Search For Man Overboard After Boat Hit By Rbdf Vessel

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POLICE and the Royal Bahamas Defence Force are searching for a man who disappeared and is feared drowned after his boat was hit by a RBDF Harbour Patrol vessel on Saturday.

Christopher Turnquest, 25, was in a 13-foot skiff along with another man shortly after 8pm Saturday in Nassau Harbour, just east of the Potter’s Cay Dock, when the RBDF vessel collided with his, causing the boat to capsize.

Although his partner in the boat was rescued without injury shortly after their boat was struck, Mr Turnquest’s whereabouts are still unknown. One of his relatives took to Facebook, requesting assistance in finding him.

“Last night (Saturday) my two cousins were on a dinghy and (a) defence force boat crashed into them,” the relative said. “One of the cousins spotted it and shouted ‘jump”. The one that spotted the boat is fine but the other, Christopher Turnquest of St Anne’s class of ’08, is still missing. The search resumed this morning and the community is being asked to keep their eyes peeled.

“The crash happened in the harbour near BASRA. We are looking for people with boats to assist with the search. The family welcomes any and all assistance.”

Yesterday the RBDF said it was searching with police for the missing boater.

“With the clearing of adverse weather conditions, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force has intensified its search for a missing boater who went missing after an accident involving a defence force Harbour Patrol vessel and a 13-foot skiff last night (Saturday),” the RBDF said.

“Along with vessels from the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and the Royal Bahamas Police Force’s Marine Unit, the defence force’s unmanned aerial vehicle was mobilised. BASRA volunteers and local fishermen are also assisting in the search. Defence force divers and shoreline search teams, which began their search immediately, are continuing to probe the waters.”


sealice 3 years, 11 months ago

Just East of Potters Cay and Near Basra are on different sides of Potters Cay?


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