Adrana Lockhart Launches Initiative To Feed The Hungry

A Bahamian evangelist is expanding her outreach ministry by starting a programme that will help to feed those who go hungry in the community. 

Adrana Lockhart, who is known for her “Prayer of the Day” videos on YouTube, recently launched the ‘Feed the Hungry’ initiative. 

Ms Lockhart is encouraging members of the public to help support the programme which she believes can go a long way in helping the less fortunate. 

“I have now begun the ‘Feed the Hungry’ programme because I realise there are many needy people in our communities. The programme involves helping those who are in need. I have had people secretly share with me their problems at all the times. As a matter of fact, just this morning (yesterday) an elderly woman told me that her house is empty and she only had $2,” Ms Lockhart told Tribune Religion. 

She continued: “I was able to bless her with canned goods and I will check on her every week. There are elderly needy people and mothers out there who have no help. I hope the ‘Feed the Hungry’ programme help those who are in need, and offer them God’s love in a practical way.”

Ms Lockhart’s prayer ministry, which has taken her through numerous areas such as Kemp Road, Masons Addition and Bain Town, also allows her to come into contact with people who she said are hurting badly and in need of any help they can get. “Praying every day in the community made me aware of others’ needs. No child or older person should go hungry. It is important to me because this is what Christians are called to do. Feed the fatherless and widows and to show God’s love,” she said. “The church is so distant now from the common people on the streets, but Jesus said go into the highways and byways and compel them to come. With love we can win many. I have led souls to Christ just by being out there on the streets, just saying ‘God bless you’ to the young men we sometimes fear. The nation needs the Lord. I hope more churches will go outside the four walls because I am only one person.”

To support the cause, e-mail Adrana Lockhart at lockhartadrana@gmail.com.


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