Canada Issues Reminder Over Travel Authorisation

THE High Commission for the Bahamas in Canada wishes to remind Bahamians that as of September 30, 2016, the electronic travel authorisation (eTA) will be mandatory.

The eTA is a new electronic document requirement for visa exempt travellers from countries like the Bahamas seeking to enter Canada by air. Therefore, all Bahamian nationals travelling to Canada are expected to possess an eTA.

The purpose of the eTA is to improve screening of visa exempt foreign nationals outside of Canada in order to identify and interdict inadmissible persons flying to Canada prior to departure through the Interactive Advance Passenger Information system (IAPI).

Bahamians are required to apply for an eTA online before entering Canada at http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/eta.asp. The vast majority of eTA applications are auto-granted by an electronic system within minutes of submission. The processing fee for the eTA is $7 Canadian and will be valid for five years after issuance or sooner, if your passport expires; is cancelled by an officer; or a new eTA is issued.

All Bahamian nationals with Canadian study and work permits issued before August 1, 2015 must apply for an eTA.

Persons exempt from the eTA requirement include: Canadian citizens; Her Majesty the Queen of Canada and any member of the Royal Family; nationals of the United States; holders of a valid Canadian temporary resident visa (study and work permits issued on or after August 1, 2015); holders of Canadian permanent residency; diplomats accredited to Canada; civil aviation considerations (crew members, flight safety, accident investigators) and Bahamian nationals who are also Canadian citizens (dual citizens).

Please note that dual citizens must travel with their Canadian passports when entering Canada by air.

Bahamians living in Canada were also advised to register with the Bahamas High Commission in Ottawa to receive updates and important information.


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