Time To Put The Focus On Men

EDITOR, The Tribune.

WITH as a major crisis we have with our men especially young people how is it we have never had a Men’s Week like we have this week for women?

Does government understand by not having a Men’s Week you are violating Article: 26 of The Constitution?

Prime Minister’s announcement that as of January 1st, 2018 the whole month of January it will be Men’s Month.

What’s this foolishness of saying we have too little females in the Parliament - check around the majority by far of Permanent Secretary’s are women, Cabinet Secretary is a woman, there are senior gazette officers in the Police - Defence Force - Customs Immigration, the boss at NAD is a woman, at NIB is a woman, at BP&L a woman chair it seems women are in far more appointed positions than men and where their feminine view dominates.

January - Men’s Month... not a week Prime Minister a month... time for it our men are is a critical situation and need focus and concentration for a whole month...

The excellent – the good and they need attention.



November 28, 2017.


sheeprunner12 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Bahamian (black) men have been shaped by slavery, race, misogyny and women who protect and depend on men for their survival and status ........ Single black mothers and their sons make up the vast majority of the social dysfunction in this country ........ It is a Catch22 reality of the British colonial system. Why are the white/conchy joe and other minority Bahamian men not portrayed as "lost"??????


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