Btc Customer Service Needs To Be Improved

EDITOR, The Tribune.

BTC and the serious lack of any sense of customer service - where has it gone?

None of their outlets answer calls - trying calling JFK all you get is music no live voice!

Email billing system, BTC genius changed the log-in system without telling a soul - sorry I have no need to go to social media to find any notices from BTC... you know my email address – communicate.

When you get registered try understanding what the statement indicates ... It says bill due but really that is the statement date - brilliantly does not tell you when the bill is due by!

It Is so evident that the old system was much more reliable ... crucial now as there is no Postal Service and with the unsorted mall almost as high as the highest hill in Cat Island it will be months before they sort that mountain. Ms Post Master ... employ some people short term to remove the backlog. Short term now make it clear till backlog Is completed.

Post Office Box Rentals ... for sure come the first week in December the Post Office will have the Notice for rentals for 2018 ... you can be sure they will deliver that mail on time rather than three-four months late!!! - we had no service in 2017 so at least 50% discount please, Mr Minister of The People’s Government -- why should we pay for something we never had?



November 30, 2017.


ohdrap4 1 week, 2 days ago

Post office: yep the notice is there. the printed card says it is due Jan 1st., then they scratched it out by hand and now it reads December 1st. you will have received the notice past the due date.

BTC: I paid my bill online with a credit card, the payment was recorded. The statement i received by emai reads:

statement date: 28 NOV statement due date: 27 DEC

Previous balance: 53.95 Payment amount: -53.95

Overdue amount: 53.95 (these are the December charges)


My due date is DEC 27, they start threatening disconnection on December 1st.

te whole country is being run by idiots.


OMG 1 week ago

Try ZNS which when advertising various promotions, still sirs them even after the event is closed or over ?????


John 1 week, 1 day ago

Have you tried calling BTC's customer service number in the past few weeks? Actually since the hurricane threat in October. They have stopped answering this line completely. And they are in the communications business. But they send texts to your phone every few days threatening to disconnect if you don't pay your bills on time. Thank God for Aliv... optiions


ohdrap4 1 week, 1 day ago

i always get through on the chat online with immediate answer. they actually respond weekends and evenings.


Sickened 1 week, 1 day ago

BTC?? I remember them. Boy that was long ago! I'm surprised they are still around. VERY surprised in fact!


watcher 1 week ago

It's not just government agencies that are confusing their customers and providing very poor service. Have you ever tried getting a real-life person to talk to when calling RBC? (especially bad at Palmdale branch). Their "new" numbers are an endless stream of automated voices and "press option xx" and when you do get through........"xxxxx is not available, please leave a message at the tone"


OMG 1 week ago

RBC is a disgrace the way they are closing foreign homeowners accounts without notice. Furthermore I know Bahamians that are closing RBC accounts because of the nonsensical charges. Good riddance.


Sickened 1 week ago

Scotiabank is just as ridiculous. My account officer (in the Bahamas) gave me his number to call him back (302... something). So I call and the phone was picked up in Jamaica or Trinidad and they asked me who I was trying to reach. I told them and they put me on hold and tried to transfer me back to the Bahamas office. Of course no one picked up and the foreign 'switchboard operator' apologized for the poor service. How embarassing!


hrysippus 1 week ago

My post-paid sim would not connect to the network. Visited btc Shirley st twice, btc Harbour Bay thrice, many phone contacts over 11 weeks. After second visit to btc at the Mall, I gave up and asked for my deposit back so could sign up with the other people. The CSR installed a third new sim card immediately and the connection was restored in 30 minutes. What you have to do to get something done in this country!


sheeprunner12 3 days, 14 hours ago

Is ALIV a real competitor to BTC??????? ........ Who owns ALIV??????? ........ Talk on the street says that it is owned by Shane Gibson and other PLP barons ....... Watsayu????????


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