Man Dies In His Jeep After Millennium Gardens Shooting

A MAN was found shot dead in Millennium Gardens on Tuesday night, police have reported. It was the second murder in two days over the holiday and takes the country's murder toll to 109 for 2016, according to The Tribune's records.

According to police reports, shortly after 9pm, a man was driving through Millennium Gardens in his Kia jeep when a male in a Nissan vehicle forced him to stop.

The male with a handgun approached the victim’s vehicle and shot him before speeding off. The victim attempted to drive off but crashed into a nearby fence and was pronounced dead on the scene.

On Boxing Day, a man died and four others - including three women - were taken to hospital serious condition after they were shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting on Tonique Williams Darling Highway.

The incident took place shortly after 3am on December 26. Police have not identified the victim but The Tribune understands he is Darron “Polly” Taylor, of Sunset Park.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Stephen Dean said the victims were travelling in a vehicle on Tonique Williams Darling Highway, when they were attacked by several men.

“Around 3am, police received reports that three females and two males were on the highway, when the occupants of a white vehicle pulled up on the side of them and fired several shots into the car before speeding off,” ACP Dean said. “All five of the victims were shot and rushed to hospital where one of the males died of his injuries. The other four victims are listed in serious condition.”

ACP Dean said police currently have no one in custody for the homicide.

This year the country may still record its lowest murder total since 2010, when 94 people were killed. In 2011, 127 people were killed, 111 in 2012, 119 in 2013, 122 in 2014 and 146 in 2015.

Anyone with information any of these homicides is asked to contact police at 911 or 919, the Central Detective Unit at 502-9991 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 328-TIPS.

Investigations into these matters continue.


zephyr 3 years ago

It seems that justice is on the streets, and not in the courts. Just look at the number of murders in our country since 2010.

Let me get a calculator. Looks like at least 709 murders in seven years. How many people were made to account in our courts for the hundreds of murders during the period in question?

It appears that the accounting is taken place on the streets! We must all be proud of such a shameful reality. Pat yourselves on the back people, and give yourselves a round of applause.

If the trend of murders continues, none of us will be spared; not even our pussy-footing politicans, lawyers, judges and others concerned. We are all sitting ducks right now while the killing spree goes on...


Observer 3 years ago

You mean a Kia suv. Kia is Kia, Jeep is Jeep, it is another automaker's brand.


goodbyebahamas 3 years ago

Christie and Birdie, a match made in Hell....LOL! I'm in the Boeing 757 bathroom, I'm so F-ing jet lagged! Happy New Year Birdie you crooked son of a bitch!

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sengli02 3 years ago

Bahamas, do not close your eyes or ignore crime. It is a destruction to any nation. Have a cerfew, set time when young people can be out in the street. They must have proof of school or work permit. Hold parents responsible with a fee when their child/children commits a crime.


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