Four In Hospital After Weekend Shootings

POLICE in New Providence have one man in custody and are searching for several other male suspects in two separate weekend shooting incidents.

Shortly after 11.30pm on Saturday, a man and a woman were standing on Shrimp Road when five men armed with handguns in a Silver Nissan Skyline approached and shot them before speeding off. Both were rushed to hospital where they remain in stable condition.

Shortly before 2pm on Sunday, two men were on Miami Street when they were approached by two males armed with handguns in a blue Hyundai vehicle, who shot them in the leg before speeding off. The men were rushed to hospital where they remain in stable condition.

Police later arrested a suspect in connection with this incident.


SP 4 years, 8 months ago

....................................... Gun import dealers finally exposed .......................................

It is common knowledge Haitian and Jamaican criminals control the cocaine and marijuana markets in Bahamas.

They are connected to their home country counterparts whom have a long history of vibrant thriving drugs for guns trade headquartered the southern Haitian island of Ile-a-Vache as "the central point from which the illicit guns-for-drugs trade operates between Jamaica and Haiti."


Bahamas government and law enforcement claim not to have known theses facts.

Now they do. Lets see what happens next.


John 4 years, 8 months ago

Notice how Yahoo has left off the third part of the triangle. The guns are manufactured and sold illegally in he US and then shipped to Haiti and Jamaica and the Bahamas and the rest of the Caribbean. This is a highly placed and well protected (society) organization. The problem of illegal guns in the US is becoming an increasing problem and every time President Obama speaks out against it and the need for more gun control, he gets flak and attacked by the National Rifle Association. Most of the mass killings in the US in recent times were carried out by persons with a history of mental problems. Yet they had large collections of weapons, including high powered assault rifles in their homes. A gun manufacturer, who was also a police reserve in the US, was recently charged with manslaughter, when it is alleged that he mistakenly shot and killed a man, when he intended to taser him. He was given permission to visit the Bahamas by the US judge after being charged with this crime. He admitted that he supplied high powered weapons to the police department in exchange for favors, like being allowed to stay on as a reserve officer, after passing the age of retirement. The police here must know who the local smugglers of weapons are in the Bahamas. Yet they spent countless man hours, publicly strip-searching individuals..for what? If their focus focus is on violent crime, illegal weapons and murder (as it should be now) why do police have to be digging in a man's pockets, in his shoes and in his wallet? Invest in hand held metal detectors, use them to frisk a suspect and let the innocent be on their way. It is sickening to see police holding motorist up for over an hour to write one ticket. It not only infuriates the person being searched, but the public forms a opinion of the police when they see them being overly aggressive and even nasty.


John 4 years, 8 months ago

One must also ask the question if there are so many illegal weapons on the streets, then why are so few persons being arrested and charged and sent to prison for possession of illegal weapons? and if the police of the police is on drug possession (marijuana is still illegal in the Bahamas) it should be done under the following back drop: (1) Twenty three states in the US have legalized marijuana for medical use. Meaning you can go to a doctor and complain about a headache, blurred vision, other pain or depression among other things, and get a med card that allows you to purchase marijuana from a store or vending machine and possess it legally. (2) At least five states in the US have legalized marijuana for recreational use, meaning residents in those states can cultivate, process, possess, sell and consume marijuana in limited amounts, and sales are tax free in the last state to legalize it for the next three months. (3) Forty Three states in the US have decriminalized marijuana, meaning if one is caught with it in small quantities, they are given a ticket and required to pay a fine of $50.00 and up to $500.00 depending on the amount and the number of previous citations. There is no criminal record. This is not to condone the use of marijuana, but the US has come to realize that the war on drugs has become to expensive to maintain and rather than have billions of US dollars go to Jamaica and Mexico and South America for drugs, they will allow it to be grown locally and manage it like they manage tobacco and alcohol. A major concern for the Bahamas will be that as the US and Canada grows more and more marijuana, the countries like Jamaica and Mexico will try find new markets for their product. They may flood countries, like the Bahamas with weed and it will become dirt cheap. Persons will either consume more which will lead to more social problems, or become stall of it and consume less. This can lead to more drug wars. The Chinese are jumping on the band wagon by producing artificial marijuana made from chemicals. This is already causing problems in the US, especially in Florida. One of the products called "flakka'' causes persons to really freak out. Some say cars are chasing them, other strip naked and run through busy streets, while other steal cars or try to break into locked buildings. Some have memory loss. Many suffer complete kidney failure after smoking this stuff just a few times.


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