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Tuesday, May 31

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42-year-old man arrested after ZNS radio host’s murder

POLICE arrested a 42-year-old man early yesterday morning in connection with the murder of a veteran ZNS radio broadcaster last week.

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Butler-Turner: Party is not as strong as it should be

LONG Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner admitted yesterday that the Free National Movement is “not as strong as it should be so close to the next general election” but said she hopes an early convention can bring “unity”.

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Three accused of sex attacks on minors

THREE men appeared in Magistrate’s Court yesterday accused of sexually assaulting three minors, a boy and two girls, in separate incidents.

Bahamas Power and Light still experiencing 'a generation shortfall'

BAHAMAS Power and Light yesterday admitted that the utility provider is still experiencing “a generation shortfall” following an island-wide outage on Sunday.

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‘Voting no could open door to same-sex marriage’

A VOTE against bill four may actually make it “easier to overturn the existing legal ban on same-sex marriage,” according to Constitutional Commission Chairman Sean McWeeney who has hit out at the “irony” of arguments launched by opponents of the fourth Constitutional Amendment Bill.

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July date possible for FNM convention

TALKS taking place among Free National Movement (FNM) executives have centred on a tentative convention date in early July, a high-level party insider told The Tribune yesterday.

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Two men accused of murders

TWO men were remanded to prison yesterday after being arraigned in connection with two separate murders.

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Minnis: I’ve never felt so good

DESPITE the Free National Movement parliamentary caucus’ attempt to remove leader Dr Hubert Minnis from the helm of the organisation, he insisted yesterday that he “has never felt so good” and was not concerned about the “noise in the market”.

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Rollins: Minnis has no vision

INFIGHTING in the Free National Movement (FNM) took another dramatic turn yesterday as Fort Charlotte MP Dr Andre Rollins lambasted supporters of Leader Dr Hubert Minnis, accusing them of “espousing the tactics of a demagogue interested in dumbing down the debate because the leader has no substance or vision for this country”.

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‘A Mother’s Tragedy’: New book explores a child’s battle with cerebral palsy

WHILE some might feel that life has dealt Latrell King a difficult hand, the mother-of-three sees her lot of raising a son suffering with cerebral palsy as a chance to inspire others.

Regenerative medicine conference to be held in Grand Bahama

THE newest technology and research in regenerative medicine will be presented by the world’s top physicians and research scientists in the field at a leading conference in Grand Bahama next month.

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POLITICOLE: Breaking up is so very hard to do

It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. I hope you’re doing okay, with all the things you have going on. Your name gets called often, in these parts, and I find myself listening in whenever I hear it.

Six Cuban migrants detained

SIX Cuban migrants were discovered last Monday on Water Cay in the Cay Sal Bank after reportedly leaving Cuba on May 18, Bahamian immigration officials have reported.

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Warrant considered for ministers accused of getting child drunk in mix-up over court date

A WARRANT of arrest was almost issued yesterday for two ministers due to give a defence concerning allegations that they gave a 15-year-old boy liquor to get him drunk.

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Mitchell ‘a hypocrite’ for comments over Baha Mar

ST Anne’s MP Hubert Chipman yesterday called Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell a “hypocrite of the highest order” for accusing Bahamians of launching “jingoistic” attacks against Baha Mar’s Chinese investors.

Candidates reassured by deputy leader

FREE National Movement (FNM) Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest yesterday insisted that no supporter or prospective candidate should be apprehensive over the level of discord among the party’s parliamentary caucus.

‘Outpouring of giving’ at the Cancer Society Ball

It was a special evening for survivors and caretakers who were paid tribute to during the Cancer Society of the Bahamas’ gala ball Saturday night.

PM believes

WE should all rejoice that the PM has such uncanny foresight and negotiating skills.

Food priorities

We have one of the highest rates of obesity in the world, but Prime Minister Christie says his government will reduce or eliminate duty on macaroni, ice cream, biscuits, waffles, cakes and pastries.

Don’t blame your beliefs on me

IF I COULD, I would ask Dr Hubert Minnis to help me understand the following: if I express what I believe unapologetically; if I make it unflinchingly clear where I stand on an issue, how does that amount to “shoving the issue down someone’s throat”?

Please say the coup ain’t true

I am amazed and perplexed beyond imagination, of what I heard reported over the airwaves this morning.

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Deep divides among party members in views of leader

A LEADERSHIP conundrum in the Free National Movement (FNM) is setting up a battle between those who think Dr Hubert Minnis is failing skill tests and those who believe he is enhancing the voices of regular Bahamians in ways never before seen in the party.

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Honouring those who gave their lives in service

TO honour Memorial Day, the US Embassy yesterday held a wreath laying ceremony at Clifton Pier in memory of fallen comrades and military veterans.

Well-known consultant urges ‘national definition’ for SMEs

THE GOVERNMENT and the private sector were yesterday urged to develop a national definition for small and medium sized businesses, a well-known consultant telling Tribune Business that he was “pivoting” his consultancy to the international area.

Govt stance on tax breaks ‘perplexing’ says Lowe

A NOTED ‘fiscal hawk’ yesterday questioned the Government’s decision to provide tax breaks to some industries to while not giving similar treatment to others that could also benefit, describing it as “a bit perplexing”.

TUC leader says unions disappointed over deal delays

A WELL-KNOWN trade union leader yesterday said that he was “extremely disappointed” with the way the Government has dealt with trade unions in the country, telling Tribune Business that unions are being frustrated by five to 10 year industrial agreement delays.

Chamber chief questions BPL’s plan of action after outage

THE PRIVATE sector is hopeful that Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) will “sooner rather than later” remedy long standing issues such as power blackouts, the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation (BCCEC) chief executive said yesterday in the wake of Sunday’s New Providence-wide power outage.

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Student: BTVI gave me ability to dream again

GERRARD Russell is determined to not be average. His pledge from the first semester at the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institution (BTVI) was to remain committed and dream big.

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Mothers banding together to promote awareness of clubfoot

Kendra Thomas has renewed her commitment to raise awareness of clubfoot, a condition her four-year old daughter Kaylee was diagnosed with at birth.

Role modelling

We inhabit a place that does not easily fit with ascribed roles, though many impose all the weight of Western constructs and constrictions on the behaviour of Bahamians.

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MICHELLE MILLER MOTIVATIONALS: How do you make an ‘informed’ decision?

There is making a decision and then there is making a so-called ‘informed’ decision. But what is really an ‘informed’ decision?

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Girl Guides earn badges at high tea

The Bahamas Girl Guides Association successfully pulled of their first “Mother and Daughter Tea Party” this month.

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A sold-out success: Pretty Brown Girl Club’s mother-daughter conference

More than 230 mothers and daughters attended the third annual mother-daughter conference hosted by Pretty Brown Girl Club #14. This year’s event was held under the theme, “Who Runs The World. . .Girls!”, at the British Colonial Hilton on May 7.

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Playwright Tamara Moncur emphasises the importance of community

This holiday weekend, playwright Tamara Moncur will be celebrating another achievement in her career when her latest production, “The Church On Sapodilla Street”, enjoys its debut.

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YOUR SAY: Fred Mitchell and the Haitian ‘pestilence’

I am a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due. I agree with the words of Dr Andre Rollins, that Fred Mitchell poses a “clear and present danger” to the continued development of democracy in The Bahamas.

VIEW FROM AFAR: We must make use of net metering

SINCE neither all my readers nor I are engineers, I will write in layman’s terms about the practice of net metering being adopted in enlightened countries.

Stop the pain: Preventing early childhood caries

Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease. It is five times more common than asthma and 20 times more common than diabetes. If left untreated, it can destroy your child’s teeth, disrupt your child’s growth and development, and have a long-lasting effect on your child’s overall general health.

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REACH announces penny drive to fund therapy for autistic children

REACH has launched a penny drive in hopes of raising $50,000 for a therapy room and after-care programme at the organisation’s new location on Village Road.

TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE: Weightless travel

Over the past few days I’ve been in Germany and Italy, surrounded by bread, cheese, meats, beer, wine, pizza, pasta and every type of food variety imaginable.

Monday, May 30

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05302016 Edition

Monday, May 30th.

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Call for Cash to be disciplined for comments

SOME factions within the Free National Movement recommended that former FNM Chairman Darron Cash face disciplinary action over his critical public commentary of the party and FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis, The Tribune understands.

Major cable fault blamed as New Providence hit by blackout

A “major cable fault” was the reason for an island-wide blackout that occurred Sunday afternoon, officials from Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) said.

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Woman hands herself in after ZNS radio host is murdered

A 30-year-old woman wanted by police to help in their investigation into the recent murder of a veteran ZNS radio broadcaster turned herself in for questioning over the weekend.

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‘Minnis can show he is fit to lead, then go on to become PM’

FORT Charlotte MP Dr Andrew Rollins has said whether Free National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis has what it takes to be prime minister will depend on if he can convince the party that he is the “most fit” to lead at a convention.

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21-year-old shot dead in Freeport murder

POLICE in Grand Bahama are investigating a shooting incident that has left a 21-year-old Freeport man dead.

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FNM petition is last resort

LONG Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner yesterday said that the FNM’s parliamentary caucus does not want to resort to petitioning Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling to have Dr Hubert Minnis removed as leader of the Official Opposition, but prefers to reach an “amicable” decision on an earlier convention date.

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Six in hospital after two shooting incidents

SIX men are in hospital after two separate shooting incidents over the weekend, police said.

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NPSA regular season heats up

NEW Providence Softball Association continued its regular season action with a ladies’ double header in the Banker’s Field at Baillou Hills Sporting Complex Saturday night.

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‘Let’s keep our fingers crossed that our athletes will remain drug free’

EVERY time the Olympic Games and the IAAF World Championships come around, there is one word that permeates the atmosphere - drugs.

Slatter, Lockhart claim national bowling titles

TWO weeks of competition came down to one final game to decide national championship winners and the opportunity to represent the Bahamas at the Bowling World Cup.

‘Shining Stars of 2015’ to recognise our top athletes

IN an effort to continue the rebranding of its organisation, the Bahamas Amateur Athletic Association will offer a new approach to one of the marquee events on its calendar.

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Shaunae wins 400m in Oregon

In another outstanding performance on Saturday at the Prefontaine Classic at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon, Shaunae Miller showed that she’s ready to take on the world when she heads to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Brazil in August.

Essays help highlight the importance of road safety

THE Grand Bahama Road Safety Committee (GBRSC) was pleased with the level of knowledge and ideas penned by students on the importance of road safety in this year’s essay competition - ‘Making Our Streets Safe for All Road Users’.

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Bahamian graduates with master’s degree from Arkansas

TEZEL Anya Lightbourne, of Nassau, has graduated with a master of public health degree from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS).

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YOUR SAY: How the Spelling Bee can help our nation

ALTHOUGH he did not advance to the finals of the 2016 Scripps National Spelling Bee, Bahamians have every reason to be proud of the remarkable performance of Bahamas National Spelling Bee Champion Donovan Aaron Butler in the highly competitive annual competition at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbour, Maryland, near Washington DC this week.

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WORLD VIEW: The Caribbean Court: an example to Latin America

TWO events at the Organisation of American States (OAS) in recent months have underscored the soundness of the system by which the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) is financed.

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INSIGHT: Do you know how you’re going to vote?

IT’S SAFE to say that if you don’t know how you’re going to vote in the gender equality referendum by now, then you probably don’t have any plans to head to the polls on June 7.

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Businessman ‘threatened’ over tours at Sandy Cay

THE Bahamian owner of an eco-tour business in West End claims that he and his wife have been threatened with demands by the foreign owners of Sandy Cay to cancel all their tours at the cay, even though the law permits them access up to the high water mark.

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Govt calls for Minnis to show support for Yes vote

THE government yesterday called on FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis to find the courage to publicly support a ‘yes’ vote in the upcoming gender equality referendum as he did in Parliament.

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Filmmaker: we will be in trouble if we vote No

THE Bahamas would be in “deep trouble” if voters in the upcoming constitutional referendum succumbed to misinformation and fear when casting their ballots, an award winning filmmaker told The Tribune yesterday.

Where charity begins

Re: Miller: Bahamas Power & Light Lacking Compassion.

Beware of what you ask for

Each week, I struggle through Nicole Burrows somewhat rambling and long-winded commentaries. At the end, however, I am still unclear as to the point she is trying to make.

What about those of us who paid our taxes?

I had to scratch my head after reading some remarks made by the Prime Minister during the Budget Presentation.

Two leaders not better than one

Amateur hour continues in the opposition as the two opposition party heads rolled out a harebrained scheme that is long on hot air but painfully short on common sense or realpolitik. The scheme mocked the idea of two heads being better than one.

NTA director fires back over $22m apprenticeship programme criticism

The National Training Agency’s (NTA) has shot down Opposition criticism that the Christie administration’s revamped $22m apprenticeship program is merely a retread of the Ingraham administration’s 52-week jobs programme, telling Tribune Business: “We have raised the standard.”

Chamber Chief: Business licence management offer ‘still on the table’

Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation (BCCEC) chief executive Edison Sumner said that the chamber’s proposal to assume responsibility for the management of the business licences register was “still on the table”, adding that the private sector representative was still seeking to have the Government review the entire business licence fee structure.

Tax breaks on derelict properties ‘big deal’ says real estate chief

A former Bahamas Real Estate Association (BREA) president yesterday praised the government for its decision to effectively offer an incentive to owners of derelict buildings in New Providence who intend to either demolish or renovate them, telling this newspaper: “That’s a big deal”.

Sands: PM ‘too short’ on NHI specifics

A well-known physician said yesterday that Prime Minister Perry Christie’s 2016/2017 budget communication has given very little comfort that his administration would effectively “get the job done” with National Health Insurance (NHI), arguing that the Prime Minister’s communication was “too short” on specifics for the highly touted healthcare initiative.

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Collie concern at ‘slush fund’ in Budget

FREE National Movement Chairman Sidney Collie yesterday alleged that the stark increase of the Office of the Prime Minister’s 2016/2017 budget allocation was proof that the government intends to use public funds as an election tool.

DNA: PLP mortgage relief plan needs more

The PLP’s proposed Mortgage Relief Programme Needs More!

Saturday, May 28

Friday, May 27

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05272016 Edition

Friday, May 27th.

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05272016 Weekend

Friday, May 28th.

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Woman nominated as next US Ambassador to the Bahamas dies aged 50

THE woman who had been nominated as the next US Ambassador to the Bahamas has passed away, the US Embassy in Nassau announced on Friday evening.

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Father of twins dies in latest traffic fatality

A FREEPORT father of twins working on a roofing contract in Nassau on the eve of his 45th birthday became the country’s latest traffic fatality on Friday after he lost control of his car and slammed into a dirt mound on the southern side of Cowpen Road.

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Judicial interference in Parliament 'should only occur when all avenues exhausted'

A JUDGE was told on Friday that judicial interference in the internal affairs of Parliament should only occur when all other avenues have been exhausted where an issue arises.

Ocean Club lifeguard saves mother from drowning

WHAT could have been a tragedy for one family on a cruise to the Bahamas this week ended happily when a lifeguard at the Ocean Club saved a mother from drowning this week.

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Preparedness urged for 2016 hurricane season

THE National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) on Friday urged Bahamians to be aware of their level of preparedness as international forecasters officially announced projections for the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season.

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Two wanted men now in police custody

TWO MEN wanted by police in separate matters - one for murder and the other for rape and armed robbery - are in police custody.

Air Traffic Controllers Union signs industrial agreement with government

BAHAMAS Air Traffic Controllers Union (BATCU) President Lashan Gray has expressed "relief" over finally signing an industrial agreement with the government, calling it a "momentous occasion" that it signifies the "beginning" of air traffic controllers moving "closer towards industry-related standards".

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Threats to remove Minnis at FNM council meeting

THE Free National Movement (FNM) is “teetering” on the brink of a leadership meltdown following an “explosive” council meeting, which saw serious threats levelled at Opposition leader Dr Hubert Minnis to have him removed from the post by way of a petition to the Governor General, The Tribune understands.

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‘Emails did not specify privacy’

EMAILS between members of Save The Bays (STB) had “no specified restriction of access” or “conditions expressed against access or dissemination”, a Supreme Court judge was told yesterday.

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Budget reveals little new to meet PM’s pledge on fighting crime

AFTER promising tougher crime fighting measures five months ago, Prime Minister Perry Christie’s 2016/2017 Budget Communication revealed very little details of his administration’s plan to arrest violent crime.

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Alfred Sears resigns as COB Council Chairman

FORMER Attorney General Alfred Sears has tendered his resignation as Chairman of the Council of the College of the Bahamas as he makes the transition back to frontline politics as a candidate for the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) in the 2017 general election.

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Mitchell says Baha Mar group fuelling racism

FOREIGN Affairs and Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell yesterday hit out at Facebook group “Baha Mar Citizen Awake”, accusing it of fuelling “racism” and extreme patriotism towards Baha Mar’s Chinese investors at the behest of the resort’s developer Sarkis Izmirlian.

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Minnis says Baha Mar talk is ‘false hope’

FREE National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday blasted Prime Minister Perry Christie for failing to provide a substantial update on Baha Mar negotiations, calling his 2016/2017 Budget Communication “false hope and empty rhetoric”.

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Transport minister's plea after traffic accidents leave two teens dead, four injured

THE MINISTER of Transport and Aviation has urged drivers to be aware of the risks associated with dangerous driving after two serious traffic accidents in New Providence on Thursday led to two deaths and four people being detained in hospital, two men with critical injuries.

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Jobs scheme 'is an election ploy'

LONG Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner has slammed the government’s new apprenticeship programme for being an “election ploy” as she questioned how it was different from the heavily criticised 52-week job placement plan implemented under the Ingraham administration.

A COMIC'S VIEW: Christie’s double speak leaves us all none the wiser

There’s an old Bahamian saying that goes “He talking out two mouths”.

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Rape suspect sought

GRAND Bahama Police are searching for 39-year-old Paul Simon Rolle, aka “PJ”, who is wanted for rape and armed robbery in Freeport.

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THE FINISH LINE: A fitting honour for veteran track and field coach Frank ‘Pancho’ Rahming

IT’s not every day that we take the time out to honour those persons who have made invaluable contributions to the growth and development of sports in our country.

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Centrobasket: Pro players eager to suit up for Team Bahamas

Pro players Ronnie ‘JR’ Cadot and Kenton Smith, collegian Michael Carey and Grand Bahamian Alonzo ‘CJ’ Hinds are all eager to suit up for the Bahamas next month when the men’s national basketball team heads to the Centrobasket Championship in Panama City, Panama.

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Ayton: ‘They think I’m not going to college, but I have to go to college’

DESPITE recent reports concerning a lack of recruitment by many elite programmes, Bahamian basketball prep star DeAndre Ayton appears unwavered by those claims and is focused on his path moving forward.


NCAA Division I baseball has moved into respective conference tournaments throughout America and Bahamian players have figured prominently into their team’s postseason results.

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Rolle, Slatter top leaderboard

THERE was some movement in the leaderboard as the Bahamas Bowling Federation’s National Bowling Championships moved closer to crowning its champions this weekend.

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Improving ‘our Carmichael’

A CONCERNED citizen recently launched the Our Carmichael Community Initiative, which organisers said now has 120 volunteers across different teams after less than eight months of operation.

Clubs and Societies 05272016

Cycling Club Bahamas. - Weekday rides, east: Morning, Tuesday & Thursday, leaving 5am sharp from Sea Grapes Shopping Centre, East Prince Charles Drive.

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The Tribune helping to fix our streets

FRUSTRATED residents and motorists continue to contact The Tribune in an effort to draw attention to daily woes of deepening potholes in the roads and unsightly and unhealthy mess around New Providence.

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Star authors put the spotlight on literacy

NOVELIST Lee Child, famed for his Jack Reacher thriller series which became a hit movie starring Tom Cruise, was among writers championing literacy at an event last night.

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Murdered web shop worker was likely struck from behind

A WEB shop employee who was murdered in Long Island in 2014 was likely struck from behind based on the injuries she sustained, a jury heard from a pathologist yesterday.

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Resident handed keys to new home

A KEMP Road resident and her son yesterday were “lost for words” after being handed keys to a new home courtesy of Urban Renewal’s Small Homes Repair programme.

Financial firm bucks ‘contraction’ trends

A Nassau-based financial services provider yesterday said it was “bucking the trend” of contraction in the Bahamian financial services sector with the launch of its own private bank and trust subsidiary, its chairman telling Tribune Business: “It simply gives us less competition”.

Real property tax amnesty branded ‘counter-intuitive’

The Opposition’s deputy leader yesterday slammed the Government’s frequent real property tax arrears amnesties as “counter-intuitive”, arguing that they effectively penalised compliant home and business owners.

Govt’s Baha Mar deal ‘muddies sale process’

The Government’s purported deal with the Chinese for Baha Mar’s construction completion has only “muddied and confused” the situation further, an ex-Board member yesterday suggesting they were taking a ‘backwards’ approach to resolving the impasse.

Govt avoids ‘pie in the sky’ Budget

The Government appears to have avoided the “typical pie in the sky” pre-election Budget, the Chamber of Commerce’s chairman said yesterday, while conceding: “The numbers may tell a different story.”

‘Not everyone’ made whole on Baha Mar

The Bahamian construction industry was yesterday “cautiously optimistic” that a resolution to its collective $74 million Baha Mar receivable is in sight, although “not everyone” will be made ‘whole’.

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Lack of clarity on funding for NHI plans

ALTHOUGH the Christie administration has said the first phase of National Health Insurance (NHI) will be introduced later this year, the 2016/2017 budget does not clearly show that the government has allocated money for this purpose.

Funding increases in a number of ministries

THE Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Public Services and the Ministry of Environment and Housing all received substantial funding increases in the 2016/2017 budget.

Make sure the bills are paid

What precisely is government’s and consumer debt at this immediate moment a few days away from the budget presentation 2016?

Fix the statelessness

The upcoming referendum has it merits, its positives and negatives, but the statelessness of thousands of people born in The Bahamas and cannot be identified with The Bahamas or any other country is sickening.

Little Harbour protest

A letter to the Prime Minister. I live on a sailboat and my husband and I have spent the past three winters sailing in your beautiful country.

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‘Mortgage relief plan a retread of a failed policy’

NEWLY-appointed Free National Movement (FNM) Senator Dr Duane Sands yesterday called the Christie administration’s new mortgage relief plan a “re-imagining of an already failed political ploy”.

FNM deputy slams Gov’t on apprentice initiative

The Opposition’s finance spokesman yesterday said it was “disingenuous” for the Christie administration to tout its $20 million apprenticeship programme as something different than the 52-week job programme launched by the former Ingraham administration, and which it had heavily criticised.

IAN FERGUSON: How to minimise workplace conflict

When we consider the length of time we spend in the workplace, and the many different personalities we encounter, it is not surprising that we come into occasional conflict.

Thursday, May 26

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05262016 Edition

Thursday, May 26th.

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ZNS radio broadcaster Scott Richards shot and killed at Bonefish Pond

A VETERAN ZNS radio broadcaster was shot multiple times and killed early on Thursday morning near Bonefish Pond.

Chances of Atlantic tropical storm forming off southern US "high" say forecasters

A LOW pressure area between the Bahamas and Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean is highly likely to develop into a tropical or sub-tropical cyclone which could impact part of the East Coast of the United States during Memorial Day weekend according to the National Hurricane Centre (NHC) in Miami.

$22m apprenticeship scheme ‘not like 52-week programme’

THE government will launch a $22m apprenticeship programme aimed to reduce youth unemployment, Prime Minister Christie announced during his 2016/2017 Budget Communication yesterday.

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Fresh pledge for $20m mortgage relief

DESPITE the failure of the government’s mortgage relief plan early in this political term, Prime Minister Perry Christie yesterday announced plans to revive the scheme, revealing that it will cost taxpayers $20m over four years.

Murder trial jury is excused for discussions

A JURY sworn to hear evidence in a murder trial has been excused for several days while prosecution and lawyers for the accused hold legal discussions with the presiding judge.

Trio are cleared of human trafficking

TWO men and a woman were cleared of nearly a dozen human trafficking related charges in Magistrates Court this week.

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Chinese ‘agree’ to complete Baha Mar

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday touted the government’s success in negotiations with the Export Import Bank of China (EXIM) and China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) over the stalled Baha Mar resort, saying all parties have entered into a “framework agreement” to complete the project “as expeditiously as possible”.

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‘Fantasy budget fails to tackle problems’

FREE National Movement (FNM) Deputy Leader and Shadow Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest yesterday called the Prime Minister’s 2016/2017 Budget Communication “a complete fantasy” being used to “secure an Election Day victory”.

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Cash: It is time for new leadership

FORMER Free National Movement (FNM) Chairman Darron Cash yesterday blamed FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis for the “dismal state” of the Official Opposition and said it is now time for the party to seek “fresh, new” leadership.

Licences 'soon' for nation's second cellular provider, says PM

THE Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) will award licences to the country’s second cellular mobile services provider soon, Prime Minister Perry Christie said during his budget communication yesterday.

PM committed to NHI - but no word on cost or timetable

WHILE insisting that the government remains committed to implementing National Health Insurance (NHI), Prime Minister Perry Christie yesterday failed to reveal a definite cost for the scheme or a concrete timeline for its roll out.

Bannister 'will not seek leadership post' at convention

FREE National Movement (FNM) candidate for Carmichael Desmond Bannister yesterday said he would not seek a leadership post in the party at its next convention.

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It's time for convention - Now!

Your Say By DARRON CASH THE Free National Movement has become a shadow of its former self. The party I love should be at a high watermark comparable to its position on August 19, 1992, the day of our first general election victory. Instead, our great FNM risks being washed away in a tide of obscurity and irrelevance, being sunk by an anchor of leadership that has been found wanting.

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A YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Chinese whispers as Christie speaks in riddles

In yet another filibusterous performance in the House of Assembly yesterday, Prime Minister Perry Christie opened the 2016/2017 budget debate with a prevaricating talkathon that, generally, lacked substance or radical reforms.

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VAT cut from education fees, customs duty to be eliminated from some items

THE government is seeking to eliminate the 7.5 per cent Value Added Tax (VAT) on ancillary fees paid for education services in the country, Prime Minister Perry Christie said yesterday.

Questions over equality vote

Regarding the upcoming referendum, I asked myself two questions. Firstly, will the genders truly be equal if the bills are passed? Secondly, who stands to benefit most?

Perpall's Tract drainage

I live in Perpall’s Tract in Nassau and I have been living there for over 40 years. It is a lovely and peaceful neighbourhood, with caring and concerned individuals. I would not choose to live anywhere else in this country.

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Spelling Bee champ misses out on final

DONOVAN Butler, the Bahamas National Spelling Bee champion, took to the stage yesterday afternoon in his bid to reach the finals at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Maryland.

Analysing bills in the referendum

PERHAPS the best explanation of the fourth question in the upcoming Referendum can be found in an analysis done by a partner in one of the major law firms in The Bahamas.

University Bill tabled in House

EDUCATION Minister Jerome Fitzgerald tabled the long-awaited University of the Bahamas bill yesterday.

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Handful of protestors oppose talks with Chinese investors

POLICE yesterday blocked a small group of demonstrators from Rawson Square because it did not have permits to publicly oppose the government’s negotiations with Chinese investors over Baha Mar.

Governor General welcomes new Chinese ambassador

GOVERNOR General Dame Marguerite Pindling yesterday heralded the appointment of a new Chinese ambassador to The Bahamas as a step towards strengthening “the friendship and relations between the Bahamas and China”.

Bannister: Public education campaign undermines referendum

FORMER Education Minister Desmond Bannister yesterday accused the government of undermining the success of the gender equality referendum through its myopic approach to public education.

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Suspended radio host Russell accuses PLP of victimisation

ZNS Radio talk show host Phillippa “Lady” Russell has accused the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) of victimisation after her show was suspended by the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas (BCB) last month.

Pastor urges 'No' vote in Grand Bahama

WHILE in Grand Bahama yesterday, Pastor Cedric Moss spoke to a number of Bahamians about why they should vote No to three of the Constitutional Amendment Bills in the gender equality referendum on June 7.

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Simone Pratt and Silver Storm win first national title

BAHAMIANS produced several impressive performances at the National Junior College Athletic Association National Championships, with Simone Pratt as the latest to help lead her team to school history.

PM cuts 2016 GDP growth to just 0.5%

Prime Minister Perry Christie yesterday slashed a full percentage point off the Bahamas’ projected economic growth for 2016, cutting real GDP expansion estimates to just 0.5 per cent.

Govt raises deficit estimate to $100m

The Government yesterday forecast a more modest pace for fiscal consolidation, projecting a higher $100 million GFS deficit for the upcoming 2016-2017 Budget year compared to its estimates a year ago.

BOB two years from profitability

Prime Minister Perry Christie yesterday revealed it will take a further two years for Bank of the Bahamas to return to profitability, as he confirmed plans to recapitalise the troubled institution.

Second mobile operator begins launch process

Cable Bahamas yesterday said the clock had started running on the aggressive roll-out timetable for the second mobile operator to launch services to 99 per cent of New Providence within three months, after the Government approved its licensing.

PM: Atlantis makes granting Chinese demands impossible

The Prime Minister yesterday said Atlantis’s ‘most favoured investor’ status made it impossible for him to grant the type of incentives the Chinese were said to be demanding over Baha Mar.

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Stars align for Prefontaine Classic

In the second Diamond League meet of the season, a trio of Bahamian athletes will take to Tracktown, USA in the most star-studded event of the young season.

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Budget: PM outlines plan to enhance sports sector

THE development of sporting infrastructure highlighted the impact the government expects its new budget to have on the local sporting community.

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FOURTH QUARTER PRESS: Bring on ‘Iggy’ and stop the Thunder roll

BACK-to-back, three games in four nights, long road trips and short home stands all are contributors to the way teams play on a night-to-night basis during the NBA’s regular season.

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Which three high jumpers will represent Bahamas at Olympics?

THE deadline for inclusion on Team Bahamas for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in August is fast approaching.

Revived Mortgage Plan may assist ‘over 1,000’

The Government yesterday unveiled a revised Mortgage Relief Plan it believes could assist “upwards of 1,000 delinquent borrowers”, via a 20-25 per cent cut to monthly loan payments.

FNM deputy questions Mortgage Relief ‘sense’

The Christie administration’s revised Mortgage Relief Plan does not make much sense “on the face of it”, according to the Opposition’s finance spokesman, who questioned what return the Government would get for its $20 million ‘investment’.

Tax break may help 41,000 homeowners

Prime Minister Perry Christie yesterday said more than 41,000 homeowners could benefit from the Government’s decision to waive real property tax arrears for owner-occupied homes valued at less than $250,000.

‘Nothing to celebrate’ on $99m borrowing

The Opposition yesterday argued there was “nothing to celebrate” in the Christie administration’s revelation that it is only borrowing $99 million to fund the 2016-2017 fiscal deficit, its finance spokesman saying it had over-burdened Bahamians with taxes to achieve this.

Gov’t plans to narrow VAT payment window

The Government yesterday unveiled plans to shrink the Value-Added Tax (VAT) payment window by seven days, and other revenue enforcement measures, amid the numerous tariff rate cuts consistent with a pre-election Budget.

Wednesday, May 25

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05232016 Edition

Monday, May 23rd.

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05252016 Edition

Thursday, May 25th.

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EXIM, China State Construction enter 'framework agreement' to complete Baha Mar

PRIME Minister Perry Christie announced in the House of Assembly on Wednesday afternoon that the Export Import Bank of China (EXIM) and China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) have entered into a “framework agreement” to complete the stalled Baha Mar resort “as expeditiously as possible.”

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Collie: No high-level talks on D.N.A. coalition

THERE has been no “executive level discussion” between the Free National Movement (FNM) and the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) over the potential for a coalition, according to FNM Chairman Sidney Collie.

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Deputy P.M. calls reports on Baha Mar ‘mischief’

DEPUTY Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis yesterday said he could not confirm reports that Chinese investors have requested significant concessions and benefits from the government as incentive to remobilise Baha Mar, but he called concerns about the matter “political mischief”.

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Minnis ‘failing’ to lead on vote

FORMER Senator Heather Hunt has suggested that Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr Hubert Minnis has not shown effective leadership because he has failed to communicate his position on the four constitutional equality bills.

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Rolle says she was slandered and unlawfully recorded

INSISTING that her name has been “slandered”, Lanisha Rolle was adamant yesterday that she was allegedly “unlawfully” recorded during a private conversation with Free National Movement (FNM) political hopeful Lincoln Bain.

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‘Don’t be fooled by fake promises over Baha Mar’

FREE National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday warned Bahamians not to be fooled by Prime Minister Perry Christie’s “false hope and fake promises” in relation to the stalled Baha Mar project.

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Six people in hospital after three separate shootings

SIX people, including three women, are recovering in hospital following three separate shooting incidents on Monday.

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Bahamians fined and jailed for smuggling

TWO Bahamian men were each fined over $62,000 and sentenced to two years imprisonment after they pleaded guilty in the Freeport Magistrates’ Court to assisting in the illegal embarcation of 26 illegal immigrants from Grand Bahama last week.  

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Best-of-3 championship series all set for BSC basketball league

THE best-of-three championship series for the Baptist Sports Council’s 2016 Basketball League is all set.

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UNO Mas wins second leg of the Bahamas Billfish Championship

THE UNO Mas team are celebrating after winning the second leg of the 2016 Bahamas Billfish Championship (BBC) in Abaco and earning a $5,000 bonus for a “grand slam”.

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Eugene, Oregon – Two athletes who came out of nowhere to earn their first major medals will be surrounded by four multiple medallists in the Prefontaine Classic men’s 400-metre hurdles on Saturday.

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Stage set for Annual Novice Bodybuilding Championships

The Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation is getting ready to stage its Annual Novice Bodybuilding Championships at the National Centre for the Performing Arts on Saturday night.

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Apple stores set for a major overhaul

APPLE is overhauling its nearly 480 stores worldwide, starting with its new two-storey location in San Francisco.

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Doom cursed and blessed by nostalgia

BEFORE there was “Halo” or “Call of Duty”, the first-person shooter video games “Wolfenstein” and “Doom” defined the trigger-happy genre in three dimensions. While the former received a thoughtful re-imagining in 2014’s “Wolfenstein: The New Order”, the same cannot be said for a new “Doom”.

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• TWITTER is making big changes, at least in the context of its signature 140 characters or fewer.

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Google plays catch-up with new products

GOOGLE wants to play an even bigger role in managing people’s daily lives while also nudging them into an alternate reality, as the Internet company responds to competitive threats posed by Facebook, Amazon and Apple.

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TOUGH CALL: When parliamentary privilege was on the other foot

According to Fred ‘This is War’ Mitchell, he will not be bound by any court of law when it comes to what he considers to be his unqualified right to say and do whatever he pleases in Parliament.

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College signs memorandum to secure link with BAMSI

THE College of The Bahamas (COB) yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding with the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Sciences Institute (BAMSI), which officials from both establishments hailed as a positive step towards bringing “expertise to the field of Bahamian agriculture”.

Replacement dorm at BAMSI to take ‘two years’ to complete

THE reconstruction of the fire-damaged male dormitory at the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) in North Andros will likely take “two years” to complete, the establishment’s Director Dr Godfrey Eneas said yesterday.

18 Cubans held by Defence Force

EIGHTEEN Cuban migrants found stranded at Elbow Cay were picked up by the US Coast Guard and brought to Grand Bahama where they were turned over to immigration authorities on Tuesday.

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Dominican fishermen fined $170,000 for poaching

ELEVEN Dominicans were fined a collective $170,500 yesterday in Magistrates’ Court after pleading guilty to five poaching related charges.

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Bahamian sheds light on origins of the universe

ALBERT Cox Jr, the first Bahamian scholar to have his scientific research documenting the origins of the universe accepted, was recognised by the Governor General yesterday as he prepares for a worldwide promotional and educational tour next month.

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Moncur thinks fourth bill in referendum is witchcraft

SOCIAL activist Rodney Moncur is calling for all Bahamians to vote no in the upcoming gender equality referendum in order to “save women” from themselves and to “stop foreign men from having the same rights as Bahamian men”.

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Roberts criticises Minnis over his stance on referendum

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts has rebuked opposition leader Dr Hubert Minnis for his stance on the four Constitutional Amendment Bills, saying they should not be based on “supposed conspiracies and suppositions” but on the legal facts surrounding the gender equality referendum next month.

What’s the truth?

BTC - minority sale of shares owned by Cable & Wireless to Liberty Communications and the much talked about 2 per cent.

Baha Mar bids

Baha Mar - who did bid? I hear the big boys didn’t!

Referendum to end rights as Christians

There is always a hidden mischief with all Governments that hides the real truth from its citizens. Always a hidden agenda.

‘Magical partnership’ urged between Gov’t and private business

The Government and private sector were yesterday urged to form “a magical partnership” to combat high unemployment and escalating levels of violent crime.

QC slams ‘abysmal consultation failure’

A QC yesterday slammed “the complete and abysmal failure” of seven government departments and agencies to consult local residents over the Abaco Club’s proposed marina project.

Chamber chief ‘fully expects responsible’ Budget from Gov’t

The Chamber’s chairman yesterday said he “fully expects the Government to be responsible” with today’s Budget, and not engage in pre-election spending sprees that will throw the Bahamas’ fiscal consolidation plan off-course.

Baha Mar creditors protected against ‘backroom deals’

An ex-Baha Mar director yesterday expressed delight that a Cabinet Minister agreed all Bahamian creditors should be compensated, even if the Government “cuts a backroom deal with the Chinese”.

‘Financial constraints’ hit $20m harbour repair

The Port Department’s “financial constraints” are preventing it from carrying out a $20 million repair to Nassau harbour’s breakwater, and threatening to undermine operations at the Caribbean’s most efficient report.

B.C.P. calls for Bahamians to join protest against China move

THE leader of a fringe political party has called on Bahamians to stand with her in Rawson Square today in protest against what she believes to be another country’s “strategic move” to take control of the economy of the Bahamas.

Baha Mar citizenship claim ‘political mischief’

The Deputy Prime Minister yesterday branded as “political mischief” charges that the Christie administration had agreed to grant 500 Bahamian citizenships to Chinese investors in connection with the stalled Baha Mar project.

Budget can’t be ‘more of same’

Prime Minister Perry Christie must inspire confidence of an economic turnaround in today’s Budget, the Opposition’s Finance spokesman said yesterday, adding: “More of the same just won’t cut it.”


FOR another year, coordinator Sean ‘Bass’ Bastian will provide an avenue for youngsters to get a taste of a college experience when they participate in the College of the Bahamas Athletic Department’s Sports Summer Camp.

Tuesday, May 24

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Man shot dead on Wulff Road

INVESTIGATORS are appealing to members of the public to come forward with information that can assist in solving a homicide that occurred yesterday in the area of Wulff and Pinedale Roads.

Ministry's operations at J.L. Centre to be closed temporarily

The Ministry of Transport and Aviation has released a statement about the temporary closure of operations at the J.L. Centre on Blake Road:

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05242016 Edition

Tuesday, May 24th.

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POLITICOLE: The doubt at the heart of the referendum

According to yesterday’s Tribune, ‘Loretta doubts ‘yes’ vote win’. But she also supports the YES vote. Because, in last Friday’s Tribune, ‘Butler-Turner: I stand with PLP over the referendum’.

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Sands: I’ll hold govt to account over NHI

NEWLY appointed Free National Movement (FNM) Senator, Dr Duane Sands yesterday pledged to hold the government accountable for its implementation of National Health Insurance (NHI).

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Wilson fights to win vote - yet is not on the ballot

SUSPENDED Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT) president Belinda Wilson has begun campaigning for the organisation’s June 9 elections, even though her name does not appear on the ballot.

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Bannister among four named by FNM to run in 2017 election

THE FREE National Movement (FNM) last night announced four more ratified candidates for the 2017 general election, with former Education Minister Desmond Bannister and the party’s most recent interim chairman, Brensil Rolle, returning to frontline politics.

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Global eye focused on MP's tabling of emails

THE Grand Bahama Human Rights Association (GBHRA) has urged two international human rights organisations to “do anything and everything in their power” to raise alarm over the “unlawful access” of a highly confidential email which was tabled in Parliament.

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Prisoner who got away from bus denies escaping

PRISONER Jason Jerome Rolle denied escaping lawful custody on Friday afternoon when he was arraigned in Magistrates Court yesterday.

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‘Griffin must apologise if she misled public’

LONG ISLAND MP Loretta Butler-Turner said yesterday that Social Services Minister Melanie Griffin owed more than an apology if she intentionally misled the public over police investigations into claims of fraud at the Department of Social Services (DSS).

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PM hits out at Baha Mar ‘lie’

PRIME Minister Perry Christie last night insisted that Bahamian citizenship is “not for sale at any time at any price” as he refuted allegations that his government had agreed to the sale or grant of 500 Bahamian citizenships to Chinese investors in connection with the beleaguered Baha Mar project.

Loretta locked up - but all in the name of helping Rotaract

LORETTA Butler-Turner found herself put in the stocks and jailed for a good cause at the weekend as part of the Rotaract Club of East Nassau’s popular 'jail and bail' fundraiser Captured.

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Primary school awards honour the students of the year

The Primary School Student of the Year awards were held over the weekend at Golden Gates World Outreach Ministries.

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Bahamas team passes taste test ahead of contest

The Bahamas National Culinary Team sharpened their competitive skills in readiness to defend their prestigious Taste of the Caribbean title last week by serving up a six-course dining extravaganza to delighted guests at the fundraising Gala Demonstration dinner at Atlantis, Paradise Island.

Port authority aims to help students find work

WITH thousands of high school students preparing to graduate this summer, the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) has partnered with Island Outsourcers to prepare them for employment and future careers.

Lloyd calls for Bahamians to take initiative

RESPECTED attorney and radio personality Jeff Lloyd yesterday urged Bahamians to take the initiative in rescuing the country instead of waiting on politicians and government to save it.

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Roberts: DNA leader ‘should humble himself’

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts yesterday issued a strong rebuke of Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Leader Branville McCartney, telling the former MP to humble himself and stop trying to hustle his way back into the Free National Movement (FNM).

Freeport revenues, production hit by work permit delay

Immigration is “one of the most persistent concerns” for Freeport businesses, with work permit delays responsible for revenue and production losses.

Government and Sarkis now ‘irrelevant’ over Baha Mar

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce’s chairman yesterday said the China Export-Import (CEXIM) Bank and Baha Mar’s receivers are the “only voices that matter right now”, as speculation surrounding the $3.5 billion project’s fate reaches fever pitch.

Gov’t urged: Don’t ‘act on desperation’ over Baha Mar fate

The Government was yesterday urged not to “act on desperation” over Baha Mar, the Opposition’s deputy leader warning: “Don’t give away the house for the sake of one roof.”

Gov’t adds $1.6bn to national debt over three years

The Christie administration has added $1.6 billion to the Bahamas’ national debt over the past three years, continuing to push it beyond the IMF’s so-called ‘danger threshold’.

CCA return ‘beyond stupid’ if local creditors ignored

A former Bahamian Contractors Association (BCA) president yesterday warned it would be “beyond stupid” to permit China Construction America (CCA) to finish Baha Mar without local creditors first being ‘made whole’.

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Man denied bail over killing at Burial Ground Corner

A MAN was denied bail and remanded to prison yesterday after he was charged in connection with a recent fatal shooting in an inner-city community.

Is NIB in disarray?

Tribune Business - Unregulated pensions a disaster in the making.

Weighing equality issues

Law is interpretive. Many will argue that law is based on facts, upon carefully weighed evidence.

Power and phone service out as storm hits island

A HEAVY thunderstorm which passed over New Providence yesterday afternoon caused temporary loss of power and cellular phone service, with lightning also bringing down trees.

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DNA: Resort talks ‘will not favour Bahamians’

THE DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Deputy Leader yesterday questioned the Government’s ability to secure a pro-Bahamian resolution to the Baha Mar debacle, claiming that the newest wave of negotiations was not likely to end favorably for Bahamians.

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Suspect in court over rape attack

A MAN appeared in Magistrates Court yesterday facing a rape charge stemming from an late night attack at a woman’s home over the weekend.

Sports Notes

THE Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy, headed by Georgette Rolle, is all set to hold its Summer Junior Golf Camp June 13 to August 18 in the Bahamas Golf Federation’s Driving Range at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex.

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Bahamas Judo Open champions emerge

THE Bahamas Judo Open was held this past weekend and 73 athletes from five clubs vied for the position of Bahamas Judo Open champion in their respective divisions.

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SPORTING MISCHIEF & MAYHEM: Lakers bank on Simmons and good free agents

I’M not trying to get ahead of myself here in this one, a few more things need to fall into place. Specifically who goes No.1 in the upcoming NBA Draft.

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College tennis aces making a name for themselves in NJCAA Nationals

GRAND Bahamian Rasheed Carey and Shannon Francis are playing very well for their respective college teams in the 2016 National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Men’s Division National Championships.


THE national team search for flag football finally reached the capital as scores of hopefuls came out to the College of the Bahamas hoping to earn a spot on the final roster.

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Three Bahamians take the spotlight in Class A minors

THE trio of Bahamians in Class A minor league baseball have moved into their second month of the season as they attempt to adjust to the increased workload of minor league promotion.

Bowling Nationals: Get ready for the final showdown

It’s getting down to the final showdown as bowlers get into the swing of things this week to secure their spots in the live television roll off for the rights to be crowned the champions of the Bahamas Bowling Federation’s National Championships at Mario’s Bowling Palace on Sunday.

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Pro ball player Altidor gets a taste of success

SUCCESS at the pro level came almost immediately for Bahamian basketball player Kevin Altidor.

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Forecasters warn conditions may favour tropical storm formation

CONDITIONS favourable for the development of a tropical storm over the Atlantic Ocean in the vicinity of The Bahamas and southeastern United States could prevail at the end of this week according to expert weather forecasters.

‘Bad’ loans to stay within $850-$900m

‘Bad’ commercial bank loans will remain within the $850-$900 million range over the short-term, the Central Bank is forecasting, as the value of mortgage collateral continues to decrease.

Avast me hearties, pirates theme park to open on monday

THE first phase of the Pirates Cove Water Theme Park and Zipline in Grand Bahama is complete and the operators are expected to open to the public on Monday.

Study aims to improve Rand Hospital services

A TRIPARTITE observational study is being undertaken by the Ministry of Health, Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) and the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) aimed at improving health care services at the Rand Memorial Hospital/Grand Bahama Health Services.

BTC union files trade dispute

The trade union representing the Bahamas Telecommunications Company’s (BTC) line staff is still seeking to resolve employee pay and recognition-related issues dating back to 2011.

Monday, May 23

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05232016 Edition

Monday, May 23rd.

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Athletes ‘getting fine-tuned’ for BAAA Nationals in June

WITH the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations’ National Open Track and Field Championships a month away, athletes are getting fine-tuned for the much-anticipated showdowns that will also prepare them for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in August.

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INSIGHT: Believing in Bahamians?

The Prime Minister will have to attempt to sell dreams in his Budget Communication this week in an effort to cover up his administration’s failings, Malcolm J Strachan says . . .


Accuweather has extended a severe weather alert for Nassau for 2.25 to 6pm on Monday as a heavy thunderstorm rolls in from off the coast of New Providence.

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Nottage ‘not satisfied’ with murder rate decrease

NATIONAL Security Minister Dr Bernard Nottage said on Friday he is not satisfied by the decrease in the murder rate in 2016 compared to the last two years, vowing to work to ensure all Bahamians feel safe.

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Pastor Cedric Moss ‘ignoring facts, inventing conspirarcy theories’ over referendum

THE ‘YES Bahamas’ campaign said yesterday that Pastor Cedric Moss has shown a “wilful determination to ignore facts in favour of inventing conspiracy theories” when it comes to the constitutional referendum on gender equality.

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‘Yes Bahamas’ marchers take to the streets in Freeport

MOTHERS, fathers and children participated in a “Yes Bahamas” march in Freeport on Saturday morning in support of the four Constitutional Amendment Bills on gender equality which will be voted on in the June 7 referendum.

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WORLD VIEW: Why going it alone for CARICOM countries leads to fragmentation and weakness

I start with the now proven premise that no CARICOM nation is able to prosper on its own. No protestations to the contrary erase the evidence that, without aid from external sources, these countries could not deliver the goods and services that their people expect.

NIB employee fired for misappropriating funds

NATIONAL Insurance Board Director Rowena Bethel yesterday confirmed that an employee has been fired from the organisation for misappropriating funds.

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Loretta doubts ‘yes’ vote win

LONG ISLAND MP Loretta Butler Turner yesterday admitted that she was “not confident” the proposed gender equality referendum will pass.

Tease photo

FNM coalition with DNA ‘not a good idea’

LONG ISLAND MP Loretta Butler Turner yesterday rejected talks of a coalition between the FNM and the DNA as “not a good idea” given the third party’s fledgling status.

Tease photo

Lanisha Rolle urges Peers to ‘condemn unethical behaviour’

IN HER first public statement since resigning as a Free National Movement Senator 10 days ago, Lanisha Rolle yesterday urged her peers to condemn “unethical and factually unlawful” behaviour in the pursuit of political leadership.

Bahamians ‘attempted to smuggle 26 immigrants into U.S.’

TWO Bahamian men, along with 26 illegal immigrants, including a 16-year-old girl, were apprehended by the US Coast Guard after their speedboat experienced engine trouble 17 miles off the Florida coast.

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Temple Christian Suns take home track and field title

The Temple Christian Academy Suns were the most dominant primary school in basketball this year. They carried that momentum over to track and field where they out-classed their rivals in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture’s Frank “Pancho” Rahming National Primary School Track and Field Championships.

Referendum could create further inequality

While the June 7, 2016 referendum has been framed as a “Gender Equality Referendum”, there is the real possibility that it will create further inequality by taking away from unwed mothers a citizenship passing right they have enjoyed for the past 42 years, while at the same time granting a new right to Bahamian men to pass citizenship to their children fathered out of wedlock with Bahamian and foreign women, at home and abroad.

Judgment always a test of leadership

A fundamental truth of leadership is that once earned, it is incessantly tested. Most of the time, that test comes in the form of difficult strategic, tactical, moral, and ethical judgment calls. Put another way, judgment is almost always a good measure of leadership and leadership potential. This is particularly true at the political level, where – sadly – the temptation to ignore sound judgment always abounds.

Cable seeks protection on mobile pay regime

Cable Bahamas has urged regulators to protect consumers and a “competitive level playing field” by preventing BTC from choosing the payment regime for calls terminating on its network.

Unregulated pensions a ‘disaster in the making’

The Government has again been urged to prioritise legislation for the $1 billion-plus private pension industry, with financial managers warning the lack of oversight is “a disaster in the making”.

Education woes leave ‘blind leading blind’

The Bahamian education system’s woes have created sub-standard management throughout the Government and private sector, resulting in “the blind leading the blind”.

Gov’t ‘got nothing’ for foregone $2bn taxes

The Government’s deal with the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) “makes no sense” because it has gained just “nebulous promises” in return for foregoing potentially $2 billion in taxes.

Developer claims residents were ‘inciting confrontation’

The Abaco Club’s principal has accused some Little Harbour residents of seeking to “incite confrontation” against him over its controversial 44-slip marina planned for that community.

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JONQUEL Jones and the Connecticut Sun were outscored 17-9 in overtime en route to their second consecutive loss.

Tease photo

Sears calls for ‘effective system of local govt’

DESPITE pledges from the major political parties, not enough has been done to empower local governments on the Family Islands or to decentralise power in New Providence, former Attorney General Alfred Sears said over the weekend.

Tease photo

Former DNA chairman joins the FNM

FORMER Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Chairman Mark Humes is seeking a return to frontline politics under the Free National Movement (FNM) banner, and has encouraged fellow DNA leaders to do the same.

Tease photo

Bran: Fear spreading through the PLP over possibility of FNM/DNA coalition

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney yesterday said fear was spreading through the Progressive Liberal Party like wildfire as he forecast the possibility of a coalition between his party and the Free National Movement becoming “more and more real”.

Tease photo

Baha Mar workers lobby against CCA involvement in resort

DISENFRANCHISED Baha Mar workers are lobbying against China Construction America’s (CCA) involvement in the sale and construction of the stalled Cable Beach mega resort.

INSIGHT: Fishermen renew pleas to protect our marine resources from poachers

I congratulate our fine men and women of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) for the capture of yet another Dominican poaching vessel.

National rugby team falls to Cayman 20-8

THE Bahamas Rugby Football Union’s national team suffered yet another loss in the Americas North zone of the Rugby World Cup 2019 qualification process.

Tease photo

Baku trials the last chance for boxers to qualify for Olympics

WITH just the final trials in Baku, Azerbaijan, left for the local boxers to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games, the Amateur Boxing Association of the Bahamas is doing everything possible to ensure that they make the trip next month.

BBF’s ‘Summer of Thunder’ to dominate offseason

AS we draw nearer to the summer months, the Bahamas Basketball Federation is once again preparing to host NCAA programmes for their star-studded series of exhibitions.

Tease photo

BLTA recognises two rising tennis stars

THE Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association is proud to recognise the achievements of two of its young tennis athletes - Sydney Clarke and Anthony Burrows. 

Tease photo

Minnis hits out at Ministers who failed to table audits

FREE National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis has criticised Cabinet ministers who have failed to table audits of government institutions as required by law, saying the issue highlights the need for greater accountability measures in government.

Sunday, May 22

Tease photo

Police hunt Robinson Road area rapist after knife attack

POLICE in New Providence are on the hunt for a man who allegedly broke into a woman's home early on Sunday morning and sexually assaulted her at knife point.

Saturday, May 21

Tease photo

'Yes' march staged in Grand Bahama

Residents in Grand Bahama participated in a “Yes” march on Saturday morning in support of the four bills on gender equality which will be voted on in the upcoming referendum.

Friday, May 20

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05202016 Edition

Friday, May 20th.

Tease photo

05202016 Edition

Friday, May 20th.

Tease photo

Update: Police capture escaped prisoner

A PRISONER who escaped from a police bus on Wulff Road on his way back to prison on Friday afternoon has been described as “armed and dangerous” by police in New Providence.

Tease photo

Cuban migrants are flown into Nassau

SEVEN Cuban migrants brought to Grand Bahama after being picked up by the US Coast Guards in Bahamian waters this week were flown to Nassau on Friday and detained at the Detention Centre to await repatriation.

Tease photo

Murder accused denies $14,000 belonged to Long Island web shop

A WOMAN accused of murdering a web shop employee denied that the $14,000 found in her possession belonged to a web shop in Long Island, a Supreme Court jury heard on Friday.

Tease photo

Man has firearm sentence reduced

A MAN sentenced to the previous mandatory minimum of four years for possession of an unlicensed firearm has had his sentence reduced on appeal.

Tease photo

Defence Force apprehends Dominican fishing vessel and crew

THE Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) on Friday reported the apprehension of a Dominican fishing vessel and its 11 crew in a suspected poaching operation in the southern Bahamas this week.

Tease photo

Miller: Bahamas Power and Light lacking compassion

FORMER Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) Chairman Leslie Miller blasted Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) on Friday for "lacking compassion" and begged the new managers to "get off their asses and do something" to assist Bahamians.

Tease photo

DNA: Minnis will have to ‘shape up’ to lead country

DESPITE courting the possibility of a coalition, Democratic National Alliance Branville McCartney would not reveal yesterday whether he thought FNM leader Dr Hubert Minnis would be better for the country than Prime Minister Perry Christie.

Tease photo

PLP ratifies Fitzgerald and Halkits for 2017 race

THE PLP has ratified its second pair of 2017 general election candidates – Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald and State Minister of Finance Michael Halkitis – as senior party officials declaring that the “new generation” leaders’ mantra was alive and well.

Tease photo

Dorsett insists law followed on mortgage corp audits

ENVIRONMENT & Housing Minister Kenred Dorsett criticized a Tribune report yesterday, emphasising that the Bahamas Mortgage Corporation has been conducting audits required by law.

Tease photo

FNM chairman accused of being ‘lapdog’ as Fort Charlotte meeting delayed

NEWLY-ELECTED Free National MovementChairman Sidney Collie has been accused of orchestrating a series of “underhanded political tactics” all geared towards ensuring that party leader Dr Hubert Minnis “is placed in the best position” ahead of the organisation’s November national convention.

Tease photo

Police are investigating social services fraud claim

ACTING Deputy Commissioner Anthony Ferguson said yesterday that police are investigating claims of fraud at the Department of Social Services as revealed in a recent report by the Auditor-General.

Tease photo

UPDATED: Toxic fumes kill couple, leave baby in hospital

POLICE suspect toxic fumes from a generator killed a married couple and left their infant granddaughter in critical condition yesterday morning.

Tease photo

A COMIC'S VIEW: Punch drunk political pugilists top the news bill

BACK in his day, former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau said “the essential ingredient of politics is timing”.

Tease photo

Butler-Turner: I stand with PLP over the referendum

FREE NATIONAL Movement MP Loretta Butler Turner fully supports and stands with the government on the forthcoming Referendum for Gender Equality in the Bahamas, and urges other Bahamians to do so as well for the sake of future generations.

Tease photo

THE FINISH LINE: Get ready, set for an ‘interesting showdown’ at Nationals in June

So far, there are a number of qualifiers in the traditional events for the Olympic Games that will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in August.

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‘Pancho’ Rahming track and field meet swings into high gear

THE Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture’s Frank ‘Pancho’ Rahming Primary School Track and Field Championships swung into high gear at the Thomas A Robinson Track and Field Stadium yesterday.

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Max D’s Henry Thompson signs pro contract with Reds

IT’S not very often that you hear stories of a player coming from one sport to another and going on to become a professional player.

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SEVERAL of the country’s top junior college track and field athletes took part in their respective national championships this week.

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Seymour: ‘I knew that my time to shine was coming’

HAVING survived the ordeal of a heartbreaking family loss to inking her name in the record books, Pedrya Seymour is hoping that she can be one of the catalysts to help turn things around in the resurgence of the Bahamas women’s track and field programme.

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Jones and Sun earn first win of season

Bahamian basketball star Jonquel Jones and her Connecticut Sun overcame a sluggish start to the fourth quarter and notched their first win of the 2016 WNBA season.

Clubs and Societies 05202016

Cycling Club Bahamas. - Weekday rides, east: morning, Tuesday & Thursday leaving 5am sharp from Sea Grapes Shopping Centre, East Prince Charles Drive. This ride is a 17-mile loop to the Northbound Paradise Island Bridge and back again (both bridges are sometimes incorporated depending on available time). Open to riders capable of 18mph+ for 1 hour.

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Man accused of murder granted bail ahead of retrial

A MAN awaiting retrial on a murder charge was granted bail in the Supreme Court yesterday.

BASMI meets with school principals on Grand Bahama

WARNING that it’s “unsustainable” for the Bahamas to rely on food imports, BAMSI president Godfrey Eneas yesterday pushed for greater measures to restore the country’s “collapsed” agricultural sector.

YOUR SAY: The changes in Bahamian waters

GROWING up in landlocked Pennsylvania, I always was enamoured with the marine environment.

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Smith considers contempt petition against Mitchell

ATTORNEY Fred Smith, QC, yesterday threatened to file a motion to hold Foreign Affairs minister Fred Mitchell in contempt of court over his statements against the injunction barring parliamentarians from disclosing confidential information of environmental group Save The Bays.

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Bethel criticises PM for withholding funding

PASTOR Lyall Bethel yesterday criticised Prime Minister Perry Christie for “withholding” funding for the vote “no” campaign in the gender equality referendum next month, claiming that that the country “is deserving of hearing both sides of the argument and not merely the side that he thinks to be promoted”. 

Local contractors to ‘lose’ on big projects

Bahamian contractors will likely “lose out” on major Grand Bahama investment projects due to difficulties in obtaining competitive performance bonds and an absence of certification standards, an attorney said yesterday.

High school leavers: 30% ‘unemployable’

An ex-Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) attorney yesterday warned there was “little hope” for the economy without Immigration and education reform, and branded almost one in three high school graduates as unemployable.

Next Gov’t urged: Do ‘proper review’ on Freeport future

A former Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) attorney yesterday urged the next government to initiate “a proper review” of Freeport’s future, arguing that the Christie administration’s deal would produce “an even worse” economy long-term.

Plaza battle brews on City Market pensions

The long-running City Markets pension fund saga has given rise to a brewing legal battle over the majority 70 per cent ownership interest in a West Bay Street shopping plaza.

Ex-Baha Mar director ‘a complete hypocrite’

A Cabinet Minister yesterday slammed Dionisio D’Aguilar as “a complete hypocrite”, and said the Government had “from day one” set making all Baha Mar’s Bahamian creditors whole as “a condition precedent” to approving any purchase.

Fishing rules driving us away

A new draft of proposed flats fishing legislation has been released by The Department of Marine Resources. All Bahamians who fish, as well as guides that work in the business, second-homeowners with boats and even visitors to The Bahamas should be aware that both Bahamians and foreigners will be required to buy a fishing licence to fish in water less than six feet deep and if you get caught without one the fine is $3,000!  

Eat humble pie

It is unfortunate that the call by Sir Michael Barnett and others to the PLP government to apologise for its role in the referendum debacle of  2002 has been met by senior members of the government by remarks like “what for?” Indeed not only should the government apologise for this but it should also apologise to the Bahamian public for ignoring its wishes in respect of the so-called gambling referendum of 2013.

The four gender bills

Over the past two years in The Bahamas and specifically within the last six months, the four Constitutional Bills to eliminate discrimination against women has been a very “hot topic”. 

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FNM leader would not hold Cabinet post as prime minister

FNM LEADER Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday declared that he would not take a cabinet post if he became the next Prime Minister, instead serving only as the “CEO” of the executive body.

Gov’t faces dilemma on Cat Island airport

Cat Island’s new international airport could cost “at least” $13-$14 million, with the Government considering whether to proceed with the investment given the absence of commitments on the PGA Village project.

IAN FERGUSON: Remembering how essential we all are

Yesterday provided another opportunity for my colleagues and myself to reflect on how fragile life is and, more importantly, how much we must love and honour - in meaningful ways- those who labour among us.

PM slams predecessor on $99m BTC deficit

Prime Minister Perry Christie has again slammed the former Ingraham administration for failing to provide the $39 million needed to cover the Bahamas Telecommunication Company’s (BTC) original pension fund deficit, arguing that this had caused the shortfall to balloon to $99 million.

Gov’t strikes ‘template’ with the GB Shipyard

THE Government and the Grand Bahama Shipyard have agreed to a training programme which will replace 200 foreign workers per year over the next three years, with Prime Minister Perry Christie describing it as a “template” for The Bahamas.

Thursday, May 19

05192016 Edition

Thursday, May 19th.

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Police Staff Association wins appeal on overtime

THE Police Staff Association (PSA) has won its appeal in a landmark case against the government concerning millions in overtime pay for officers who worked additional hours during separate periods in 2013 and 2014.

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Police to buy more CCTV cameras to fight crime

ASSISTANT Commissioner of Police Stephen Dean said the government has “taken steps” to acquire additional closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) for New Providence to “assist in minimising armed robberies” and combatting crime.

School principal denies allegations of racism

THE Lucaya International School in Grand Bahama is being accused by a parent of racial discrimination and unfair treatment in a dispute over the recent selection of the head girl.

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Mitchell: Smith is waging war against me

FOX Hill MP Fred Mitchell was adamant yesterday that Fred Smith, QC, legal director of Save The Bays, has waged “war” on him through a series of court actions aimed to “bankrupt” him personally.

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‘Tell my wife I love her’ begged shooting victim as he lay bleeding

DETAILS emerged yesterday of the ordeal a 39-year-old father suffered on Tuesday afternoon at the hands of an armed robber, who forced him to drive to a cash dispenser, threatened to go to his home for more money and, as he tried to escape, shot him in the neck, leaving him in serious condition in hospital.

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Burial Ground Corner shooting leaves one man dead, one in hospital

ONE MAN is dead and a teenaged boy is fighting for his life in hospital after they were shot multiple times late on Wednesday night in the Centreville area.

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Ministers fail to table audits

CABINET ministers responsible for at least six quasi-government institutions and agencies have failed to table audit reports, creating a lapse in the public record that contravenes the law.

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Minnis open to coalition - but says Bran is arrogant

FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis said yesterday that while he is “open” to forming a coalition with the Democratic National Alliance, he is “turned off” by DNA Leader Branville McCartney’s arrogance.

Youngsters shine in Earth Day competition

PRIMARY` school students throughout The Bahamas picked up their crayons and showed off their creativity this Earth Day for the Big Blue Earth Day Colouring Competition.

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Workshop aims to tackle human trafficking

THE Royal Bahamas Police Force yesterday launched a two-day anti-trafficking in persons workshop along with the United States’ foremost department on human trafficking – the Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons – as The Bahamas moves to strengthen its platform against human trafficking.

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Burglar jailed for four years

AN Eight Mile Rock man was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of stealing and housbreaking. Darren Black was convicted in the Freeport Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

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Pair guilty of murder conspiracy face sentence delay

SENTENCING for two men convicted of conspiracy to commit murder has been adjourned by five weeks.

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A YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: The undignified saga of Senator Lanisha Rolle

LAST week, former senator Lanisha Rolle resigned from the Senate after the publication of the content of recordings made by fellow Free National Movement (FNM) political hopeful Lincoln Bain.

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Parliament passes bill to allow officials to designate pension beneficiaries

PARLIAMENTARIANS yesterday passed the Pension Amendment Bill 2016 to make provisions for public and non-public officials to designate beneficiaries for their pensionable emoluments. 

Business frustration on service trade deal

A top private sector representative yesterday lamented the more than two-year delay in securing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government to boost services exports and trade, warning that the Bahamas is not doing enough to develop the sector.

‘Go to hell’ warning on Baha Mar creditors

The Government must tell any Baha Mar purchaser to “go to hell” unless they commit to making all Bahamian creditors whole, a former director of the project said yesterday.

RoyalStar ‘holds’ for investment diversity

RoyalStar Assurance’s shareholders have altered its corporate structure to give it “more dimension” to diversify into other financial services investments, its managing director said yesterday.

Cancer returns amid City Meat pension delay

The financial hardship suffered by former City Markets workers and pension beneficiaries has been exposed by a 29-year veteran of the company, whose inability to access her entitlement has resulted in cancer’s return.

‘Suspicious transactions’: City Market pension alert

An accountant has warned that “numerous suspicious transactions” appear to have occurred involving the City Markets pension plan, which required further detailed examination and scrutiny.

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FNM leader defends attendance at Haitian flag day event

FNM leader Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday said anyone who has a problem with his decision to attend the weekend’s Haitian Flag Day festivities has a “serious problem”.

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‘Who can we trust if police say minister is wrong over probe?'

THE Royal Bahamas Police Force’s contradiction of Social Services Minister Melanie Griffin that law enforcement was not yet investigating fraud in her ministry raises questions of trust and is “unacceptable”, according to FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis.

Choosing a new path

That was the title of a long “Politicole” piece by Tribune columnist Nicole Burrows. It was delivered at the recent Future of Democracy Conference held at College of The Bahamas and published in The Tribune on Tuesday.

$3m could be better spent

I laughed my heart out reading the detail of the recent combined Defence Force - US Military exercise and the location and the scenario.

Referendum is all about politics

Among the “YES Bahamas” propaganda commercials being run on various radio stations in an effort to encourage a blanket “yes” vote on the four Constitution Amendment Bills is one that talks about a girl named Rachel who can’t open a bank account because she’s not a Bahamian.

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Gunman hunted after Shirley St robbery

POLICE are on the hunt for a gunman who shot and robbed a Shirley Street businessman as he was about to enter his establishment early yesterday morning.

Bahamians held on suspicion of smuggling

TWO BAHAMIAN men have been arrested on suspicion of smuggling drugs and migrants into the United States after their boat washed ashore in Florida on Tuesday, according to a West Palm Beach television station report.

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Bus drivers angry at business licence delay

PUBLIC bus drivers in Grand Bahama are upset about the long delay in getting their annual business licences from the government after putting in applications, some over three months ago.

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MP passed documents to activists for court case

A PARLIAMENTARIAN wanting to “right the wrong” of the recent disclosure and tabling of private emails in Parliament supplied Save The Bays with copies of them so that the environmental group can establish its case in court, a Supreme Court judge was told yesterday.

Eagles Nest, Macedonia and Golden Gates take early leads

THE Eagles Nest, Macedonia and Golden Gates have taken the early lead in their respective best-of-three basketball playoff series in the Baptist Sports Council’s 2016 Basketball League.

Sports Notes

THE Brajaxba Tennis Academy is scheduled to hold its summer camp 9am to 1pm June 7 to August 19 at the Gym Tennis Club in Winton Meadows.

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Team Bahamas represents at inaugural Caribbean Triathlon and Duathlon Age Group Championships

A TEAM of 17 athletes represented the Bahamas in three events in the inaugural Caribbean Triathlon and Duathlon Age Group Championships at Key Biscayne, Florida, on May 15.

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Leevan ends up 7th overall at IAAF World Challenge

ELITE Bahamian horizontal and vertical jumpers Leevan ‘Superman’ Sands and Trevor Barry, preparing for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, competed at the IAAF World Challenge at the Beijing National Stadium in China yesterday.

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‘Window of opportunity’ is closing for athletes’ Olympic qualification

THE 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is fast approaching and so is the window of opportunity for Bahamians to qualify to represent the country.

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FOURTH QUARTER PRESS: Thunder making a big post-season noise

IN the midst of all the Warriors, Cavaliers, Spurs clutter it seems that many expert lost the ‘Thunder-size’ talking point over the course of the 2015-2016 National Basketball Association (NBA) season.

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VANDERPOOL-WALLACE: ‘I’m not quite where I want to be’ going into Olympics

VETERAN swimming sensation Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace, preparing for her third appearance at the Olympic Games, is not quite where she wants to be going into Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Rain doesn’t stop the show

Despite the inclement weather, the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture kicked off the Frank ‘Pancho’ Rahming National Primary School Track and Field Meet at the refurbished Thomas A Robinson Track and Field Stadium yesterday with athletes from around the country participating.

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BAHAMIAN waters have been giving up a variety of fish this week, with Blackfin and Yellowfin Rockfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo and Mahi Mahi among the catches.

Fish total caught near Turks & Caicos 86 per cent higher than thought

THE amount of fish caught in Turks and Caicos waters from 1950 to 2012 is estimated to be 86 per cent higher than previously thought, according to a new scientific study.

Fly fishing association wants rethink on regulatory body

THE Abaco Fly Fishing Guides Association has formally requested that the Department of Marine Resouces move away from the idea of installing the Bahamas Fly Fishing Industry Association as the regulatory body for the industry.

Breezes celebrates primary school

PRIME Minister Perry Christie joined the management and staff of Breezes Bahamas (SuperClubs) Resort and Spa for a special celebration at Centerville Primary School.

Wednesday, May 18

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05182016 Edition

Wednesday, May 18th.

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Man eating lunch in his truck is robbed, shot and left on road

AUTHORITIES are investigating two separate shooting incidents yesterday - one involving a man who was inside his vehicle eating lunch when he was accosted by a gunman.

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‘FNM is not falling apart’ insists party leader Minnis

FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis has dismissed criticisms that his organisation is falling apart in the aftermath of the resignation of Lanisha Rolle from the Senate.

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Privy Council to hear Muslim soldier appeal

THE Court of Appeal’s decision to uphold a ruling by former Chief Justice Sir Michael Barnett in a constitutional dispute between the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and a Muslim officer who refused to participate in a Christian prayer service will be challenged in the country’s highest court, London’s Privy Council.

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PM and Minnis accused of playing politics with Haitian flag day

BRANVILLE McCartney yesterday said Prime Minister Perry Christie and Leader of the Opposition Dr Hubert Minnis should be ashamed of themselves for making a “political spectacle” of Haitian Flag Day at the weekend.

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Bain: Rolle still has a future in politics

FREE National Movement political hopeful Lincoln Bain yesterday said he believes former Senator Lanisha Rolle can still have a bright future in politics, while insisting that he is “saddened” and “sorely disappointed” by her resignation from the upper chamber.

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Staff member ‘fired’ over shredded documents

SOCIAL Services Minister Melanie Griffin suggested yesterday that someone has been fired for the suspicious shredding of documents highlighted in Auditor General Terrance Bastian’s report on the department.

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Hurricane season expected to be above average

FORECASTERS are predicting an active 2016 storm season in the Atlantic region, with as many as eight hurricanes forming, of which three are projected to be major storms.

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Bran open to FNM coalition

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney yesterday confirmed he had been approached “several times” by senior members within the Free National Movement, as well as sitting FNM MPs, to join the official opposition.

Thunderstorm warning for Freeport

Accuweather has issued a thunderstorm warning for Freeport this morning.


• YOUTUBE is testing a messaging feature in its smartphone app so people can share and discuss videos without resorting to other ways to connect with their friends and family.

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SMART HOTELS: Interactive digital walls offer art and information

IF YOU walk down a hallway in the new Renaissance New York Midtown hotel, the walls come alive.

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How defining entrepreneurship will help alleviate poverty

In economies that are slightly behind their modern industrial counterparts, entrepreneurship is often viewed as an important component in stimulating economic growth, innovation, competitiveness and in alleviating poverty.

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‘Brexit’ vote too close to call

The outcome of Britain’s referendum on European Union membership next month is in the balance, says Peter Young . . .

All human beings are born free and equal

INTERNATIONAL Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (May 17) comes at a critical time for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Call to fast-track laws on tackling hate crimes

CALLS for parliamentarians to fast-track hate crime legislation were widely supported by members of the LGBT community yesterday.

Crooked Island, San Salvador restoration near conclusion

OFFICIALS in Crooked Island and San Salvador, two of the islands ravaged by Hurricane Joaquin, yesterday revealed that restoration efforts are nearing an end.

Shipyard: Just 39% of workers are Bahamian

The Government’s own advisers have warned that “noted deficiencies” in core and technical skills are impeding the hiring of Bahamians in Freeport, with less than four in 10 Grand Bahama Shipyard employees coming from this nation.

Labour Dept’s job placement ‘much higher’ than 2%

The Director of Labour yesterday said his department’s job placement success rate was “far higher” than the 2 per cent highlighted in a recent Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) report, although he admitted its tracking mechanism was “old and outdated”.

QC’s ‘conflict’ warning on Port tax treatment

A Freeport-based QC yesterday warned that the Government’s agreement with the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) threatens to “create a conflict” between the latter and its licensees over discriminatory tax treatment.

Super Value eyes web shop kiosk roll-out

Super Value’s owner yesterday said kiosks for the Bahama Dreams web shop chain may be placed in more of his food stores, telling Tribune Business: “We’re going to sell it the way we sell Top-Up and everything else.”

Unpaid taxes ‘saddle’ City Markets pension

A key City Markets pension fund asset has allegedly been “saddled” with an unpaid $305,000 tax liability, amid ongoing disputes over whether it was sold via two separate real estate transactions.

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Jury shown images of aftermath of murder

A SUPREME Court jury yesterday was shown nearly five 100 images illustrating the aftermath of the murder of a web shop employee in Deadman’s Cay, Long Island.

Arrogance over vote

Arrogance is the killer alike an acute cancer of MPs and a Government - I suggest to Mr Philip Davis that your public response to apologising for the extreme unparliamentary act in 2002 Referendum is just that and if you don’t recognise it, then face the consequences.

Referendum costs

This week, the Minister for National Security, responsible for the referendum advised Parliament that the upcoming exercise on June 7, will cost $1.57m.

Thanks for the lesson

Just a quick note to thank you for today’s editorial (May 17).

LGBT lives matter

In view of several anti-LGBT incidents recently reported in the national news, it appears that The Bahamas is still grappling with the struggle for LGBT rights in our rather homophobic and misogynist society.

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PLP has fallen short for Freeport, says Senator

FNM Senator Kwasi Thompson has accused the PLP government of falling short of achieving “the bold and necessary” changes needed in Freeport to address the high unemployment and the current economic crisis in Grand Bahama.

Junior Baseball League of Nassau - Playoff baseball at its best

THE fans that turned out to the Junior Baseball League of Nassau’s Field of Dreams on Saturday were treated to playoff baseball at its best as all three series finales went down to the wire.

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Judo: Team Bahamas brings home four medals from Ocean State International

THE Bahamas won four medals at the Ocean State International this past weekend.

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Junior college track, field athletes get set for NJCAA Division I Outdoors

JUNIOR college track and field athletes will be in competition this week looking to stake their claim as national champions and a possible opportunity to progress to NCAA Division I programmes.

Bahamas a good place for summer satellite camps?

THE issue of satellite camps has recently been a point of contention for the NCAA and football programmes, now the Bahamas may join the conversation and play a factor this summer.

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Outstanding performances at the Fritz Grant Track Classic

Once again the Ambassadors Track Club hosted a successful edition of the Fritz Grant Track Classic at the Thomas A Robinson Track and Field Stadium last weekend.

Tributes paid to ‘outstanding educator’ Muriel Eneas

VETERAN educator and nation builder Muriel “Finnie” Eneas has died.

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Nelerene Harding hailed as ‘trade unionist extraordinaire’

THE National Congress of Trade Unions Bahamas yesterday paid tribute to “trade unionist extraordinaire” Nelerene “Nell” Harding.

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Setting the trends on Facebook

FACEBOOK has revealed how its ‘Trending Topics’ feature works after a report in the tech blog Gizmodo claimed that the social media giant downplays conservative news subjects.

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Hyperloop One shows off super-speed propulsion technology

A LOW-profile block of aluminum zipping across a short stretch of what looked like railroad tracks before crashing into a tuft of sand seconds later in the desert north of Las Vegas last week marked the first public glimpse of the Hyperloop One propulsion system that its creators hope will rocket people and cargo through tubes at the speed of sound in five years.

Tuesday, May 17

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05172016 Edition

Tuesday, May 18th.

NIB facing ‘challenges’ with move to new system

THE National Insurance Board has admitted to encountering “challenges” in its transition to a new IT platform, with some 30 per cent of its customer base negatively affected as a result.

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Long Island still fights to recover from hurricane

NEARLY eight months after the devastating passage of Hurricane Joaquin, Long Island is still struggling to recover despite the best efforts by those on the ground.

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Sears takes issue with Wilchcombe over festival

FORMER Attorney General Alfred Sears wanted to know whether Tourism Minister Obie Wilchcome’s recent statements to the press about the Caribbean Muzik Festival were sarcastic references to him.

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Senior FNMs react to resignation of Senator

FORMER Deputy Prime Minister Frank Watson has asserted that former opposition Senator Lanisha Rolle’s actions as a “self-proclaimed official party ambassador” is a reflection of the “level” of leadership now at the helm of the Free National Movement. While lamenting the situation, Mr Watson yesterday told The Tribune “it was just one of those things we will have to work through”.

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‘Prosecute for thefts from govt departments’

BISHOP Simeon Hall has called for both Transport and Aviation Minister Glenys Hanna Martin and Social Services Minister Melanie Griffin to “identify and seek the prosecution” of the culprits allegedly responsible for theft from departments they oversee.

Tease photo

Bain admits to recording Rolle

FNM hopeful says he tried to protect himself

FREE National Movement political hopeful Lincoln Bain was adamant yesterday that he did nothing wrong as he admitted to secretly recording former Senator Lanisha Rolle during a private meeting, saying his actions were a bid to “protect myself” from possible “sabotage.”


A successful referendum on equality will be a victory for the Bahamian people – not the ruling party or the opposition.

Tease photo

PLP chairman wants PAC to probe FNM over 2007 Road Traffic decision

PLP chairman Bradley Roberts yesterday called for the Public Accounts Committee to investigate the Free National Movement’s decision in 2007 to cancel the request for proposal process for the modernisation of the Road Traffic Department.

EDITORIAL: Political ‘pay back’ time is next year, not for the June 7 referendum

DEPUTY Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis says he has no reason to apologise for having voted against the 2002 constitutional referendum that would have put Bahamian women on an equal footing with their male counterparts because it was Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham who had inspired the results when he “politicised” the vote.

A matter of ethics and morals

One must wonder if the chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) takes his role as a political leader seriously when he calls the method used by the Auditor General in determining losses at the Road Traffic Department (RTD) into question.

Stuck in the system

For the last three days the traffic on East Shirley Street has been gridlocked because of the inefficiency of one government-hired small contractor who has been working on one manhole cover for that entire period. He is obviously being paid by the hour as he is making a five-course meal of a peanut butter sandwich.

Rubis leak review

If Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson can’t speak to the progress of the Rubis gasoline leak review, who on earth can?

Tease photo

FNM leader blasts govt over failure to tackle youth unemployment

FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday criticised the Christie administration for allegedly giving employment opportunities to a “chosen few” in society, charging that the country’s unemployment rate is largely due to the government taking “care of their own while the rest of us suffer.”

Five Brazilians detained at Port Lucaya

FIVE Brazilians were apprehended by immigration officials at the Port Lucaya Marina on Saturday.

Chilling investor warning: Expect 2-4 year court delay

Investors and commercial litigants have effectively been warned that it will take at least two years, and possibly as many as four, to obtain trial dates in the Bahamas for complex and keenly-contested disputes.

Freeport ‘deficit’: PM at odds with Govt Committee

The Prime Minister’s assertion that the Government runs a higher deficit in Freeport than anywhere else in the Bahamas appears at odds with the report produced by his own committee.

Dingman to creditors: Come to the Bahamas

The Supreme Court is the best place for Bahamian creditors to seek redress over the “medley of allegations” against Jamie Dingman’s failed Nassau restaurant empire, his US attorneys are arguing.

Educators urged to ‘loosen grip’ on vocational training

A former Chamber of Commerce chairman has urged educators “to give up their grip” on vocational training, and let industry drive course content and standards.

Tease photo

Pastor fires back at former archbishop over referendum

PASTOR Cedric Moss has responded to retired Archbishop Drexel Gomez’s strong recommendation for the electorate to vote “yes” to each of the Constitutional Amendment Bills, saying he found it hard to see how the archbishop could compel people to support the referendum.

Tease photo

Nottage highlights distrust of government

RETIRED Justice Rubie Nottage, co-chair of the Constitutional Commission, said many people have told the group they will not vote in the June 7 gender equality referendum because of distrust of the government.

Tease photo

Voter discontent could impact equality referendum

THE Christie administration’s track record could doom the upcoming gender equality referendum, as there is growing public dissatisfaction towards the government and its handling of similar votes.

Citizens urged to use judicial reviews to hold government to account

OPTHALMOLOGIST Dr Jonathon Rodgers told a conference at the College of The Bahamas on Friday that citizens should utilise the judicial review process to increase government accountability on public disclosures.

Tease photo

POLITICOLE: Choosing a new path

Envision this. It is 2017. A new Bahamian government has come to office. It is not a government of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).

Tease photo

New national record: Pedrya Seymour qualifies for Olympics

A national record and an Olympic Games qualifying performance from high hurdler Pedrya Seymour at the Big Ten Conference Championships highlighted a weekend that saw Shaunae Miller continue her dominance at the IAAF Diamond League in Shanghai, China.

Tease photo


AFTER an undefeated preseason, Jonquel Jones and Connecticut Sun stumbled out of the gate in their regular season debut Saturday against the third ranked team in the WNBA.

Tease photo

Bahamas falls to Guyana in NAGICO T20 tourney

IT was fitting that Team Guyana would claim their first NAGICO T20 tournament title in a year that the country celebrates its 50th Golden Jubilee of Independence.

Tease photo

‘Baby Boy Rolle Boxing Extravaganza’ packs a punch

THE Major Pain Boxing Club continues its efforts to impact the Kemp Road community by showcasing the boxing skills of its youth members.

Tease photo

Three basketball teams set for series of AAU tourneys in Orlando

COACH John Todd Elite Basketball Academy will once again take three basketball teams - 13-and-under, 14-and-under and 15-and-under - to Orlando, Florida to play in a series of AAU Basketball Tournaments from July 15 to August 1.

Tease photo

Support of Justin Minns

The New Providence Cycling Association and Bahamas Cycling Federation hosted a fun ride . . .

Tease photo

Journalism graduate experiences ‘life-changing’ travels

UPON her recent completion of a Bachelor’s degree in Media Journalism, Michelle Butler developed a new passion to travel with her father Apostle Paul J Butler on mission trips around the world.

Tease photo

Music Masters winner Fanshawn ready to 'Dig Up' the music industry

After months of hard work and gruelling competitions, Fanshawn Taylor was name the 2016 Music Masters champion.

Tease photo

Bahamian jeans for Bahamian women

BAHAMIAN author Kendia Larramore has embarked on another creative venture and is now designing a new line of jeans for curvy women.

Tease photo

BUN IN THE OVEN: Four ways to promote happiness in your life

In life it is sometimes it’s hard to look at things from a “glass half full” perspective. Honestly, I think most of us do try to live our lives every day with that attitude. Sometimes we accomplish that, and sometimes we don’t. But the good thing about having a bad day is that most of us make up our minds to not stay in that mind-set for any length of time.

Tease photo

Michelle Miller Motivationals: It takes courage to aim higher

It is said that courage is not the absence of fear but the realisation that there is something you must do that is more important than fear.

Tease photo

Unexpected generosity: Two sisters donate to Family Island children’s home

Not many people are aware that Cat Island even has a children’s home, so when Pastor Perry Wallace, chairman of the Old Bight Children’s Home’s executive board, was contacted about a private donation from a Nassau-based family he was surprised to say the least.

Tease photo

Skincare to boost self-esteem

THE desire to help women look and feel beautiful was what led Destini Helen Nesbitt to become a certified aesthetician who today owns an all-natural skincare company.

Tease photo

Dermalogica opens another flagship store in Freeport

THE newest Dermalogica Skin Centre is now open in Grand Bahama, making it the third one in the Bahamas and in the Caribbean region.

Women’s oral health

As women, we know that we have very specific health needs. We know in order to stay healthy, diet, exercise, brushing and flossing our teeth intermingled with regular visits to our doctor and dentist are extremely important. Further, at certain times in our lives we have to take better care of ourselves.

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Tea for what ails you

FROM soothing a troubled tummy, to helping cleanse the body, there are many health benefits associated with drinking tea.

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Students let their kites fly for autism awareness

Blairwood Academy celebrated Autism Awareness Month in April by painting the sky blue.

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Transform Your Life: Journey to healthy changes

Kicking bad habits is not always easy. Through determination, motivation and an honest need to change, many people try new ways of eating, exercising and thinking to improve their lives.

Judge refuses committal stay over Rum Cay feud

An appeal judge has refused to stay committal proceedings against one party to a long-running Rum Cay feud, who claim their demolition actions had Government approval.

Monday, May 16

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Scooter driver dies after traffic accident

A man has died after a traffic accident on St Vincent Road early on Saturday evening.

Saturday, May 14

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Police investigate apparent drowning of American man

Police on Bimini are investigating the apparent drowning of an American man at Cat Cay on Friday.

Friday, May 13

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05132016 Weekend Edition

Your Weekend section is now online!

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05132016 Edition

Friday, 13th May.

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Defence Force's Martin Shield operation a 'tremendous success'

THE Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) on Friday concluded its bilateral Marlin Shield operation, a maritime and land-based training project aided by United States security forces.

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Fourth person charged over BTC break-in

A FOURTH suspect was arraigned in magistrates court on Friday over the recent break-in and robbery at the Bahamas Telecommunications Company's JFK location.

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Six Haitian men charged in connection with drug seizure

SIX Haitian men were remanded to prison on Friday afternoon following their arraignment in connection with the recent seizure of nearly $2 million worth of suspected cocaine.

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PLP Chairman: Rolle resignation a sign of 'deepening divide' in FNM

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts said Friday that the resignation of Lanisha Rolle from the Senate is a sign of a deepening divide in the Free National Movement (FNM) and concern about Dr Hubert Minnis' leadership.

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Ministry considers legislation to protect the elderly

THE Ministry of Social Services is considering legislation in the Bahamas to protect elderly persons from neglect and abuse, Social Services Minister Melanie Griffin said on Friday during the opening of a new unit for senior citizens and the disabled in Grand Bahama.

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Man claims 'malicious prosecution' over murder plot allegations

A MAN intends to pursue legal action over what he deemed "malicious prosecution" concerning allegations that he had a role in a murder plot.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Time to say ‘bye Lanisha’

What I find most comical politically these days is the positioning that comes with the territory.

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Lanisha Rolle resigns from the Senate

Lanisha Rolle resigned from the Senate on Friday, citing a “need to focus on a few personal matters”.

Union stalwart Nelerene Harding dies

NELERENE Harding, a veteran of the labour movement in the Bahamas for more than 30 years and president of the Airport, Airline and Allied Workers Union (AAAWU), has died. She was 52.

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Lawyer warns Cabbage Beach dispute is ‘far from over’

THE ongoing dispute over an access path giving beach vendors access to Cabbage Beach is “far from over,” lawyer for the Cabbage Beach Business Owners Association Halston Moultrie said yesterday.

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‘Stop same-sex scare tactics’

RETIRED Anglican Archbishop Drexel Gomez yesterday criticised some religious leaders for using “suspicion and fear” of same-sex marriage to “mislead” the public and campaign against the fourth Constitutional Amendment Bill.

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PLP Chairman: Explain how Road Traffic lost millions

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts yesterday called on Auditor General Terrance Bastian to explain the “criterion” he used to determine the Road Traffic Department suffered millions in operating losses due to a severe lack of order.

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L.G.B.T. community slams ‘ignorant’ Deputy PM

THE lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community yesterday condemned the “ignorant” comments Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis made about transgender people on Wednesday.

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FNM members call for Lanisha Rolle's removal as senator

SEVERAL Free National Movement (FNM) members on Thursday called for the removal of Senator Lanisha Rolle from the upper chamber, while stressing that her appointment underscored party leader Dr Hubert Minnis’ “poor judgment and leadership ability.”

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Electrician accused of part in BTC break-in

AN electrician denied having any involvement in the recent break-in and robbery at the Bahamas Telecommunications Company’s JFK location.

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Judge confident emails will not be disclosed while matter before court

JUSTICE Indra Charles expressed confidence yesterday that House Speaker Dr Kendal Major would not allow further disclosure and dissemination of private emails in Parliament while a constitutional matter is before the Supreme Court.

A QC’s view on question 4

I should be most grateful if you would be so kind as to afford me a little space in your most valuable publication to posit my humble views on some of the issues that are being ventilated in connection with the upcoming referendum, and in particular Bill Number 4 which seems to attract the lion’s share of attention.


I must say I was initially apprehensive and unsure. It felt like a political meeting because how can you separate Mr Michael Pintard’s message from the message of the FNM.

Lunch held for senior citizens

MORE than 500 senior citizens from Grand Bahama attended the 21st Annual Luncheon for Senior Citizens hosted by Dr M R Kavala in Eight Mile Rock on Thursday.

Clubs and Societies 05132016

Rotary Club of GB Sunrise. - The Rotary Club of GB Sunrise is holding its sixth annual cigar night fundraiser on May 14, at the Pelican Bay Hotel.

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Bahamian beach soccer superstar St. Fleur scores first goal for Lazio

Bahamian international beach soccer superstar Lesley St. Fleur scored his first goal playing for Lazio this week when the team squared off against No. 4 Tahiti during a friendly match leading up to the 10th edition Beach Soccer USA Cup in Oceanside, Calif., this weekend.

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Students get tennis lessons

OVER the past six weeks, Bradley Demeritte has hosted a tennis clinic for 31 sixth-grade students from the Gerald Cash Primary School at the Carmichael Community Centre.

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THE FINISH LINE: Miller and Gibson hit form as Olympic Games approach

The outdoor track and field season is now in full swing and the athletes are getting in high gear as they prepare for the long trek to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in August.

Bahamas to defend crown at T20 cricket tournament

THE Nagico T20 tournament, the country’s top cricket event, swings back into action over the holiday weekend at Haynes Oval, West Bay Street.

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Bahamian Juraun Burrows named Player of the Year in Sweden

JURAUN ‘Keno’ Burrows and his LF Basket team may have fallen short of winning the Swedish men’s Professional Basketball League title but the talented Bahamian still managed to cap off the season by being named the Player of the Year.

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Primary School Track and Field Championships start next week

THE TOP primary school track and field athletes in the country will have an opportunity to showcase their skills and compete for a national championship next week.

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Dylan Musgrove is Blackhawks bound

DYLAN Musgrove, following in the footsteps of his father Gordon ‘Slanks’ Musgrove, is the latest Bahamian basketball player to sign a letter of intent to attend college in the United States.

BAMSI to open institute in Grand Bahama

THE Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute will be established in Grand Bahama, said Agriculture Minister V Alfred Gray during a press conference at the Ministry for Grand Bahama on Thursday.

Defending the nation, defending the environment

SIXTEEN Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) Rangers have successfully completed the first phase of the Bahamas National Trust’s (BNT) Navigators Programme and their graduation took place on Saturday at the Rand Nature Centre in Freeport.

Visitors of all backgrounds urged to attend Haitian Flag Day event

HAITIAN Flag Day Committee Chairman Robert Dieudonne yesterday urged Bahamians from all backgrounds to participate in this year’s Haitian Flag Day Festival, set to take place Saturday at the Botanical Gardens.

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Trench in road repaired at last in Sea Breeze

SHAYNE Knowles is among a number of residents in Imperial Park and Sea Breeze frustrated by the lack of attention paid by authorities to repairing potholes in the local neighbourhood roads.

GBPA ‘lacks capital’ to meet obligations

The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) “no longer has the capital” to fulfill all its development obligations because of successive decades of asset-stripping, the Government’s advisers have concluded.

Concerns over Govt’s Freeport tax reforms

Concerns were raised last night over whether the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) and Hutchison Whampoa have obtained ‘special treatment’ from the Government in relation to the imposition of real property tax in Freeport.

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Bethel suspects PM has ulterior motive over vote

SAVE Our Bahamas committee member Pastor Lyall Bethel yesterday questioned whether Prime Minister Perry Christie was trying to use the gender equality referendum to secure a win at the polls in 2017.

Contractors chief slams ‘ludicrous’ no Bill warning

The Bahamian Contractors Association’s (BCA) president yesterday slammed the “ludicrous” absence of consultation on the Buildings Regulation Act amendments, saying he was only informed about the changes on the day they were brought to Parliament.

Labour Dept placing just 2 per cent of job seekers

The Department of Labour is finding work for just 2 per cent of its registered job-seekers, a ratio that is exacerbating low workforce productivity and inequality in Bahamian society.

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Two teens accused of stabbing man to death

TWO teenagers, including a 15-year-old juvenile, were arraigned in Magistrate’s Court yesterday on a murder charge.

IAN FERGUSON: Public servants must reject this behaviour

We last week encouraged civil servants to strive for excellence, and to promote high working standards in their professional life. Today, we stay in a similar ballpark by addressing the unethical public sector behaviour that must be rejected if we are to rise and advance as a people.

Over one-third of poorest Bahamians don’t finish school

More than one-third of the poorest young Bahamians have failed to complete secondary education, perpetuating income inequality and lack of job opportunities through successive generations.

Govt to buy shopping centre for Post Office

THE Government is in the process of acquiring the Independence Drive Shopping Centre as the new location for the General Post Office, a Cabinet Minister confirmed yesterday.

Bahamas blasts Panama Papers as ‘gratuitous’

THE Ministry of Financial Services yesterday suggested that the infamous ‘Panama Papers’ were a “gratuitous attempt” to produce a negative portrayal of the Bahamas as an international financial centre (IFC).

Thursday, May 12

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05122016 Edition

Thursday, May 12th.

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A YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: The tiefin’ at the heart of our society

EVERY time Auditor General Terrance Bastian and his team releases a damning report, I become more and more convinced that we live in a society where “tiefin”, in one form or another, has become the order of the day. To use a phrase I heard bandied about this week, “we don’t need no VAT, we need a moratorium on ‘tiefin’!”

Power outages ‘caused by accident, fire and cable fault’

BAHAMAS Power and Light yesterday denied that the recent wave of power outages was the result of “generation shortfalls,” while expressing confidence that its present fleet of generators is “capable of meeting existing customer demand.”

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Davis: I have no reason to say sorry for 2002 vote

DEPUTY Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis yesterday said he had no reason to apologise for voting against the 2002 constitutional referendum, saying former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham inspired the results when he “politicised” the vote.

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Referendum to cost $1.57m

NATIONAL Security Minister Dr Bernard Nottage revealed yesterday that the upcoming constitutional referendum will cost $1.57m.

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Minister blaming FNM in road traffic row ‘a sad excuse’

DNA Leader Branville McCartney yesterday blasted Transport and Aviation Minister Glenys Hanna Martin for seeking to blame a previous FNM administration for the chronic financial problems plaguing the Road Traffic Department.

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FNM ‘up in arms’ at Rolle comments

FREE National Movement members of Parliament are said to be “up in arms” over statements that were reportedly made by Senator Lanisha Rolle during a meeting with FNM political hopeful Lincoln Bain alleging that party Leader Dr Hubert Minnis has intentionally delayed ratifying opposition parliamentarians, The Tribune was told.

Raising a shield around the nation

THE Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) and United States security counterparts are taking part in Exercise Marlin Shield - training operations aimed at enhancing the country’s capabailities - this month in The Bahamas.

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Shanea Armbrister set for Junkanoo Jam

THE Junkanoo Jam will again feature some of the top NCAA Division I women’s basketball programmes and showcase an appearance by a Bahamian player.

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On Da Hook

WITH AN extensive network of reefs and uprisings, the Bahamas offers an extraordinary number and variety of reef and bottom fish.

How you can help our environment - with a bag

OFFICIALS from AML Foods Ltd say the first phase of its Bring Your Own Bag initiative could reduce local plastic bag use by two million bags in one year.

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RICHARD COULSON: The Sears manifesto promises political revolution

Richard Coulson welcomes the emergence of a new leader for The Bahamas and predicts a rapid political rise.

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Butler-Turner questions oversight of Buildings Act

THE House of Assembly yesterday passed a bill to amend the Buildings Regulation Act in order to significantly increase the penalties people who breach the law could receive.

Mixed views among members of the Christian Council

THE Grand Bahama Christian Council has announced that while the majority of its members support some of the constitutional amendment bills, many are against bills two and four.

Campaigners to hold march in Freeport

THE YES Bahamas campaign in Grand Bahama will hold a vote “yes” march in support of the four constitutional referendum bills on Saturday, May 21, in Freeport.

Pastor calls for yes vote in referendum

A local pastor has called for Bahamians to support the upcoming referendum on gender equality, saying that the “patriarchal old-world mindset of man rule” in Bahamian society must change in order to “level the playing field” for both genders in the country.

BTC wants 50% cut to Cable’s roaming

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) is demanding a 50 per cent cut to the time its new Cable Bahamas-managed mobile rival is allowed to use its network, arguing that 36 months is “too lenient”.

GBPA slammed over ‘ineffective’ marketing

The Grand Bahama Port Authority’s (GBPA) investment promotion strategy has been slammed as “ineffective”, with just 10 new businesses enticed to spend more than $1 million in Freeport since 2009.

$7m project combines key PI tourism assets

A veteran hotelier is planning to invest $7 million in recombining two key Paradise Island tourism assets, in a venture that will create at least 30-40 new jobs.

Teen hurt as car hits pole

A teen was seriously injured in a traffic accident in Grand Bahama on Wednesday when the vehicle he was driving crashed into a utility pole.

Miller hypocrisy

SO Leslie Miller wants to exile transgenders and wants God to end the Earth now, I am sure God spends a lot of his spare time mulling over Mr Miller’s words of wisdom.

Lanisha Rolle is a liability

I sincerely respect Dr Hubert Minnis’ role as leader of the FNM. Minnis exercised his prerogative as leader of the opposition party by appointing Lanisha Rolle in early 2015 to the Senate in lieu of Heather Hunt, who was rumoured to be a supporter of FNM MP Loretta Butler-Turner.

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Woman could face death penalty if convicted of killing

A WOMAN who maintains she had no involvement in the murder of a web shop employee could be facing the discretionary death penalty if convicted by the Supreme Court jury.

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Concerns over chemical disposal after recent fire

A RECENT fire near Mario’s Bowling Alley and Entertainment Centre on Harrold Road has led some residents to question the disposal process for chemicals in this country.

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Hurricane relief concessions extended ‘on a case-by-case basis’

ALTHOUGH the government’s storm relief exigency order has expired, Hurricane Joaquin victims can still apply for concessions through the National Emergency Management Agency, according to agency Director Captain Stephen Russell.

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Judo team off to Rhode Island

A BAHAMIAN national team consisting of seven athletes and a coach are competing this weekend at the Ocean State International Judo tournament in Rhode Island.

Cable shareholders suffer $14.37m loss over US writedown

Cable Bahamas shareholders suffered a collective $14.371 million net loss for 2015, driven by a one-off $20.5 million accounting ‘write down’ associated with its US operations.

No evidence Gov’t received $7m for GBPA equity stake

There is no evidence to prove that the Government ever received the $7 million ‘balance’ for its 7.5 per cent equity stake in the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA), it has been revealed.

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Curry’s MVP award adds spice to talent argument

STEPHEN Curry is officially the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) first unanimous Most Valuable Player

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Baptist Sports Council’s playoffs get underway this Saturday

THE Baptist Sports Council’s 2016 Basketball League playoff picture is set following the completion of the regular season on Saturday at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex.

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Jacobi Bain reaches third round at Tennis Europe under-14 tournament

BAHAMIAN Jacobi Bain has been impressing at the Tennis Europe under-14 tournament this week in Sliven, Bulgaria, reaching the third round by knocking out two players, including the event’s third seed, from the host nation.

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BOC president receives Olympic flame in ‘a special moment’

BAHAMAS Olympic Committee president Wellington Miller was among a distinguished group of delegates in Brasilia, Brazil, last week as they witnessed the official lighting of the flame, signalling the countdown to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro this summer.

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D’Andre VIlmar ‘close to college decision’

THIS summer will set the tone for Bahamian basketball star D’Andre Vilmar as he plans to announce his collegiate decision following a season of tournaments, showcases and national team play.

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Clubs join for ‘Baby Boy Rolle Boxing Extravaganza’

TWO OF the country’s foremost amateur youth boxing clubs continue to use their sport to foster community involvement and honour past legends of the ring.

Marriage for three

Gays should understand that most Bahamians regard marriage as a sacred institution with certain well-defined moral commitments.

The real problem at Road Traffic

Our politicians really need to stop treating us like fools. Neko Grant and Glenys Hanna-Martin can point fingers over the missing millions all they want; the public already knows what the real problem is at the Road Traffic Department.

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Two teenagers admit guilt over nude girl video

TWO teens who admitted they were wrong to participate in the filming and publishing of the indecent assault of a 19-year-old girl could face three years in prison when they return to court for sentencing next week.

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Haitian men held over $2m cocaine haul

SIX Haitian men are in police custody after they were caught with nearly $2 million worth of cocaine late Tuesday.

Gov’t increases ‘poor construction’ sanctions

The Deputy Prime Minister yesterday said amendmentments to the Buildings Regulation Act would provide increased sanctions for contractors guilty of unsafe and shoddy workmanship.

THE ART OF GRAPHIX: Putting some ZIP in file compression

We have all heard of file compression, and anyone who regularly downloads files from the Internet or uploads pictures to social media is familiar with formats such as ZIP and RAR.

Consultation ‘not option’ on communications towers

The Deputy Prime Minister yesterday stressed that the obligation on communications companies to consult before erecting cellular phone towers was “not optional” under the new rules governing their set-up.

Wednesday, May 11

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05112016 Edition

Wednesday, May 11th.

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FNM probe over claims by Bain and Senator Rolle

AN internal investigation is underway within the Free National Movement over “disturbing” and “alarming” assertions reportedly made during a meeting between Senator Lanisha Rolle and FNM political hopeful Lincoln Bain.

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Three in hospital after New Providence shootings

POLICE IN New Providence are investigating three separate shooting incidents on Tuesday night that have left three men in hospital and are asking for the public's help in locating the suspects responsible.

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Suriname woman arrested for cocaine smuggling at LPIA

A WOMAN from Suriname is in police custody following the seizure of a quantity of cocaine at the Lynden Pindling International Airport by Drug Enforcement Unit officers on Tuesday.

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Pintard: I will not be intimidated

FORMER Free National Movement Chairman Michael Pintard last evening declared that he would not be intimated and forced into silence, asserting that the only way for the Bahamas to socially mature, would be through a systematic change of the current political model.

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Minnis hits out at $47m losses from Road Traffic

FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis has questioned the government’s lack of oversight and leadership at the Road Traffic Department in the aftermath of the auditor general’s scathing report over the department’s operations.

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Barnett: Say sorry for 2002

TO help salvage the June 7 referendum, leading PLP figures should apologise for encouraging Bahamians to vote “no” to the 2002’s constitutional referendum’s questions, former Chief Justice Sir Michael Barnett suggested yesterday.

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Man paralysed after being shot by police

THORNE Clarke, 22, was left paralysed from the chest down after being shot in the back by police while driving on Wilson Tract three months ago.

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Ministry awaits police report over alleged sex assault

EDUCATION Minister Jerome Fitzgerald said the Ministry of Education is investigating the alleged sexual assault of a 19-year-old student by four male juveniles.

Olympic Committee praises govt for high school sports expansion

THE Bahamas Olympic Committee has congratulated the Government on its expansion of High School Championships in an increasing number of core sports.

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Swift Swimmers set for Charlotte meet

FOUR Swift swimmers who are presently training with clubs or schools in the United States will be competing this weekend at the 2015-16 Arena Pro Swim Series in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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‘Great experience’ for karate students at California event

A group of 15 students of the New Providence Martial Arts & Fitness Centre participated in the 49th Annual Japan Karate-Do Ryobu-Kai International Tournament from April 29-May 1st in Anaheim, California and returned with karate bags full of medals and accolades for their stellar performances.

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Tech Talk

• AMAZON has launched a self-publishing platform for video creators, a move that could make money for the company and budding filmmakers in the same way YouTube has created a community of online celebrities.

Shooters and drivers make video games hall of fame

A VIDEO game that allowed players to zap marching aliens with dot lasers and another that gave them flamethrowers and put them in the driver’s seat in a violent 3-D world are among six games inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame.

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Students show off science skills

STUDENTS of Tambearly School, Sandyport, showed off their scientific skills to parents and the public during the school’s science fair last week.

Self-driving cars could be on roads in five years

FIAT Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) chief executive Sergio Marchionne says working with Google convinced him that self-driving technology is closer than he thought and could be on the road in five years.

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Oculus loses its VR headset edge

AFTER delaying orders because of component shortages and angering wannabe early adopters, virtual reality (VR) company Oculus is confronting another headache as it seeks to technologically and culturally establish the immersive medium.

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Killer told he could have been on death row as appeal rejected

A MAN who was to financially benefit from his lover’s death was told by Court of Appeal judges yesterday that he could have been on death row for his conviction for the crime as they dismissed his appeal against his sentence.

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Murder victim found in suitcase identified

THE man whose body was found stuffed inside a suitcase in an abandoned building has been identified as Michael Lester Roker.

Conference to seek to improve air transport

GOVERNMENT officials yesterday announced the launch of the sixth North American, Central American and Caribbean Directors of Civil Aviation meeting, a conference aimed at improving regional air transport in accordance with international standards.

Airport Park dodges big bush blaze threat

Businesses in the Airport Industrial Park (AIP) were left scrambling to protect their premises, equipment and inventory yesterday, after they were threatened by a massive bush fire sparked on Monday.

Freeport revival eyeing 24% jobs growth in decade

Government advisers predicted that Freeport’s workforce could expand by 24 per cent in 10 years via an economic growth plan that featured new industries such as aircraft maintenance and ‘value-added’ logistics.

Stuck in the past

Galileo, who lived between 1564-1642, was a scientist/philosopher/astronomer and all round genius.

Why I will vote yes this time

Let me declare early on that I have a horse in this gender equality race.

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Referendum opponent withdraws call for debate

THE group Think, Bahamas! has withdrawn its invitation to the YES Bahamas campaign for a public debate on the four Constitutional Amendment Bills in protest over the government’s “abuse” of public funds to finance a “yes” vote and refusal to equally fund opposing campaigns.

Men unite to march against crime in Grand Bahama

REACH Out Youth Organisation will hold its annual Men United March Against Crime on the Whit Monday holiday.

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Cayman fights Zika with genetically modified mosquitoes

BRITISH biotech company Oxitec and the Cayman Islands government have announced plans to release millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in the fight against a species that spreads Zika and other diseases.

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Jones gets set for professional debut

JONQUEL Jones enjoyed a surreal moment when she was matched against Elana Delle Donne, of the Chicago Sky, during the Women’s National Basketball Association’s (WNBA) pre-season fixtures. Now reality will set in as she suits up for the Connecticut Sun in their 2016 regular season opener on Saturday night.

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A diamond among island regattas

THE Cat Island Sailing Club will host its Diamond Jubilee Anniversary Regatta in New Bight from July 29 to August 1 as it honours one of the regatta co-founders, Godfrey Kelly.

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Big victories for the Stingrays and Sharks

WHILE the boys teams are booked for the Government Secondary Schools Sports Association’s (GSSSA) baseball championship game on Friday at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex, the girls are jockeying for their softball finals spots.

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Regatta visitor hails ‘the land that God kissed’

WANDA Macon, of Jackson, Mississippi, has been visiting The Bahamas since the 1980s and last Friday was enjoying the first ever Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival Regatta.

National team cyclist injured after ‘hit and run’ accident

BAHAMAS national team cyclist Justin Minnis is in the Intensive Care Unit at the Princess Margaret Hospital after being injured a “hit and run” accident early on Saturday morning.

A new day awaits after referendum

June 8th, maybe a new day for the following organisations around our Bahamas.

Freeport’s top investors face $50-$60m tax strike

The Government has defied Hutchison Whampoa in deciding to impose real property tax in Freeport, a $50-$60 million revenue-raising move that represents a direct strike at the city’s largest investor.

Gov’t told: Don’t approve CCA as Baha Mar buyer

The Government was yesterday urged not to approve any purchase of Baha Mar by China Construction America (CCA), amid fears this would “put too much of our tourism product in one basket”.

Port accused of ‘total abdication’ via MoU signing

A Freeport-based QC yesterday accused the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) of “complete abdication” of its regulatory and developmental obligations as a result of its agreement with the Government.

Mother left homeless in Florida speaks out over criticism

BAHAMIAN mother Ebony Edgecombe, who with her three children, were temporarily homeless in Florida, yesterday defended her integrity against criticism of her role in the family’s predicament.

Government appoints parole/re-entry steering committee

THE government has appointed a Parole and Re-entry Steering Committee whose task will be to propose a policy framework for a parole system and interventions for the seamless reintegration of past offenders into Bahamian society.

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The King who swapped his crown for love and the years he spent in The Bahamas

MUCH has been written about Edward VIII, the King of England who abdicated his throne after 11 months to marry the twice-divorced Wallis Simpson in 1937.

Chamber welcomes MOU with port authority

THE Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce has commended the government for successfully negotiating a memorandum of understanding with the Grand Bahama Port Authority that is expected to bring about much-needed economic revitalisation for Grand Bahama.

Fundraiser to help form Cat Island marching band

RUDOLPH Stubbs, president of the Cat Island Development Association of Grand Bahama, has announced plans for a fundraiser this weekend in Cat Island to assist students with forming a marching band there.

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Call for proper process for F.O.I.A.

THE NEED for a public education campaign for a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in the Bahamas was highlighted last night as a group of civil society organisations came together to implore the government to follow a proper consultative and informational process.

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DNA: Prosecute festival organisers

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney yesterday called on the government to take whatever steps necessary to ensure the $650,000 seed money invested in the stalled Caribbean Muzik Festival was recouped, and its organisers prosecuted.

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TOUGH CALL: What is really being threatened here?

RECENTLY, senior Progressive Liberal Party cabinet ministers whipped up a political storm over something called parliamentary privilege, which most people have probably never heard of.

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Remembering the crew of the HMBS Flamingo

FAMILY members and friends of the four Bahamian Marines killed in action 36 years ago during the sinking of HMBS Flamingo joined officers and marines of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force at a brief ceremony at the Coral Harbour Base for a special Morning Colours ceremony yesterday.

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Mitchell dismisses questions over previous referendum comments

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell yesterday brushed off questions about his turnaround in position on the need for a constitutional amendment to remove discrimination based on sex.

Gov’t confident over Carnival visitor rise

The Minister of Tourism was yesterday optmistic that the second Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival festival attracted more visitors than in 2015, and that it remained within budget.

Freeport ‘starts to live yet again’

A Freeport businessman yesterday expressed relief that the Christie administration had decided to extend the expiring Hawksbill Creek Agreement (HCA) tax exemptions, telling Tribune Business: “We are beginning to live again.”

Bahamas urged: Tackle corruption’s ‘root cause’

A top private sector representative said yesterday that the Bahamas needed to “get to the root causes” of the fraud and corruption identified in recent Auditor General, while also strengthening its public institutions.

Tuesday, May 10

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05102016 Edition

Tuesday, May 10th.

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POLITICOLE – The future of democracy: Where there’s a will there’s a way

On Friday and Saturday, the College of The Bahamas will host ‘The Future of Democracy Conference’.

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‘BPL already bringing lower electric cost’

DEPUTY Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis credited PowerSecure yesterday for reductions in local electricity prices, saying “dramatic” improvements are already being reaped in the country.

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Nottage: Vote hurt by same-sex marriage talk

WITH momentum ahead of the June 7 constitutional referendum appearing to be with the “no” campaign, National Security Minister Dr Bernard Nottage said yesterday that he believes talk of same-sex marriage will negatively impact the vote on amendments to the Constitution.

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Body of man is found stuffed inside suitcase

THE partially decomposed body of a man was found stuffed in a suitcase in an abandoned building off Soldier Road early yesterday morning.

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$47m lost at Road Traffic

THE auditor general has warned of a severe lack of order and control surrounding safeguarding the assets and collection of revenue at the Road Traffic Department, while revealing an estimated $47m in losses from vehicle license revenue resulting from employees and motorists “circumventing rules and regulations”.

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Five held over claim of sex assault on teenager

FOUR boys and a girl are in police custody in connection with the alleged sexual assault of a 19-year-old girl.

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Bamboo takes first leg honours in Billfish event

THE opening leg of the 2016 Bahamas Billfish Championship (BBC) in Guana Cay last week was won by Bamboo, a 40ft Cabo owned by Bill Canida, which released fish on each of the three days of the contest.

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Bahamian paediatrician appointed to leadership position at US children’s hospital

Dr Dominique Marie Foulkes, daughter of former Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes, has been appointed to a leadership position at one of the United States’ premier children’s hospital.

Toothbrush abrasions

One of the chief complaints of many adult dental patients is that they experience sensitivity and pain whenever they consume a hot or a cold drink.

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BUN IN THE OVEN: The joy of having #2

When you become a mom for the first time it’s life-changing, isn’t it?

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Rocking natural styles

CurlyFest Bahamas 2016 to be a celebration for all naturalistas

WHAT started as a group of women discussing natural hair on Facebook has today grown into a big, real life celebration known as CurlyFest Bahamas.

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Former BBF president loses lower leg after infection

FORMER sports executive David ‘Stretch’ Morley has survived a life-threatening injury, but only by having surgery which meant the loss of his lower right leg.

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Buddy Hield set for NBA Draft Combine

THIS week marks an important step on Buddy Hield’s path toward the National Basketball Association (NBA) as the top collegiate and international prospects look to increase their stock ahead of next month’s Draft.

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‘Stronger’ Shaunae praises new coaches

QUARTER-miler Shaunae Miller could have been sitting on the top of the performance charts in both the women’s 200 and 400 metres so far this year.

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Initiative aims to improve security and justice system

THE government yesterday launched its Citizen Security & Justice Programme, an Inter-American Development Bank funded initiative aimed at strategically increasing security and efficiency in the justice system.

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Speaker: Judges should not be called before Parliament

HOUSE of Assembly Speaker Dr Kendal Major said yesterday that parliamentarians should not seek to call judges before Parliament to answer for their rulings.

Grand Lucayan facing closure without buyer

Freeport’s largest resort will be closed unless its current owner can find a buyer “within a reasonable period of time”, a move that would threaten hundreds of Bahamian jobs and deliver a major blow to its tourism economy.

Gov’t gains key Freeport reforms

The Government yesterday confirmed it has secured a greater role in Freeport’s governance and future development, despite its deal with the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) being branded “an illegal breach” of the Hawksbill Creek Agreement.

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Group does not trust PM comments on referendum

SAVE Our Bahamas yesterday said Prime Minister Perry Christie’s recent statements that same-sex marriage would never happen in The Bahamas during his lifetime should be viewed under the adage that “a promise is a comfort to a fool”.

Oh yes, the referendum

May I address the potential impact of the amendments when all is done and one presumes the voters approve (not guaranteed).

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A rare chance to see Mercury pass across the face of the Sun

LOCAL astronomy enthusiast Dr David Sands yesterday introduced dozens of Bahamians to one of the rarest astronomical occurrences - a Mercury transit across the face of the sun.

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Restoring healthy skin and confidence

There is a little bit more to skincare than simply washing with water and soap, especially when it comes to the face.

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MICHELLE MILLER MOTIVATIONALS: Are you setting goals that really matter?

Have you ever achieved something, some goal, only to realise that it didn’t matter as much as you thought it would? You are not alone. Many are familiar with that depressing and disappointing feeling that comes after investing a whole lot of time and effort into achieving something only to realise it was meaningless or didn’t matter that much.

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Thuggery and national development: No 'sissy' allowed

As times change, people get frightened and provoke fear in others. When the slave master saw a threat of change, he reacted violently by beating it down, so he survived to rule another day.

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Tambearly Titans celebrate 30th anniversary with BFA cup

TAMBEARLY Titans are all smiles after crowning a spectacular football season by winning the BFA cup for the under-12s.

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Alex Cooper shows his versatility at Bengals mini-camp

THE Cincinnati Bengals signed Alex Cooper as an undrafted free agent because of his versatility on the offensive line and that characteristic was on display immediately during his first appearance with the team.

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SPORTING MISCHIEF & MAYHEM: Sharing the stage with major sporting highlights

Today is my 18-year anniversary as a professional stand up comedian and as the house comic at Jokers Wild, Atlantis.

Search begins for national flag football team players

WITH local flag football leagues nearing mid-season form and the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) World Championships three months away, the search has officially begun to compile a Bahamian national team.

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Renovations begin to access at Fort Charlotte

ACCESS to Fort Charlotte is receiving a major facelift as the historic site ramps up programmes and activities in time for its peak summer traffic.

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Pair accused of conspiracy to murder

A MAN and a woman appeared in Magistrate’s Court yesterday afternoon accused of plotting the death of a man who was found lifeless in a car.

PM confirms MSC talks to buy GBPA

Prime Minister Perry Christie yesterday confirmed that Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is in talks to acquire the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA), although the Government has not set any timeline for the existing owners to exit.

Gov’t earns just 36% of Nassau vehicle revenues

The Road Traffic Department may be collecting as little as 36 per cent of due vehicle licensing revenues on New Providence, with system breakdowns “too numerous” for the Government’s financial watchdog to detail.

Sarkis: ‘No sense’ in Baha Mar bid

Sarkis Izmirlian last night declined to enter the formal Baha Mar sales process, and accused the $3.5 billion project’s receivers of playing ‘rope a dope’ with him.

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Social Services fraud probe forwarded to police force

THE investigation into a “fraudulent” scheme at the Department of Social Services in which several employees purchased groceries using food coupons has been forwarded to the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Social Services Minister Melanie Griffin said yesterday.

Morality and democracy - the debate

Thank God that, mercifully, the fiasco and total wastage of public funds on Junkanoo/Carnival has come and gone. The unwashed masses had their block party; plenty of loose behaviour; whining up; sexual gyrations and, I am sure, a degree of unprotected and licentious sexual escapades. The results, across the board, will be manifested within nine months.

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Officials ‘prepared to prosecute’ if law broken at Road Traffic

IF further investigations on the findings of a recent audit report into the operations of the Road Traffic Department uncover activity of a criminal nature, officials are prepared to prosecute those involved to the fullest extent of the law.

Monday, May 9

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Alonzo Knowles admits hacking celebrities to steal movie scripts and sex tapes

A BAHAMIAN man pleaded guilty yesterday to hacking into celebrities’ email accounts to steal unreleased movie and TV scripts and private sex videos, a crime that prosecutors in New York say could have caused great harm to networks and movie studios if he had succeeded in selling them for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Man's body found stuffed in a suitcase off Soldier Road

THE partially decomposed body of a man was found stuffed in a suitcase in an abandoned building off Soldier Road early on Monday morning.

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Five youths in custody over sexual assault video

FOUR juvenile males and a juvenile female are in police custody on Monday in connection with the alleged sexual assault of a 19-year-old girl.

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05092016 Edition

Monday, May 9th.

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Miami police help homeless Bahamian mother

MIAMI police have raised more than $11,000 for a Bahamian mother who was homeless in Florida as she awaited surgery for her young son.

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‘Major announcement’ on Freeport due today

PRIME Minister Perry Christie is expected to make a major announcement on the government’s renewed approach to addressing the stagnant economy of Grand Bahama this morning in the House of Assembly.

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Minnis calls for extension of hurricane aid order

FREE National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday urged the government to extend the exigency order originally granted to residents of the southern Bahamas adversely affected by Hurricane Joaquin last year.

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Carnival is a 'win-win'

AS thousands danced to the music of carnival on Friday night, Prime Minister Perry Christie beamed at the “success” of the event, saying it is a “win-win” for The Bahamas.

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VIDEO: Investigation urged over ‘homophobic attack’

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts called on the Royal Bahamas Police Force to fully investigate allegations that a Nassau Street brawl captured on video was the result of a homophobic attack.

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PM: No same-sex marriages in my lifetime

AS debate rages about the implications of the government’s proposed amendments to the Constitution, Prime Minister Perry Christie insisted that same-sex marriage will never happen in the Bahamas during his lifetime.

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RICHARD COULSON – Parliamentary Privilege: the right to talk nonsense

MARATHON MP and Minister of Education Jerome Fitzgerald has been wrapping his rugged frame in the mantle of Parliamentary Privilege (PP), enshrined in English law since the Bill of Rights of 1689 and governing procedures not only in the House of Commons but also in the US Congress and our House of Assembly.

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Health concerns over growing conch shell pile at Montagu

THE confusion surrounding which government agency is responsible for the collection and disposal of discarded conch shells at the Montagu fishing ramp has led to mounds of decaying shells at the site and raised health fears.

FNM deputy gives Gov’t ‘benefit of doubt’ on deficit

The Opposition’s finance spokesman is “giving the Government the benefit of the doubt” over the widening $100 million gap to its 2015-2016 deficit target.

URCA fires back at Cable on regulatory approach

Regulators have thrown criticism of their approach back at Cable Bahamas, saying they receive “numerous complaints of anti-competitive behaviour” by the two major carriers.

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INSIGHT: Building a Bahamas for the 21st century

Alfred Sears has returned to frontline politics in the Bahamas, he says, “at a time of great challenges”. Here he offers his detailed plan for the country’s future.

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WORLD VIEW: New energy needed in the Caribbean

The transformation of the energy sector in Caribbean countries is the key to improving the economies of all of them.

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Family calls for blood donations for union chief

THE family of Airport Airline and Allied Workers Union (AAAWU) President Nelerene Harding has made an urgent appeal for blood donations for the unionist.

Time for Mr Christie to list China’s investments in The Bahamas

WITH a foreign publication predicting that the once promising Baha Mar resort would bankrupt the Bahamas, the resort’s court appointed receiver has announced that there is a “good expectation” that the $3.5 billion hotel will be sold before September. Obviously, the hotel’s opening date will follow.

Hope for Grand Bahama?

I applaud Terry Gape’s letter to the Editor in Thursday’s Freeport News. So many valid points about ‘the forgotten island’ of Grand Bahama.

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Zhivargo Laing backs Pintard to run for Marco City seat

FORMER Free National Movement Senator Michael Pintard has received the support of the party’s Marco City Constituency Association to become their standard bearer in the 2017 general election, according to sources yesterday.

Developer’s 90 workers face ‘irreparable harm’

Blackbeard’s Cay and its 90-strong staff are threatened with “irreparable harm” as a result of its legal woes, which have already reduced cruise visitor numbers to the project.

Project’s closure bar not extended

Environmental activists have pledged to intensify efforts to shut down the $12 million Blackbeard’s Cay project, after the injunction preventing this expired on Friday.

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INSIGHT: Jeers, not cheers, for four years of the PLP

Bradley Roberts says his party has made “incredible progress” since winning power in 2012. Malcolm J Strachan begs to differ

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Road fever heats up the streets

THE Fetish Junkanoo Carnival Company was crowned the winner of the second annual Road Fever Parade, which was hailed as “a step in the right direction” despite being marred by delays and confusion throughout Saturday afternoon.

Freedom of Information key to curing Gov’ts ‘ailments’

Key clauses in the Freedom of Information Bill need revamping, a non-profit group warning the legislation is vital to correcting “a massive number of serious government ailments”.

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Junior basketballers to face Caribbean championships

A BUSY summer for the Bahamas Basketball Federation will include not only senior teams, but junior teams will also compete against the best in the region.

St Andrew’s and St Augustine’s celebrate volleyball triumphs

ST ANDREW’S School girls and St Augustine’s College boys took the senior Bahamas Association of Independent Secondary Schools (BAISS) volleyball championships at Aquinas College last Thursday.

Swift success with 14-medal haul

SWIFT Masters won 14 medals at the 2016 Spring Short Course National swimming championship in Greensboro, North Carolina last week

Hoops on the court and through the hoops of life

Heading into its 29th edition, the Jeff Rodgers Summer Basketball Camp aims to continue to improve its product while teaching life lessons through the game of basketball.

The ‘chef’ with the recipe for Olympic success

Brent Stubbs meets the man who will have responsbility for ensuring a smooth Olympic experience for Team Bahamas in Brazil this summer . . .

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Miller and Gibson shine in Jamaica

FOR the second consecutive year, Shaunae Miller gained another impressive victory in the women’s 200 metres at the Jamaican Invitational.

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Bahamas falls to second-half onslaught by Mexico

THE Bahamas Rugby Football Union’s national team continues to struggle against Mexico in regional competition.

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Man shot dead after argument in park

A YOUNG man is dead after he was shot in the chest during an argument with another man late Thursday night.

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‘Attorney General bullying people into a yes vote’

PASTOR Cedric Moss yesterday accused Attorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson of bullying Bahamians into making a “blanket yes” vote in the upcoming gender equality referendum.

The use of public funds

I serve as the lead person for the referendum education group Think, Bahamas! It is our view that public funds should not be used to fund referenda campaigns.

Emergency sirens

On May 3, 2016, at approximately 4:22pm, a myriad of vehicles on Bernard Road attempted to pull off to the side of the road as the result of hearing the blaring siren of an ambulance owned by the Public Health Authority (PHA).

Port: Freeport deal reached with Gov’t

The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) yesterday said it had reached agreement with the Government and key licensees on a deal to bring “ significant growth and job creation to Freeport”.

Corporate Bahamas urged to lead wellness ‘charge’

Corporate Bahamas has been urged to “step up and lead the charge” towards a wellness and fitness culture that could improve workplace productivity.

FNM dismisses Baha Mar ‘nationalisation’ proposal

The FNM’s deputy leader has dismissed calls by political rivals for the Government to set a date for Baha Mar’s ‘nationalisation’, warning it brought back memories of the Hotel Corporation’s woes.

Sunday, May 8

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Americans found with undeclared pistols and ammunition on boat in Cay Cays

THREE American men have been arrested for possession of firearms and ammunition after a search of their boat in the Cat Cay area in the northern Bahamas.

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Cabbage Beach vendors consider options after losing legal case

LEGAL counsel for the Cabbage Beach Business Owners Association (CBBOA) on Friday said they were awaiting Supreme Court Justice Bernard Turner’s written ruling to determine the best way forward in their bid to guarantee access for vendors to the popular Paradise Island beach.

Saturday, May 7

Bahamas go down 39-3 to Mexico in Rugby World Cup qualifier

FIVE TRIES backed up by an almost flawless place kicking display gave Mexico a convincing 39-3 victory over the Bahamas on Saturday afternoon at the Winton Rugby Field in the host nation's opening 2019 Rugby World Cup qualification match.

Friday, May 6

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05062016 Edition

Friday, May 6th.

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05062016 Weekend Edition

Friday, May 6th.

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PM in talks for University of Miami medical school in Grand Bahama

PRIME Minister Perry Christie and Minister of Health Dr Perry Gomez led high level discussions with medical officials of the University of Miami in Freeport on Friday concerning a possible extension of a medical school in Grand Bahama, where there are plans for a new state-of-the-art medical facility.

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Roberts dismisses FNM on anniversary of PLP election win

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts yesterday branded the Free National Movement's (FNM) impact as inconsequential and bereft of political prowess as he marked the fourth anniversary of his party's electoral victory in 2012.

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Firm blames Clifton Pier plant after soot covers facility

A LOCAL landscaping company is calling for heightened environment awareness of pollution from Bahamas Power and Light's (BPL) Clifton Pier plant after its entire facility was covered in soot.

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Dutch woman pleads guilty to importing ecstasy pills

A DUTCH WOMAN on Friday pleaded guilty to importing three pounds of ecstasy pills into the Bahamas last week. 

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Defence Force officer and girlfriend charged in connection with BTC shop break-in

A ROYAL Bahamas Defence Force officer and his girlfriend were arraigned in a Magistrate's court on Friday for their alleged involvement in a break-in and robbery at the Bahamas Telecommunications Company's JFK location last week. 

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A COMIC'S VIEW: The Donald v The Potcake

This week, both ‘The Potcake’ and ‘The Donald’ were busy making headlines while the rest of the world looked on in shock and awe.

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Pintard to ‘pull no punches’ at rally

FORMER Free National Movement Chairman Michael Pintard yesterday said he would “pull no punches” when he speaks to the failures of the current administration and the leadership flaws within his own party at a private rally next week.

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Bishop calls for yes vote, slams Dame Joan Sawyer

BISHOP Simeon Hall yesterday said he was “disappointed” by former Court of Appeal President Dame Joan Sawyer’s recent comments branding the impending referendum “a waste of time”, as he urged support of the four Constitutional Amendment Bills.

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Sears seeks term limits and integrity commission

FORMER Attorney General Alfred Sears has called for the establishment of an “Integrity Commission to investigate the conduct of members of Parliament, senators, and senior public officials” and for term limits for prime ministers.

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Watson defends Rollins over advice to Minnis

FORMER Deputy Prime Minister Frank Watson defended Fort Charlotte MP Dr Andre Rollins amid criticism levelled against the member of Parliament over leaked emails, which revealed he recommended to FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis that Dr Duane Sands be appointed to the Senate.

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Let the Carnival begin

THE second installment of Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival is being dubbed a “fusion of global sounds”, as a combination of local and international performers are set to “up the vibe” during tonight’s Music Masters concert.

Pennsylvania farmworker stole to fund Bahamas trip

PROSECUTORS say a part-time painter at a Pennsylvania farm stole more than $900,000 from his employers to fund a lavish lifestyle that included luxury cars, jewellery, a trip to the Bahamas and private schools for his children.

Recovering data from El Faro will be a "challenge" say US investigators

UNITED States federal investigators say recovering the voyage data recorder from the sunken cargo ship El Faro will be a challenge.

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Man dies in hospital after Quarry Mission Road shooting

A YOUNG man is dead after he was shot in the chest during an altercation with another man late on Thursday night.

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Man found dead in East Bay Street swimming pool

A MAN was found dead floating in a swimming pool off East Bay Street early on Friday morning.

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Baha Mar sold by September?

Receiver says 16 buyers interested in stalled project

A JUDGE approved a five-month delay of the government’s winding-up petition concerning the stalled Baha Mar project to see what unfolds in the ongoing sales process that has courted 16 prospective buyers.

Police seek man in libel probe

POLICE are seeking the public’s help in locating 28–year-old Leandrell Symonette of Marsh Harbour and Dundas Town, Abaco, who they believe can help with an ongoing intentional libel investigation.

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At least three of the Bahamas Flag Football League’s Week 7 games played at the Winton Rugby Pitch would be settled on either the last play of the game or won with just seconds on the clock.

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THE Baptist Sports Council will close its basketball league’s regular season on Saturday at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex.


FLAG football, one of the fastest growing sports in the country, will now receive international acclaim as Grand Bahama hosts the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) World Championships later this year.

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Jonquel Jones ends pre-season on a high

WITH another stellar performance in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) pre-season, Bahamian star Jonquel Jones has the Connecticut Sun franchise eagerly looking forward to the regular season.

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Govt determined to make progress over National Health

THE Christie administration is now seeking to engage “every single” National Health Insurance stakeholder in attempts to further expedite the implementation of the proposed scheme, Chief Medical Officer Dr Glen Beneby said yesterday.

Are court fines really being paid?

In 2008, the Police conducted an investigation at a government ministry that resulted in the arrest of two persons, a female employee and a male contractor.

National Bowling championships set for May 17-29

THE Bahamas Bowling Federation (BBF) has announced that the National Championships will take place from May 17-29 at the Mario’s Bowling and Entertainment Palace.

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REGISTRATION for the 2017 Marathon Bahamas - the eighth running of the event - has opened.

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Phieron Wilson named Comets’ MVP after title win

HE MAY have been playing soccer for a decade but Phieron Wilson felt his Queen’s College Comets victory over the St Andrew’s Hurricanes was one of his defining moments.

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Louis Bacon honoured by conservation group

LOUIS Bacon has been recognised by the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP) with a lifetime achievement award for his support of efforts to conserve threatened habitats, protect open spaces and safeguard clean water.

Freedom of Information to boost business integrity

A properly-functioning Freedom of Information Act would ensure business is conducted with “a higher degree of integrity” in the Bahamas, the Chamber’s chief executive said yesterday, especially where government contracts are concerned.

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Gun seized as three men are arrested

POLICE seized two illegal firearms and took three men into custody in separate incidents over a 48-hour period.

Court adjourns action on $192m Baha Mar claim

The Supreme Court yesterday adjourned until May 27 the bid by Baha Mar’s original developer to wrest control of the $192 million legal claim against the project’s contractor from the receivers.

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PM hails financial impact of Carnival on nation

AMID a vibrant expression of Bahamian dance, sound and culture on the Western Esplanade, Prime Minister Perry Christie last night opened the second annual Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival.

Referendum outcome’s ‘brain drain’ impact

The upcoming constitutional referendum’s outcome could have far-reaching consequences for the Bahamian economy and its ability to reverse the “brain drain”, a senior private sector executive warned yesterday.

Port licensees not ‘public enemy No.1’

An elated QC yesterday urged the Government to finally recognise that the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) and its 3,500 licensees were not “public enemy number one”, and that they shared the same objective: Freeport’s success.

Unveiling the road to peace

DEPUTY Prime Minister Philip Davis, Rotary International President R N Ravindran along with District 7020 Governor Felix Stubbs joined Rotary Road to Peace committee members and executives of Rotary Clubs of The Bahamas for the unveiling of the Road To Peace Monument at the entrance of the National Stadium.

Verdict ‘derails’ PM’s Freeport policy move

The Prime Minister’s ambition of making an imminent announcement on Freeport’s future was yesterday “derailed” by the Supreme Court, which found the Government’s consultation process was “fundamentally flawed” and needed to be continued.

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Murder trial delayed

THE trial of a woman accused of murdering a web shop employee in Long Island may face a delay because she was not represented.

Workshop helps officials to prepare for the worst

OFFICIALS held a disaster management workshop in Freeport yesterday to stress the importance of disaster and recovery planning in the event of a major catastrophe.

Government commissions latest ten new ambulances

THE government yesterday commissioned ten new “top of the line” ambulances to improve its capacity to respond to medical emergencies.

Beach vendors await written ruling after judge backs landowners

LEGAL counsel for the Cabbage Beach Business Owners Association (CBBOA) on Friday said they were awaiting Supreme Court Justice Bernard Turner’s written ruling to determine the best way forward in their bid to guarantee access for vendors to the popular Paradise Island beach.

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THE FINISH LINE: Making history in volleyball and a last hurrah for basketball players

It’s not how you start, nor how you get there. Most importantly, it’s how you finish.

Tease photo

D'Shon Taylor selected for All-star team

HIS collegiate basketball season has come to an end but Bahamian player D’Shon Taylor continues to excel in showcase events as he prepares for the next step.


Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. - The president of the Tau Nu Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority at the College of The Bahamas has been chosen as a 2016 Leadership Fellow by the “Leadership Fellows Committee” of the international organisation.

Cuban fined $30,000 over illegal landing conviction

A CUBAN national who resides in the United States was convicted and fined over $30,000 after pleading guilty in the Freeport Magistrate’s Court to charges of illegal landing and assisting in the illegal embarkation of six immigrants in Grand Bahama.

What $5m gets you

Following up the $5m legal donation from Mr Nygard to the PLP

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Yes campaign urges voters to make sure they register

THE YES Bahamas campaign yesterday urged Bahamians to register to vote and to approach the upcoming referendum with a full understanding of “what is at stake, and to make the right decision for our nation and our sons and daughters.”

Rise and fall of the Elks

Fraternal organisations in the Bahamas are said to be a dying breed. There are numerous debatable reasons why this may be the case. I cannot speak for other organisations; I can only speak in regards to the one I dedicated up to if not over ten years of my life to.

Biden: Caribbean could be energy solution model

WASHINGTON - Tackling energy challenges in the Caribbean and Central Americas could provide the blueprint for addressing similar issues in small island states worldwide, the US vice-president believes.

Thursday, May 5

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05052016 Edition

Thursday, May 5th.

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UPDATE: East Bay Street trench repaired

5.30pm UPDATE: The trench across East Bay Street has now been repaired - see photo

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Pit bulls savage female owner and man on Paradise Island

A WOMAN is in critical condition in hospital after she was mauled by two pit bulls she owned last Saturday on Paradise Island.

Severe weather warning for Rum Cay, San Salvador, Long Island, Crooked Island and Acklins

The Bahamas Department of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning for the islands of Rum Cay, San Salvador, Long Island, Crooked Island and Acklins from 3:00 pm edt until 6:00 pm Thursday 5th may, 2016.

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A YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: The culture of criminality that pervades our nation

THERE is a culture of criminality that is alive and well and pervasive in The Bahamas. It transcends the fabric of our nation.

Tease photo

Davis has no fear of referendum lawsuit

ACTING Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis is not concerned about threats to pursue legal action against the government over its failure to provide public funds to proponents of the constitutional referendum’s vote “no” campaign.

No job cuts ‘for now’ at power company

PRESIDENT of the Bahamas Electrical Workers Union Paul Maynard yesterday said there will be no layoffs “for now” at the Bahamas Power and Light Company now that the new management company has taken over.

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Miller refuses to apologise over transgender remarks

TALL Pines MP Leslie Miller said he does not see the need to apologise for his disparaging comments that members of the transgender community should be exiled to a private island.

Tease photo

Judge unlikely to face House

CENTRAL and South Eleuthera MP Damian Gomez said he would be “surprised” if Supreme Court Justice Indra Charles is called before the Committee on Privileges after being named last week in a resolution to determine whether she and others should be held in contempt of the House of Assembly.

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Ramsey surrenders passport after BEC bribery conviction

LAWYERS for Freddie Solomon Ramsey complied with a judge’s order to surrender his passport to the Supreme Court as a condition of his extended bail while he awaits a hearing that seeks to arrest his convictions on multiple bribery related charges stemming from the Alstom SA/Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) scandal.

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Jonquel Jones helps Sun to win in WNBA debut

Jonquel Jones said her aim was to provide the Connecticut Sun with rebounding, defence and three-point shooting in her rookie season.

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Eleuthera supplies back on after a week without water

AFTER nearly a week without running water, residents in Eleuthera saw their water supplies restored on Wednesday, however officials warned that pressure in some areas would be poor for the next 24 to 48 hours.

Anglican Church Men celebrate 43rd annual conference in Eleuthera

Anglican men throughout the diocese, which includes the Turks and Caicos Islands, recently assembled on the island of Eleuthera for the 43rd Annual Anglican Church Men (ACM) conference.

Gov’t deficit now $100m from target

The Government is getting further away from its $141 million full-year deficit estimate, the Central Bank revealed yesterday, with the ‘gap’ to its target standing at more than $100 million at end-February.

Difficult outing for boxers on the road to qualifying for Olympics

IT was a difficult outing for several Bahamian boxers as they attempt the long road toward Olympic qualification.

Puppet and the puppet master

In his rush to defend the hapless hopeless helpless leader of the opposition it seems Tennyson Wells forgot to throw in one key tidbit: an actual argument for why Dr Hubert Minnis would be a great prime minister.

‘Your Set Time Of Favour Has Come!’ – Part One

ACCORDING to Psalm 102:13, there is a set time for the favour of God to manifest in your life. Time is generally defined in the Greek as “chronos” and “kairos”.

GB Power in 69% capital spend rise

Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) yesterday said the 69 per cent increase in its 2016 capital investment budget is being driven by the planned lighting switch-out, an initiative that will save customers a collective $1 million per year.

Hotels endured weak 2016 start

The Nassau hotel industry endured “a relatively weak” first two months of 2016, the Central Bank revealed yesterday, with total room revenues down 9 per cent year-over-year.

Smith aiming to return to frontline politics in Exuma

FORMER Exuma MP George Smith yesterday said he was “setting things in motion” to allow for his return to frontline politics ahead of the next general election.

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Our very own top MLB prospects go head-to-head

TWO of the Bahamas’ top Major League Baseball prospects went head-to- head in a series for the first time in the professional ranks.

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Smartphone Health: Apple releases software for medical apps

APPLE is edging its way further into health care with the release of new iPhone apps that patients can use to manage their own medical condition, from diabetes to pregnancy and even depression.

Referendum Bill 3

In the news story on May 2 regarding the invitation sent to the YES Bahamas campaign to a live television debate on the gender equality referendum, I noticed that the purpose of Bill 3 is incorrectly stated.

Local author teaches Christians to rise from crisis with new novel

AUTHOR Randy Lundy has penned a new Christian novel called “What Went Wrong Was Right”, which is expected to be released nationwide this week.

RoyalFidelity targeting 15% client asset growth

RoyalFidelity Merchant Bank & Trust is targeting 15-20 per cent growth in client assets under management for 2016, with its president admitting yesterday that last year’s profits will be “hard to match”.

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Moss ‘fearmongering’ with Nazi claim

THE YES Bahamas campaign yesterday accused Marco City MP Greg Moss of fearmongering in response to his comparison of its efforts to Nazi propaganda.

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Sentence upheld for man guilty of illegal landing

THE Court of Appeal affirmed the 12-month prison sentence and $300 fine of a man who admitted to illegally landing in The Bahamas for the second time within five years.

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Next stop Mars for SpaceX - in 2018

ELON Musk, the billionaire founder and chief executive of SpaceX, plans to send a Dragon capsule to land on Mars as early as 2018 - a big first step toward his ultimate goal of colonising the ‘red planet’.

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DNA asks for clarity over sale of the Grand Lucayan Resort

WITH hundreds of hotel jobs now at stake in Grand Bahama, Democratic National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney stressed that Bahamians are again “sadly left in the dark” as the government remains quiet about the matters concerning the sale of the Grand Lucayan Resort.

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Athletes on the brink of history

THE athletics at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games gets under way in 100 days, with 47 titles on the line and 2,000 athletes from more than 200 nations set to compete in the Brazilian city.

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On Da Hook

AS WE approach the Yellowfin Tuna season in the Bahamas fishermen are still catching a nice variety of other fish.

United Worship 2016 ‘changes hundreds of lives’

Hundreds of believers gathered for the United Worship 2016 gospel event, which organisers said, saw many lives touched, changed and ministered to.

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A blip or a breakthrough?

SCIENTISTS around the globe are excited as the world’s biggest atom smasher, best known for revealing the Higgs boson - or ‘God particle’ - four years ago, starts whirring again to churn out data that may confirm cautious hints of an entirely new particle.

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Five men who face extradition have 21 days to file appeal to commital ruling

A SUPREME Court judged has affirmed a committal order seeking the surrender of five men to the United States to face drug trafficking charges.

Over 140 visitors sign up for Road Fever

MORE THAN 140 visitors have signed on with the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival groups to participate in the Road Fever March on Saturday, with the majority joining the Enigma group and significant numbers with Bahamas Masqueraders and Rhythms Bahamas.

Gov’t to seek new Baha Mar wind-up delay

The Government will today seek a further adjournment of its Baha Mar winding-up petition from the Supreme Court, with the next hearing likely to be pushed back to September 2016.

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Former Governors General back yes vote

FORMER Governors General Sir Arthur Foulkes and Sir Orville Turnquest last night pledged their full support for the upcoming constitutional referendum on gender equality.

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Miller comments ‘show need for Human Rights legislation’

GRAND Bahama Human Rights Association President Fred Smith urged the Christie administration to enact a Human Rights Act, which would make it illegal and punishable by law to “malign and vilify” members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community because they choose to express their individuality.

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Gameday: Popeyes Bahamas Bowl all set for December 23

FOR the first time in its brief three-year history, the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl will shift from its Christmas Eve date.

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Ground broken for Lend a Hand Bahamas Centre

THE vision of the Lend A Hand Bahamas Foundation (LAHB) to construct a much-needed community centre in Grant’s Town moved a step closer late last month with a groundbreaking ceremony at the proposed site in Lewis Street.

What went wrong: spiritual poisoning

HOW could it be that a man who had been highly blessed by God finds himself on the opposite end of the hand of God? How could it be that a man who had been highly favoured by God is sentenced to damnation? Why was God so harsh with him? What had he done to deserve it? What went wrong?

Govt ‘showing lack of interest’ in Freedom of Information Act

A LOCAL advocacy group criticised the government’s “decided lack of interest” in passing and implementing a Freedom of Information Act, and is calling for greater public participation on the proposed legislation.

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• AN Australian man long rumoured to be associated with the digital currency Bitcoin has publicly identified himself as its creator, a claim that would end one of the biggest mysteries in the tech world.

MEDITATION: Helping the helper

THERE are so many hurting people in our country who are trying to come to the aid of others while bleeding emotionally themselves. There are parents with children, adults with elderly parents, persons in the helping professions, those in the service industry and uniformed branches, the civil service and elsewhere. How do we help each other to heal while helping?

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Young and old urged to come out to celebrate carnival

BAHAMAS National Festival Commission CEO Roscoe Dames yesterday urged Bahamians “young and old” to participate in this year’s Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival festival, which takes place from today until Saturday.

Six held at Lucaya Marina by immigration

A CUBAN boater living in the United States was arrested with five other people by immigration authorities at the Lucaya Marina in Grand Bahama.

Orlando-based ministry set to visit Grand Bahama for church event

AN Orlando-based church is set to visit Grand Bahama this summer and bring with it an array of food from around the world as well as prize giveaways.

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FOURTH QUARTER PRESS: Lakers put their faith in Walton and youth

THE announcement that the Los Angeles Lakers have hired Luke Walton, a former standout player for the team, as its new head coach has set the National Basketball Association (NBA) abuzz and left many experts to speculate further on the future direction of the team.

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New bridge ‘an example of port’s commitment to Freeport’

SARAH St George, vice-chairman of the Grand Bahama Port Authority, has said the new Jack Hayward Bridge is an example of the continued commitment of the GBPA to stimulate economic activity in Freeport.

US unleashes $10m to aid clean energy

Washington - The US Agency for International Development (USAID) yesterday said it will make available $10 million in grant funding for clean energy projects in the Caribbean and Central Americas.

US: Bahamas energy challenge ‘not unique’

Washington - The Bahamas’ energy generation woes are not unique to this nation, a senior US diplomat said yesterday, adding that extracting efficiencies from energy infrastructure was “no easy work”.

Wednesday, May 4

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05042016 Edition

Wednesday, May 4th.

UPDATED: Thunderstorm warning for Nassau and Freeport

A thunderstorm warning has been issued for Nassau and Freeport by AccuWeather.

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Moss: Govt backing for yes vote like Nazi propaganda

MARCO City MP Greg Moss yesterday compared the government’s backing of the YES Bahamas campaign to propaganda methods utilised by Nazi Germany as he forecast the total failure of the gender equality referendum.

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Voting no to referendum over same-sex fears a ‘shame’

ATTORNEY General Allyson Maynard-Gibson said it would be a “terrible shame” if Bahamians vote “no” to the constitutional referendum’s questions because of concerns about same-sex marriage.

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‘PLP enriching friends while public suffers’

FREE National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis criticised the government yesterday for “enriching the lives of their friends, families and allies” while the public suffers.

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PLP: Miller comments do not reflect party views

THE governing party yesterday distanced itself from comments made by Tall Pines MP Leslie Miller about exiling transgender Bahamians, saying his remarks “do not reflect the policy position of the Progressive Liberal Party or the government of The Bahamas.”

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Activists angered at call to exile transgender community

HUMAN rights activist Erin Greene said Tall Pines MP Leslie Miller’s “campaign” to exile transgender people to a private island underscores a “severe degree of ignorance” regarding LGBT issues, as she raised concerns that his “hate speech” has incited fear among Bahamians in that community.

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$600,000 college link with Island Luck

HIGH SCHOOL and college students will benefit from a $600,000 partnership between the College of the Bahamas and the Island Luck Cares Foundation announced last night.

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UPDATED: Ramsey convicted of multiple charges in BEC bribe case

A SUPREME Court jury returned four not guilty and 14 guilty verdicts against accused bribe taker Freddie Solomon Ramsey concerning the BEC/Alstom bribe scheme.

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Grand Bahama man, 43, dies after Man-O-War Circle stabbing

POLICE in Grand Bahama are investigating the fatal stabbing of a 43-year-old man in the Man-O-War Circle area of Freeport on Tuesday night.

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Call to make war cemetery a national heritage site

AN international organisation has reached out to the Bahamas government in hopes of having the 72-year-old Nassau War Cemetery officially preserved as a heritage site, officials said yesterday.

Insurer beats 2015 profit goal by 7.3%

A Bahamian property and casualty insurer yesterday revealed it had beaten its own 2015 profit expectations by 7.34 per cent, even though its bottom line declined by almost $700,000 year-over-year.

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Hunt for robbery suspects

POLICE are looking for the suspects behind two separate armed robberies that occurred Monday night.

Benchmark tackles portfolio ‘volatility’

Benchmark (Bahamas) yesterday said it had “reduced the risk exposure” in its investment portfolio in a bid to boost profitability, as it continues to tackle its local and international regulatory issues.

Cable’s BTC purchase objections dismissed

Regulators yesterday rejected Cable Bahamas’ arguments that the impending change in majority control at its major rival would undermine competition in the pay-TV and international bandwidth markets.

‘Fortunate one-offs’ in $4m Fidelity boost

Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) chief executive yesterday conceded that its record-breaking 2015 profits may have been “fortunate”, after they received a $3-$4 million boost from ‘one-off’ events.

Bran: Set Baha Mar ‘nationalise’ date

The Democratic National Alliance’s (DNA) leader yesterday urged the Government to set a date for when it would nationalise the Baha Mar project, if the parties to the dispute failed to make progress on a resolution.

Auditor General is a true civil servant

If we had a competition to “name the man of the year” in the Civil Service, there is no doubt my choice would be Mr Terrance Bastian, Auditor General.

Equality umbrella must not leak

There is nothing like the spectacle of a Dame twisting herself into a knot.

Three sailors awarded for their efforts to sustain our tradition

THE National Family Island Regatta Committee on Saturday recognised three Bahamian giants for their contribution to the development of sailing in the Bahamas.

‘Yes vote would close the door on same-sex unions’

IN an effort to “silence the unnecessary noise in the market” surrounding the fourth Constitutional Amendment Bill, an official from the YES Bahamas campaign said yesterday that a “yes” vote to this bill would “effectively close the door on same-sex unions” in The Bahamas.

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Kendalia gets athletic scholarship

IT has been quite a while since any Bahamian female softball player has been able to make an impact in high school or college/university in the United States.

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Bahamas has potential to become top golfing destination

THE Bahamas has the potential to become a top golf destination in the region, founder of the Nat Moore Florida Golf Classic said.

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Yes campaign welcomes public debate on referendum

LYNN Holowesko, co-chair of the YES Bahamas campaign and former Senate president, yesterday insisted that she and other members of the campaign were “fully interested in, prepared for and capable of” a public debate on the gender equality referendum.

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Jack Hayward bridge to cut travel time in Grand Bahama

THE newly built $4.3m Sir Jack Hayward Bridge was officially opened on Monday, providing much needed, shorter alternative commuting between Freeport and East Grand Bahama.

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Bright future for tennis duo

BAHAMIAN tennis player Shannon Francis shined bright in the NJCAA tennis play for Prairie State College. 

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Newcomers Athletico Bahamas prove their worth with title win

A YEAR ago when Sarone Kennedy decided to put together the Athletico Bahamas team, many felt that they were capable of competing in the New Providence Basketball Association.

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Anthonique Strachan could add 400m to sprint duties

When she returns to the track to compete next month, Anthonique Strachan could be adding the 400 metres to her sprint repertoire as she begins her trek to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the 2016 Olympic Games.

VIEW FROM AFAR: Time is running out for Nassau and downtown redevelopment

The growth of cruise stops in the Bahamas in recent times has been substantially due to the growth in the number of private cays.

Student takes on junior tourism role

AFTER successfully defeating 11 students from around the country, Gabriele Josephs of Mary Star of the Sea has been named the new junior minister of tourism.

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Customs should alter tactics in dispute, advises Pinder

BAHAMAS Public Service Union President John Pinder believes executives of the Bahamas Customs Immigration and Allied Workers Union should adjust their tactics in negotiating with the government and drop their preoccupation with securing overtime pay and settle for a variety of benefits and increments instead.

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Man held after shooting

A MAN is in custody assisting police with investigations into a shooting incident that left another man in hospital on Monday.

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Drugs and gun seized

POLICE made significant drug and firearm seizures in Grand Bahama and Bimini earlier this week.

Lower energy bills are major home value boost

Have you ever wanted to make your home more valuable, while paying less to own it? Homeowners often undertake improvement projects with that in mind. While some home improvements can greatly increase property values, others do little to impact them.

Tuesday, May 3

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05032016 Edition

Tuesday, May 3rd.

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POLITICOLE: The bus ride from hell

I JOKINGLY called it the bus ride from hell. Obviously, that was after I had safely disembarked and walked into familiar territory.

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Minnis: Nation on course for deadliest year yet

THE country is on track to see the “deadliest year” in its history, FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis said yesterday as he lamented the number of homicides committed during the Christie administration’s term.

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Chipman vows 100 per cent backing for Minnis

ST ANNE’S MP Hubert Chipman said yesterday he supports FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis “100 per cent” and the party is investigating who leaked confidential emails between himself, other members of the FNM and Dr Minnis to the press.

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Govt ‘not interested in funding rival campaign’

SAVE Our Bahamas yesterday said the Christie administration has not shown any interest in “balancing the tables” ahead of the gender equality referendum, stressing that it has “unfairly” thrown its full support behind the government funded YES Bahamas campaign.

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Former chairman calls for early FNM convention

FORMER Free National Movement Chairman Darron Cash was adamant yesterday that a “clean up” of the FNM must take place, as the party could not contest the next general election with “splintered leadership”.

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Wells to ‘proudly’ vote no on bill four

BAMBOO Town MP Renward Wells yesterday called for the government to immediately provide funding for the campaigns opposing the gender equality referendum.

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Police officers guilty of stealing phones from BTC

TWO former policemen who took advantage of their former positions to commit theft may spend 18 months in prison if they fail to pay a $3,000 fine imposed on them by a magistrate.

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Miller: Exile transgenders (with audio)

MP says he wants God to end Earth now

TALL Pines MP Leslie Miller has forcefully denounced the growing transgender community in this country while urging people to financially contribute to having this sect of society exiled to their own private island to ensure “they stay out of the way” of generations of Bahamians who are depending on the success of the June 7 referendum.

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Lionel Haven speaks out after football ban: I didn't do anything wrong

FORMER Bahamas Football Association’s (BFA) secretary general Lionel Haven said he didn’t do anything wrong other than tell the truth and he should not be suspended by FIFA.

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Getting creative in the promotion of fitness

JUST the thought of playing a part in the success stories of hundreds of Bahamians who have decided to make positive changes in the areas of health and fitness gives personal trainer Dianne Gibson a feeling of gratification.

PM: ‘No interest in coercion’ on GBPA

The Prime Minister yesterday said he had “no interest” in forcing out the Grand Bahama Port Authority’s (GBPA) existing shareholders, but emphasised that Freeport and the wider Bahamas “can’t wait” for growth-inducing change.

‘Fait accompli’ fear on Abaco Club project

Environmental activists fear a proposed marina facility at the heart of the Bahamas’ “only carbon-free community” is being treated as “a fait accompli”, forcing them to initiate another legal action.

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Verdict due in BEC bribe case today

A JURY is expected to deliberate on a verdict today in the case of a man alleged to have a role in the Alstom SA/Bahamas Electricity Corporation bribery scheme.

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Michelle Miller Motivationals: Do you have a positive mental attitude?

Without a positive mental attitude real success remains out of reach.

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Fewer vendors to operate at this year’s Carnival

THE Bahamas National Festival Commission has “scaled back” the number of vendors that will operate at this weekend’s Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival festivities, BNFC CEO Roscoe Dames said yesterday.

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TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE: Five ways to energise

Fatigue is a common symptom of many illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, anaemia, thyroid disease, and sleep apnea. Talk to your doctor if you feel unusually tired.

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SPORTING MISCHIEF & MAYHEM: ‘Naughtydamus back in the building’

Yes, my Dallas Cowboys did take Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott with the forth pick in the NFL Draft this past weekend, just like I predicted. And despite the ‘Monday Morning’ draft experts comments, I think my Cowboys had an excellent overall Draft, even with a certain ‘surprise’ pick in the second round.

Frederick Bain

In the year 1975, a period in the life of our country when the fascination and intrigue of travelling abroad and the haunting images of opportunity of success especially in the United States, preoccupied our minds.

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There go I but for the grace of God

We seem to have an understanding of submission as something ultimate and complete; that men are completely in charge of women and must rule over them with an iron fist.

The best price may not be the best pick

According to the Bahamian press, as well as the Prime Minister and Mr Winder himself, Sarkis Izmirlian’s offer to buy back Baha Mar seems to be unbeatable.

Lyford Cay Foundations award $5,000 grant to support children with cancer

As a part of its ongoing commitment to support Bahamian non-profits providing learning opportunities to the community, the Lyford Cay Foundations recently gave a $5,000 grant to the Cancer Society of the Bahamas to assist in funding the Freedom Kids Programme.

The vote facing The Bahamas

We already have a discrimination in our laws where residents may not gamble in the licensed casinos but that is covered and exempted by direct mention of the fact that it is discriminating.

Sarkis: Am I the ‘stalking horse’?

Sarkis Izmirlian yesterday slammed the “astounding” praise lavished by Baha Mar’s receivers on the project’s contractor, and questioned whether his bid was being used as “a stalking horse” to ultimately justify rejecting all offers for the property.

New FNM senator calls for bipartisan Bahamas

MONIQUE Gomez, newly appointed senator for the Free National Movement (FNM), is calling for Bahamians to put aside party politics and focus on nation building.

Inactive account owners face 60% reclaim time cut

The Central Bank is proposing to slash by 60 per cent the time allowed for owners of some $86 million in inactive accounts to claim their funds, as it moves “more in line” with global standards.

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Meeting in hope

American and Bahamian breast cancer survivors participate in 'Walk In Paradise'

BREAST cancer survivors from across the United States came together with Bahamian survivors and supporters to celebrate a very special kind of cultural exchange last Friday.

Our toxic 40-hour week

I know that at first you may be thinking that I am talking about the stress and tension in your work environment.

Cruise lines eye $500m Bahamas investments

The Minister of Tourism yesterday said the major cruise lines “without question” remain committed to the Bahamas, with the industry preparing more than $500 million worth of investments for this destination over the next two years.

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Jessica’s passion for the sport keeps her sailing

EXUMA – “Sailing! Oh it’s so much fun,” says Jessica Minns of the family tradition that she’s been doing for more than two decades.

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Jonquel our shining star

Her pro career begins in earnest this week, but Bahamian hoops star Jonquel Jones took the opportunity to give insight on everything from the genesis of her basketball career to what she expects to add to her team in her rookie season.

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Toll increase comes into effect for PI bridge

THE new toll fares to cross the Paradise Island bridge have now come into operation.

‘Fashion That Cares’ pays tribute to cancer survivors

Glamorous wardrobe selections, jewellery and other accessories, as well as handmade straw crafts by local artists will hit the runway at the Gulf Stream Patio for a special cause on May 14.

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Sands approached to become FNM senator

FORMER Free National Movement Deputy Chairman Dr Duane Sands said yesterday he has been approached by the leadership of the party to become the party’s next senator.

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Team Bahamas in T&T for pre-Olympic boxing showdown

A FIVE-member boxing team is in Trinidad & Tobago as the two countries host a pre-Olympic boxing showdown.

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Broker is accused of $200,000 fraud

A BROKER denied conning a woman of more than $200,000 through over-priced customs duties for a multi-million dollar home renovation project.

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The Queen’s College Comets and St Augustine’s College Big Red Machine are the first national high school soccer champions in Bahamian high school sports history.

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‘I’m satisfied with the strides I have made’

EVER since he developed into a top-notch national team player, Byron Ferguson knew that one day he would eventually go on to play at the professional level.

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Bellator 158: ‘Kimbo Slice’ set to square off with James Thompson

KEVIN “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson continues to be a major draw for the Bellator MMA promotion and despite testing positive for PEDs recently, he headlines another major event this summer.

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‘Govt brainwashing Bahamians for vote’

SAVE Our Bahamas took its vote “no” campaign to Grand Bahama, with committee member Pastor Lyall Bethel telling a forum that the YES Bahamas campaign is no longer about educating, but rather about “brainwashing” Bahamians.

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Man accused of Jaynell Pierre murder

A MAN was remanded to prison yesterday after he was arraigned in connection with a murder that occurred a month ago.

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Crazy about ‘all-in-one’ beauty services

Although it is not Anya Fernander’s first entrepreneurial venture, opening her own “all-in-one” beauty salon was still both a challenge and a great achievement for her.

BTC hit by near 30% mobile revenue fall

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) suffered an almost 30 per cent year-over-year reduction in its mobile revenues, which is blamed on falling subscriber numbers and the increasing use of Over The Top (OTT) applications,

‘Final’ web shop licenses next month

‘Final’ web shop licences could be issued next month, the Minister of Tourism said yesterday.

Monday, May 2

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05022016 Edition

Monday, May 2nd.

97 fall ill on Disney cruise ship's trip to the Bahamas

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — The CDC is investigating an outbreak of a stomach bug aboard the Disney Wonder cruise ship last week.

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Families of Grand Bahama murder victims wait for justice

THE mother and sister of murdered British visitor Edgar Dart said their entire family has been left deeply affected by his death in Grand Bahama two years ago and want closure.

Judge to decide whether Constitution supreme

“WHO IS that woman?” snarled a Bahamian man with the curl of the lip. That woman happens to be Supreme Court Justice Indira Charles of St Lucia.

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Kennedy Centre monitoring row over use of emails

AN international advocacy agency said it is now monitoring the dispute concerning parliamentarians using their privilege to disclose confidential information of private citizens in the House of Assembly.

Call for TV debate on vote

A GROUP opposing three of four Constitutional Amendment Bills that are part of the upcoming gender equality referendum has invited the YES Bahamas Campaign to debate on live television.

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Minnis: Govt hiding behind red tape over MPs’ failure to disclose finances

FREE National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr Hubert Minnis said yesterday that the government should stop using bureaucracy as a shield against enforcing laws.

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AG seeks to ease same-sex fears

AMID growing concern that the fourth Constitutional Amendment Bill could lead to same-sex marriage if passed in next month’s referendum, the Office of the Attorney General released a statement last night to allay those fears.

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'No' vote group to sue for referendum funds

CITIZENS for Justice, an activist group, has said it will take legal action against the government this week hoping to force it to provide public funds to the constitutional referendum’s vote “no” campaigns.

Tease photo

Attorney General ‘happy where she is’ amid Chief Justice talk

ATTORNEY General Allyson Maynard-Gibson said she is content with her current post as she sidestepped rumours that she may be appointed chief justice.

GDP data ‘contrary’ to IMF, agency stats

The ‘negative’ real GDP growth data published by the Department of Statistics is “contrary” to previous IMF and rating agency estimates, the Chamber of Commerce’s chairman said yesterday.

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Making history: QC, SAC first national high school soccer champions

THE Queen’s College Comets and St Augustine’s College Big Red Machine are the first national high school soccer champions in Bahamian high school sports history.

Tease photo

Lady Muriel is a class act at the Family Island Regatta

Over 70 boats representing Bahamian islands competed in various races over the weekend in the 63rd Annual National Family Island Regatta in Elizabeth Harbour, Georgetown, Exuma.

Tease photo

Truckers rout Mighty Mitts 11-0 in NPSA opener

THOMAS Davis was very stingy on the mound and Teran Wood delivered the big offensive blow as he led the defending champions Commando Security Truckers to an impressive 11-0 rout over the Chances Mighty Mitts to open the New Providence Softball Association’s 2016 season.

Tease photo

Cleveland Eneas win Primary Schools Track and Field title for the fourth straight year

CLEVELAND Eneas is starting to develop a dynasty of its own, winning the New Providence Primary Schools Track and Field championship title for the fourth consecutive year.

Parliamentary privilege

NO one is above the law ---- except, of course, for some of the privileged few who actually make the laws. 

Police investigate suspected drowning at Palmetto Point

POLICE in Eleuthera are investigating the circumstances surrounding the apparent drowning death of an adult male from Palmetto Point that occurred on Saturday.

Bran: Economy ‘hanging on by a thread’

The Democratic National Alliance’s (DNA) leader says the Bahamian economy is “hanging on by a thread”, after official statistics effectively confirmed it has been in recession for two years.

Equal rights comparison around the world

While our country has our own morals and standards I thought that it would be interesting to compare our laws on equality to those of the rest of the world so that our people could decide what nations they think we should group ourselves with from a legal and moral perspective.

Tease photo

YOUR SAY: Reforming the education system is vital for future development

EDUCATION is the universal process of imparting knowledge, values, skills and attributes which can be beneficial to an individual and their surroundings. Learning is the process of adopting knowledge, values and skills.

Bearing the progressive mantle

Paradoxically, Pastor Cedric Moss is both correct and incorrect. In an Op-Ed published on April 16 in The Nassau Guardian, he wrote that we are having a “dishonest debate” about “gender equality”.

Tease photo

Alex Cooper signed by Bengals as an undrafted free agent

ALEX Cooper didn’t hear his name called during the three days of the NFL Draft, but the Eleuthera native didn’t have to wait very long after to learn of his new opportunity to make an NFL roster.

Bahamas’ tourism costs 50% higher than near rivals

The Bahamas has been urged by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to reduce its tourism industry costs, which are 50 per cent higher than Cuba and some Central American destinations.

BEC’s $56m ‘disadvantage’ fear over injunction bid

BEC has warned that New Providence will suffer “severe economic and social consequences” if activists succeed in obtaining an injunction against the power plant supplying 50 per cent of its energy needs.

Tease photo

National champions

The Bahamas Basketball Federation’s Annual BTC Bunny Levarity National Championships ended with the two titles shared between New Providence and Grand Bahama at the DW Davis Gymnasium on Saturday night.

Tease photo

Elite and collegiate athletes hit the track and field in U.S.

FROM the Drake Relays to the Penn Relays and add in the NTC Pure Athletics Spring Invite, the Bahamian elite and collegiate athletes were all over the United States competing over the weekend.

Tease photo

INSIGHT: Izmirlian deserves a second chance with Baha Mar

Ishmael Lightbourne makes a plea to the government to broker a deal over the stalled mega resort for the good of the country . . .

WORLD VIEW: A world according to Trump

DONALD Trump’s Foreign Policy speech on April 27 did not once mention the Caribbean.

BEC: ‘Aggressive measures’ taken on Clifton spills

BEC has pledged that “aggressive measures” are being taken to combat oil pollution at Clifton Pier, with the Government promising a further $10 million to supplement the $900,000 it spends annually now.

Tease photo

Rio reveals complete route of the Olympic Torch Relay

RIO 2016 has revealed the complete route of the Olympic Torch Relay that will begin on May 3 and spread the spirit of the Games around Brazil.

Sunday, May 1

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Two dead after shooting and stabbing

Two men are dead after a shooting and a stabbing in the early hours of Sunday morning.