Pm Calls For Supporters To Join Plp On ‘Road To Victory’

Supporters at the Progressive Liberal Party motorcade at Arawak Cay. Photo: Shawn Hanna/Tribune Staff

Supporters at the Progressive Liberal Party motorcade at Arawak Cay. Photo: Shawn Hanna/Tribune Staff


Tribune Staff Reporter


PRIME Minister Perry Christie last night implored Bahamians to “come out in the thousands” on Thursday for the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) first mass rally “on the road to victory”.

Addressing thousands of party supporters at a PLP fun day on Monday night at Arawak Cay, Mr Christie said the PLP will go “head to head” with the Free National Movement (FNM) and the “winner will take all”.

The FNM also has a rally scheduled for Thursday at R M Bailey Park.

The Prime Minister said he wants to show the FNM that The Bahamas is still ‘gold, gold, gold”.

“It is so good to see so many of you out here, I am told that you sank the ground in Nassau with the motorcade and I was speaking to the Deputy Prime Minister who was on the motorcade in Grand Bahama and it was so big and so strong,” Mr Christie said.

“We will march throughout the Bahamas to victory. The season of elections has started. I have told you before the PLP have the best team; there is no doubt man for man, woman for woman the PLP has the best team that will form the next government of the Bahamas.

“We are going to have a rally on Thursday evening. On Wednesday we will be in Andros, we go in the morning to do a ground breaking. We then go to Abaco to open a mini hospital then we fly back to Andros to tell the people why they will vote for the PLP.

“But on Thursday we will tell you where it will be but the most important thing is you have shown the people of the Bahamas that you will come out by the thousands to support the PLP.

“That will set the stage for Clifford Park. So make sure when they call you to come, we want to sink the ground and we show gold, gold, gold. On Saturday, I skip from Friday because I don’t want the FNM to know where we will be on Friday yet because I want to go head to head with them. When they call theirs over there we will call ours over here, winner take all.”

Meanwhile Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis lashed out at the FNM for their recent criticisms of the government.

Last week, the FNM accused the government of giving out jobs for votes.

“If people are out of work should we not help them?” Mr Davis asked.

“Are they advocating that people who are out of work should not have jobs? It is shocking that they criticised us for not hiring people and then when we do they get mad and criticise us.”


SP 2 years, 5 months ago

Christie, Calling All Jackass's. Jackass "ONE" Calling All Jackass's. *Come In Jackass's*

WHO in GODS HOLY name can be S-T-U-P-I-D enough to vote for a group of incompetent, thieving pirates, that led the country to 4 downgrades and sold the country out to the Chinese, Indians, Haitians and Africans?


Alex_Charles 2 years, 5 months ago

never underestimate Bahamians. IF the PLP wins I wouldn't be remotely surprised. I actually expect it, and I expect lots of flip flopping on promises afterwards.


sheeprunner12 2 years, 5 months ago

Designer T-shirts do not vote ............ motorcades do not vote .................. posters do not vote ........... cool concerts do not vote ............. prayer vigils do not vote .................. flags do not vote ............. fancy party magazines do not vote ................... rum,food & weed do not vote ............ temporary jobs do not vote .................. fake Bahamar ceremonies do not vote .............. Numbers Boys cash do not vote ............................ But, hurting, disenfranchised, betrayed Bahamians will come out and vote NO to the PLP on May 10th 2017 ......... Stay tuned!!!!!!


licks2 2 years, 5 months ago

I was down at the Cay and watched the PLP motorcade. . .that crowd is either proof positive that the PLP is renting a crowd or the "only thinkable" stereotype that all PLP are dumb, loud, ghetto persons who are easy to "swing" with little bit of rum, lil music and whole lot of big promises but FNM are smart and quite civilized folks is true!! That's was one big mad crowd of drunk adults, old females and much children! I have not seen such a big crowd of dirty looking men walking all over the place with drinks in hand. . .cussing at the top of their voices. . . touching any woman they feel like. . .for as long as I can remember! One such incident resulted in a group of young boys chasing one of the yellow shirted persons with a screw drive to stab him. Well after he ran into his yellow shirted crowd. . .the screw driver wielding youth came back out of that PLP crowd with a bloody cloth on his head!

After the big group got out at the Cay. . .workers, vagrants, beach goers, everybody who could be found on the Cay was given a yellow t-shirt. I could tell who had been given shirts out there. . .I know them well! I have never seen such disrespect for the humanity of the vulnerability of the poor in all my life from a political party in this country! The old women and children where the only ones who came dressed for the street. . .most of the men were rough, dirty, drunk and roaming out of control it seem with no regard for other patrons at the Cay!

The bad part of it in my mind there. . .I suspect that the FNM may exploit the poor for the same purpose of appearing to have massive amount of persons at one of their rallies! The whole place became like a mad house. . .it seemed that the PLP elite were not going to be seen with such a rabble . . . Fish Fry became an uncontrolled mad house. . .pitiful exploitation of the poor. . .actually it showed me how desperate the PLP is taking their unceremonious dump from office that the Bahamian people is likely to gee them come May 12!

I actually felt sorry and disgusted for what I saw and heard people expressed about "I wonder if all them is PLP". . .said by person in yellow shirts!!!

If the FNM is shown to do such things to the poor. . .just to look like they have people interested in their party. . .then they too are not fit to hold the people's high office!!


jus2cents 2 years, 5 months ago

OK just block up the traffic so NOTHING can function properly! I hope when the vain Emperor parades before his subjects on his motorcade they will see he is naked and has nothing to offer them anymore.

Why don't these old cronies go off into the sunset and enjoy their ill-gotten gains? Please just leave us in peace so we can finally get our boots out of the quagmire and prosper!


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