Children Taught To Take Up The ‘Shield Of Faith’


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HOLY Trinity’s children’s prayer conference fulfilled its aim in providing young participants with the tools necessary to cultivate an active prayer life. 

The Hands Together Children’s Prayer Experience was a special conference for children between the ages five and 12.

Held last weekend under the theme “Heroes of Faith”, it featured special guest Joy Maas from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. 

Lisa Bastian, director of the children’s ministry at Holy Trinity, told Tribune Religion that the conference’s interactive approach helped to engage the children.

“On Saturday at mid-point of teaching, the children were given ‘Heroes of the Faith’ passports and travelled in groups to visit six different interactive stations giving a closer look at the Bible heroes of faith. After each station visit, their passports received a stamp,” she explained.

“During the conference children were taught from a workbook by Ms Maas, which demonstrated the power of prayer through the lives of various biblical heroes such as Abraham, Noah, Moses and others. The children were also given a demonstration of the shield of faith mentioned in the book of Ephesians and how it is to be used. “The shield of faith is to be ‘taken up’ to act as a barrier from the ‘fiery darts’ of evil. The children were given a dramatic demonstration that faith is our shield in life against lies, accusations and wrongful treatment. Believing in the Word of God, through Jesus Christ, we stand in faith that He will fulfill all he has promised. Faith in Jesus is our defensive weapon.”

As a presenter, author Joy Maas explained how a shield works to protect not only the person holding it, but how it can also be a protection for a friend in need.

“It shows that our faith in God can bring us to hold up our ‘shield of faith’ for others to also be covered,” said Ms Bastian.

There was also a designated corner for children to pray quietly and write their personal prayers.


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