Apple Stores Set For A Major Overhaul

APPLE is overhauling its nearly 480 stores worldwide, starting with its new two-storey location in San Francisco.

The store opened to the public on Saturday and is supposed to conjure the ambiance of a town square where people can gaze through giant windows to savour views of the city as they stroll through spacious aisles.

It also features a 42-foot-tall sliding glass door that opens up to San Francisco’s busiest shopping district.

Apple opened its first stores - renowned for their elegant design and employees roaming the floor offering assistance - in Virginia and California 15 years ago.

Apple plans to convert up to 10 per cent of its existing stores to the concept annually and some will have to move from current locations in malls to accommodate all the changes.

The store changes include dispersing various accessories down a row of cubicles along a wall to simulate the experience of walking from one small store to the next. Apple is calling this area “The Avenue”.

Apple’s “Genius Bar” for fixing problems with its devices is being renamed “Genius Grove” and relocated into a bigger area of the store with more tables and chairs to create a more relaxing atmosphere for those who might be stressed about a malfunctioning iPhone or computer.

Apple is also setting up cubes and balls in an area called “The Forum” that can seat up to 100 people for educational sessions about photography, music and other topics covered by experts in the field. Bigger stores like the one in San Francisco will have a space called “The Boardroom”, where tech startups and other small businesses can hold closed-door sessions.


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