Youth Group Focuses On Biblical Characters For Halloween

LAST Friday, the youth group of St Peter’s Anglican Church in North Long Island decided to give Halloween a biblical twist.

The church hosted its first annual Halloween costume bash with all the children dressing up as well-known characters from the Bible. Organisers said it was an event never experienced before on the island.

Under the theme, “In the Beginning: The Great Creation Story,” youngsters from throughout the island came together in the auditorium of Simms Primary School to show off their costumes. 

“On this occasion it would be not any ghosts, goblins or witches, but rather prophets, priests and kings,” said Father Chester Burton, church rector.

He said the Youth Advisory Board met weeks in advance to determine what kind of function they would host to captivate the young minds and keep them focused on God. 

“The youth advisory executive body thought it would be appropriate that all youngsters come dressed and properly attired as biblical characters. Long Island is saturated with creative and artistic minds, so this parish event had all the trappings of a momentous occasion,” said Father Burton.

“It was indeed a terrific sight to see all kinds of costumes in all sizes and descriptions”, he said, as parents, guardians and god-parents looked on. The school auditorium was packed to full to capacity.

Father Burton opened the proceedings with a prayer and the official welcome. Soon after, the kids were arranged according to age to participate in musical chairs.

“The show-stopper was wrapping the mummy, which entailed two individuals working as a team. One would be wrapped and rolled in toilet tissue. After all the games and frolic it was time to judge the various costumes,” said Father Burton.

Biblical characters that were seen during this unique Halloween event included King David, King Solomon, Queen Esther, the Wise Men, Miriam, and a shepherd boy. “When the dust had settled, the winners in the male and female category were King David and Queen Esther, respectively. Dinner time was the next item on the agenda, so the youngsters lined up to be fed a sumptuous Bahamian meal. They fellowshipped until the bus departed to take residents back to their respective homes.”


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