Murder Plot Trial Adjourned Again


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE Supreme Court trial of three men allegedly involved in a murder plot that was executed in June of last year was again adjourned yesterday due to issues with the empanelment of the jury.

Senior Justice Stephen Isaacs delisted the trial for Daran Neely, Jahamaro Edgecombe and Sean Brown, as the court had only managed to empanel some 28 jury members, not nearly enough given the number of accused men on trial.

The trial was adjourned on Monday to yesterday also because of issues with empaneling the jury. It is unclear when the trial will begin.

Both Neely and Edgecombe are charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder while Brown is charged with accessory after the fact.

It is alleged that Neely, on June 16, at New Providence and being concerned with others, plotted to murder Kenyari Lightbourne.

On June 21, Lightbourne was shot multiple times while walking through his neighbourhood of Woods Alley, off Market Street. He died at the scene of the shooting.

Neely is represented by Geoffrey Farquharson and Jomo Campbell, Edgecombe is represented by Ian Cargill and Brown is represented by Nathan Smith.

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