Celebrating ‘Midnight Matrimony’


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THE public is invited to attend the “wedding of the year” this Saturday night when Evangelistic Temple hosts its “Midnight Matrimony” service.

Not wanting to spoil the surprise, organisers are being tight-lipped about the details of the event, but promise that it will be a New Year’s Eve church service like no other.

Keno Smith, the youth pastor at Evangelistic Temple, said they are inviting persons to bring at least one friend with them when they attend.

The service will start at 9.30pm at the church located on 4th Terrace and Collins Avenue, and church members are certain that attendees will experiences a fun and love-filled night.

While Evangelistic Temple has hosted New Year’s Eve for many years now, this is the first time for “Midnight Matrimony”.

“There is no need to worry about dressing up, just come as you are. This service from beginning to end was designed with the family in mind, with a special emphasis on youth and young adults. Many persons have contacted me personally as well as called the church’s office trying to find out who is getting married, and that question won’t be answered until the night,” said Pastor Smith.

“This is an event we are truly excited about. ‘Midnight Matrimony’ provides persons with an opportunity to spend New Year’s Eve in a comfortable, safe, family friendly environment, and it also provides a break from the ‘same old’ New Year’s Eve services. I can think of no better place on the planet to ring in 2017 than Evangelistic Temple.”

Pastor Smith said the idea for the special New Year’s Eve service came about after Senior Pastor Vaughan Cash called him into a meeting in which he expressed his desire to get the church’s message out to all persons, especially those in the 13 to 35 bracket.

Pastor Cash’s desire to reach out to the younger generation of Bahamians led him to pour his heart out during that meeting, said Pastor Smith, and this evolved into the vision of “Midnight Matrimony”. 

Highlights of service will include a ministry segment by artists such as Danielle Dean and Travis Santon; music will be provided by the ReBirth Worship band, poetry by Brittney Jones, and a special dance by Treasures in Earthen Vessels

“With everything that has happened this year in our little country and everything that is going on still, we wanted to close out 2016 and bring in 2017 with a celebration of true love,” said Pastor Smith. “I think that is something we can all use some more of. I’m most looking forward to the big reveal of who’s getting married, because this will be one of those ‘bookmark in your life’ events, the type of thing you will tell your grandkids about one day; the stories that start with, ‘Boy, I remember when...”


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