Warning Over Drone Use In Love Beach Area


Tribune Chief Reporter


CIVIL Aviation on Friday warned that the Love Beach area is a no-fly zone for drones, citing the dangers of contact between commerical planes and the small unmanned aircraft.

The Love Beach area is in the flight path of aircraft landing at Lynden Pindling International Airport.

In a statement, the department called for people to immediately cease drone operations within a five mile radius of the airport.

“It has been reported to the Civil Aviation Department that unmanned aerial aircraft (drones) are being operated in the Love Beach area,” the statement read. “This is a very dangerous act, and persons engaging in this practice are advised that instances have been reported in other countries of drones coming into contact with commercial aircraft.”

It continued: “The practice is also contrary to the operating conditions and limitations for drones in The Bahamas, as outlined in Special Regulation No. 1 of 2016 issued by the Department.”

The department called for strict adherence to the rules governing the operation of drones in the country.

According to regulations, registered drone operators must not fly the devices within five nautical miles of an aiport; at a height above 200 feet; on or within 150 metres of a congested or populated area; or over or within 150 metres of an organised open-air assembly of more than 100 people; within 50 metres of any vessel without special permission of the owner; or within 50 metres of any person.

The department will not be responsible for any accidents, damages, or injury as a result of the operation of unmanned and remotely controlled aircraft, the statement added.

Aviation authorities worldwide have expressed concern about the risk posed by the increasing number of drones.

UK Police revealed a British Airways flight from Geneva hit an object believed to be a drone while on approach to London’s Heathrow Airport last Sunday.

The airline said the plane landed safely and was been cleared for its next flight. The Airbus A320 was carrying 132 passengers and five crew members. No arrests have been made and police are investigating the incident.


EnoughIsEnough 3 years, 5 months ago

these rules seem very extreme. this means that there can be no drone coverage of an outdoor concert or event, of a rally or protest, or of pretty much anywhere in nassau since most areas are congested / populated / have persons or are near the airport. so essentially they are banning drone use throughout the island of new providence. under what circumstances will they be making exceptions and giving special permission -very curious to see who is favored here...


TorontoGal 3 years, 5 months ago

I think people's lives are more important than covering concerts or events, and all else mentioned above. If you feel these rules seem very extreme, would you be front and centre if your drone took down a plane and there were deaths? Let's see how extreme it is if one of your kin is on said plane!


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