracting more than 1,400 visitors to the Bahamas.

Climate change exacerbates Bahamas’ major challenges

CLIMATE change is exacerbating the Bahamas’ challenges with food security, water scarcity and energy security, the Prime Minister said yesterday, over an issue that threatens this nation’s land mass.

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Government working on finalising BEC management deal

THE government is now in the process of finalising the management contract with American company PowerSecure for full managerial control of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis confirmed yesterday.

BTC staff ready to take action 'at any time'

BAHAMAS Communications and Public Officers Union Secretary General Dino Rolle warned yesterday that the union is prepared to take industrial action “at any time” if its members continue to be disrespected by BTC.

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Police association ready to face consequences

POLICE Staff Association Chairman Dwight Smith yesterday said the organisation is prepared to take on any consequences that might result from the group’s repeated attempts to bring awareness to the “disrespect” law enforcement officers have experienced from the government.

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DNA: Who is accountable for release of convict?

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney yesterday criticised the Attorney General’s “erroneous” decision not to pursue legal action against former Local Government minister V Alfred Gray following allegations of judicial interference.

PM: Baha Mar not running out of cash

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday denied that Baha Mar is running out of the cash needed to finish its multi-billion dollar project.

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PAC blocked by Speaker

HOUSE Speaker Dr Kendal Major has ordered the Public Accounts Committee to “stay its hand” regarding its investigation into Urban Renewal 2.0 until Parliament can decide on the way forward.

Chipman shocked at decision on PAC powers

PUBLIC Accounts Committee Chairman Hubert Chipman said he was “taken aback and shocked” by House Speaker Dr Kendal Major’s directive to the PAC to temporarily halt its probe into Urban Renewal 2.0.

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Allen says ruling leaves him vindicated

URBAN Renewal Co-chair Algernon Allen yesterday said he felt “absolutely vindicated” by House Speaker Dr Kendal Major’s decision that a recent audit into Urban Renewal did not go through the correct parliamentary procedures.

Draft Freedom of Information Act 'this week'

THE draft legislation for a new Freedom of Information Act will be released to the public by the end of this week and will be followed with town hall meetings where members of the public can comment on the proposed legislation, according to Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald.

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National security fears as tourism website hacked

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday revealed that someone hacked the Ministry of Tourism’s website, which he said created “enormous national security implications” for the country.

Teenager arrested after man is shot in the hip

POLICE arrested an 18-year-old man in connection with a shooting that occurred Tuesday morning.

Wednesday, May 13

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DNA: Who is accountable for release of convict?

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney yesterday criticised the Attorney General’s “erroneous” decision not to pursue legal action against former Local Government minister V Alfred Gray following allegations of judicial interference.

Payroll tax unable to cover NHI

A 3 per cent payroll tax will not be sufficient to cover the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme’s total costs, the private sector yesterday warning that sticking to a January 2016 implementation will create a “challenging sprint to the finish”.

Gov’t wipes $7m Water Corp debt

The Government appears to have wiped out the $7 million accounts receivables owed by the Water & Sewerage Corporation’s main water supplier, which has praised it for doing so.

Baha Mar delay: ‘We’re all losers’

A leading businessman yesterday rounded on the “despicable critics” of Baha Mar’s principals, and said of the $3.5 billion project’s delayed opening: “We are all losers.”

US gives Cable growth ‘4 times’ that in Bahamas

Cable Bahamas yesterday said its US expansion had generated growth that would take three-four years to achieve in this market, having enjoyed an “immediate” 26 per cent top-line boost.

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Gov’t braces for tax breaks legal battle

The Government was last night bracing for an outspoken QC’s latest Judicial Review salvo, after it missed his deadline to provide “an undertaking” that no decisions will be taken on Freeport’s tax and economic regime.

Freeport suggestions to Gov’t ‘in 2 weeks’

The Government will likely receive recommendations on Freeport’s short and long-term future within the next two weeks, the Opposition’s deputy leader yesterday calling for “quid pro quos” in return for extending the city’s tax breaks.

US judge slams broker chief’s ‘court disregard’

A Bahamian broker/dealer’s principal has been accused of “disregard for the court’s authority”, resulting in a New York judge blocking his bid to retreat from two multi-million dollar securities fraud lawsuits.

Union: No concern over BEC manager integrity

A BEC union leader yesterday said he had no concern over the integrity of its preferred management partner due to assurances given by the Government, telling Tribune Business: “It is what it is”.

Baha Mar’s expat hires told to leave

Baha Mar has told several expatriate hires to leave the Bahamas because construction delays mean there are no jobs for them to step into, amid suggestions it is seeking additional financing to complete the $3.5 billion project.

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Gov’t agrees ‘few hundred thousand’ in VAT credits

The Government has approved “several hundred thousand dollars” of Value-Added Tax (VAT) credit refunds, a top official yesterday promising that businesses would not endure “a protracted wait” to receive them.

Applicants for Belonger's Permit to be contacted

THE Department of Immigration will send out letters to persons who submitted applications for a Belonger’s permit before the relevant legislation was passed in Parliament advising them whether they have been approved, Immigration Director William Pratt said yesterday.

Jaraun ‘Keino’ Burrows: ‘I had a good season in Sweden’

HE would have loved to have stayed around and played a little longer in the playoffs, but Jaraun ‘Keino’ Burrows was satisfied with the season that he experienced this year in the Swedish Professional Basketball League.

BEC documents

I am not casting aspersions but where does the US Company… PowerSource International come into the RFP for BEC?

The problems of The Bahamas

The Bahamas has always had it share of problems, but I remember a time when Bahamians were generally regarded to be a noble, principled and decent people. A people who carried themselves with a certain dignity with the result that our country was often viewed with envy by other island states in the Caribbean. We were a country to be emulated, and in our communities the elders often did not compromise principles purely for profit.

Writing on the wall for the PLP

The handwriting is on the wall for the Progressive Liberal Party is as clear as the message that was written for King Belshazzar of Babylon and was interpreted by the Prophet Daniel.

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Rolex to train Bahamians in watchmaking

BAHAMIANS willl be offered the chance to learn watchmaking skills at the highest level later this year with the launch of a Rolex Technical Institute in Nassau.

Men United March to be held in Grand Bahama

THE Men United March continues to gain momentum every year and organisers are expecting this year’s event on Whit Monday to be the biggest since its inception five years ago.

NBA Hall of Famer enjoying his first trip to the Bahamas

JOHN Stockton has had a phenomenal career in the National Basketball Association. Now the retired Hall of Famer is enjoying spending time watching his children participate in the game that he left behind with an impeccable impression.

Bobcats rout Lady Truckers 85-35

The Montana State University Bobcats made game two of their Bahamas Basketball Federation Summer of Thunder exhibition game look so easy against the Johnson’s Lady Truckers.

Man accused of robbing Deputy PM denied bail

THE third of three men charged in connection with the robbery of Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis appeared in the Supreme Court seeking bail yesterday.

NPSA: Player movements should make for interesting 2015 season

THERE is expected to be some significant changes when the New Providence Softball Association kicks off its 2015 season in the Banker’s Field at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex Friday night.

Joining forces to strengthen scholarship fund

THE Youth Empowerment Programme Bahamas and the Beta Beta Lambda Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc has announced a “strategic partnership” aimed at strengthening the YEP Scholarship Fund.

Man jailed for 35 years to appeal murder conviction

A MAN sentenced to 35 years’ imprisonment in connection with a murder outside of a nightclub in Abaco intends to appeal his conviction.

Mobile gaming operators say Gaming Act puts them out of work

MOBILE gaming operators in Grand Bahama believe that a provision in the Gaming Act is discriminatory and prohibits them from their livelihood.

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Smith may run as independent if he is not selected by the PLP

FORMER Progressive Liberal Party Cabinet minister George Smith yesterday said he is considering a run as an independent candidate for the Exuma constituency if his party does not see him as a viable option for the 2017 general election.

Ruling expected today on call to stay trial

A JUDGE is expected to hand down a decision today on a man’s application for a permanent stay on his trial in connection with the murders of an elderly woman and her grandson during a home invasion.

Businessman gets money back after commissioner intervenes

A LOCAL businessman claimed that the $29,000 that vanished from one his commercial accounts due to an alleged cyber attack has been repaid via the intervention of the data protection commissioner.

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Activist raises questions over cell phone towers in communities

A FORMER Democratic National Alliance candidate yesterday raised concern about the proliferation of cell phone towers in urban communities insisting that the health risk associated with the structures is being overlooked.

Attorney General refuses to comment on missing files

THE Office of the Attorney General yesterday refused to confirm or deny whether extradition files related to cases defended by State Minister for Legal Affairs Damian Gomez while he was in private practice are missing.

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Samaritan steps in to fix giant pothole

A GIANT pothole in eastern New Providence has been repaired by a private company in what is being described as “an amazing display of a corporate contribution to a community”.

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Rubis review a 'smokescreen'

THE appointment of a retired justice to conduct an independent review into the government’s delay in releasing a report on the Rubis fuel leak is a “smokescreen” to pacify the affected residents of Marathon, FNM Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest said yesterday.

Speaker aims to act to resolve PAC standoff

HOUSE Speaker Dr Kendal Major said he intends to bring closure to matters related to concerns about the legality of the Public Accounts Committee’s actions during its probe of Urban Renewal 2.0 when Parliament reconvenes today.

American man held after pistol found in luggage

AN American man was arrested at the airport in South Bimini after a loaded pistol was allegedly found in his travel bag on Monday.

Tuesday, May 12

Bobcats pound All-Stars 61-46

With retired National Basketball Association All-Time assist and steals leader John Stockton in the stands cheering on his daughter, the Montana State Bobcats pounded the Ladies All-Stars 61-46 at the Kendal Isaacs Gymnasium last night. It was the start of the Bahamas Basketball Federation’s 2015 Summer of Thunder exhibition games and the Bobcats will be out again tonight when they take on the New Providence Women’s Basketball Association champions Johnson’s Lady Truckers to close out their series of games.

Inaugural Popeyes Bahamas Bowl ‘game changer’ in sports tourism

CONSIDERED a “game changer” in the country’s sports tourism product, the inaugural Popeyes Bahamas Bowl provided a new arena of exposure for the Bahamas, proved the country could serve as a destination for elite NCAA Division I football and the winners of that historic contest were rewarded to commemorate that feat.

Sporting Mischief and Mayhem: Brady’s overblown reputation left deflated by scandal and suspension

Well, it seems like “I told you so” is becoming a catch phrase here at SMM. First Mayweather v Pacquiao and now Tom Brady. I actually touched on Brady before Mayweather. If you recall, right here I said before the Super Bowl that even if Brady and the Patriots won, their legacy would be tainted due to their involvement in numerous cheating scandals in the NFL, from “Spy-gate” to “Deflate-gate”. The Patriots are “dirty” period! It’s high time Patriots fans accept the facts of the matter and the opinions of the sporting world, especially the fans of the NFL.

Henry Rolle sets the record straight on World Relays team selection

HENRY Rolle, one of the personal coaches for the elite athletes, cleared up any misconception of the Bahamas not being able to field the best athletes for the IAAF/BTC World Relays Bahamas 2015, indicating that the Bahamas Association of Athletic Association’s selection committee knew in advance that the female athletes would only be competing in one event.

Carnival group trashes park

This morning, I went with a group of cyclists past Clifton Heritage site near Jaws Beach around 7:30am. There was a group of Carnival partiers that had clearly been going all night.

Brave, Shane and Bodie

After reading this morning’s Tribune, I have decided it is time to leave the rock and start life again somewhere else.

Time to go?

The recently concluded general elections in the UK have resulted in a majority Conservative government and the return to 10 Downing Street of Prime Minister David Cameron. At one point the now vanquished leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband, was considered neck and neck with the Conservatives by most polls, if not a majority. The results, however, were decisive and spoke volumes about just how the average electorate sees political parties and judges their manifestoes or charters for governance.

Grand Bahama attorney appointed to Supreme Court

PETRA Hanna-Weekes, a well-known Grand Bahama attorney, has been appointed Justice of the Supreme Court and has been assigned to Freeport.

Convict claims inhumane treatment in plea to Supreme Court

A MAN is seeking constitutional relief from the Supreme Court ahead of his retrial in connection with the murder of an elderly woman and her grandson during a break-in at their home.

NCAA: Michael Carey Jr signs national letter of intent to join Wagner University Seahawks programme in fall

IT HAS been a long, winding road toward his opportunity to make his break into NCAA Division I basketball, but that dream recently came to fruition for one Bahamian player. Michael Carey Jr signed his national letter of intent last week to join the Wagner University Seahawks programme for the Fall 2015 semester.

Lanece Clarke and Steven Gardiner victorious in 400m

IT was another dose of victory for the Bahamian duo of Lanece Clarke and Steven Gardiner. Fresh off their appearance on the Bahamas’ team for the IAAF/BTC World Relays Bahamas 2015 at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium earlier this month, the pair of quarter-milers pulled of victories in the women’s and men’s 400 metres in the Georgia Invitational at the Spec Towns Track at the University of Georgia over the weekend.

DNA points at three years of failed promises by PLP

THE Democratic National Alliance yesterday offered a harsh assessment of the Christie administration’s performance in the three years since it has been elected to govern.

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The Island House to bring millions to economy, says PM

THE opening of a new Bahamian-owned boutique hotel will likely inject several million dollars annually into the Bahamian economy, Prime Minister Perry Christie said yesterday.

New Immigration Act regulations now in force

IMMIGRATION Minister Fred Mitchell announced that the Immigration Amendment Act and its regulations came into force yesterday.

Gomez says government ‘must not fail’ to implement NHI

HEALTH Minister Dr Perry Gomez said the government “must not fail” with its proposed implementation of National Health Insurance because the country needs it.

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POLITICOLE: Feathers, fun and flattering figures

Wait. Did I just see what I think I saw?

Psychiatric report requested for man accused of beating baby to death

A LAWYER has requested that a detailed psychiatric report be presented to a magistrate addressing the mental health of her client who is accused of battering a one-year-old boy to death.

DNA: Throwing a great party doesn't solve the country's other ills

THE success of the inaugural Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival proves only that the Progressive Liberal Party can throw a good party, Democratic National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney said yesterday warning that the Christie administration is “trying to distance themselves” from its failures as a government.

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Carnival debut hailed as 'extremely successful'

CARNIVAL expert Clarence Moe, the former CEO of the National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago, said yesterday he believed that the inaugural Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival was “extremely successful”.

Man admits having sex with 13-year-old

A MAN yesterday admitted to having unlawful sexual intercourse with an underage girl who he had been talking to for some time.

Review of delay in Rubis report is launched

THE government has appointed retired Justice Joseph Strachan to conduct a “thorough” independent review into the cause of the delay in the release of a report on the ramifications of a Rubis gas leak in the Marathon constituency more than two years ago.

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Locked in talks: PM hoping for resolution to Baha Mar dispute

AFTER chairing a meeting yesterday with Baha Mar officials and the resort’s main contractor over the property’s opening delays, Prime Minister Perry Christie said he hoped for a speedy resolution to the dispute between the two parties in the “interest of the Bahamian people”.

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Miller: New BEC board in place soon

AFTER he recently told reporters he will likely not have his job for much longer, Bahamas Electricity Corporation Executive Chairman Leslie Miller yesterday said he understands a new board of directors will be in place in “about two weeks”.

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Carnival 'likely' a boost to economy

BAHAMAS Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation Chairman Gowen Bowe said the positive feedback from Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival has likely had a positive effect on the economy.

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LIFE OF CRIME: What can we do about domestic violence?

“I just came home with my girlfriend from a party, we had both been drinking and then I called her by the wrong name. She was furious and attacked me. I hit her and then pushed her away, she fell and hit her head, there is blood everywhere and she is screaming! What should I do?”

Prince Charles businesses raided

POLICE are investigating two separate armed robberies at businesses on Prince Charles Drive yesterday afternoon.

Monday, May 11

Hospital cordoned off as police respond to bomb hoax

POLICE officers briefly cordoned off the area surrounding Doctors Hospital on Monday afternoon and visitors were evacuated following a reported bomb scare.

Police hunt for armed robbers

POLICE are searching for three armed robbery suspects who stole a man’s car on Sunday.

Broker warns Feds: 'I'll plead the Fifth'

A Bahamian broker/dealer's principal has warned US federal regulators that their efforts to obtain evidence from him over two alleged multi-million dollar securities frauds will be futile, as his lips will be sealed.

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Superwash chief: VAT bites 12-14% off key products

A leading businessman says the Bahamian economy is stuck "in a funk" as Value-Added Tax's (VAT) full impact starts to bite, with sales in two of his key product categories down 12-14 per cent. Dionisio D'Aguilar, Superwash's president, told Tribune Business that the Bahamas desperately needed to change its attitude towards "rebooting the economy" and making it easier to conduct business.

BEC manager-elect slams 'fraud by hindsight' claim

The Bahamas Electricity Corporation's (BEC) prospective manager has dismissed as "fraud by hindsight" claims that it artificially inflated its stock price prior to a one-day wipe-out that erased $250 million in shareholder value.

Gov't warned: 'We can't take another shock' with NHI

The Government was yesterday warned that National Health Insurance (NHI) would not succeed without private sector buy-in, one executive warning: "The economy cannot take another shock." Edison Sumner, the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation's (BCCEC) chief executive, told Tribune Business that an unsustainable NHI programme could have "catastrophic effects for a fragile economy" that was still bedding down Value-Added Tax (VAT).

Bahamasair to unveil new fleet 'within 30 days'

Bahamasair expects to unveil the "change-out" of its Dash-8 dominated aircraft fleet within the next 30 days, a move it hopes will slash maintenance and operational costs.

Political 'dinosaurs' are here to stay

I always find the proposition intriguing when commentators or columnists anticipate the likely death of the Bahamian two-party establishment as a third party seemingly gains ground. Nicole Burrows is the most recent columnist to raise this spectre as she foresees the political dynamic shifting steadily in the Democratic National Alliance’s favour.

JBLN opens best-of-three championship series

THE Junior Baseball League of Nassau opened its best-of-three game championship series in all divisions at the St Andrew’s Field of Dreams over the weekend.

Truckers out to regain softball supremacy

WHEN the New Providence Softball Association kicks of its 2015 season on Friday, the Commando Security Truckers will be out to regain its supremacy in the men’s division.

Bowleg, McPhee-McCuin to head coaching staff

MARIO Bowleg and Yolett McPhee-McCuin will head the coaching staff for the men’s and women’s national teams for the Caribbean Basketball Championships, while Darrel Sears and Varel Clarke-Davis will be in charge of the junior teams that will compete in the Centrobasket Under-17 Championships for men and women respectively when they all travel this summer.

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Justin Roberts helps Bulls book their 1st trip to NCAA Sweet 16

IT’S been a phenomenal experience so far for rising tennis star Justin Roberts as he makes his transition from the junior circuit to the collegiate level. On Saturday, Roberts pulled off one of his biggest accomplishments in his freshman year for No. 18 ranked Universiry of South Florida as the Bulls booked their first trip to the NCAA Division I Men’s Tennis Championship Round of Sweet 16 with a 4-0 victory over host Virginia Tech at the Burrows-Burleson Tennis Center.

Bahamas looks to make a return to the World Baseball Challenge

WITH scores of Bahamian baseball talent flourishing at the high, collegiate and professional level, the Bahamas will look to make its return to the international baseball arena this summer. The Bahamas is one of five teams confirmed thus far for the World Baseball Challenge, to be hosted in Prince George, British Colombia, Canada, August 14-23.

Nathan Bain returns to Sunrise for prep season

THE latest on the list of prep to collegiate basketball stars to go from the Bahamas to Sunrise Christian Academy to an NCAA Division I programme looks to have an immediate impact on his team this fall. Recently concluding his high school career in Witchita, Kansas, Nathan Bain discussed his decision to withdraw from a previous commitment to Colorado State, return to Sunrise for a prep season, and eventually signing with the Stephen F Austin University Jacks programme for the Fall 2015 semester.

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Shaunae Miller breaks 16-year-old national record in 200m

‘Golden Girl’ Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie knew that if anyone was going to break her 16-year-old Bahamas national 200 metre record, it would have been rising international star Shaunae Miller. When she heard the news on Saturday that Miller finally eclipsed her mark of 22.19 seconds that she ran on July 3, 1999 in Paris, France, Ferguson-McKenzie said she wasn’t surprised at all. In the Jamaica Invitational meet at the National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica, Miller ran away from a talented field to snatch the women’s 200 metres title in a world-leading time of 22.14 seconds, tying the meet record that was set by Jamaican Sherone Simpson in 2006. Simpson, by the way, was in the race, finishing fourth in 22.64.

Fixed or floating exchange rates: which serves the Caribbean better?

IS the fixed currency exchange rate between the United States and some Caribbean countries affecting the latter’s international competitiveness?

Break out the box

THE ruling Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) is celebrating its third year in office following its re-election in 2012. This is a wonderful time to give thanks to God and to the people of this wonderful little nation for allowing us to govern, again, on behalf of the people of The Bahamas. I hope that we, corporately, will worship at Living Waters Kingdom Ministries where Apostle Raymond Wells is senior pastor.

Nygard served notice for alleged breach of injunction

PETER Nygard has arrived back in The Bahamas to be served with a notice of motion to commit for allegedly breaching the terms of an injunction barring him from engaging in development activities at his Lyford Cay home.

The most courageous act: Speak Out!

MARATHON MP Jerome Fitzgerald, himself a lawyer, is upset that through Facebook his lawyer wife has been unwittingly drawn into the secrecy surrounding the fuel leak controversy in her husband’s Marathon constituency.

Injunction in place over denial of care to woman and children

AN INJUNCTION restraining the Ministry of Health from denying a Bahamian-born mother of Haitian descent and her children remains in place following the adjournment of court proceedings on Friday.

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Butler Turner blasts PLP over unemployment

FORMER FNM Deputy Leader Loretta Butler Turner yesterday criticised the government for failing to deliver on its campaign promises to improve the labour climate in the country.

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Miller in the dark over BEC transition

BAHAMAS Electricity Corporation Executive Chairman Leslie Miller said the government has not consulted or included him and members of BEC’s board on its transition team that is preparing the corporation for new management with the American company PowerSecure.

Airlifts from eight US cities to boost Grand Bahama tourism

GRAND Bahama is anticipating continued growth in visitor arrivals over the second quarter of 2015, with airlifts starting from eight US cities on May 21 and continuing to October 26.

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Big crowds, but little profit for vendors

ALTHOUGH the inaugural Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival event has largely been hailed a success, many vendors who served food and drinks said it was not a pay off for them.

No response in KKK probe

MORE than two months after filing an official complaint over a series of “hostile” and “intimidating” demonstrations that left a number of its members “living in fear”, Save The Bays (STB) said it is disappointed over the lack of response from the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

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Call for judicial review after Gray probe ends with no legal action

FREE National Movement Chairman Michael Pintard has called for a judicial review to be performed into the “behind the scenes” decisions the Office of the Attorney General made into the allegations of judicial interference against MICAL MP V Alfred Gray.

How to avoid being a victim of domestic violence

REGARDLESS of race, gender or social status, it is unfortunate that domestic violence is a vicious act that does not discriminate among its victims. Even though it is against the law, it is a universal issue that transpires every day and victims and perpetrators are sometimes those who are least expected.

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Murdered diving instructor's body to be returned to the UK

THE wife and son of the British diving instructor who was shot dead on his yacht in western New Providence earlier this month are preparing to take his body back to the United Kingdom.

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CARNIVAL FEVER: Organisers hail a 'cultural revolution'

AN “unprecedented” number of people descended upon Clifford Park, the Western Esplanade and Arawak Cay to participate in the inaugural Junkanoo Carnival events between Thursday and Saturday, completing what officials say will become a permanent fixture on the Bahamian calendar that will jumpstart the country’s cultural economy.

Annual charity golf tourney all set for Ocean Club today

THE annual charity golf tournament hosted by the Rotary Club of East Nassau in conjunction with the Scout Association of The Bahamas tees off today at the Ocean Club course on Paradise Island.

Police seek Omar Archer - after he broke his legs jumping from court window

POLICE have confirmed that Omar Archer Sr, a self-proclaimed social activist, is wanted for questioning in connection with several ongoing investigations into intentional libel allegations. Mr Archer was taken to hospital on Friday after he jumped out of a second-storey window at the South Street Court Complex and broke his legs in the fall. He was at the court for an unrelated matter.

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Hundreds join in carnival parade

HUNDREDS of people lined the streets on Saturday to watch the Bahamas‘ first Junkanoo Carnival Road Fever parade.

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Largest passing-out parade in RBDF history

THE Royal Bahamas Defence Force welcomed its largest batch of recruits at a passing out parade at the Coral Harbour base on Friday.

Sunday, May 10

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American diver, 49, dies on Grand Bahama

A 49-year-old American has died following a diving expedition off Grand Bahama. Police report that on Saturday, shortly before 5pm, they received information that a group of visitors from Florida were diving off Memory Rock, when one man reportedly began experiencing difficulty breathing.

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Dominoes game ends with a man dead after drive-by shooting

ONE MAN has been shot dead and three others are in hospital after three separate shooting incidents in Nassau on Friday night.

Saturday, May 9

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Sammi Star wins Music Masters at Carnival

THOUSANDS flocked to Clifford Park last night to witness the crowning of Sammi Star as the first Music Masters champion of Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival.

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Mother denied antenatal care continues her legal fight against government

AN INJUNCTION restraining the Ministry of Health from denying a Bahamian-born mother of Haitian descent and her children remains in place following the adjournment of court proceedings yesterday.

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Bahamasair agrees middle managers deal with union

BAHAMASAIR executives and representatives of the Public Managers Union (PMU) yesterday signed a five-year industrial agreement aimed at "preserving the dignity and standard of living" for more than 60 middle managers employed by the ailing airline.

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Peter Nygard served with legal notice for breach of dredging injunction

PETER Nygard has arrived back in the Bahamas to be served with a notice of motion to commit for allegedly breaching the terms of an injunction barring him from engaging in development activities at his Lyford Cay home.

Tourism continues to grow for Grand Bahama

GRAND Bahama is anticipating continued growth in visitor arrivals over the second quarter of 2015, with airlifts starting from eight US cities on May 21 and continuing to October 26.

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Defence Force boosted as largest class passes out

THE Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) welcomed its largest recruitment cohort at a passing out parade of the New Entry 52 class at the Coral Harbour base yesterday.

Friday, May 8

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AG's office will NOT pursue legal action against V Alfred Gray

THE Attorney General's office will not pursue legal action against V Alfred Gray following its investigation into the allegations of judicial interference that have dogged the MICAL MP this year.

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Man arrested for firearm possession after Tyler Street shooting

POLICE on Thursday arrested a 30-year-old man for firearm possession following a shooting incident that ended in another man in hospital.

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Machel Montano promises a top performance at Carnival

TRINIDADIAN Soca sensation Machel Montano said when he takes the stage tonight at the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival Music Masters, concert attendees can expect a world-class, high energy performance. 

Tropical storm Ana forms early, threatens Carolinas

MIAMI (AP) - A tropical storm warning was issued on Friday for parts of North and South Carolina as Ana approached the US coast, kicking up rough surf and rip currents ahead of what was forecast to be a rainy weekend.

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Fire rips through post office

THE GRANTS Town Post Office was extensively damaged yesterday after a fire from an adjacent building on Vesey Street spread to its roof and one of the rooms.

Disgust at the deplorable state of our roads

Kindly permit me space in your valuable columns to express my utter disgust over the deplorable state of our roads. For safety of life and limb one has to memorise the  numerous potholes throughout New Providence.

Carnival history

With Carnival arriving in The Bahamas we should have a clear understanding exactly the history behind Carnival.

PM wakes up but far too late

This morning’s newspapers reports that the Prime Minister has expressed “major concerns” over the delay in the opening of the Baha Mar Resort.

Suggest ‘Brave’ Davis gets his friends to complete Baha Mar

IN JANUARY, Prime Minister Perry Christie announced his intention to request funding from China to support the Bahamas’ national budget, and refinance and restructure the country’s debt.

Tease photo

Murderer jailed for 30 years

A MAN convicted of murder two months ago was sentenced to 30 years in prison yesterday.

Tease photo

Rollins blasts fellow politicians for criticism of Baha Mar chief

FORT Charlotte MP Dr Andre Rollins said that Baha Mar CEO Sarkis Izmirlian is “completely justified” for criticising the government for unfulfilled promises and that politicians should refrain from speaking negatively about the hotelier in public.

WSC staff stage protest

THE Bahamas Utilities Service and Allied Workers Union demanded the resignation of Water and Sewerage Corporation General Manager Glen Laville yesterday as dozens of angry employees protested that several “contentious” industrial matters are still outstanding.

Tease photo

Clinics pledge for Marathon residents

THE Ministry of Health will open clinics on the weekend to “facilitate the needs” of Marathon residents who may have been affected by the Rubis fuel leak, Public Health Administrator Charlene Bain said yesterday.

Tease photo

Carnival aims for $50m

BAHAMAS Junkanoo Carnival will inject more than $50m into the Bahamian economy, Bahamas National Festival Commission Chairman Paul Major estimated yesterday.

Tease photo

Waterspouts spotted off Grand Bahama after thunderstorm warning

WATERSPOUTS were spotted on Friday off the southern coast of Grand Bahama following a severe thunderstorm warning this morning.

Tease photo

Lawyer: Lack of transparency at root of Bahamas problems

DIRECTOR of Save the Bays and environmental lawyer, Romi Ferreira, believes that the “root cause” of issues assailing Bahamian society are the lack of transparency and accountability by government officials.

Tease photo

PLP chairman hails achievements in three years of government

PLP chairman Bradley Roberts congratulated the government for the “measurable strides” the country has made during the three years of the Christie administration.

‘Humble but proud’ to have school named in her honour

ST BEDE’S Catholic Primary School was officially renamed in honour of the “humble but proud” former principal Sister Annie Thompson at a ceremony yesterday at the Sutton Street campus.

Legal threat over hotel union election

LAWYERS for those denouncing the legitimacy of the Bahamas Hotel Catering & Allied Workers Union election later this month have threatened to take the government to court if the Department of Labour certifies it as legitimate.

Tease photo

Residents suffer power cuts again

RESIDENTS in some areas of New Providence suffered through power cuts yesterday due to challenges with the Bahamas Electricity Corporation’s generation network.

Tease photo

Fitzgerald: My wife’s role in Texaco deal not connected to Rubis fuel leak

MARATHON MP Jerome Fitzgerald yesterday said it was in an “administrative function” that Higgs and Johnson, the law firm at which his wife Zarina Fitzgerald serves as a partner, incorporated Rubis after it took over the Texaco brand in The Bahamas.

Carnivalgoers urged to treat women with respect

AN activist group has called on visitors to the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival to treat women with respect – and has criticised comments from certain sections of the community for putting the onus on women to avoid the risk of sexual violence.

Not as many visitors as expected for Grand Bahama

WHILE Junkanoo Carnival in Grand Bahama last month was a success and generated significant economic activity, but the event did not attract the expected large volume of visitors to fill hotel rooms on the island.

Activists ‘very upset’ $8m project still open

Environmental activists yesterday said they were “very upset” that the $8 million Blackbeard’s Cay project remains open, as they work out how to enforce a Supreme Court ruling that quashed all its permits and approvals.

Sports in brief

THE Bahamas Basketball Federation is scheduled to host the Montana State University Bobcats ladies’ basketball team in two exhibition games at the Kendal Isaacs Gymnasium next week.

Tease photo

Lucky students, teachers get tickets for Relays thanks to Computitle

COMPUTITLE Limited showed its community support this past weekend by sponsoring Thelma Gibson Primary School students and teachers to attend the IAAF/BTC World Relays Bahamas 2015.

Tease photo

THE FINISH LINE: World Relays - Why didn’t Bahamas assemble a more competitive team?

THE IAAF/BTC World Relays 2015 has come and gone, leaving behind a whole lot of memories for us to digest until the third edition returns to the Thomas A Robinson Track and Field Stadium in 2017.

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‘Trae’ Sweeting on a hot streak at the plate

THE sophomore season for Theodore “Trae” Sweeting has been a tremendous campaign thus far as he continues to put up the best numbers of his young career.

Tease photo

BRFU set to field national teams for NACRA 7s

TEAM Bahamas will look to continue the Bahamas Rugby Football Union’s momentum on the international stage when they compete in the first ever Rugby 7s qualification process for the Olympic Games.

Tease photo

‘Champ’ returns

Recovering from a brief slump since the calendar flipped to May, Jervis “Champ” Stuart has returned to the form that made him a promising minor league prospect for the New York Mets organisation.

Fields demits office at Ocean Club HOA

Atlantis PR chief, Ed Fields, yesterday confirmed he is stepping down from his role as general manager for the Ocean Club Estates Homeowners Association (HOA), while praising the project as “the fastest growing anywhere in the Bahamas”.

GB Power: 30% system loss cut’s $1.5m in savings

Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) yesterday said it had saved consumers $1.5 million in 2014 through slashing system losses by 30 per cent, although its adoption of compressed natural gas (CNG) as an alternate fuel might not happen until “beyond 2018”.

PowerSecure say: ‘We match BEC needs very well’

The prospective management partner for the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) believes it “matches up very well” with its needs, and told the Government: “You’ve picked a great team.”

Solomon’s Mines close: 30 jobs lost

Furious Solomon’s Mines employees yesterday said they were “hoping and praying” to receive up to five months’ worth of due salary payments, after the luxury goods retailer permanently closed its doors.

Man left paraplegic takes damages appeal to Privy Council

A MAN who became a paraplegic as a result of an encounter with police officers in Freeport, Grand Bahama will contest the Court of Appeal’s award of damages to the country’s highest court, London’s Privy Council.

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Lawyer’s behaviour may be basis of killer’s appeal

LAWYERS arguing the appeal of a man condemned to death for the murder of an 11-year-old boy may raise the conduct of the trial lawyer as a grounds for appeal of a jury’s guilty verdict.


Aktion Club. - On May 2, 2015, The Bahamas awoke to IAAF Relays fever and all eyes and hearts were fixed on the national stadium.

Thursday, May 7

PM opens customs conference

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday opened the World Customs Organisation IT Conference and Exhibition in Grand Bahama, where it is being held for the first time in the Bahamas, and in a Caribbean country.

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Carnival organisers: We’ll be ready

EXECUTIVES of the Bahamas National Festival Commission are confident that the proposed Cultural Village and other event sites will be completely ready in time for the start of the inaugural Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival Festival.

Tripping over their own rhetoric

Over the past couple months the government has been telling us what a great success the implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) has been.

Quite the battle

Re: Deputy PM contradicts Miller Over Power Supply. The Tribune, April 30, 2015.

Time to up the fines

I had the following observations during my recent holidays in the SE USA.

The cost of VAT to business

As the manager of a VAT compliant, small business in The Bahamas I deal with VAT every day. For reference purposes, my position encompasses hiring, firing, ordering, accounts payable, accounts receivable. I do it all. My job since VAT has tripled in administrative processing – specifically in the accounts department.

Tease photo

Residents: No health testing yet

FRUSTRATED Marathon residents yesterday claimed that the government has not yet started testing and screening residents to determine their level of exposure to chemicals emitted from a gas leak in the area more than two years ago.

Tease photo

YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Death by a thousands cuts - the slow torture of three years of the PLP

TODAY marks the third anniversary of the Progressive Liberal Party’s term in office, a term that could be described as disappointingly drab and littered with failures to live up to the plethora of election promises made on the campaign trail in 2012.

Tease photo

Miller and union chief clash over Baha Mar

TALL Pines MP Leslie Miller yesterday criticised Nicole Martin, Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union president, over her “disgraceful” comments about Baha Mar’s delayed opening.

Tease photo

After heavy rain, skies are looking brighter for Carnival

CHIEF Climatological Officer at the Department of Meteorology Michael Stubbs said yesterday that Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival will not be “a complete washout” as was originally predicted.

MP claims PM candidates must have ‘skeletons in the closet’

FORT Charlotte MP Dr Andre Rollins said yesterday that prevailing cultural views about what makes people qualified to lead this country has meant that only those with “enough dirt and skeletons” in their closet are “entrusted” to become prime minister.

Tease photo

Rubis scandal ‘unacceptable’

FORT Charlotte MP Dr Andre Rollins believes the Christie administration only announced concrete steps to address the Rubis underground fuel leak because of escalating public pressure, adding that for a long time the administration hoped the controversy would just “go away.”

Tease photo

Elite training begins for John Todd Boys Basketball Club

THE Coach John Todd Elite Basketball Academy “CJTEBA” AAU Boys Basketball Club has once again commenced elite training for its various travels.

Quarter-miler Steven Gardiner was a MISAP member

WHEN Steven Gardiner stepped onto the track to join the ‘Golden Knights’ in the 4 x 400 metres at the IAAF/BTC World Relays, the casual viewer questioned his credentials to join the elite lineup, but his success is indicative of the growth of the most successful and remote track and field programmes in the Bahamas.

Wildcats ink deal to return to Bahamas next year

FOLLOWING the success of the Big Blue Bahamas Tour, the University of Kentucky Wildcats recently inked a deal to return to the Bahamas in 2016.

Tease photo

NCAA hopeful Leashja Grant to join Red Raiders this fall

Following her record-breaking season in the junior college ranks, another Bahamian national basketball team member will make the progression to an NCAA Division I programme this fall.

Bahamas to lead region’s ‘growth momentum’

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) believes the Bahamas will lead the Caribbean’s “better growth momentum” over the next two years, with this nation’s GDP projected to expand by 2.8 per cent next year.

Treasury to gain 79% of dormant accounts in reform

The Central Bank is mulling legislative reforms that would transfer 79 per cent of existing dormant account balances to the Treasury within two months of receiving them.

‘Shakeout’ fears for auto dealers

The Bahamian new auto industry will eventually suffer “a shakeout” unless the business environment improves, one dealer yesterday warning: “You can’t keep fighting City Hall forever.”

US biologist appeals to PM over air quality

AN AMERICAN environmental researcher who observed the recent “Breathe Better Bahamas” demonstration by environmental advocacy group Raising Awareness Bahamas Landfill (RABL) has issued an open letter to the Prime Minister threatening to boycott travel to the Bahamas until air quality issues are remedied.

Tease photo

Search for wanted men

GRAND Bahama Police are searching for three men wanted in connection with a stolen vessel.   

Sentencing of murderer delayed

A MAN must wait a little longer before he learns what sentence a judge will impose on him in connection with a murder outside of a nightclub in Abaco.

Man who skipped closure of trial turns himself in

A MAN who jumped bail near the end of his murder trial into the fatal stabbing of a CV Bethel student is now behind bars awaiting sentencing for the charges he was convicted of in his absence.

Tease photo

Man accused of murder in broad daylight seeks bail

A MAN appeared in the Supreme Court yesterday seeking bail ahead of his trial concerning a broad daylight murder in an inner city community.

Tease photo

Memorial concert to pay tribute to Johnny Kemp

THE BODY of international Bahamian R&B singer Johnny Kemp will be brought home and laid to rest on May 16 in Grand Bahama.

Forbes refuses to give date for full opening of BAMSI

STATE Minister for Works and Urban Development Arnold Forbes yesterday refused to give a firm date for the complete opening of the  Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute but vowed that the controversial venture would be the “marquee project” of the present government.

$5,000 reward offered in search for father’s killer

THE family of Alejandro Bain has offered a $5,000 reward for any “substantial” information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the death of the 27-year-old father.

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VIDEO: Storms bring flooding to Harbour Island and North Eleuthera

A CLUSTER of severe thunderstorms caused massive flooding in Harbour Island and areas of North Eleuthera on Tuesday, dumping almost 6.7 inches of water in eight hours and leaving some homes underwater.

Lawyer calls environmental draft law ‘reactionary’

ACTIVIST Fred Smith, QC, yesterday criticised the government for releasing a “reactionary” draft Environmental Planning and Protection Bill calling it “a mere public salve” to ease the sting Bahamians are feeling from the 2012 Rubis fuel leak in Marathon.

Get debt ratios under ‘danger’ by fiscal year-end

The Bahamas was yesterday urged to target closing the 2014-2015 fiscal year with a debt-to-GDP ratio below the 70 per cent ‘danger threshold’, given that this nation was now increasingly exposed to further global recessions and shocks.

Blackbeard’s Cay fearing dolphin row ‘destruction’

The eight dolphins at the centre of the Blackbeard’s Cay controversy are embroiled in a bitter legal dispute over their ownership, which threatens to cause the $8 million project “irreparable harm” and “destroy its business.”

Environmentalists welcome legislation as 'a victory'

A LEADING environmentalist yesterday lauded the government for introducing its draft Environmental Protection and Planning legislation, calling it “a significant victory for environmental protection, due process and the rule of law in the Bahamas”.

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Jichi takes top honours in the Billfish Championship

THE 2015 Bahamas Billfish Championship, a four-round series, opened at Guana Cay last week with Jichi, owned by Luis Isaias and captained by Eugenio Lebron, taking top honours.

World Relays a 'resounding success' says Sands

LOCAL organisers of the IAAF World Relays at the weekend are claiming it was a “resounding success”, even though it may be a few weeks before a full assessment of the event’s impact is known.

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Bringing home the gold, silver

WILLIAM Knowles and Nathaniel Woodside racked up gold and silver medals at a karate tournament in California.

Wednesday, May 6

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He’s hard to catch on the track, but Bolt has been caught on canvas

THE world’s fastest man has been caught on canvas by the Celebrity Artist.

Which way will Britain swing politically?

Peter Young sets out what is at stake and why in the closest-fought British General Election for decades.

Tease photo

Rubis issue is ‘beyond politics’ for residents

A SPOKESPERSON for the Justice for Marathon advocacy group said yesterday that she believes that the issues surrounding the 2012 Rubis gasoline leak are beyond politics for many of the area residents affected.

Some entertainers are selfish

Some Junkanoo groups and entertainers who are praying for the Junkanoo Carnival to be a flop are nothing less than patriotic.

Freeport Carnival off the chain

I watched the Junkanoo Carnival in Freeport over the weekend and was blown away with the participation, enthusiasm and excitement of the general public.

Why Panama before The Bahamas, Mr Deputy Prime Minister?

WE WERE surprised – rather we were shocked — on reading that our deputy prime minister was in Panama a few days ago celebrating the regional opening of China Construction America’s Latin American Regional headquarters while that same company has left so much unfinished business here in the Bahamas.

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Errol Brown, Hot Chocolate singer, dies in the Bahamas aged 71

ERROL BROWN, the Hot Chocolate lead singer and Bahamas resident, died at his New Providence home this morning from liver cancer. He was 71.

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Two killed in car crash

TWO people have been killed – a 31-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman – in a car accident in Freeport, Grand Bahama, in the early hours of yesterday. Two other passengers are in the Rand Memorial Hospital fighting for their lives.

Investigation of sex assault claims at BAIC

BAHAMAS Public Services Union President, John Pinder, yesterday confirmed that an internal investigation at the Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation into separate allegations of sexual assault and harassment against two supervisors has resulted in the relocation of one supervisor and a police investigation into allegations made against the other.

Tease photo

Minnis: PLP brought buses of supporters to meeting

FREE National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday accused Marathon MP Jerome Fitzgerald of using political supporters to derail a town meeting held to address concerns over the Rubis fuel spill in his constituency.

Tease photo

Family anguish as man is shot dead in his bed

A 45-year-old man became the country’s 50th murder victim of the year when he was shot while asleep in his bed early yesterday morning.

Tease photo

Sick staff sue after fuel spill

AT LEAST three sick Cable Bahamas employees are preparing litigation against their employer and Rubis Bahamas over the underground gasoline leak in Marathon.

Tease photo

Youth Olympic Regatta makes a splash in Montagu Bay

THE Bahamas National Sailing School, with the support of the Bahamas Olympic Committee, hosts the Bahamas Youth Olympic Regatta each year. The event was a blast this weekend at the Nassau Yacht Club in near perfect sailing conditions on Montagu Bay.

Insurer: 10% rate fall to ‘soften VAT blow’

A leading insurer yesterday expressed hope that a 10 per cent year-over-year fall in property and casualty premiums will “soften the blow” from Value-Added Tax (VAT) for Bahamian consumers.

Rubis’s ‘desperate attempt to thwart’ $15m verdict bid

Cable Bahamas is alleging that Rubis is making “a desperate attempt to thwart” its $15 million summary judgment bid over the Robinson Road gas leak by continuing to argue that key evidence cannot be used at trial.

RoyalStar ‘in position’ for IPO by year’s end

A leading Bahamian insurer yesterday said it “will be in position” by year’s end to become a public company should its Board decide to move in this direction.

Public to pay cost of lawyer for murder appeal

THE public will have to bear the costs of a Jamaican man’s appeal against a murder conviction and sentence for a fatal shooting nearly five years ago.

Former banker told to take appeal to the Privy Council

A FORMER bank manager was told to “try your luck” with the London-based Privy Council in appealing a conviction that saw him punished with a $50,000 fine or one year imprisonment for dealing securities.

Tease photo

Roberts: FNM has bluster but no plan for BEC

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Chairman Bradley Roberts yesterday hit back at the Opposition for criticising the government’s selection of an American company to manage the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, and blamed the FNM for offering “plenty idle banter” instead of providing plans to better manage the corporation.

Texas company signed up to transform hospital building

THE Public Hospitals Authority yesterday signed a contract with a Texas-based company, headed by a Bahamian architect, to spearhead the transformation of the existing Princess Margaret Hospital building.

Draft legislation to protect environment released

AMID controversy over the government’s handling of a 2012 Rubis oil spill that affected Marathon residents, Minister of Environment and Housing Kenred Dorsett yesterday released draft legislation for the establishment of the Department of Environmental Planning and Protection.

Tease photo

Bahamazing: ‘Bahamas knows how to put on a track meet’

THE sweet sounds of junkanoo, Bahamian music, culture and entertainment were on full display during the IAAF/BTC World Relays Bahamas 2015. And visitors are still singing praises over the successful event.

Tease photo

Champions emerge in 1st King Eric Memorial Golf Classic

THE team of national team member Peter McIntosh and his cousin John’ Baldy’ McIntosh emerged as the champions of the first King Eric Gibson Memorial Golf Classic at Lyford Cay Golf Club on Sunday.

Tease photo

Mark Holowesko leads 1-2 finish for Bahamas at the Alpen Cup

MARK Holowesko led a 1-2 finish for the Bahamas at the Alpen Cup in Torbole, Italy, winning the first event in the International 5.5 metre Class Association event for 2015.

Clarke was upset she didn’t get to compete

DESPITE not getting a chance to run in the IAAF/BTC World Relays at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium over the weekend, quarter-miler Lanece Clarke said she was grateful that the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations selected her to the team.

Tease photo

Melia injunction remains as court adjourns

A SUPREME Court Justice has further adjourned proceedings over an ongoing gratuity dispute between the Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union and the Melia Nassau Beach Resort until next week.

Workers to march in Eight Mile Rock

WORKERS and trade unions in Grand Bahama will hold the third annual Sir Randol Fawkes Labour Day march on June 5 for the first time in the settlement of Eight Mile Rock.

Union election hopefuls angry over denial of nominations

FORMER Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union shop steward David Beckford and two of his associates were yesterday denied the opportunity to nominate themselves for leadership positions in the union’s election later this month after being told they were no longer union members.

Tease photo

No details of NHI until after budget

SEVEN months before the government’s proposed implementation of National Health Insurance, Health Minister Dr Perry Gomez said yesterday officials will not reveal the details of the first phase of the scheme until the 2015/2016 budget has been presented in the House of Assembly.

Tease photo

‘Golden Girls’ pass the baton

The ‘Golden Girls’ were introduced to the fans during the start of the IAAF/BTC World Relays Bahamas 2015. At the end of the two-day event, they were present to greet some of the new competitors who are expected to carry on their legacy for the Bahamas in the female sprints.

Eleuthera awaits Cove deal details

The Eleuthera Chamber of Commerce’s president yesterday said he did not know enough about the Enchantment Group’s purchase of The Cove to determine its impact on the island’s economy.

Hotels: ‘Any progress’ on BEC reform good

The Bahamian hotel industry yesterday said “any progress” towards cheaper and more reliable energy would benefit the sector, with guests finding it “difficult to comprehend” why there were so many blackouts.

Baha Mar open will ‘put to bed’ negative fallout

The negative publicity stemming from Baha Mar’s delayed opening will be “put to bed” once a firm opening date is set and the $3.5 billion destination resort lives up to its billing, the Ministr of Tourism said yesterday.

Tuesday, May 5

Atlantis holds another blood drive

THE Water Features department at Atlantis held another life-saving blood drive in conjunction with Princess Margaret Hospital and Doctors Hospital blood banks. Some 85 pints of blood were donated over the course of three days.

Cans for Kids down for the recycling cause

NON-PROFIT organisation Cans for Kids (CFK) is making major moves in the Bahamas as they promote the recycling of aluminium cans.

Garlic – the wonder herb

THERE are some bad tasting and smelling herbs like aloe, noni and garlic, but they sure work.

The importance of deep scaling

GUM diseases are responsible for almost all the loss of teeth in the world’s adult population.

Intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy: a look beyond the needle

WHEN I say IV therapy, patients immediately say, “What?” And after I explain what it is, it is almost always followed by, “You mean needles?” As you will find, the needle is just a small part of a very beneficial process.

A few thoughts on inequality and violence

AS we recover from the recent violence in Baltimore and the targeting of black males as perpetrators of violence, we need to consider where our country stands on this.

Tease photo

Introducing Miss B

SHE first came to audiences’ attention in the critically acclaimed Bahamian film “Rain” by Maria Govan. Since then, Shervante Nixon – also known as Miss B – has been paving a path for herself with humorous videos, steadily working towards becoming an online sensation and tapping into a new, lucrative market.

Tease photo

POLITICOLE: Religion, royalty and ridiculous bank policies

Human beings, through their religious and resulting social institutions, have set themselves up for eternal failure, particularly via penalty inflicted for disagreement over religious doctrines.

Junkanoo Carnival is not political

The attempt to make Junkanoo Carnival a political event has caused what is going to be an occasion for people who see the glass as half full to fully apply themselves and see the awesome benefits.

Pride in Bahamians

One time ago we advertised the natural beauty of our country and the friendliness of our people as the national resources of our country.

When the heat is on

Today’s news is so depressing that I thought I would submit this little Heaven-Devil tale to relieve the gloom. Some time ago this tale was making it rounds on Facebook just at a time when I needed something to laugh about.

Tease photo

Rolle apologises after arrest and is back on duty

RANDY Rolle, the Bahamas Consul General to Atlanta, returned to active duty yesterday after he was ordered to return to Nassau for a series of consultations sparked by his brief arrest and release in Bimini nearly a month ago.

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Wilchcombe fears crime is ruining nation’s reputation

TOURISM Minister Obie Wilchcombe said yesterday he is “very concerned” that crime is “ruining” the reputation of the Bahamas.

Tease photo

Man found shot dead

A 45-year-old man has been shot dead in the country’s latest homicide.

Tease photo

Baha Mar cancels August bookings

DESPITE assurances by Baha Mar CEO Sarkis Izmirlian that the $3.5bn luxury mega-resort would officially open soon, several pre-booked guests have claimed they were told that all reservations until August 31 have been cancelled.

Tease photo

Weather fears for carnival

ORGANISERS fear that bad weather might negatively affect the inaugural Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival when it is launched in three days in New Providence.

Tease photo

Apologies for ‘stress’ caused by fuel spill

AMIDST widespread criticism for delays in making a Black and Veatch International report on the Rubis underground gasoline leak public, key members of the Christie administration yesterday laid out remediation plans and insisted that recommendations made in that report were acted on “immediately”.

Tease photo

Rubis uproar

FRUSTRATED Marathon residents last night demanded that the government reconsider the number of households affected by the Rubis fuel spill at the Robinson Road and Old Trail Road service station.

Tease photo

Two dead, two critically injured in Freeport car accident

TWO people have been killed – a 31-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman – in a car accident in Freeport, Grand Bahama, in the early hours of today. Two other passengers are in the Rand Memorial Hospital fighting for their lives.

Tease photo

A LIFE OF CRIME: Domestic violence

THIS problem of domestic violence sends off alarm bells around the world.

Family Guardian braces for $400k VAT cost impact

Family Guardian is bracing for $400,000 in extra costs that will be incurred during the 2015 second half as a result of Value-Added Tax’s (VAT) imposition on the insurance industry from July 1.

Tease photo

The future: World Relays finds a natural home in Bahamas

NOW a staple on the athletics calendar, the World Relays has found a home in the Bahamas for the immediate future, and according to IAAF President Lamine Diack, the decision was based on the unique appeal of the country and its people in their role as hosts.

'Time for decisive action on crime’

FREE NATIONAL Movement Chairman Michael Pintard says that crime continues to be unmanageable in the Bahamas under the Progressive Liberal Party administration and is calling for decisive action.

49th murder victim of year identified

THE country’s most recent murder victim was acquitted less than three months ago for attempted murder and causing harm.

Tease photo


PRIME Minister Perry Christie’s leadership has come into question over his delay concerning the resignation of V Alfred Gray from Cabinet following allegations of judicial interference.

Tease photo

Judge asked to step aside in appeal

AN appellate judge who once presided over the aborted trial of three men charged with the murder of a policeman has been asked to remove himself as a presiding judge in their appeal against conviction and life sentence for the crime.

Tease photo

Suicide not ruled out in death of woman found tied to tree

POLICE have the boyfriend of the 27-year-old mother found tied to a tree on Saturday in custody in connection with her death, according to Assistant Commissioner of Police Stephen Dean.

Renewables seek grid tie-in impetus through BEC deal

Renewable energy firms want the Bahamas Electricity Corporation’s (BEC) prospective new manager to create the grid stability that will facilitate tie-ins with their technology, with one warning: “We’re way behind the 8-ball.”

Aggressive vaccination schedule paying huge dividends

THE introduction of a number of disease preventing vaccinations at the public healthcare level in the Bahamas, particularly over the past three years, has allowed the country’s public healthcare sector to stay on the cutting-edge of the public healthcare field within the region and indeed the Americas, according to Dr Delon Brennen, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the Bahamas.

Tease photo

Vasyli to appeal bail refusal

THE wife of murdered millionaire podiatrist, Phillip Vasyli, will contest a Supreme Court judge’s repeated refusal to grant her bail, The Tribune has learned.

Tease photo

High jumper Thomas soars to victory, qualifies for Worlds

DONALD Thomas is flying high again.

Tease photo

Bahamas to host World Relays in 2017

ON the eve of hosting the IAAF/BTC World Relays Bahamas 2015, International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) President Lamine Diack announced that the Bahamas will be awarded the third edition when the event shifts to biannual one with the next hosting in 2017.

Tease photo

Bahamas 5th in men’s 4 x 200 final

THEY fell short of their ultimate goal of a medal and a new national record, but the men’s 4 x 200 metre team was able to improve their standing by one spot in this year’s meet.

Tease photo

Rubis expert says leak did not pose a threat to public health

RUBIS Bahamas’ remediation expert yesterday declared that groundwater and indoor air in the Marathon area affected by the company’s gasoline leak did not pose a threat to public health.

Fidelity: 45% profit increase shrugs off licence fee tripling

Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) yesterday shrugged off a “near tripling” of its Business Licence fees to deliver a 45 per cent year-over-year net income increase for 2014.

Union: BEC bidders eyed 50% staff cuts

Several bidders envisaged slashing the Bahamas Electricity Corporation’s (BEC) workforce by 50 per cent, with its management union yesterday voicing fears that up to seven executives might be axed.

Tease photo

SPORTING MISCHIEF & MAYHEM: Winners and losers in an action-packed weekend

WHAT a busy weekend it was in the world of sports, locally and internationally.

Tease photo

Charlton breaks 29-year-old Purdue record in 100m

ADD the women’s 100 metre record to Devynne Charlton’s growing list of accomplishments for the Boilermakers’ athletic programme at Purdue University.

Tease photo

Buccaneers defeat Freeport to win Heineken Cup

IT HAS been a landmark season for the Bahamas Rugby Football Union at the international level and that success continued locally as well as one club ended its championship drought.

Are you mentally programmed to win or lose?

WHETHER you know it or even agree with it, you are living according to your mental programme. We all are. The question is, are you programmed to win or lose at life?

BISX-listed fund promises investors ‘far better’ 2015

The BISX-listed Bahamas Property Fund yesterday said 2015 will be “a far better year” for its shareholders, as it aims for a ‘double digit’ increase in occupancy levels at its flagship building in downtown Nassau by mid-year.

Bulgarian guilty of ATM scam to appeal

A BULGARIAN contesting his one-year sentence for his role in a credit card scam will have his substantive hearing before the Court of Appeal in two weeks.

Lawyer appointed for shooting appeal

A NEW lawyer has been appointed for a man contesting his attempted murder conviction to the Court of Appeal.

Rubis ‘going beyond’ leak clean-up duty

RUBIS (Bahamas) yesterday said the company had spent “several million dollars” to-date to remediate the fuel leak at its Robinson Road gas station, pledging it would “spare no cost” to protect public health and safety.

Rubis discusses health assessments with Gov’t

RUBIS (Bahamas) yesterday said it was in discussions with the Government over that latter’s recommendation that bi-annual health assessments be conducted on all impacted residents living near its Robinson Road gas station.

RICHARD COULSON: Bahamians entitled to more on BEC deal

Last week’s announcement by Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis finally ended 20 months of suspense about the Bahamas Electricity Corporation’s (BEC) immediate future.

‘Collateral damage’ from Baha Mar saga not widespread yet

The FNM’s deputy leader yesterday said Baha Mar’s ongoing ‘opening saga’ was unlikely to have caused “collateral damage” to the wider Bahamas’ tourism brand yet, although such risks increased the longer the delay.

Monday, May 4

Tease photo

Three years of the PLP

ON Thursday, the Christie administration will celebrate three years in office.

Tease photo

Munroe hints at wait for Gray decision

IT may be too soon to expect a decision on a report filed by police into the probe of MICAL MP V Alfred Gray’s alleged judicial interference in a criminal matter, his lawyer said yesterday.

Government statement on the Rubis fuel spill at Robinson Road

THE Government yesterday issued a statement on the Rubis fuel spill. The statement in full reads as follows:

Tease photo

Minnis: Why is PM silent on Rubis issue?

CRITICISING the Christie administration yesterday and its handling of the Rubis fuel leak, Opposition Leader Dr Hubert Minnis said Progressive Liberal Party parliamentarians should learn what scripture says about the importance of being trustworthy.

Carnival is all Bahamian

The time is drawing nigh for much talked about Junkanoo Carnival. Never before have I seen anything being condemned. I have heard and seen supposedly calm persons become almost hysterical about this ever happening.

Surrey horses in Nassau

I was visiting Nassau during April for vacation. It was our first trip to the Bahamas; we were inspired by the beautiful beaches, friendly people, warm climate and great water sports and it looked like Paradise at first glance. We took a trip to downtown Nassau, which included the famous Straw Market and Prince George Wharf, and that is where the trip changed.

The results are finally in

After an exciting weekend, we can finally reveal the results of the recent sporting event.

How Prime Minister Christie can earn his legacy

SPEAKING to a group of aspiring journalists at the College of the Bahamas at the end of March, Prime Minister Perry Christie declared that his government’s performance will not be matched “in the history of this country”.

Tease photo

Paramedic groped by doctor sues hospital

A PARAMEDIC who was fired from Doctors Hospital is taking civil action against the hospital and her former colleague who groped her breast, The Tribune has learned.

Tease photo

Mystery over 49th murder of the year

A MAN became the country’s latest murder victim when he was fatally shot in his chest yesterday.

Tease photo

No answer on layoffs after BEC deal done

LABOUR Minister Shane Gibson and BEC Executive Chairman Leslie Miller could not say yesterday whether layoffs are looming at the Bahamas Electricity Corporation after the government announced the selection of an American company to manage the corporation.

Tease photo

British man killed at dive centre

POLICE are asking the public’s assistance for information that could help them solve the murder of a British man on his sailboat at Stuart Cove’s diving centre in western New Providence on Friday night.

Tease photo

Mother found dead and tied to a tree

THE grim death of a 27-year-old mother who was discovered tied to a tree Saturday morning left stunned family and friends seeking answers over the weekend.

Tease photo

Tests to begin on residents

THE Ministry of Health’s chief medical officer will begin meeting with Marathon residents affected by the 2012 underground Rubis fuel leak today with health screenings expected to be complete by June 1, the government said in a statement yesterday.

Tease photo

American men set a new world record in distance medley relay

IN 2014, it was Kenya that dominated the middle distance events. This time it would be the United States that would win gold in both events and set two new world records.

National debt breaches 70% ‘danger threshold’

The Bahamas’ debt-to-GDP ratio had breached the so-called 70 per cent ‘danger threshold’ at year-end 2014, the Central Bank has revealed.

Cash questions details of BEC deal

FORMER Free National Movement Chairman Darron Cash yesterday questioned the specifics surrounding the government’s selection of an American company to take over the management of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation.

Tease photo

Photo finish for ‘Golden Girl’ Debbie

THEY just missed out on the opportunity to get into the A final for a shot at a medal. In the B final, the Bahamas also missed out on a chance to win the race.

Tease photo

Bahamas women finish third in 4 x 400 B final

THE women’s 4x400 metre team brought a blend of youth and experience for Team Bahamas, but still has a ways to go before they can compete for Olympic qualification.

Super Value chief: New BEC manager not a ‘magician’

Super Value’s owner fears there will still be “a long, hot summer” unless the Bahamas Electricity Corporation’s (BEC) new management partner can “work magic” on its supply reliability.

Tease photo

WORLD RELAYS: USA carts off Golden Baton

There is nothing like being better prepared.

Tease photo

Bahamas settles for silver in men’s 4 x 400m

THE Bahamas men’s 4 x 400 metre team gave the United States of America all they could handle. But for the second consecutive year, the Bahamas came up short at home in the grand finale of the IAAF/BTC World Relays Bahamas 2015.

American man held on drugs charges

A 26–year-old American man from Miami, Florida, is in custody after he was arrested for possession of dangerous drugs on Saturday.

Man left in hospital after Grand Bahama stabbing

GRAND Bahama police are investigating a stabbing incident that has left a man hospitalised with serious injuries.

Moss slams ‘flawed’ Freeport consultation

An outspoken PLP has slammed the “flawed” consultation on Freeport’s future, and warned that his political career would undergo a “pivotal moment” should the Government use it to “rubber stamp” an extension of the city’s expiring tax breaks.

Private sector brands VAT compliance ‘very impressive’

Super Value’s owner has described initial Value-Added Tax (VAT) compliance rates as “very impressive”, amid hopes there has been “a paradigm cultural shift” in attitudes towards paying taxes.

BISX-listed firm guarantees its broker’s solvency

A BISX-listed company has been forced to guarantee its main subsidiary’s financial solvency, after it failed to meet the Securities Commission’s minimum $300,000 capital requirements.

South Andros project to generate 180 jobs

An ‘eco-friendly’ development’s first phase is expected to pump $3.5 million into South Andros’s economy within the next six months, and create around 180 jobs.

FNM deputy queries NAD model for BEC

The Opposition’s deputy leader is questioning whether the Government’s model for the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) will benefit Bahamian consumers in the long-term, telling Tribune Business: “There is no free lunch.”

Athletes of the future hold their own on the ‘big stage’

DESPITE the allure of many of the world’s top sprinters heating up the track, the athletes of the future certainly held their own on the “big stage” over the weekend, organisers of the BTC/IAAF World Relays junior competition programme said yesterday.

American women set World Relays record in 4 x 800m

IT WAS a wire-to-wire finish for the United States as they successfully repeated as champions and set a new meet record in the process.

FNM deputy: Digicel exit needs explaining

The Bahamas needs a second mobile operator that will “raise the bar”, with the Opposition’s deputy leader questioning what caused Digicel’s “surprising” and abrupt exit from the licence bidding process.

Key CLICO asset closed

A key CLICO (Bahamas) asset was forced to close due to pressure from trade creditors and the failure to pay its Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) licence fee.

Gov’t urged to exit BEC after turnaround

A top private sector executive has urged the Government to relinquish ownership of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) once the cash-strapped entity is turned around by its new manager.

Saturday, May 2

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IAAF WORLD RELAYS: Day one round-up

IT was Bahamazing day for the United States of America on Saturday night in the IAAF World Relays at a packed Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium.

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Woman's dead body found hanging from a tree

POLICE are investigating the death of a woman found hanging from a tree early on Saturday morning in New Providence.

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British man shot dead after armed robbers board his sailboat

A BRITISH man has been shot dead after two armed men boarded his sailboat near Stuart Cove's diving centre in western New Providence on Friday night and demanded cash.

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BAPD boosted by $100,000 donation from Mark Holowesko

SIR Durward Knowles was presented with a cheque for $100,000 by Mark Holowesko on Friday at the headquarters of the Bahamas Association for the Physically Disabled (BAPD) to support "Our Real Darlings”.

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Donna Vasyli denied bail again as judge explains his reasons

DONNA Vasyli's initial assurance to relatives that she would "be out soon" proved wishful on Friday as a judge, who was ordered by the Court of Appeal to reconsider his initial refusal of bail a month ago, denied bail a second time to the woman accused of her husband's murder.

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Melia injunction remains in place after adjournment in gratuities row

A SUPREME Court injunction barring the hotel union from engaging in industrial action over a gratuity dispute with the Melia Beach Nassau Beach resort remains in effect following an adjournment of legal proceedings on the matter yesterday.

Injured container port worker hits out at 'unfair treatment'

HARRISON Moultrie, a former Freeport Container Port worker who was seriously injured on the job in a 2010 tornado, has criticised the company over alleged “unfair treatment” to him and other workers.

Court of Appeal justice Scott-Crane sworn in

THE Court of Appeal yesterday welcomed a new justice following the appointment of Guyanese attorney Stella Maureen Crane-Scott during a brief ceremony at Government House.

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BEC: Union expects layoffs with new management but will negotiate to 'benefit' public

LAYOFFS at the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) are likely as incoming management intends to lower electricity costs dramatically, according to a union chief yesterday.

Friday, May 1

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'We are ready to win' says Brown as Bahamas eye 4 x 400m glory

ON THE eve of the 2015 IAAF/BTC World Relays, the man considered the heart of the Bahamas’ 4 x 400m relay team and the face of local track and field, Chris “Fireman” Brown, claims that “Team Bahamas is focused and ready”.

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Bolt fit and ready for 4 x 200m record bid at IAAF World Relays

WITH his name on three of the four sprint world records that have a Jamaican flag attached to it, Usain 'Lightning' Bolt said he will be concentrating this weekend on the 4 x 200m at the IAAF/BTC World Relays Bahamas 2015 at the Thomas A Robinson Track and Field Stadium.

Customs staff fear health risks from mould

UNION executives are claiming that lack of proper maintenance and poor construction at several government complexes are putting the health and safety of civil servants and the public at risk in Grand Bahama.

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HMBS Rolly Gray commissioned in Exuma

THE fourth of nine patrol vessels acquired for the Royal Bahamas Defence Force has been named after legendary Bahamian sailor, Rolly Gray, and been commissioned during an official ceremony at the Marina at Emerald Bay, Exuma, on Thursday.

What world are we in?

UNABLE to sleep last night because of a cold, my mind drifted back 30 years when LOP was suggesting that the Bahamas was moving from being a Third World country to a First World country.

Junkanoo Carnival

Just a little comment on The Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival issue, and event.

Jerome and his motives

So Jerome Fitzgerald voted against the appointment of a House select committee to investigate the Rubis leak in his constituency, along with most of his PLP colleagues who were present.

The continued BEC problems

WITH BEC continuing to be plagued with problems in supplying electricity to New Providence and the fear that Baha Mar coming on stream will increase the problem, many residents are asking why successive governments have not negotiated better terms with investors.

Vote that broke the camel’s back

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party backbencher Dr Andre Rollins single-handedly out-manoeuvered the opposition on the Rubis matter in one single swoop, by calling for a Select Committee of The Bahamas Parliament to investigate the circumstances surrounding the 2012 underground gasoline leak in Marathon.

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Donna Vasyli denied bail for a second time

DONNA Vasyli, the wife of murdered millionaire podiatrist, Phillip Vasyli, was denied bail a second time by Senior Justice Stephen Isaacs today.

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Police hunt for suspects as two men are shot dead

POLICE have launched an island-wide manhunt for the suspects responsible for two separate shooting incidents that left two men dead late last night.

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Pintard: Vote shows absence of transparency

AFTER the majority of members of Parliament rejected a motion to appoint a select committee to probe the 2012 Rubis gas leak in Marathon, Free National Movement Chairman Michael Pintard said it is evident the government will not end its “cover up” of this “crisis” to ensure transparency.

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PLP ‘lacks a leader’ to succeed Christie

FORMER Immigration Minister Loftus Roker expressed concern yesterday about the Progressive Liberal Party’s future, saying that it lacks a leader who could successfully succeed Prime Minister Perry Christie.

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MPs: Why we voted no to Rubis probe

STATE Legal Affairs Minister Damian Gomez yesterday said much of the speculation surrounding the 2012 Rubis fuel leak in Marathon is “incorrect” as he defended voting against the formation of a select committee to look into the matter, insisting that the government took a “text book approach” to the environmental concern.

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Deal is expected to cut bills

  THE GOVERNMENT has selected American company PowerSecure International as the new management company for the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, giving it a five-year contract to oversee generation and transmission/distribution.

Cash warns of dangers of timebomb of poverty

FORMER FNM Chairman Darron Cash yesterday criticised the government for failing to deal with poverty in the country. He said it’s “only a matter of time” before Bahamian communities “explode” from the pressures of bad governance demonstrated by the Progressive Liberal Party.

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No bail for Fox Hill shooting accused

A JUDGE yesterday denied bail to one of three men awaiting trial in connection with the fatal Freedom Park, Fox Hill, drive-by shooting that killed four people and injured seven others.

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Rapist jailed for ten years

A MAN caught red-handed sexually assaulting a woman was sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment for rape and armed robbery yesterday.

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Immigration policy faces judicial review

SUPREME Court Justice Rhonda Bain yesterday granted leave to issue judicial review action against the government’s new immigration policy.


Tomorrow: Grand Bahama Dog Days Half Marathon/5K/and one-mile fun run to benefit the Humane Society of Grand Bahama.

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Colours ready to jump in line

EXECUTIVES of Colours Entertainment and Junkanoo Organisation said they believe that Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival will provide seasoned Junkanoo groups with an opportunity to generate major income ahead of holiday parades while providing fans with “an opportunity to get off the bleachers and into the lines”.

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‘Miller should be fired for his poor performance at BEC’

FORMER Immigration Minister Loftus Roker yesterday said Bahamas Electricity Chairman Executive Chairman Leslie Miller should be fired from his position for doing a poor job leading the corporation.

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VIDEO: Yacht captain rescued from sea

THE captain of a 95-foot yacht was rescued by a US Coast Guard aircrew after he reportedly fell overboard from his vessel 10 miles north east of Nassau on Wednesday evening.

No VAT prosecutions, as quarterly filers hit over 80% compliance

The Government has yet to bring any prosecutions against delinquent Value-Added Tax (VAT) payers, while confirming last night that more than 80 per cent of quarterly filers had met the April 28 deadline for their first returns.

Union joy over Digicel pull-out

The union leader representing Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) line staff yesterday expressed joy at Digicel’s decision to pull out of the second mobile licence bidding, describing the company as “not worker friendly”.

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Bahamas team ready to thrill the home crowd

Months of preparation are finally complete and Team Bahamas is ready to thrill the home crowd when the second edition of the IAAF/BTC World Relays gets underway today at the Thomas A Robinson Stadium.

Mobile bid terms are ‘too onerous’

Digicel’s pull-out yesterday prompted a Bahamian-led group to admit it decided not to bid on the second mobile licence because several conditions set by the Government were “too onerous”.

Gov’t confident Power Secure to ‘make major difference’ for BEC

The Government is confident Power Secure International will “make a big difference” at the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC), after finally informing the latter’s staff yesterday that the search for a management partner has ended.

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Teams arrive for world event

THERE was a lot of excitement yesterday at the Lynden Pindling International Airport as one by one, teams arrived for the IAAF/BTC World Relays Bahamas 2015 at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium this weekend.

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THE FINISH LINE: We certainly want to make World Relays another ‘Bahamazing’ experience for all

IT’S not how you start, nor how you get there. Most importantly, it’s how you finish.

Full-blown NHI ‘10 years away’

A BISX-listed insurer yesterday said newly-appointed consultants had given it “a glimmer of hope” that the Government would not proceed with the comprehensive National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme that threatens to “eliminate” the industry.

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Marathon residents are kept waiting by Ministry of Health

MARATHON residents will have to wait a little longer before a comprehensive statement is released by the Ministry of Health on the 2012 Rubis gas spill, Chief Medical Officer Glen Beneby confirmed yesterday.

Translating sports class into work

This weekend brings another level of excitement to the islands of the Bahamas as we host the IAAF World Relays 2015.

‘We’re sure it’s going to be a fantastic event’

MANAGING Director Lionel Haven said it has been a whirlwind experience for the Local Organising Committee, but they have finally put it all together for a ‘Bahamazing’ show over the next two days as the International Amateur Athletic Federation’s World Relays Bahamas 2015 takes centre stage at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium.

Competing in World Relays at home ‘like a dream come true’ for ‘Golden Girl’ Debbie

WITH her usual broad smile, an enthusiastic Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie said she has been waiting for this opportunity to come home to compete in the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium for a long time.