Trio Accused Of Murder Have Case Transferred To Supreme Court


Tribune Staff Reporter


THREE of four men accused of having a role in a fatal shooting that occurred in an inner-city community four months ago had their case transferred to the Supreme Court yesterday.

Christavio Tucker, 22, Kelvin Clarke, 23, Kevin Ramsey, 24, and Wilson Capita, 26, were supposed to be presented with a voluntary bill of indictment concerning murder and attempted murder charges that were allegedly committed on April 21.

However, the presentation of the Crown's case against them was adjourned to yesterday though only Tucker, Clarke and Capita were brought to court.

Ramsey is scheduled to receive his Voluntary Bill (VIB) of Indictment to the Supreme Court on Friday, August 11.

Nevertheless, Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt explained to the trio that the VBI contained the Crown's case against them and would facilitate the transfer of the case from the Magistrate's Court to the Supreme Court.

She further informed the accused that they could not offer an alibi at trial if they did not enter one at the VBI presentation or within 21 days to the Office of the Attorney General.

All three accused chose the latter and are now scheduled to appear in the Supreme Court before Justice Bernard Turner on August 18 to receive a date for trial.

It is there that they will be allowed to enter a plea to the allegations at their Supreme Court appearance.

Concerning the murder charge, it is alleged that the quartet, being concerned with others, intentionally caused the death of Patrick Axanthio Thompson.

They are also alleged to have attempted to cause the death of Terrance Rigby and PC 3825 Hall and are accused of being in possession of a black .45 XD-45ACP pistol and a HK submachine pistol.

According to initial reports from police, shortly after 4pm, a group of men were standing in front of a car wash on Market Street, near Palm Tree Avenue, when the occupants of a dark coloured vehicle pulled up and fired several shots at them before speeding off.

Thompson was hit and died of his injuries at the scene while Rigby was taken to hospital for treatment.

Police said officers chased the suspects into the Ridgeland Park area, where the three men fled on foot from the getaway vehicle. Police said they eventually caught them near a bushy area. Police also discovered a tech 9 automatic firearm and a .45 pistol.

They will be allowed to enter a plea to the allegations at their formal arraignment.

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