Facing Up To The ‘What Ifs’

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Please allow me space in your paper to share the following views.

You know what really bothers me about my people...everybody wants to be taken care of but nobody wants to do what is required; no one wants to work hard and sacrifice...our parents and grandparents always taught us to whom much is given much is required; but it’s as if that mantra no longer has any teeth; we are not at all convinced about it. From relationships to referendums; everybody wants the benefit, nobody wants the burden.

This is truly upsetting to me. We need to get it together people. As a country we have to be progressive and move forward. We cannot be afraid of what may come. Imagine if our forefathers were afraid to bring about Majority Rule or Independence. Imagine if women were afraid to seek the right to vote. Imagine if Pompey was afraid to fight for his freedom or if all abolitionists nestled in their fears “what if black people revolt after they are free” “what if they kill all the white people”- seems ludicrous doesn’t it....

My answer to “what ifs” fellow Bahamians is to face it! front on! and deal with it. I am truly tired of people in this country being afraid. Afraid to think for themselves; afraid of innovation, afraid of different. If you do not like something or disagree with it; then say so. 1. Have logical reasoning and rationale behind it; 2. make your point respectfully; 3. then move on to improve the status quo by offering a legitimate and reasonable alternative.

These elements are often missing from any public discourse in this country....no logic... no respect... no alternative that will work for the majority and best move this country forward not backward. A lot of what is presented is based on emotion, fear; rhetoric and does nothing but stagnate this country which is part of a global community.

As part of the global village we will not always agree with worldwide trends nor does our value system have to align with such views; but as a country that will not submit to such pressures we better have the competencies to validate our stance; the support to root our arguments; the human resource/capacity to compete at such levels beginning with the youngest Bahamian to those who represent the state. Our electorate and decisions made by the people of this country must reflect an intelligent democracy that can make reasoned decisions and be accountable for the same.

In the final analysis if we are being very honest, every decision has a benefit and burden; every action a reaction or consequence; we have to stop being afraid and ignorant about bearing burdens and dealing with consequences. Burying our heads in the proverbial sand because we only want benefits; and we wrongly conclude that no change means only past benefits would continue, is illogical. In taking this ill-fated approach we miss out in growth; new age thought; more benefits.

Vote YES today and start re-tooling your mind to address what you are afraid of if the bill passes and every Bahamian marries a foreigner (note the sarcasm in my voice re: every Bahamian marrying a foreigner).



June 6, 2016.


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