Of plastic, straw and a health plan made of dreams

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Gotta laugh out of the new TV ad appearing promoting a Debt Card - this one more than smart it is incredible it can read your bill and make sure the restaurant or shop only charges you the correct amount of the purchase!

Wow, always knew it was Better in The Bahamas, but boy-o dis incredible.

NIB new smart card - so what are the benefits?

Instead of an old paper card you have a plastic one with your pic. That’s all you’re getting.

Strawmarket - even the good Minister doesn’t understand what the straw vendors are really telling the Minister - business so bad we can’t make any money selling everything other than Bahamian made. What about all those knock-off handbag shops up Market Street, Mr Minister?

Events? Are we simply having them at the wrong time of the day and not taking the potential fullest advantage? All cruise passengers have paid for their meals before hand so you know they will be back on board not to waste that. Say we were to have Events on Bay between 10am and 12.30pm… and also after 2pm through to 4pm... and then have vendors all over Bay and the side streets selling their wares?

Anyone walked around PMH recently? You better and you will realise NHI is at least two years away as it will take two years to clean PMH. Go around the back, rats as large as cats! Why are visitors allowed to bring in food to patients?

This country is more like Alice in Wonderland than anything else – reality Mr Prime Minister and the truth because we are all tired of the untruths.



February 16, 2016.


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