Crowning The Bahamas’ ‘Biggest Loser’


FROM LEFT: Winner of the ‘Biggest Loser’ fitness challenge Kevin Bagnold receives a cheque for $1,000; Second place finisher Charon McKenzie walked away with $500; Portia Cooper placed third and received $250.


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AS advocates against obesity and founders of a local weight loss company, the husband and wife duo of Reginald and Santoya Edgecombe saw it fitting to team up with the Bahamas Medical Centre (BMC) for a fitness challenge that would jump-start more than two dozen persons on a path to a healthier life. 

Platinum Weightloss Solutions is jointly owned by the Edgecombes, who have been distributing their own brand of weight loss products since October 2012. 

According to the couple, the products are safe and all natural, and are mostly fat burners and appetite suppressants sold in several Nassau and Family Island stores. 

While the recent ‘Biggest Loser’ fitness challenge marked the fourth year the event was hosted by the company, it was only the second time it was held in collaboration with Doctors Hospital’s BMC. The challenge lasted for six weeks. 

“This was done in our effort to ensure a more holistic and realistic approach to weight loss and physical fitness. It was also in recognition of the fact that the true, long lasting successful weight loss can only be achieved in combination of proper diet and exercise,” Mrs Edgecombe told Tribune Health. 

Twenty-five people participated in the fitness journey and are expected to experience a lasting impact on their health. 

Trainers from BMC conducted a full fitness assessment on each participant. This initial assessment included 12 minutes on the treadmill and several timed exercises like push-ups, sit-ups and squats. 

“The numbers achieved were recorded and then participants stepped on the centre’s special ‘In Body’ scale. The scale gave a reading for their weight, total body fat percentage and their BMI. Lastly, the trainers recorded the participant’s body measurements, blood pressure and then took before photos of each of them. As a final step, the challengers were then armed with a daily supply of one of our best fat burners and appetite suppressants and a detox tea,” said Mrs Edgecombe.

At the end of the six gruelling weeks’ worth of circuit training and daily workouts with a trainer, a final assessment was conducted on each participant and they were given an overall score based upon the points they achieved in each of the following four categories: fat loss (30 per cent of score);  weight loss (25 per cent of score); fitness levels improvements (25 per cent of score), and BMI (20 per cent of score). 

Points were given based on any increases in the numbers between their initial and final assessments. 

The highest three overall scores determined which finalists were selected for the first, second and third place cash prizes. Also, the individual categories were grouped into two and then those scores were used to determine the winners of the gold, silver and bronze medals. 

In addition, the person who achieved the highest score in each category received an overall trophy award.

First place finisher was Kevin Bagnold, followed by Charon McKenzie and Portia Cooper in second and third place, respectively.

“Regardless of what score they were given, as a result of increasing lean muscle which by the way has its own ability to burn fat, along with learning about proper nutritional guidance, it is expected that these participants will be able to fully maintain their weight loss efforts for the long term,” said Mrs Edgecombe.

In addition, due to the tremendous results experienced by each of their participants, the husband and wife team said they are motivated to continue to advocate against the obesity epidemic within the Bahamas.

“We would also love to be able to conduct more than one challenge every year, but because the sign-up fee doesn’t adequately cover running costs. Our attempts to secure additional sponsorship from elsewhere has proven to be a very daunting and difficult task,” she added.


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