National Bowling championships set for May 17-29

THE Bahamas Bowling Federation (BBF) has announced that the National Championships will take place from May 17-29 at the Mario’s Bowling and Entertainment Palace.

Competition will be in the Men’s A-E categories and in the Women’s A-D.

The categories will be based on the established averages of the registered bowlers.

All bowlers will be assigned between the established categories as follows:

Men: Division A - 185 and up; B - 170-184; C - 155-169; D - 140-154; E - 139 and under.

Ladies: Division A - 165 and up; B - 150-164; C - 135-149; D - 134 and below.

Only Bahamian citizens, permanent residents and persons who have residency in the Bahamas for 12 months or more prior to May 17 are eligible to compete.

Entry fees are $165 for a BBF member and $175 for non-BBF member.

There is a late payment charge of $20.

The deadlines for registration and payment is Friday, May 13.

After a competitor throws their first ball of the competition the entry fee is non-refundable. All cheques are to be made payable to the BBF.

All cash payments are to be made directly to any of the BBF representatives - Clayton Gardiner, Joanne Powell, Sonith Lockhart, Derrick Burrows or David Slatter.

The competition shift dates and times are:

Tuesday, May 17 – 7pm: Men’s A, B and C and Women’s A & B.

Wednesday, May 18 – 7pm: Men’s D & E; Women’s C & D.

Thursday, May 19 – 7pm: Men’s A, B and C and Women’s A & B.

Saturday, May 21 – 10am: Make-up Shift (If necessary).

Tuesday, May 24 – 7pm: Men’s D & E; Women’s C & D.

Wednesday, May 25 – 7pm: Men’s A, B and C and Women’s A & B.

Thursday, May 26 – 7pm: Men’s D & E and Women’s C & D.

Friday, May 27 – 1pm: Make-up Shift (if necessary).

Friday, May 27 – 6.30pm: Top 16 Men and top 12 Women (5 games).

Sunday, May 29 – Noon: Championship step-ladder finals (top 5 men and women).


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