Govt start to issue hurricane vouchers

THE government has started issuing colour-coded vouchers valued at $100, $500 and $1,000 to homeowners who have received approval for building materials in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

The vouchers, which cannot be exchanged for cash, are redeemable at several businesses across the country. In New Providence, vouchers for building, plumbing and electrical materials can be redeemed at: Cartwright’s Building Supplies Company Ltd; Community Hardware Company Ltd; Hanna’s Plumbing Company; Henry F Storr Company Ltd

In Grand Bahama, vouchers can be redeemed at: Kelly’s Freeport Limited; Albuild Hardware and Lumber Company and Gold Rock Concrete and Building Supplies.

In North and Central Andros, vouchers can be redeemed at Gordon Gaitor’s Trucking and Heavy Equipment, San Andros; J&B Tyre Repair, Nicholl’s Town; Bootle’s Lumber, Lowe Sound and Cleare’s Lumber, Fresh Creek.

Approved homeowners in North Andros will this week be allowed to redeem vouchers.


MonkeeDoo 6 years, 4 months ago

Soon we will find out how the counterfeit vouchers got redeemed as well. Bay Bahamians is stupider than stupid. What printing company printed the vouchers and who is controlling the serial numbers. Family friends and lovers getting the bags ready for the election next year.


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