We need Baha Mar

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Thanks again for allowing me this space in your most valuable paper. It really was and still is one big mess – the “Baha Mar” saga, one may say. However, there is a beginning of a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, to speak, for that large mega resort and great economy saviour of The Bahamas and its people.

I perceive now and following sitting back for the past year, observing the unfolding of events in this big hope and Bahamian dream, sees it fit and time, that I give my five cents: To me it was poor planning and too much of a rush in the constructing, and completion of that resort, Baha Mar, among other things.

Now to take a hint as “other things” are concerned, this writer admonishes and places on guard any Bahamian Government both present and future, to learn from the Baha Mar disaster to be very careful, when undertaking any large investment(s) on Bahamian soil, that includes foreign partners.

For this is not the 1968 to early 1980 era when “hook or crook” was seemingly common, and a normal way of transacting some businesses in this country. Those days are long gone, so let us move on from such mentality or tricks. In closing, many individuals, including myself, prays that the Baha Mar situation be resolved very soon, and the resort is completed and opened. For The Bahamas and its people do need Baha Mar.



September 17, 2015.


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